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Poll: Media matters

Are the media spending too much time and money covering the conventions?

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  • Anonymous

    Those people who watch both conventions have the best voting knowledge.  Are you a party Kewpie-Doll or an informed voter.  I prefer to be an informed voter.  <:-)

  • Notoil

    No.  I watched all of it, Mostly on CSPAN.  I needed to know what candidates would do.

  • Steven_pesola

    It’s style over substance, becoming too “Oprah”- like in the confessional, I was born poor and overcame adversity mode. Still, it’s an interesting theatrical event.

  • Greensharp

    ZDay… I agree 100% and the fact that PBS covered the entire week for both conventions without commercial interruption was a perfect way to be informed. Unfortunately, the uninformed are a majority I fear.

  • Gldorsett

    The news networks had too many talking head commentators talking over convention speakers. Thanks to PBS for showing more speeches without interruption.

  • Rosurf_66

    No, I started watching on PBS 13, I quickly changed to CSPAN which was much better…no talking heads discussions interfering with speeches being made which I felt more important
    to be heard!!  I agree with NOtoil.

  • steverino

    The media have received so much money from the super-PAC,s that they might as well spend money on the conventions.  Of course, the less the media spend on political convention coverage , the more profit is conserved.

  • Judi

    PACS are spending too much on partisan politics. We have to perform GOVERNMENT for the PEOPLE rather than Politics for the wealthy. We used to have an equal-time ruling on political ads. Who will sponsor the return to this ruling?

  • Cheri

    Media could do what the candidates so far have not done, which is to give specific detailed case histories, for example, for obamacare vs. vouchercare.  Or for a tax bracket.  Make some assumptions, crunch some numbers, give us the reality of the choices.  Thanks. 

  • VietnamVet

    I think it’s ridiculous how the media spent so much
    time and money hanging out with the power elite in Tampa and Charlotte. I had
    already given money to my NPR & PBS stations for the year, but I’ve told
    them not to expect any more donations from me in the future. As to the claim
    that watching the convention tells you what these pols will do after November,
    I think that’s ridiculous. And why in the world does anybody care if a
    politician’s wife thinks that they are wonderful? By all accounts, Abraham
    Lincoln had a tortured marriage, but he was a great President.


    The political conventions are as informative as
    Ozzie and Harriet. I don’t care what’s in the platforms, that’s for the benefit
    of the political base, many of whom are happy to bring on another civil war
    just to prove their point. IF Stone didn’t schmooze with the pols, but what he wrote
    about the Vietnam War was far more useful than what the networks said.

  • Afrommi2275

    No. The more the public know about what is the plan the better their decision to vote their conscience in November.  I just don’t know how come the media does not mention enough What McConnell and the GOP congress vowed right from the beginning. They vowed to make PBO a one term President.  How will they accomplish that unless they block, obstruct effort and take hostage funding for government operation. To me that is sabotaging our country’s economy.  That should be treated as treason.  Everything the GOP congress has done is to accomplish that main objective. They have show NO love for the country or its people.

    Those voting for Romney should be aware that he has enjoyed deceiving people since his youth and not the “rose by the bedside” story sound very familiar.  Is it coincidence or plagiarism? You be the judge: Open lind in a new tab

  • Afrommi2275

     PBO has given specifics as time has allowed.  Ex. Instead of keeping the subsidies to companies to mover overseas, he plans on eliminating those because all they do is take jobs overseas and increase the imports, and giving tax credits to companies that hire here.

    Bush’s subsidies are still in effect because the congress refuses to act with the view that it may help PBO get elected.  They do not care about the harm they are doing to the country.
    The GOP has given public tax money to private companies (fascism ?) to invest overseas and who is benefiting from that investment?  Not the tax payers but the stock holders and CEOs of those companies.  The bottom 85% of the country’s population shares only 7% of the wealth with no loopholes paying over 18% in taxes.  While the top 15% of the population controls 93% of the wealth of the country.  By policy they have kept and protected their wealth.

    So, another example of Obama’s is to reform the tax code so there is more share of the burden. We cannot equate success on the basis of wealth. Can we attest that a janitor isn’t successful because his income is not over $250K per year.  No.

    So if the GOP want to reward private citizens because they are wealthy then let them do it with private money not public taxes which we all pay supposedly for the operation of government and infrastructure. 

    And infrastructure is another way to increase our tax revenues.  We invest and the investment returns to our coffers in the form of taxes, from manufacturing to the hospitality industry.  We have seen that in construction sites even the surrounding restaurants do well.

  • Swk36

    In recent years, these conventions have become little more than party propaganda outlets & orchestrated ‘Pep Rally’s’ for each party!  Unless there is a contested primary situation going into a convention, there is little need to disrupt regular programming (PBS or otherwise) to show them, save for the final speech of the party’s respective nominees on the last night  of each convention, IMO!

