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Poll: The health care question

Should health insurance be mandatory?

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  • mabelbets

    Health insurance…should be available and affordable to all citizens, including those working in our USA and those returning home from prolonged deployments. We just need to take defense budget funding/costs of wars and bring troops home using new found military monies to be placed where they are needed-in rebuilding the scars and horrors we’ve created by recklessly choosing to wage wars vs building better society/healthier lifestyles and promoting PEACE & GOODWILL in all lands.

  • mellifluous

    The Affordable Health Care Act didn’t even accomplish one of its most ostensibly important purposes, which was to reduce health care costs significantly.  I don’t trust the government, but I maybe trust insurance companies even less.  Impelling citizens to purchase insurance (or pay a fine) under the current system forces us to buy a pig in a poke.  I’d love to be able to afford health care — I haven’t had medical insurance since I was in college and I was afraid to use it then, lest I be saddled with an uninsurable pre-existing condition once I graduated — but I seriously doubt that I’ll be able to afford a plan that I would want to buy.  

    Everybody needs health care at some point (disclosure: I still owe money on an emergency room visit following an assault and a tooth pulled  at a neighborhood clinic) and as little as I want the government in my business, the truth is that my privacy is already likely utterly compromised.  It seems to me we should join the rest of the civilized world and have a single-payer system.  To the extent that insurance companies’ business model involves denying routine and necessary care that they collected premiums from policyholders with the promise to provide, they don’t deserve to be in business.  The fact that there are so many of them means that they add to the cost of medical care in just administering their byzantine payment system — I guess the free marketeers would call them job creators — which is money that isn’t spent maintaining or improving either access to or quality of care.

  • Jpbeadz

    People keep saying they don’t feel they should pay for “other” people to have health insurance. What they fail to realize is we are paying for “other” people’s health insurance every time they use the emergency room as their primary care physician!!!!!

  • Jeff Ehrhart

    Health care should be a right, it should be mandatory, and it should be single-payer with no involvement from insurance companies, like all of the other developed modern nations.

  • 1%er supporting the 99%

    Until we have universal healthcare – as do all “first world” countries we will only continue with our descent into third world status.

  • trying to make a living

    So what people are saying is that if it comes between food and medical care I should be forced to pay for medical insurance and go hungry.  This is why our country is in a mess people don’t think about those who dont make enough to afford it and make too much for assistance. 

  • Andover

    The Affordable Health Care Act had good intentions to get HC to all, but the Root Problem in the USA is Private Heath Insurance companies, if you go the Single-Payer Canadian method you get coverage whether you work or not, Cradle to Grave, and you cannot be denied coverage. As a former Resident of the Commonwealth, Single Payer is the way to go.

  • Wally Parnel

    Time to stop bickering, pushing it around, DO IT. As we have seen in the news presently, we have to treat this with respect. Outlaw high frutose sugar( its slowly killing/injurying people), and people who obviously are passing their horrible habits onto the masses, should be paying more, period. Cost will continue to rocket up, if we keep listening to the whinners, we hear everyday.

  • Terry DuBose

    Universal Health Care is the only way to lower the cost of health care.   For profit health care reduces the Hippocratic Oath from “First, do no harm” into “Your money or your life.”

  • Mlehman2

    The great developed nations of the world already have universal health care coverage for all it’s citizens and residents. The US? It seems stuck in the 19th century.

    Until healthcare is nationalized and we have a single-payer system, our citizens will receive inadequate, overpriced healthcare and those citizens will be obligated to their employers for that inadequate coverage. The employers will also be burdened with providing healthcare to their employees.

    There is a better way. Germany, France, Switzerland and Norway are models to emu tale. Until we do, America will continue to be a second rate healthcare provider for ALL it’s citizens.

  • Terry DuBose

    We need health care that is financed like our public fire departments.

  • Geomapper1

    I think single payer is unsustainable, but time will tell!

  • Layton Jackson

    we need universal medical coverage, not medical insurance.  We should pay for this by taxation. Insurance companies should be eliminated. Medicare works; extend a similar program to cover everybody. 

  • TikkunUSA

    Do we need a fire dept? Do we need a police force? Do we need the Armed forces? Do we need hospitals and libraries–yes and yes and yes and we pay for them through our taxes. Doesn’t health care rank with these needs?

  • Geomapper1

    Big drivers of health care cost in the USA are: 1) Fee for service, encouraging unnecessary services; 2) Employer provided health insurance; if people bought their own like auto insurance we could eventually have a mostly free, competitve market in health insurance. If we tackle these problems along with tort reform, we can contain health care costs. I’d like to see where all routine visits were simply paid out of pocket (no insurance paperwork), with special provisions for the poor to pay most or all of their fees depending on need. We don’t file an auto insurace claim for routine maintenance and mechanics can’t simple throw in tests and other expensive services to auto claims. Health insurance should be similar, in my opinion.

  • Wally Parnel

    Pretty obvious that you don’t even trust yourself, as we VOTE for our leaders. If you don’t trust them, well you put the mistrust into our government. The AHCA, isn’t even in usage, and you completetly condemn it? Thats sad. So, when are you going to vote for a government that works?

  • Mlehman2


    Take an extra 5-10% in taxes on a progressive scale and make the US government the sole payer for healthcare. With all citizens in the pool and no blood-suckers getting fat on premiums, healthcare costs will fall and services will become better.

  • Klknobles

    why should i pay for your health care get your own insurance!!!!

  • Mountainbiker

    Mexico recently criticized the USA for not having universal health care!  I have lived in the Netherlands, England, and Australia. These countries have mixtures of public/private universal care. It can be done many ways.  We must also answer  the question why we pay much more for the same medicine that is sold much cheaper in foreign markets. Noam Chompsky asks,”Is America its people or its corporations?”  Occupy!

  • Irv Mattingly

    Caring for oneself and others is the very basis of civilization. Being responsible for what one does in life does not have to mean, that we must be so individualistic to the point of excluding common sense values that if any of us falls on misfortune, we must by moral ought, do what we can to make their life better, just as we want a decent life with dignity for ourselves.The practice of caring for others leads to a better outcome for society, business, and government in the long run. To twist a phrase: No person is an island. Neither should “business” be our god. Until it becomes commonplace acceptance that prices have to be controlled as well as labor cost, there will always be an improper imbalance weighted far too much for business interest.

  • Pwood35009

    Everyone uses the healthcare system. A system that covers everyone and allocates costs in a thought out way is best.
     Everyone who pays taxes and/or pays medical bills in turn pays for the care of those who cannot pay. When someone who cannot pay shows up at the emergency room, they usually need more care and get it in a more expensive setting than if they had access to routine care. They are also more likely to end up disabled. When they cannot pay this cost, it is covered in part by being included in overhead costs passed on to other patients and subsidized by tax dollars. Under the pre Affordable Healthcare Act reality, the extent to which you pay for others care is influenced by how much care you need. Those with larger bills pick up more overhead for the uninsured. Additionally, those who do not get routine care and end up with more extensive health problems are likely to need more by way of other services as their health prevents them from working. 

  • Guest

    This program was purely liberal propaganda, I understand they only had 1/2hr but give me a break.First allow insurance companies to cross state lines getting rid of the 50 insurance commissioner fife-doms and the 50 different legal contractual terms and conditions. Eliminate the insurance industries anti-trust exemption. (why are they the only one who enjoys this protected status?) Our medical technology is be utilized at an abhorrently low rate that drives up costs. GE, Siemen’s and others to sell the ‘newest & latest” technology. This would be excellent if it was driving down medical cost and improving patient care. Technology and Moore’s law have accomplished this in almost all industries. But medicine is again protected. Every try to obtain a ‘Total Cost’ prior to be admitted? Every try to obtain the cost of lab tests? Medical cost can be fixed. If anything the government should be involved is with catastrophic coverage as no one should live in fear of their life saving wiped out.

