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Poll: The new war on poverty

Should the government pay poor people to learn how to budget and save?

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  • Sdolcie

    Brief review of the life of Prophet Mohammed we learn that he helped the poor by giving them enough to enable them to get out of poverty or taught them how. Prophet Jesus said (paraphrasing) it is better to teach a man how to fish to be able yo support his family than to give him a fish to feed his them for one night.

  • Mike

    I didnt vote because the question is absured. If you dont have enough money to live on under any cercomstances there is nothing to budget. You are mearley rearanging the deck chairs on the Titanic. To think that those who have to little to live on have no other problem but faulty budgeting is just another way to blame poverty on the poor.  The mear absurdity of the premise shows how out of touch those who , well off them selves who make these decisions , are justifing there greed and calousness.

  • rle946

    This question is not absurd.  It is not the case that poor people don’t have enough to live on.  It is the case that their low income makes it difficult and very challenging for them to live. Poverty is not destitution.  I know.  I have been there seen that and done that.

  • John

    When is the media going to address the basic problem of poverty?  It is families with unplanned and  out of wedlock children, and absent fathers.  It is high time this reality is addressed.  Make mandatory birth control for women with one unplanned child, and crack down on absent fathers that don’t support their off spring.  Children from these families tend to beget still more children and the number of low income, under educated children continue to multiply with help from governmental agencies.

    This topic is never brought up and addressed during this programs, even though the problem is so obvious it is the “elephant in the room”.

  • MOP

     You are absolutely right. It is obvious that the person who presented this question either was told to or shows a severe case of prejudice for the poor.
    The “bottom’ line in addressing the poor should start with addressing the wealthy. How many times have politicians in this country counted on those that have wealth to give jobs to those that do not. When and if they are given does NOT reduce the amount of wealth the person causing this has. In fact, people of wealth continue to INCREASE their wealth by exploiting those that will give work to him or her at the lowest possible wage the wealthy person will pay.
    You see, our society should have a system where if someone does NOT have a job that can pay the bills of his or her household, our government should create a business that can offer a job to a person who needs one.
    Of course you are saying-”How in the world can we pay for that?”
    How do we pay for General Electric to conduct research on “battery technology”? We give them $90 million. How much of that goes into the company to free up OTHER  profits to accomplish more “business” to make more money. Why didn’t general electric use it’s OWN money if it wanted to conduct battery research? Because someone in General electric talked someone in government to “Send some money their way”.
    Instead of “playing politics” as forces like the petroleum industry get $40 billion a year, like they do, why don’t we simply create business that someone can work in if they have no job.
    When NASA was cut back, I think it was CBS that aired a piece showing how a whole town full of people were without jobs or in businesses that were failing. The entire town was going to disappear.
       Now why couldn’t the government take some of that oil money and establish a business manufacturing something in that town like simple electric cars to be used in retirement communities in Florida? There certainly is a market for these. 
        And if they build those, maybe they could go a little bigger and build one that is simple and cheap that all of us could buy and use to get back and forth to work. The expansion of this program could literally employ millions if done carefully.
        The secret to eradicating poverty is to use some of our OWN TAX MONEY to create a manufacturing business and offer those unemployed and underemployed jobs in it. Jobs that will enable a person to pay the bills of the household and prosper.
         The secret to alleviating poverty is NOT the creation of two million part time jobs that will NOT pay the bills of the household. Yet if you notice. the politicians from all sides, being from the high class themselves, want to simply create “jobs”. Yeah, jobs so people can work for slave wages and make who gives these politicians money to win their elections and create the legislation favorable for the wealthy again. It is not the Republicans against the Democrats. It’s the Haves against the Have Nots. And the Haves, whether Democrat or Republican, populate our government from elected officials to appointed ones. THEY make the rules that mostly benefit their own class.
          The business created for those with no job that that makes a product by license where that business is given the ONLY license to make it will help the middle and lower classes regain their dignity. This type of thing will restore the political, economic and social power once held by the lower classes.
          The product made by the business created and funded by the government will preclude any foreign competitor to use their “slave labor” to produce the same and undersell the one we make.
          The middle class lost $40% of its wealth during the “economic crisis” of 2011 and 2012. The wealthy prospered more than ever during this time BECAUSE of the exploitation of the world labor market. NAFTA and GATT did this. The American legislature never presented these “agreements” in the form of a bill. They were simply “enacted” by our executive and continued by succeeding presidencies. THIS created the World Labor Pool from which the Wealthy took jobs from the United States-like the 1000 jobs that went to India in the Fall of 2009 when Pratt and Whitney moved its aircraft plant there from Massachusetts-and the hundreds of thousands of more jobs that went the same way. And it continues today. The World Economy is now sold as a present reality. In the past forces like those that took the 40% of the wealth of the middle class would face war from our country. Instead OUR OWN WEALTHY PEOPLE took away this wealth and simply gave it to themselves.
           YOU face the continuing dwindling of your savings, unemployment benefits and then live on the meager amount given to you from Public Assistance after losing everything and have someone like he or she who posed this question come up to you and say-”HOW COME YOU CAN’T HANDLE YOUR MONEY, BUB? YA NEED SOMEONE TO DO IT FER YA?”
    How utterly degrading such a question is put to someone experiencing poverty.
    It is better to put your energies toward making our government create the business I speak of where ANYONE who does not have a job can be given one instead of undergoing such humiliating processes that reduce one to nothing. Take that money being given to the wealthy and create the business for those without a job.
          I say create one like could have been done with the victims of the NASA cutback. And protect it so it grows. Protect it from foreign predators and from those who hate the poor like whoever posed this question. Nurture it so others like it can also be created and let it grow and prosper so most people in this country can have a job where they can lift their heads in dignity!
          Is it socialism? No! These businesses will sell to Americans who work at other things in both competitive and non competitive markets. Is it socialism to subsidize the petroleum industry, that makes tens of billions of dollars in profit every THREE MONTHS when ONE FIFTH of our workers are reduced to poverty? No, it is the simple reallocation of tax money paid to the government for so many years BEFORE the Wealthy took the jobs away so they could give them to Mexicans or Indians or Chinese so THE WEALTHY could become MORE POWERFUL AND HAVE BIGGER AN BIGGER FORTUNES.
          Soon our Constitution will be meaningless. Most of us, considering the condition of World Economics, will be under the rules of the Corporation run and owned by the
           No, poverty is the result of broken spirits. It is the result of the frustration and helplessness of those who have lost their pride and seek to bring back that power in the frustration of violence, in the numbing of liquor and drugs. And those that have gained that back in systems outside of common law have such a false idea of dignity that they once sought and were beaten down by failure and rejection! Cry for them and start the road back to what once was sought after by every person-the power to live by paying the bills for oneself and family. To work along side of companions to establish that pride of Community and family and providing for them.  
          Now, individuals in our society seek money alone for power. Money to create their own Island and include who an what they want in it EXCLUDING others from them.
         Why can’t you all see the evil around  you and take from those who have money to create once again the strength together.
          Make our politicians do what I am talking about. Continue to ignore what they say and DEMAND to have what I speak of.
          Right now, every Federal Candidate is deceiving you so they can satisfy the wealthy forces that back them. Do NOT listen to their promises. Demand that money be taken from that given to the rich and create the business to manufacture electric cars and solar panels for ANYONE who is unemployed or underemployed!
           Shout down the false promises made and MAKE THEM DO YOUR WILL! Make it the will of the people.
           Or, do nothing but sit there and let yourselves be introduced to more horror of poverty.
    Do you want that?
            Then get up and stand up for ourselves. Stand up and BE COUNTED! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. Tell others, write letters, go to your Congressman and Senator’s offices and DEMAND OF THEM TO USE TAX MONEY TO CREATE THE BUSINESS I SPEAK OF TO GIVE PEOPLE A                                                    JOB!!!!!!!  

