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Poll: Passed over

Do you think the candidates should address the issues of the working poor more than they are?

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  • Carlos Negron


    People do NOT  care about the other candidates faults or where he puts his money, tell us what you will do to assure people get SOME  money !!

  • Dieananas1

    Inflation is higher than reported and the minimum wadge has not been raised to compensate the cost of living. If a person is living at the governments standard of poverty that person would not be able to buy a tank of gas to get to work to earn their minimum wadge pay check.

  • Irenealderete

    Back in the early 70′s they had programs called “Centa” in California. I was in the program and was sent out to a Communication Company who was hiring.I landed a job that turn out to be a career for over 25yrs. Had it not be for this program I would not have this bless life I am living today. Travel across the United States with my Job had the pleasure to interact with many many different individuals from all walks of life. So It’s very important we has a Country help the people of the United States. I had no working skills to Market
    myself and no knowledge till I enroll in this problem. Now my child has a better chance for the future. Just a girl who was from East L A who now lives in Virigina
    Irene Alderete

  • Jean

    Thank you once again for another outstanding program.  This episode should be shown to members of Congress so they can understand why they are in Washington, not to be wined/dined by lobbyists but to work for the people of this country.  Jean

  • David

    The candidates have little awareness of a LARGE segment of our population.  They need to see this segment.  It’s very discouraging.  We are in a mess.  Do we have any leders speaking to the moral question of poverty in this country.  No pat answers please.  There are groups that are working at dealing with this problem, but the political parties are surely not.

  • Irfrugal1

    Congress should not be paid until they pass a budget. Then they should obtain the statistics from the IRS who pays the greatest percentage in taxes. Once they understand the working poor and middle class pays their salary, maybe they could then be paid and live within our means and stop trying to catch up with Greece. I also would like for all politicians would understand that small businesses run the finances of our country. The one country in the world so many people are dying to come to. How many people are leaving the U.S. in droves for a better way of life?

  • Dinfarinato

    There is the 1%, and then there is everyone else, “the working poor.”  Unemployment benefits need to be raised in NYS, the minimum wage needs to be raised in NYS, the size of government needs to be reduced greatly, persons working for the government need to earn less, their benefits need to be brought in line with the public sector, and all elected officials especially in the Congress need to have term limits.  I could go on and on, but I know Americans have short attention spans.  

  • Dinfarinato

    There was a time back in the 1960s, 70s, and 1980s when people who worked for the government were living down the street from everyone else.  Their wages were perhaps even lower than some of their neighbors, or they were even with their neighbors.  All of that has changed.  If you work for the government these days, you have “hit the jackpot” when it comes to your earnings, your benefits, and your pension/retirement.  The US Post Office employees are at the top of the list.  They are sorting mail and earning $40K to $80K each year.  There is overtime galore for these low skilled government employees.  We have gone upside down with the size of government and their luscious retirement packages, as in stark contrast with private sector workers.

  • Joettagillihan

    If congress was forced to live just above the proverty line for six months, then maybe they would not cater so much to the wealthy lobiest and pay more attention to the people that vote them in and out.

  • Krfors2

    With the obscene amount of money spent on political campaigns and wars, I would wish that a small amount could be used to help these hard working poor.  They are truly heroic in my mind!

  • Lquilici

    We need to teach basic financial accounting info in every high school with all the tools to make good financial decisions.  The 1% candidates do not have a remote clue of the working poor.

  • William

    The only presidential candidate with realistic knowledge of the working poor in the U.S. and who has proposals to fundamentally change the economy in a positive manner is Jill Stein of the Green Party.
    I can only hope that Ms. Stein will be allowed to participate in the presidential debates.  

  • Edie

    48 Million Americans live in poverty. This is unacceptable for a nation with so much wealth at the top of 1% holding all the wealth with the middle class becoming poor. We have deep structural problems going back to the 80′s when conservatives took over the power structure and gradually diminished the government helping the middle class and poor to amass wealth and power in the fewest hands at the top creating a plutocracy which is what we have now with corporations equated a people at all levels of government. the 99% movement needs to form a new political party and gradually replace the present poltical parties tht don’t represent the people.