    I went to the Mass healthcare website and compared prices to what I am currently paying for insurance. We pay $264/mo for 5K. The Mass company was $1400. Thank you not Mass or the US government.

  • Pwood35009

    Klknobles – You already do pay for the care of others if you pay for your own care. The amount you pay is for others is governed by how much care you require and how many uninsured people use the same healthcare system you use. When they can’t pay, it becomes overhead that adds to your bill. A universal care system results in a more rational, less random distribution of these costs. 

  • Pwood35009

    You are either paying for the care of others now, if you have insurance, or betting you won’t need it with the rest of us getting the bill if you bet wrong. 

  • Mountainbiker

    They fail to understand insurance, not for the little things, but for the big issues.  Anyone can become seriously ill or have an accident.  It could be me or you at any time.  So we pool our money to care for those who are unfortunate.  The assumption is that most won’t require help, but if you do!  Such arrangement reduce anxiety for all involved.  Since the greatest costs per individual come at end of life, we must sort this out to save money for those to come.

  • Katy in Montana

    The show on Massachuetts health care failed to mention that with a universal health care system, overhead would be extremely low compared to the roughly 30% overhead we pay health care companies for their profits ie their private planes, etc.  THE US IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN WHICH IT IS LEGAL TO MAKE A PROFIT FROM BASIC HEALTH CARE INSURANCE.  We need to change that and save money in the process. Health care should be a basic right.

  • Jean

    We’d like single-payer health insurance.  Get rid of the insurance companies completely and save money.  Let them find honest work.  The patients need doctors and the doctors need patients.  Why should anyone profit over someone’s poor health?

    Jean O’Shea
    Albuquerque, NM

  • Katy in Montana

    One more thing: note that the overhead costs for medicare are about 3%…we need medicare for all.

  • Katy in Montana

     The way to drive down costs and improve patient care is ‘medicare for all.’

  • Katy in Montana

     That’s right – the rest of us end up paying their costs anyway, so why not make sure everyone has care? It’s also great for creating jobs because people aren’t held back by their health care needs.

  • Bob5461

    Why should I pay for someone else’s health care?  Well don’t we all pay for each other’s health
    care? If you get it through government, well sure.  In my town the power company offers all, at
    least most, employees health care.  How
    about Home Depot and all the products they sell, and we buy. So ever one that
    has health care has it because their employer is making a good enough profit to
    afford it. This is due to each and every one of us buying goods and services to
    support such health costs.

    Here is the big fact, seventeen percent of those without
    health care are also contributing to the cost of another’s  health care and do not have any health care for
    themselves.  And another few percent are
    paying for their own health care costs while contributing to the cost of other’s
    health care.

    Is this fair?

  • Bob5461

    But this got lost….. Here is the big fact, seventeen percent of those withouthealth care are also contributing to the cost of another’s health care and do not have any health care forthemselves. And another few percent arepaying for their own health care costs while contributing to the cost of other’shealth care.
    Is this fair?

  • Nickersonellngtn

    A national health care program providing preventive care for every citizen will make it possible for hospitals to stop charging higher fees to paying customers to cover visits to emergency by customers who can’t afford to pay. costs should be controlled by better communication between general care practitioners and specialists, funding for an oversight agency to deny fraudulent charges to Medicare & unneccessary redundent tests, and to monitor overabundent profit by insurance companies focusing on shareholder benefit and neglecting patient benefits.

  • Harriette Seiler

    Re Massachusetts Mandate.
    I voted against the mandate in your Need-to-Know poll. We should not be obliged to purchase health insurance from for-profit private companies whose main goal is to feed their shareholders. But we do need to cover everyone. Just improve Medicare and give it to everybody! Share risk and costs.  Eliminate the private insurers completely.  Bill Clinton told Reuters last summer that we could be recouping a trillion a year is we adopted the system used by every other advanced industrialized nation. Capitalism, small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in single payer countries. Canadians, for example, pay slightly more in taxes but, after tax, end up with more discretionary income.

    There are many flaws in the MA plan: The insurers participating in the Connector siphon off monies needed for care. Costs continue to escalate, outpacing inflation. Access is meaningless if you can’t afford the plan or the co-pay prevents you from seeking needed care. What happens to families who are “just a little bit too wealthy” for a subsidized plan?

    Go to to read the Commonwealth’s own assessment of trends. Everyone’s paying more getting less.

    Go to to read HR 676, The Improved Medicare for All Act. No mandate, no constitutional problem.

  • Robert in Montana

    I want a not-for-profit, single payer, all inclusive (medical, vision, hearing, pharmaceutical) universal health care system.  You pay a nominal monthly family (could be only one person) insurance policy or cash. 

  • Mr.K.

    We are all in this together;  and there are some functions that should be publicly supported and operated.

  • guest

    I thought the MA healthcare show was somewhat dishonest. Every time it was mentioned that the state had to pay or subsidise something it should have said taxpayer. I have two daughrters close in age, both single. They have similar health insurance lalns, one in NJ and one in MA. The one in NJ cossts over $100. dollars a month less than the one in MA and the cost of the MA one goes up at a much higher rate.Oboma care is going to cost much more than predicted if it goes into effect. Anything the federal government touched is ineffient.

  • Mvdehn

    I have lived under various systems, with the one in the US by far the worst and most expensive.
    How can insurers compete and keep prices down if healthy people do not have to pay in!
    The uninsured may think they will pay if they get gravely ill.  But that is a fallacy, since they may not be able to when prices keep going up, and then, they will not be acceptable to any insurance.

  • Minijepnm

    Medicare for all would be great. I’d pay a lot more in taxes to know that I have access to health care for the rest of my life and not have to worry every year what the health insurance companies are going to do to the plan design and premiums!! I pay $360 every two weeks for employer provided insurance with a $5000 deductible! What will it be next year??
    Judith in Albuquerque

  • Scseattle

    we need manditory health care because we pay for those who do not have healthcare, which makes our premiums higher every time they go to a hospital and can not pay.

  • Pcmadison

    Universal Health Care I think is the answer. we all pay directly or indirectly. Let’s take charge and make work for all. For economic reasons if not humanistic,

  • Janni Gibbons

    I wonder if I will be eligible for low income health insurance help with the Obama plan. I am from New Zealand, been here nineteen years but only have permanent residence status, rather than being a citizen. My job disappeared with the economy diving and I  now earn what I can cleaning houses. I wonder if legally I will be required to have insurance but will not qualify for help even though my income is less than $9,000.00 a year. A frightening thought, particularly as I am paying health insurance for my daughter who is  now  entering college. I currently do not have health insurance.

  • Geomapper1

    Obamacare and Romneycare aren’t health care systems; medical professionals provide health care.

  • Geomapper1

    Obamacare and Romneycare aren’t health care systems; medical professionals provide health care.

