• Anonymous

    Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin!!  Pretty much every dime should be spent in those states for both candidates.
    Get at least 2 of those 3 states and you win the presidency.

  • Ahchambers

    Is the “last modified” date correct?  May 17??

  • Matthew Brooks
  • oscar platt


  • oscar platt


  • oscar platt

    thats cool

  • oscar platt

    i will vote for obama cause he is the best and yea

  • oscar platt

    who even looks at this site im doing it for collage

  • Nyan Oscar

    cool i like your name oscar

  • Nyan Oscar

    i think this website is cool

  • ian paredes

    Calling it now : Obama 323, Romney 215.

  • mike fisher

    Calling it now Romney 301 Obama 237 Romney winning: Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire

  • Robert Martin

    Romney WILL NOT win Ohio under any circumstances. He supported SB5 which changes 70% of Police Firefighter and teachers votes against him. He would have stood a chance had he kept his shithole closed. Obama wins 2nd term with Ohio and ANY 1 of the remaining toss-up states.

  • Tiberius

    Obama 337 Romney 201

  • james

    romney 275, obama 263

  • Bill

    No… That’s not correct. I’ve check 14 different polls and 10 of them have Obama in the lead.

  • nsd

    last modified may 17???????

  • DKEN1

    Last updated in May?

  • Tanya Rainford

    I hope they teach you how to spell whilst you are there #college

  • Rachel Everett

    Is the map incorrect for Maine and Nebraska? For the proportional votes from Nebraska and Maine, each
    state has 2 at-large Electors, not 3, and Nebraska has 3 additional Electors,
    not 2, and Maine has 2 additional Electors, not 1.

  • Dennis Hutton

    President Obama 281 Romney 257 closer than it should be!

  • Klaatu

    If your intelligent vote for Romney. If you are ignorant vote for Obama. If Obama is elected, America as we know it will no longer exist. Be ready for high employment, disasters in the stock market, and if December 21, 2012 isn’t the end of the world, a re-election of Obama is.

  • Will Desse

    Actually, an intelligent decision would be to re-elect President Obama. America as I know it will continue to move forward. The economy moves slow when there is a global recession. I am so ready for high employment, as you stated. Another stock crash is unlikely because they market has been on the rise for the last two years. Before you comment, you should perhaps read a newspaper or at least be an informed member of society.

  • Hammec

    Romney 311 Obama 227

  • AWC

    I agree with you, however a market correction would fit a cyclic model and be healthy…

  • MM

    If you’re intelligent, you’d know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” and when to use each in a sentence.

  • Joe McNally

    If you misuse words or leave out punctuation, post on to embarrass yourself.

  • no name

    man i am so mad mitt did not ail :(