  • Anonymous

    How do they find the people they interview? Nobody but nobody has ever asked me anything about anything, probably because I’m invisible. I’m a graduate of a local community college; I’ve NEVER made over $11K a year, for the past 8 years I’ve worked seasonally for less than $8/hr I’m close to 10K in debt. I’ve NEVER had any kind of health insurance, For the past 18 years I’ve lived in a two room efficiency apartment; Last year I had to borrow the money for rent from friends AND THEN contact St Vincent DePaul; I drive a 1991 Honda with over 200,000 miles on it;  after 4 years I’m still paying off the line of credit I used to buy it. It desperately needs repairs; I don’t have an iPod, iPad, iPhone, cable TV, flat screen TV; both the computer I’m typing this on and the chair I’m sitting in were pulled from a dumpster. I had to hack into the computer to use it. I have my own website that I hand coded the HTML for. I don’t think more than 3 people have ever seen it. I’m invisible, remember?

  • Amber Dru

    My family does “those jobs Americans won’t do” . I grew up in a poor family through no fault of my own and  every amnesty, temporary protected status and deferred action, hurts those of us in the bottom 50%. Not the middle class; not the 1% but the other 1/2 of the country that no one talks about. 

    Why does everyone focus on how illegal aliens will be affected but not how Americans will be impacted; especially those of us at the bottom ?
    Shouldn’t the effects of  these policies on our own people, especially those who are already struggling, be our primary concern? Not how we can benefit foreign nationals.
    It’s immoral to have an immigration policy that hurts the poorest working , or trying to work, Americans. 

     What will help the unemployed and under employed more; enforcing our immigration laws or another illegal alien amnesty and more work permits? What Americans will this help? Recently
     released prisoners? Newly returned vets? High school grads? High school dropouts? College Grads, many of whom are doing survival jobs? The 1.8 million American engineers who do not work in engineering jobs?  Citizens who apply for work study jobs and loans to go to college? Older (over 40) experienced IT workers who are “let go”, through no fault of their own.

  • Pb

    We hear derisive comments about so many who pay no income tax. What is seldom pointed out is that because we ( can only get part-time work, or full-time at minimum wage, we do not make enough to live on!
    And please, do not blame government workers and the pensions they have earned! It is the obscenely richest

  • Youngatheart5376

    It’s people like the CEO of Caterpillar wants to frreeze the wages for the employees for the next 4 years while he pockets $16.9 million in 2011. This was a 60 percent increase from 2010. Greed, when is enough enough; and people are actually thinking about voteing to put another greedy business person for Pres. Mitt says he believes in America, then why does he put his money off shore? answer he loves to make money with US tax loop holes but he doesn’t care at all about America.

  • Healthypleasures

    I do believe that the Middle Class is shrinking and the rolls of the poor are increasing. We, the people, need a stimulus package to the economy and “bail-out”, if you will, all the rest of us.  It is our tax dollars that we would be spending, and the main contributors to these funds deserve assistance now. We are the last sector of the economy that requires these funds to get back some of the losses that the Wall St. derivative debacle  heaped upon the core of the US population. 

  • Oldpinky

    I became unemployed at 58 and my employer started a new business.  He did not need a secretary.  It was very hard to re-create my good career.  I took part-time work and I convinced a plant grower/distributor 1 hour from my home to hire me.  Seasonal work.  I worked long hours and very hard but I loved the job.  She brought in foreign workers from Mexico and they also worked very hard.  She supplied housing and transport for them.  I made $8.25 an hour for that 2 hour commute and never asked for anything more.  She said I more than carried my weight.  Her original concern about my age was not mentioned.  But she will not hire me back.  I was one of two American citizens that she hired and I had been an office manager working on computers.  I could have done work in her office as well as the green houses.  She claimed Americans do not want to do the work.  I wanted to. Meanwhile, I have almost lost my house.  I have Food Stamps and her workers are still from Mexico.  How can it be cheaper to bring in workers, provide them with housing?  What are the regulations for their healthcare, insurance, etc. and why in this economy is this a smart economic choice for her? 

  • guest

    Whatever said and done, the candidates speech or debate are tailor-made. Someone else writes the speech for him or her and they simply read from the script like a movie director telling actors how to act or say the dialogue. Why would the candidates address the issues of working poor? They wouldn’t
    Election in this country has no direct bearing on the economy as some feel. Candidates say many things before the election to get elected. Once they come to power all they said go to recycle bin.
    That is how it has been and that is how it is . And that is how it will be.