  • Cj

    I found President Clinton’s speech very informative.   Although many of the speeches at both the RNC and DNC were laced talking points, the absence of substantive details reveals much.

  • Richardrad

    Yes I think the news media spends too much time covering connventions.
    No They are not mere infomercials
    Poorly framed question
    PBS. Please do more on the issues. Examine Medicare vouchers, Simpson – Bowles, our vast debt, the disconnect between the campaign and hard realities of exploding deficits. Look at Medicaid and why it is increasingly a program for (formerly) middle class seniors. Tell us more about how both campaigns would address education and student funding.
    Have shields and Brooks do issues only appearances where they put aside money and the horse race as talking points about the campaign. Do more with or a similar group.
    If this is the most important election in a generation tell us why

  • Afanning

    Conventions allow the voters to get more information that they may not normally get. Especially on issues that are most important to us. It helps to guide us and allow us to make informative decisions as well.       Aleta

  • Menran

    I’ve been a Republican all my life. I’m discusted with thier no compromise attitude. Lincoln started this party and is rolling in his grave. He compromised to keep the united states of America together but today they don’t care about the country or the middle class. Anyone but Republican.

  • DavidLw15

    Nothing but pep rallies. No debates, just speeches. “Vote for me”.
    Learn about the candidates by yourself, not from the biased media or the conventions.

  • Sandie Limpert

     From your mouth to God’s ears!  I’ve been a Democrat all my life but at times have voted Republican, if I thought the candidate was the better person for the job.  But the Republican Party today has really deteriorated.  Their obstructionist attitude of “NO Compromise” just shows that they’re willing to throw the country under the bus just to get their way.  It’s uncivil and shameful when members of either party use this tactic because it means they’re not doing the job they were hired to do, but instead are behaving like spoiled, “entitled” children in need of a good old-fashioned spanking.  Unfortunately, the only ones who can spank are the People, who are becoming more alienated and apathetic every day.  But ideally, the obstructionists need to be voted out of office/recalled, etc.

    Pres. Clinton gave an excellent speech, as he always does, and in it, he remarked that throughout his career he has had to work with people in the Republican Party, as well as other people with whom he has had differences of opinion and belief.  But, he said, he and those other people, including Pres. Reagan & Pres. G. H. W. Bush, have always put those differences aside and focused on solving the problem at hand….in the spirit of COOPERATION, things get done! 

    Our present Republican Party refuses to cooperate or compromise – and THAT’S the problem.  Personally, I liken it to treason, because they’re betraying our country by not attending to our problems.  Instead of coming together with their brothers and sisters across the aisle in the spirit of cooperation and compromise, they’re behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats having a temper tantrum because they can’t always have their own way and they’re just going to “show them” by having a hissy fit!  It’s conduct very unbecoming and very inappropriate for a United States Senator or House Representative.

    I’d like to see Congress pass a law prohibiting obstructionism!

  • Silverwolfmom96

    I think the judgment is wrong concerning the super PACs because one gripes if not getting enough and the money frivously thrown to attack ads. this has told me how they both throw away tons of money to the wind when so many are hurting. Whoever wins bought the presidency? I won’t be voting this year.

  • Ewest53

    Talk about alternative universes! I do not recognize America any longer. People are raving over Clinton who waved that finger at us before while lying all the time to America and the courts.  He was impeached and lost his law degree and taught our children to engage in oral sex.  He is your democratic standard bearer?!?   Thank-you.  And you believe we need four more years of corruption, food stamps, joblessness, welfare and unsecure borders because obama just needs little more time to destroy this nation.  It was a good thing that the Republicans did not compromise with the party that booed God. On top of that, when did you ever see obama compromise and work with the other party? Why haven’t any of you mentioned the fact that we have not had a budget voted on in the Senate because of the democrats and Harry Reid?  If the president’s budget was so serious, why did no one vote for it?  obama had four years to solve the job situation, and according to his prediction, even with all the money he spent, we are above where he said we would be if we DID NOT spend the money.  I for one cannot understand what anyone sees in obama.  He came to the office with no experience or record, and now he tauts a very bad slate of results.  Seriously, four more years??? 

  • Silverwolfmom96

    I agree. How many voters actually take the time to research voting records, absentee reports, what is the mainstream spending, who are their targets to receive the cash flows, etc?
    In campaign speeches – .how often is ‘I’, ‘my’, and ‘my own’ mentioned?

  • Silverwolfmom96

    I agree. How many voters actually take the time to research voting records, absentee reports, what is the mainstream spending, who are their targets to receive the cash flows, etc?
    In campaign speeches – .how often is ‘I’, ‘my’, and ‘my own’ mentioned?