  • Cakecakecake28

    Why would the United States not join in with the rest of the Civilized World, and not have a National Health Care Plan? I can’t believe that has taken the U.S. this long to join the rest of the world. It makes me belive that the U.S. is trying to catch with the rest of the world, and is doing it the dark. Why wouldn’t our very smart inteviewer’s, in all of the New’s Stations in the U.S, not be able to have all of the statistic’s fo National Health Care around the world at their fingertips? It boggles one’s mind to think that it is not on the news each day. What, when, how, why, and where. I mean come on people! The rest of the World has National Health Care, exept for a few countries. What is wrong with us? American’s always say, oh the U.S. is so great. Is it? I believe that even Iraq will eventually have a National Health Care system, even tho I myself haven’t checked that stat. Goooo PBS and see if it’s true. It unimaginable to me that people that think that they are so advanced, superior, rich, large, educated, civilized, fantastic, and groovy (ha) don’t even have a Health Care Plan for their citizens. that’s not even near, or close to civilized. Wake Up America, and read the stats. You to PBS, Wake UP. Put that on T. V. every night, and see what people talk about then, as they drink their $5.00 cup coffee tomorrow. thank-you

  • Van

    My wife is a Canadian citizen with a green card, and she has qualified for RomniCare (Massachusetts), as our income has been relatively low. We are over 65 so she gets Canadian social security and US SS. I am a vet, so I am covered by the VA on a co-pay plan. However, since I also applied for SS, and then postponed it (until I’m 70), her US SS check almost doubled.

  • Van

    In reply to Janni Gibbons, my wife is a Canadian citizen with a green card, and she has qualified for RomniCare (Massachusetts), as our income has been relatively low. We are over 65 so she gets Canadian social security and US SS. I am a vet, so I am covered by the VA on a co-pay plan. However, since I also applied for SS, and then postponed it (until I’m 70), her US SS check almost doubled.

  • A J Warkentine

    I think health insurance organizations should be non profits, as I understand they were once.

  • Geomapper1

    Health care is not a right. We are born with rights; they aren’t granted by humans. Any good or service that requires human labor to produce is not a right. Single payer health insurance might sound great to some, but it is highly inefficient, overly expensive, and unsustainable over the long haul. If we could only develop a free market for health insurance where thousands of companies competed directly for the business of individual consumers, it would be much more efficient, cheaper and outperform government health insurance in every way possible.

  • Nan Ayers

    Especially important to jettison fee-for-service scheme…

  • Anonymous

    You don’t get it.  When your say “Health Insurance”, you are talking about prepaid health care plans.  When you say that people can’t afford to purchase “Health Insurance” (prepaid plans), you mean that they can’t afford health care.

    Yes, we need to provide help paying for health care for those that can’t afford it.  However, I don’t see how requiring that everyone have a prepaid health plan is needed to accomplish this.

    There is no question that everyone having prepaid health care plans is what is driving health care price insurance.  It is called demand pull inflation.

    And, yes people need to have (REAL) health insurance to pay for unexpected health expenses.  But, people should not required to purchase health insurance that prepays over 20% of the expected costs (20% of the actuarial value).  People that can’t afford to pay for that and/or can’t afford the other 80% do need subsidies.  However, such subsidies are not “Health Insurance”.

  • Anonymous

    You presume, without any evidence, that this would result in lower costs.

    What you don’t understand is that non-profit businesses also need to make what you regard as a profit.

  • Edie

    Thanks for your excellent report on the MA health care law and how it is affecting the previous uninsured low income people. I think the conservative couple who don’t want to buy health insurance for ideological reasons will change their mind when they get hit by a catastrophic illness or loss of job, then they wil regret their position and no health insurance coverage. The effort to reform costs and  improve health delivery and quality of care is all necessary and didn’t happen until the Affordable Health Care law was passed at the Federal level and in MA currently. Before that our health care system was in shambles and if the Supreme Court comes to their senses and supports the new Law then there is a chance to continue to improve care and cover all people and contain costs. If the Supreme Court conservatives rule against the new law, then they will put us backwards for decades to reform health care.

  • Njdrop

    Great reporting, Need to Know.

    National expansion of Medicare would work, in combination with government (the people) price controls. Gets around constitutionality of a mandate, does not put huge responsibility on small employeers, makes everyone whom collects a paycheck pay into the system in relation to their income, and insures everyone. Maintain a $ 50 co-pay for visits to help cover cost and encourage people to really consider if they need to go to the doctor. We are stronger as a unit!

  • Guest

    Voting for or against is saying that we have a choice. If we really had a choice then wouldn’t the best choice be for universal health care for all? Just raise medicare 30% which would cover everyone.
    Private health care can keep raising their profits by 50% as they have done, but under universal health care, sick people would still be covered and not lose the roof over their heads or their lives for nothing. So, you say, you want a smaller government? The public has been burdened by private health care’s broken system of denying people the diagnostic tests they really need. Why would the government make the public pay to subsidize private health care when we are already paying for it through medicare?

  • Cakecakecake28

    My taxes pay for War, the Military, Planes that don’t fly, helicopter’s that crash, Wars that are over, military bases that we don’t need, and millions of other things that you and I don’t even know about. I might not like some of them, but we all still pay our taxes. What are you getting for your taxes? Other civilized nations give their people Health Care with their tax money. What’s wrong with giving people Health Care, when we also pay for all these other things that we might not care for, and some of these things have major coruption. Health Care isn’t a privledge, it should be a right for every person in our country. Don’t most people in our country consider themselves civilized? Health Care for All. Thank-you.

  • Cakecakecake28

    It is a right in every civilized nation except ours. Thank-you.

  • FreedomFighter

    It’s all a lie and a scare tactic. I worked in the health care field since 1985 both civilian and military. I got tired of all the bs and finally walked away a month ago. Now I am unemployed without health care. America is supposed to be free. Freedom includes being able to decide what you do or don’t want to pay for. We Social security shoved down our throats and I will never get back what i paid in and neither will you. Social security money should being going into a private account specifically for the individual who earned it. Whether or not I pay for healthcare is up to me. I am healthy and rarely saw a doctor when I had health insurance (@ 1 every 2-3 years) so I paid thousands of dollars for nothing. The consumer looses when he/she pays for insurance of any kind. It is a lie and a scare tactic for most people specifically designed for those who are scared of living without a baby blanket.

    Add up all the money you have ever paid for health insurance including your deductibles and subtract what they actually paid for you and you will see you are the looser. Private companies don’t get involved with anything that doesn’t make money. The politicians, insurance companies, many speciallized doctors with their mansions are taking advantage of people and are the ones driving the costs up and making alot of money off peoples’ weaknesses.

    The loss of our freedoms started with manditory payment of medicare, medicaid and social security and it continues with the mandatory payment of health insurance. I am an American citizen and I should be able to decide for myself where my money goes. How about the politicians paying the same rates we do instead of all the perks they get. American soldiers die every day in this country in the ditches without health coverage that they already paid for with their blood and service because the politicians and others truly don’t care.

    Where are the Americans who are willing to fight and preserve our freedoms as this country moves closer and closer to Communism.

  • Naniwait

    Yes, we should have universal health care so that everyone would have health care at the best possible cost. Fortunately, I live in Hawaii, and as a retired teacher, have Medicare which is supported by state paid insurance for retirees.
    How sad that the very wealthy don’t want to help take care of those who have nothing. It is wonderful for countries who have Universal Health Care.

  • Mlehman2

    It has been proven in many advanced countries that when the government controls the services, payment and administration of healthcare, costs go down, healthcare results improve and the citizens become more financially stabile and happier as a result.

    Ask the French, Brits, Germans, Canadians, or Norwegians if they want to trade their system for ours and they will only laugh,

    Our system is an “industry”. It should be a part of the social contract. Healthcare is about compassion, not profit.

