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Poll: City budgets

A copy of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's proposed 2010 city budget. Photo: AP/M. Spencer Green

Does the Boston Marathon bombing affect your view on U.S. immigration policy?

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  • Ken Viste

    Private enterprise has always been dependent on government. The rise of American capitalism in the 19th century was fueld by government lagress. The railroad builders got 20 square miles of land in territories and ten square miles in states per mile or transcontinental railroad. Miners got minerals, oilmen got oil, lumberment got forests all and little or not cost from the government. The fact that they hire hoards of lobbyists to get goverment largess proves the inability of private enterprise to prosper wisthout governemt help.. K Viste, Boise

  • Randy Travis

    Common sense; when all cuts have been made, then what? Realistic Solution: Solar CAN put 100′s of 1000′s (or more) to work, end financial market freeze, end local & Federal govt. debt & funding issues and save everyone A LOT of money each month. EPIPHANY: Solar specifically is an “energy source” & creates “personal energy independence”, like computers or cell phones are “personal”. Fed. govt. needs to “mandate” switch to solar & wind & offer a program to pay for it “Nation Wide”. This program would be paid for by “increased tax revenues”, by newly re-employed masses, (not raising taxes) on those few rich or still working individuals. PLEASE contact me for more and the details…