  • Mlehman2

    It has been proven in many advanced countries that when the government controls the services, payment and administration of healthcare, costs go down, healthcare results improve and the citizens become more financially stabile and happier as a result.

    Ask the French, Brits, Germans, Canadians, or Norwegians if they want to trade their system for ours and they will only laugh,

    Our system is an “industry”. It should be a part of the social contract. Healthcare is about compassion, not profit.

  • Cynthia

    Fine people on the poverty level if they don’t pay into health insurance?  Insanity.  People below or at poverty level should be exempt from paying into health insurance.  Also, the way Americans measure poverty level is inaccurate.  We have mandatory auto insurance, and there is still a problem with this. The poor have trouble enough trying to stay on board with state mandates such as mandatory auto insurance for example, which I have noticed many of the poor cannot pay and are constantly in and out of auto insurance coverage.  The sad thing is that they cannot drive a vehicle if they don’t have auto insurance.  It’s criminal among many other criminal activities under the name of “insurance” or “contracts”.  Americans no longer realize that year by year, we are losing rights.  Why can’t we use the English model of health coverage?  Or must I use the word socialism?  In some cases, socialism is the only way for “specific problems”, not to engage it full force.  Yet, Americans squeal at the thought of socialistic measures.  It is time now to adopt some of these measures so that all men and women and children can live their life as healthy as cana be.  The medical profession must be as it was before capitalism:  a calling and a labor of love.  Greed must be quenched.  The same thing for attorneys.  There are professions that are paid way over their worth!  I say that a mingling of capitalism and socialism could work together very well.  We must think of everybody, not just the wealthy, well-off, or the struggling.  (Voice crying in the mad wilderness)…

  • Cynthia

    Indeed Naniwait!  It is very sad.  It appears that the Corporates want most of us dead anyway and they are going about it and have been going about it rather successfully.  People have died waiting in emergency hospitals when they have no insurance coverage, or they’ve been turned away.

  • Lenora_7

    Freedom Fighter, I agree with some things you say and disagree with other things.  Firstly, insurance is good if you can afford it.  Why does it matter if you’re healthy NOW and those who are NOT healthy receive care?  Tomorrow you may become diseased.  What then?  Will your song change?  Or will you say that you deserve to die early anyway?  Hmmmm, I think not.  And even if you stayed healthy all your life, how about your loved ones?  And if you have no loved ones, I am truly sorry if you do not feel compassion or love toward your fellow man.  You may have saved someone’s life, or made someone’s path smoother with your contribution to healthcare taxes or insurance premiums.  We are all one family to my way of thinking.

    I agree that the wealthy need to take more of the burden and that they need to re-evaluate their life’s desires.  Why should they hoard their money or spend it on extravagant material goods when the rest of the world suffers?  Why aren’t they taxed according to their financial worth like the rest of us?  Why should they even own a yacht? or mansion?  But you see, then we begin socialism.  I believe that their wants should be regulated by a spiritual commission and you may laugh at this, but it’s time for all humans to come together and really solve the deeper issues.  It’s feeling too much like the French Revolution period and I’m tired of seeing poor homeless people walking around – it can happen to any one of us!  Policemen shepherd them away so that we don’t have to see them.

    With the loss of America as it was, it has not been “we, the people” for a long time, my freedomfighter.  The corporates and the government are now in cahoots and have been.  The Republicans became fascists and the Democrats became Republicans.  But “we, the people” cannot survive like this for too long, and that’s exactly what they want.  They feel there’s too many of us.  Controls like this will certainly “take care of the poor”.  And what are we doing about it? 

    It is not moving closer into communism.  If it were, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  Yet, I believe that we should adopt some strands of socialism in order to preserve nationwide health and nationwide legal services, as well as equal education!

  • Cynthia

    If we raised medicare 30%, won’t that ruin it for seniors who have a limited and fixed income?

    I do like your flow of thinking though.  Abolish insurance companies altogether (a legal criminal syndicate if you ask me) and let’s go medicare/medical based on income with a sliding scale and a just and fair system which takes into account each individuals’ living expenses and income.

    Also, the wealthy need to pull more weight because they have the extra income. 

    I become angry when I recall that they have taken dental service away from the senior citizens!  Only the wealthy seniors have dental coverage.  The poor, once again, have nothing and they are losing their teeth and I have noticed that many more Americans have missing teeth when they smile.

  • Cynthia

    Dear Njdrop:

    This is a good idea.  And not only maintain $50 co-pay, but use the co-pay in a sliding scale based on income, so it could start at $5.00 and be as high as what?  $70?  Force wealthy folk to pay the high and total price of health care based on their sliding financial scale.  I don’t believe for one minute that the wealthy are 1% of total population.  Perhaps 1% stands for the extreme wealthy.  There are a lot of wealthy people in our country.  Look around and notice how many new cars abound in our freeways.  Look at the illustrious homes.  No, I believe there are about 30% who are wealthy.

  • Cynthia

    Hello Edie:

    Actually, the new health system is fraught with problems.  Consider also that this is MA, a state which is pretty well to do anyway.  It isn’t fair to compare this state with others firstly.  Secondly, you heard the man who earns about $10,000 a year.  He feels guilty because he’s not pulling his weight.  Small companies are hurting because health care costs are draining their finances.  Another group does not want pay mandatory health care monthly expenses, especially when they’re healthy and are barely making it.  And how about the poor?  They’re struggling with paying for their monthly auto insurance expenses, ETC.

    No, this idea does not benefit many people, especially the unemployed.

  • Bevsansum

     How can you even ask such a question? The question itself is immoral. Voting to take away the rights of others? When nearly 50% of the working people are already subsidizing the other half whose vote is counted equally. The have-nots, the takers, will of course vote for any mandatory law that benefits them at the expense of others. This is mob rule.The US is NOT a democracy but a Republic. What happened to the Constitution?

  • White Feather

    I personally embrace the use of alternative and natural means for my health care, and have not seen a traditional doctor since my youngest child was born in 1989.  My money has gone to herbal and natural remedies and I haven’t needed anything else.  My children and grandchildren are healthier than any other family I know of who blindly trust the medical care most people receive. The medical profession needs to take a serious and objective look at the alternatives being used by an ever growing number of healthier people.  I could not support a system which doesn’t provide these choices with the same coverage as others using the latest poisons Big Pharma continues to push on the ‘guinea pig’ population.  So I reject the entire idea of mandatory health insurance because of the limited choices and the tremendous cost my family would incur.  One year of premiums would be more than I have spent in the entire 23 years using natural alternatives.  They will have to put me in jail before I will pay for healthcare that I will not use!

    Rich or poor has nothing to do with it.  Its a matter of personal liberty to make choices for myself. 
    Do yourself a favor and research the choices you have out there before you take another pill.  Your body will tell you that you are making a better choice!  It certainly will never come from a government mandated program.

  • Esconfino

    The success of the plan in improving the health of citizens in Massachusetts speaks to the morality of providing universal healthcare coverage nationally. In a democracy, we should recognize that a public good is a higher motive. We are all in this together. I consider health care for all a human right, not a commodity. There are so many reasons why we should take care of all, and those who refuse to participate cannot know when they will need help. And if they do, they will depend on government to take care of them, which is happening now and actually makes the per capita cost much greater because the preventive care was probably not provided. Beyond that the major cost problem is derived from the fact that the coverage is administered by for-profit private insurers and the system is so disorganized, fragmented, complicated and inefficient. We are the only industrialized nation in the world that does not provide universal coverage, and with a much smaller per capita expense, consuming much lower portions of the GDP of other nations, and better outcomes. One large risk pool and a well constructed plan removes the anxiety attached to the current system.

    The myth of higher frivolous utilization is not borne out by the experience of other nations.The only sensible, cost effective and humane solution is Medicare for All from birth to death, or single payer (everyone in the risk pool, and a one entity that pays all the bills and promotes fairness, sensible utliization and a healthier, happier nation.)

  • Sark

    Because insurance companies are a major part of the problem, I think the question should be:
    Should Universal Single Payer Health Care be mandatory? We would have a healthier system if we got insurance companies out or the equation.

  • Sark

     that should be “out of”

  • Roger

    the poll question “should health care insurance be mandatory” is very misleading and vague. it should be rephrased as to whether employers should be forced to pay for employees health coverage or if the government should force individuals to purchase health insurance.  of course everyone wants free health insurance. 

  • Roger

    the poll question “should health care insurance be mandatory” is very misleading and vague. it should be rephrased as to whether employers should be forced to pay for employees health coverage or if the government should force individuals to purchase health insurance.  of course everyone wants free health insurance. 

  • Roger

    in the world of eonomics, supply and demand have always dictated prices. when a person has health insurance, they are more inclined to see a doctor for insignificant reasons and ailments. if we suddenly have an increase in office or emergency room visits doesn’t it make sense that prices will increase for insurance?

  • Roger

    oh yeah one more thing… health care should be a personal goal too.  Diet, drugs alchohol etc. Obesity and diabetes and their inevitable afflictions, probably causes more long term health problems causing billions of dollars in unnessary insurance costs.  maybe the poll should ask the question “if a person has not taken responsibility for taking care of his or her own weight and alcohol, cigaretts, or drug abuse problem should their health care be paid by their employer or the government (tax payers me and you).

  • Roger

    the difference between having mandatory car insurance and health in surance is that a person driving a car can kill somebody or mame someone. everyone wants free health insurance

  • Donna M.

    Having J.O.B.s made me emotionally, mentally and physically SICK.  So, when I left my last employer I opted to not sign up for COBRA (it was too expensive for my budget) and I live a much happier life for 16yrs now with NO MEDICAL COVERAGE.  I live a frugal lifestyle and accept temporary work assignments.  I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or engage in a risky lifestyle.  After fracturing my ankle and needing emergency surgery, I received Disability of $97.43/wk for 16wks at which time the orthopedic clinic cleared me to go back to work.  At no time did I seek Unemployment Compensation and the only reason I applied for Disability is because I was advised to do so by my medical provider.  It was 16 months later when I felt ready to venture back out into the Concrete Jungle of the workforce.  During those 16 months, my medical, dental and optical bills, rent and all other financial obligations were met on time.  I DO NOT NEED THE GOVERNMENT to tell how to be medically or financially responsible; there is much I can tell them.  Mandatory medical coverage is NOT the solution, Affordable HEALTHCARE is!

  • Cakecakecake28

    If we had a true Republic, the T.V. would be free for two weeks of debates between all commmer’s for free elections in our Republic. There wouldn’t be Money, sent from Supreme Court of the land, just free debate for all who wish to run. Real people, with real ideas, not career polititions, who work for corporations. That’s called an Oligarchy, for the Corporations, by the Corporations, and the people of the Corporations. republic, my …..  Thank-you

  • Jin Soh

    The Health Insurance should be mandatory only if “Single Payer System” is in place, otherwise No Universal Coverage for everyone. Under the so-called Obamacare as written now, the health insurance premium will keep on increaing, and the businesses and individuals will not afford to pay for it at all. Let us have a national referendum on this health insurance issue, and let people decide what to do, not the politicians who are depending on campaign contributions.

  • Jon-Edmond Abraham

    We The People have collectively solved our National Defense difficulties no matter the cost.  This is but one of those.  Very selfish, stingy interests are carrying the day in this NATIONAL challenge with loud, narrow-minded, unintelligent bickering.  They too often have too much time and money, too, and care really, about no one but themselves.  Seriously!  National Health is an idea whose time has come…for ALL of us!

  • Rde1952

    ………what I find interesting, is the number of folks in the article and out and about who continuously make the comment about “having to pay for the Health care of others”,this speaks volumes about these folks,these are the same stingy bastards that out in kndergarten playgrounds didn’t want to share their candy and cookies.  The couple having to “scrape” by on 80 thousand a year,the husband whining like a typical self centered rush limbaugh fan,boo hoo…… heart bleeds for these moan and groan aging yuppies

  • none of your business

    I think the Obama administration did a wonderful job on this “fluff Piece”.

  • Anonymous

    A disability payment comes from disability insurance, so to say you met financial obligations without assistance is simply untrue. How many people who oppose government “assistance” line up for Medicare and Social Security payments and then say they are free of government assistance. Is this ignorance or disingenuity? Regardless, it’s not truthful.

  • Jharmer81

    The Massachuchetts health bill is a failure in ways you did not show, especially in controllng spiraling costs.  Paying physicians a fixed salary is indeed a help but the real lproblem is that insurance comaies still can rqise premiums.
    Dr Rachel Nardins inMassachusetts’ Plan: A Failed Model for Health Care Reform
     also adds ”
    The reform law has not achieved universal health insurance coverage, although half or more of
    the previously uninsured now have some type of insurance policy.
    The reform has been more expensive than expected, costing $1.1 billion in fiscal 2008 and $1.3
    billion in fiscal 2009. In the face of a state budget crisis in fall 2008, Gov. Deval Patrick
    announced that he will keep the reform afloat by draining money from safety-net providers such
    as public hospitals and community clinics.
    While the number of people lacking health insurance in Massachusetts has been reduced, several
    recent surveys demonstrate that substantial problems in access to care remain in the state. While
    the new health insurance improved access to care for some residents, many low-income patients
    who previously received completely free care under the state’s old free care program now face
    co-payments, premiums and deductibles that stop them from getting needed care.”
    Please do a program on “medicare for All”, HR676.

  • Dr Jawn

    That fellow/couple who claim their “freedoms’ are encroached by the mandate seems to be at best disingenuous and at worst a liar.  If it’s so god damned important to him, he should espouse an option for folks to sign that they will be refused care at any hospital, no matter the circumstances, unless he pays in advance.  Then I have no problem with his stubborn greedy position.  He was living in a very nice home, with multiple cars, and children, and I sensed a very comfortable life style.  If he wants the freedom to spend on those things first, then he should support a mandate that allows refusal of care on the basis I described.  He is contemptible, IMHO, using the personal freedom argument to mask his greed and misplaced values.

  • Cakecakecake28

    According to the NHS the U.S. pays per capita –  $6,719, U.K. pays $2,815, Russia pays $698, Japan pays $2,581, Italy pays $2,631, Germany pays $3,420, China pays $216, and Canada pays $3,673. Come on America. Thank-you.

  • Bluegrassbloke

     I think the world knows where you stand by now. Now button up and try not to dominate the debate by endlessly repeating fatuous fables.

  • Bluegrassbloke

     Of course America is supposed to be ‘free’, but why omit all the rest that are also free? America is not uniquely free. So, now that begs the question, Why are we the only ‘free’ democracy that just doesn’t ‘get it’ over Universal Healthcare? Oh, I see, it’s because America’s the free-est, best country there ever was and ever will be. I love my country, but know that not everything is the best, and we are frequently trampled on. My apologies if I disillusioned you too suddenly – get a  Kleenex…

  • Guest

    There must be a way for health care to become a not for profit. I like the President’s plan, especially with a 23 year old, but I wish it would have gone all the way to single payer. How is it okay that we have millions of people in this country without insurance? Just another example of the corporations making billions in profits at everyone’s expense while people are dying because of lack of affordable health care. Just not right, not in the USA.

  • Guest

    Yes i support health care reform because i was without insurance for about 12 years and it is a horrible feeling to have.

  • Bill

    The politicians (and others) constantly chant that capitalism, and the free market system is the bedrock of our society, yet here we go requiring people to pay for services they may or may not ever receive – essentially socializing medicine – and all the while not addressing the excessive profits made by drug companies, salespeople, medical equipment manufacturers and yes – other insurance companies who insure all of them from the lawsuits. The reason people can’t afford medical insurance (and therefor don’t buy it) is because too much money goes to insurance and lawyers and bureaucrats instead of actual care.

    I paid for health care insurance for over 30 working years and never needed any real care, but when I got laid off after the financial crisis in 2009 and then got sick and needed care – I paid for my hospitalization out of my pocket – an outrageous amount to be sure. Next time I need the hospital – I’ll just go off and die. It’s no fun living with no money.

  • Bill

     Nobody I know ever asked for laws requiring hospitals to take all comers. After having spent 4 hours in an ER for an AFIB attack, and coming out with a $7000 bill – which I PAID. I won’t be going back. Thanks for NOTHING!

  • Vin Scheihagen

    I’ve used national healthcare in Taiwan and found it to be excellent. As a none-resident I had to pay out of pocket and it was still pretty cheap. As a resident (which three of my sons, a daughter-in-law and granddaughter are) it would have been even cheaper. If universal healthcare is good for Massachusetts, (or Taiwan) why wouldn’t it  be good for any state? Aren’t humans pretty much the same everywhere?

  • Rick

    I own a small business with 10 employees. My office plan just went up 24% this April 15th. That was on top of 19% last year. The increases are unbelievable. Since mandatory health care became law in 2006 my rates have never gone up less than nine percent. By increasing deductibles and co-pays(doubling to 2000 per individual/4000 per family with $30 OVs and perscription co-pays) I was able to reduce the increase to 11.35%. I don’t believe the Governor Patrick one bit when he says increases are in the one to two percent range. How could my business be so different? He is just trying to hype Obams’s national health care plan. … All I know is that since the mandate began, my health Ins rates have skyrocketed. Six years is enough of a sample to know. I will always maintain health insurance but I still don’t believe it is American to force people to buy it. Garnish there wages if they don’t have it and need medical care. And stop giving anything but emergency medical care to any non Americans. And then send them home.

  • Wolfpup182

    We need either single payer or government run health care, and we need it years ago. This idea that some people “don’t need health care” or its “optional” is insane. We already know how other countries do it works better and is more efficient than how we do it, and the crazy hung is this benefits BUSINESSES too, other than the pointless, parasitic insurance industry.

  • Brian Equality Brown

    I am for complete overhaul with single payer or as put here in US medicare for all they could of simply rolled back medicare age 10 year a year in a short time all would of been covered for a small monthly fee

  • Wolfpup182

    Rates have skyrocketed elsewhere WITHOUT a plan like that too. The real solution is eliminating the insurance industry-at least as it exists now.

  • Valkilby

    If we took the insurance companies and the big business aspect out of healthcare in this country it would be so much better. It is crazy that a country such as the US does not have universal healthcare. It has been an issue since Harry Truman was president. What gives? A person has to base his/her job search on whether or not health insurance is provided as a benefit. This is a hindrance to productivity. Think how much better it would be if health insurance was not an issue and one could be free to choose a career based on qualifications and not on the need to find insurance.

  • Guest

    My 4 year old granddaughter lives on a Native American
    reservation in South Dakota
    where she is insured by the Indian Health Service.  When visiting us in Georgia she broke her arm and we
    quickly discovered that IHS health insurance is not “portable”.  Since hospital ERs here no longer
    cast broken bones, but refer you to a private orthopedic doctor, it took us 3 days to find someone that would
    set the bones and cast the arm without a $1,000 charge.  Later I had to drive the child 1,600 miles
    back to South Dakota
    to get the cast removed.  With universal
    health coverage this would not have been an issue.

  • Nborengasser

    I am normally not one to comment on public forums.  However, having spent a large part of my teaching career with children who have sever and provfound disabilities, I found I needed to make a comment.  I do agree that providing univerlas health career is an expensive undertaking and that we will have to make sacrifices to pay for it.  I have watched families who have children with disabilities so severe that they had no options for health insurance.  Their childrens’ disabilities were of such a nature that they were prevented from holding full time jobs that provided health care for themselves much less a child with a pre-existing condition.  I know we as a nation have a strong work ethic and feel like we shouldn’t provide for free loaders, but better for us to take care of the most needy among us that to disregard them because of self-centered concerns.

  • Concerned

    Health Care should be paid for by a tax that everyone pays and should be administered as a single payer system.  Basically it should be an expansion of Medicare to cover all citizens – and yes, citizenship should have to be tested.

  • More concerned

    How about we not burden everyone to yet take care of a few. How about we encourage through tax incentives folks to donate more to charity, thereby allowing folks the opportunity to give their hard earned money vs. taking their hard earned money. This is a joke, at some point us residents will be paying more than 60% of their salary to the government, then ask yourself what will be the incentive for folks to work hard, the idea of wanting to give the government more? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, some form of health coverage should be mandatory; however, especially for lower income (say, 6 %) monthly premium.  This would accommodate the larger income:cost of living ratio of lower-income those household, thereby reducing hardship.
    Our household experienced an involuntary 55% loss of income 2 years ago, and although we were given the discount in monthly COBRA premiums (provided for by the Recovery and Reinvestment Act) we still could not afford the >$ 400.00 monthly premium payment; after we exhausted our resources, we lost the COBRA benefit altogether.   This occurred while we were in a COBRA grace period, a time during which medical services were received, and these services, though initially paid by COBRA, were retroactively denied the providers.  Now the government, some charities, and we ourselves have had to share the burden.

  • Anonymous

    From experience, there is not enough charity available, as the charities are strapped.  They have also lost much of their income.

  • Dienerherbert

    Everyone is entitled to have health care, but now as Mass. is working on the cost it should show that this can be done nationally.

  • Tim Coon

     There will NEVER be charity on a large enough scale to do what you’re likely thinking of. Never has, never will.

  • Beel Hayes

    Rick, correlation is not causation. My individual plan has also skyrocketed. A plus of the new regulations is insures must now submit rate filings with larger increases. Those filings, which have yet to be verified, indicate while there is a modest uptick in profits, most increases are due to increased medical costs. There are just so many more, and costly, options for those who are sick. In the end I suspect if we can’t curb the rising cost of healthcare, and no one wants to hear it, we’ll have to look at ways to ration it (i.e., No on wants their 75 year old father to be denied a heart transplant, but come on).
    Too many otherwise healthy people are remaining uninsured. A mandatory healthcare system will spread the risk such that premiums should remain at their lowest … that is how it should work, a bit like homeowners insurance. Imagine the rates if only homes in high risk areas were insured and the rest of us went without.

  • Disisdkat

    Insurance companies just like banks are a middle man that cost the people of a nation money that and does nothing to improve the service they are meant to give.  I say no to required insurance because there should be none at all.  There should be a national bank that other banks compete with and a single payer system for health care.

  • Beel Hayes

    You paid for insurance, not healthcare. When I got laid off I made sure I paid my insurance premium before my mortgage payment as I chose what for me was the lesser of two evils. I’d rather be well and homeless than sick and housed. Sorry for your luck, but your issue, in fact, came about under a nonmandatory system and would have been addressed in a mandatory one.

    And unless one drops dead on the spot, which very rarely happens, everyone will at some point need healthcare, hence the need for insurance – and to which your situation attests.

  • Beel Hayes

    Here’s to hoping you never get sick or hit by a bus. The fact you haven’t is not a factor in whether you will – that is why you DO need insurance and the fact you don’t have the wherewithal to understand that is not the government’s fault, nor should it be the taxpayers’ responsibility when you do need healthcare – and you will.

  • Anonymous

    I voted Yes because I believe the government should provide universal healthcare – get the funding away from the profit makers, tax equitably, make health providers and pharmaceutical companies charge fair prices, and there’s the funding!

  • Anonymous

    I voted Yes – yes because the government should be providing universal health insurance/care funded by taxing the wealthy equitably, removing subsidies ad loopholes for for profit  entities and stop unnecessary military spending – take care of our vets and our people, instead of buying obsolete weapons!!!

  • Nuk7

    I agree with the person that reminded us that we are a Republic.  If this is to remain a free nation we must retain freedom of choice.  The person who does alternative medicine with the result of better health in their family reveals that there is far more to this debate than who should pay the medical costs.  Socialized medicine seems only to pay for a system that ignores many practices that have promoted health in the past.  Some practices, like herbal and acupuncture, have healed people for thousands of years.  Doctor, hospital and drug costs have risen as government has increasingly intervened.  I do not see these increasing costs addressed at all by forcing everyone into the same kind of system.  It will have to be paid for, the question is who will end up with the bill.

  • CatladyDane

    Health insurance is not the same as health care.  If one purchases health insurance and does not have the money for copays & deductibles, he can not use the insurance – premiums are money thrown away.  Insurance restricts health care choices, frequently not covering vision and dental, or alternative medicine.  As a consumer, I should have the right to choose ANY practitioner or therapy.  I should not have to defer vision and dental to pay insurance premiums for something that I don’t use.  This is not about health CARE, it’s about freedom of choice.  This mandate is the result of the too powerful insurance industry.  If the auto manufacturing industry were as powerful, would everyone be required to purchase a new car – whether or not they drive?  If the mandate is not reversed, as a matter of prinicple I shall choose to pay the fine rather than cause profit to an insurance industry that I don’t believe in.  And if subsidy is based on annual income, that can create extreme hardship for those of us whose incomes may fluctuate at any time without warning.  (I work overtime any time I can, just had my work week reduced to 30 hrs, may look for a second and/or intermittent supplementary income, etc.)

  • CatladyDane

    But they won’t!  Universal health care would be wonderful – not an individual mandate to purchase insurance.

  • Jay

     I voted yes because I don’t like to work and I want free stuff. I’d get it myself but I don’t like violence or threatening violence on others. It is best for me to delegate the threats of violence (jail, property confiscation, etc) to others. So I’ll leave that to the state.

  • Jay

     I agree. What people really need is catastrophic coverage. We need to stop using insurance to cover every tiny thing. We don’t use our car insurance to cover oil changes. Insurance should not be covering everyday items like birth control. I have absolutely nothing against birth control, I just don’t understand why it needs to be provided for free. We wouldn’t expect health care to pay for toothpaste or toothbrushes.

  • Barry Nyc 311

    While Federal Government can reguluate a market-I do not believe The Federal Government can create a market by commanding you to buy a product. Interesting poin thought made in the segment-some employers rather pay exsisting workers over-time as opposed to factoring in the cost of health insuranc for hiring a new employee-

  • Chemwhiz63-mail

    By improving access to healthcare for those not currently covered, we improve the heath of all. Arguments based on “freedom of choice” are only thinly-disguised statements of short-sited greed and are ignorant of basic public health principles. For instance, would it make sense for only those who “choose” to connect to sewer and water services to do so without a publicly-acceptable alternative? Or worse, to allow one’s neighbor to not connect — creating an open cesspool?

  • Mambolicious

    Although I do agree that everyone should have access to affordable (if not free) healthcare, I don’t believe that any adult should be forced to purchase it. Nor should they be forced to follow certain rules  that come along with the territory ( ie. mandatory “national ID” chip implanted in the skin). Additionally, these mandatory laws do not consider alternative health preferences that are not typically covered by insurance companies. 

  • Margaret Reeve

    Like medicare is, we all pay in and we all have care for life, no matter what.

  • Cfo

    I just turned 50 and self-employed. My monthy Health Ins. prem. from Blue Cross Blue Sheild of GA just went up 50%. and extra $150.00 a month. I also a real estate agent and can’t afford this rate hike!

  • Carlenejtabert

    Why can we not have the decency to have Natiaonal Medical Health Care Coverage at a miminal miminal cost since in England, everyone has health care from birth to death?? no cost I guess, just because they are English??  We cannot have the decency to quick charging for anything, just keep the crooks collecting and not being accountable for care without tons of red tape.   I want nothing to do with Medicare, but what else is there.   The States are not going to be more efficient.   Please enlighten Mitt Rominey asap.   Who do they think they are kidding?

  • Leah

    If it ever came down to paying health care premiums or paying rent or buying groceries; I’d opt for paying rent and having something to eat. Unless someone is a millionaire there is no guarantee they will have the funds to pay for everything they need. I’m not thrilled with the idea of being dependent on the government. Sometimes lower income persons may be forced to stay dependent on the government and charity organizations to ensure they will have health care, a roof over their head, and food to eat. If they get a promotion they may have to choose one necessity over another or walking 20 miles to work because they can’t afford to fix their car or buy a more reliable one.
    People should be responsible to the best of their ability; some may stay healthy until old age because of luck, good genes, and taking good care of themselves. By the time they are old, they may qualify for Medicare. Everyone should stay out of the emergency room unless they are dying. A lot of health care organizations offer primary care on a sliding scale to low income persons. Some offer affordable healthcare based on a price list and cutting unnecessary costs.
    Most people opt for a job that provides health insurance as a benefit. Sometimes people especially in rural areas have to take whatever job they can get even if there is no health insurance. Small companies just starting out may not be able to provide health insurance but they can offer jobs to a handful of people who are unemployed. Things happen, some people may not be able to afford health insurance from time to time and then they will be stuck with a hugh tax penalty which will only add to their problems. People with health insurance still smoke, don’t take their physician’s advice, engage in risky behavior, take illegal drugs, and are obese which increases everyone’s health insurance cost. Even after paying health insurance, some may not be able to afford their deductible or copays.
    Once again we will have the government telling us what we can or can not afford. The poor will be OK, the rich will always be OK because they can afford good health insurance, pay their deductibles and copays, take vacations to reduce stress, eat healthy, and have money for emergencies.
    I think it is best the government regulates health insurance companies and health care organizations and provide persons with additional options for health care verses making health care mandatory.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong, there is a cost. The English pay for their national health care from the first day they start working-the cost is deducted from their paycheck.

  • David Young

    then you need to start voting for politicians that refuse to let the medical industry be a for profit industry!

    Voting for those that believe profit should be made on Social Programs is the only reason medical care costs so much in this Country!

    they want to make a profit then they should be creating a PRODUCT and MANUFACTURING it the way Industrialists did, rather then the ways of Fascist Capitalists that RULE Corporate America!

  • David Young

    so when did they start implanting these chips into folks in Canada ?

    Maybe you should be on a site about alien abduction, since this nonsense belongs in the same arena!

  • David Young

    And here we have Koch Brothers paid poster folks!

    How much did you make for the propaganda post Jay?

  • David Young

    this is so the Government can have the RIGHT to tell the Medical industry where they may make a profit and where they may NOT !

  • David Young

    ANd to the Paid By the Koch Brothers for Posting Jay!

    Maybe there should be a TRUE freemarket for medical care and Insurance of any type made completely ILLEGAL so they can ONLY charge what the Market can bear ?

    Bet that makes your libertarian liar tongue swell and gag you !

  • David Young

    Insurance should pay for ALL forms of treatment !

    And those that their form of treatment isn’t functional should be JAILED for fraud !

  • David Young

    you can’t have universal health care without universal insurance within a insurance based system !

    But eh RICH should be holding the Largest Bill until Medical care is Universally NON profit!

  • David Young

    the systems such as Cobra should be illegal because of the way they look for profit !
    the Medical industry should NOT be profit based!

  • David Young

    the profits can’t be addressed until it is universal !

    once it is universal the Government can tell them exactly what they can and can’t make as profit, that is the idea here !

  • David Young

    you are a liar Bill !

    and it those that think the way you do that makes the cost so high !
    Cheapskates and the greedy with MONEY are the cause of the costs in the medical industry

  • David Young

    beel, this fool will die quickly when they get sick and this WILL be good for the WORLD !

  • Jay

    That wouldn’t be a free market. But I would argue for more transparency in pricing. Koch brothers? What in the world are you talking about?

  • Jay

    Are you serious? All forms of treatment? Imagine how much insurance would cost. Charlatans should certainly be held accountable. I’d rather see them forced to pay restitution to their victims than jail, although I wouldn’t rule jail out as a severe possibility.

  • Terry DuBose

    That is why DY said ” form of treatment isn’t functional should be JAILED for fraud !” As to all forms of treatment, that is a very complicated. Charlatans are out and about; and unfortunately, some of them actually believe their treatments work. Proving otherwise can be very difficult.

  • Terry DuBose

    David, why can’t we have a universal health care system like Medicare for all, paid for by taxes? Similar to most of the civilized nations on earth.

  • David Young

    Ignore Jay,
    he is paid to post propaganda !

  • David Young

    Exactly, and the Rich should be paying the MOST percentage wise of their income since they MAKE the Most!

    When there is NO such thing as being POOR on this Planet, then the taxes should be of equal percentages for all !

    Until the Rich stop pretending they have a to as much money as they can squeeze out of the world they should be the funders of ALL Social Systems

  • David Young

    that is exactly what a free market is Jay!

    we cannot have a freemarket is this system because of Consumer Credit, only a CASH on The Barrel System can truly be free market so that the Corporations can only charge what the Market will bear !

    Consumer Credit is Designed to make it so more can be charged then the market will bear !

    Your Libertarian Lies are NOT based on a free Market !

    They are based on WARLORD mentality like is going on in the Libertarian Paradise called Somalia !

    And that is exactly where you and your ILK should be exiled to for trying to destroy our nation with your severely disgusting approach to life

  • David Young

    And this would not be nearly as difficult as you think if BELIEF were taken out of the equation terry.

    the main problem in medicine is that those that go to medical schools in this Country are taught what forms of healing to believe in rather then accepting that what has worked in the past has worked, as in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, which has worked amazing well for 3 thousand years but western medicine refused to accept as being real because of Christians refusal to even look at the concept of Chi !

    this is why belief has no place in Medicine or Science !

  • David Young

    Social security isn’t forced down your throat, you can stand on the corner and bum change and not have to pay taxes !

    If you desire to have enough to raise a Family then you have to join tyhe club and pay for your roads and schools and all the other stuff like police and then you have social security so you can GUARANTEE you won’t be a COMPLETE Burden on Society !

    And its no ones fault but your own and others like you that vote politicians in that LET the insurance corps make as much as they do and ALLOW the medical community believe they have a Right to be Rich !

    Ask your Grandparents how many Rich Doctors there were that weren’t Specialists when they were young, the answer would be NONE, because they would have dragged a politician that Allowed these things to happen back then into the streets and strung them up !

    Voting morons into office has turned the Nation into a pit, it is very simple !

  • David Young

    Well Guest, I voted for Obama because he said he would accomplish this feat, I’m guessing you voted for the depends kid and Caribou Barbie !

  • Jay

    Cash on the barrel would be better than what we have now. I think you misunderstand what I’m saying or at least I’m not making any sense about what you are saying. The big problem with consumer credit is the lack of accountability for those making the loans. Bailouts and government corporate handouts need to end. Any company that makes bad loans should be forced to go out of business as a result of their poor investments. LOL Somalia was created via conquest by government its ruled by warlords and is not in any way libertarian.

  • Jay

    I agree – except everything is belief including Chi, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. People should be free to choose – with complete transparency and access to knowledge as possible.

  • David Young

    Somalia is EXACTLY the example of what the Libertarian Lie is ALL about !

    Your Tax the sidewalk slum Lord attitude is the WAY of the WARLORD !

    The problem with the entire Libertarian Lie is that you folks do NOT truly believe in a FREE MARKET, you believe in a controlled Market were the business owner gets to fleece their Customers with protection BY the Government so that no one can sue or have the THIEF arrested !

    That IS a warlord mentality !

    So move your Butt to Somalia were this ALREADY exists and don’t try to turn MY Nation into a Third World Pit so you can make a profit on selling spoiled meat !

    You can PRETEND all you like this is NOT the complete dream of the Sociopathic Libertarian lie, but this Nation has way to many People that have the ability to think to let you get away with this, so don’t expect to get much in the way of sympathy for your inability to make money HONESTLY !

    The Libertarian LIE is the DESIRE to make a world wide WARLORD Business system, It has NOTHING to do with free markets, Just Free Thieving !

  • Jay

    You obviously have no idea what a libertarian is. The main premise behind libertarianism is the non-initiation of force axiom. We believe that no individual has the right to initiate force against another individual. The only force that is permitted is in a defensive manner. All other libertarian beliefs come from this one axiom. Libertarians completely oppose government controlled markets. We oppose bailouts, corporatism, and protectionism that governments and especially politicians like to hand out towards their special interests.

  • David Young

    you Jay, have NO idea what Libertarianism TRULY is from this post !

    Now the idea that all you would do is protect yourself, and with the THIEVING attitude you fools have, you would be PROTECTING your selves all the time!

    You use rhetoric that doesn’t cover your true philosophy, which is to make as much money as possible, it doesn’t matter if its FAIR, all that matters is you can get someone to pay the price !

    when there is a disaster anywhere in this country, you clowns get pissed off when the police put thieves in jail for PRICE GOUGING !

    Anyone that thinks price gouging has something to do with a FREE MARKET is completely DELUSIONAL !

    These skells are what Libertarianism is ALL about and you can try to white wash it all you want, those that believe making a Mother pay the months rent for a quart of milk because you can get it because of a disaster IS someone that WANTs to be a Warlord and live in a Society that will treat this kind of criminal behavior as Normal !

    Libertarians are Sociopaths that are incapable of understanding how another being feels, whether it be a sensation of Pleasure or Pain, and if you want to associate with this type of scum, expect to be to be treated just the way they will be treated, and that is like complete and total LOW LIFES!

  • Jay

    You have way too much anger and hatred in both your comments and your politics. We are going to have to agree to disagree. I hope you find peace, love, and liberty and don’t let all of your anger and hatred get the best of you.