  • MOP


                              THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO HELP . 

  • Alex

    Its strange that people are making comments based on generalizations but that are far removed from reality. I work with these people on a daily basis and the problem is two fold. Firstly not all people who receive benefits are prolific ignorant reproducers – you would be surprised that many of these people who previously had well paying jobs but in the recession lost their jobs, their homes and their way of life. Secondly, yes their finances are stretched to the limit but many lack the basic knowledge to adequately manage their lowered finances ALSO when they do get the knowledge the system does not help them rise above it. For example one of our programs work with individuals getting financial aid for both food and housing. When the clients are not working at all they will qualify for full  benefits in an area where their children dont have to fear getting shot on their way home from school. They can work a minimum amount of hours and still get some help on both food and housing aid but let them start working 35 hours weekly or more – they don’t qualify for any aid.  One of our clients had to request her employer reduce her working hours because her net salary ended up being $50 more than her rent and she did not qualify for any continued benefits. It sounds reasonable if you dont know the situation to say just move to a cheaper area but when you consider that all cheaper options are in crime riddled neighbourhoods where her 2 children would receive substandard education and threat of violence on a daily basis it suddenly becomes a disincentive to work full time. She is trying to get a job paying more but unfortunately while the average income of each american has dropped, the cost of housing has not dropped by the same factor – especially in the area we are in.

  • JS

    I think that
    giving people an incentive to learn is a wonderful concept and it appears to be
    working. I equally feel that showing people how to manage money should be the
    goal of everyone who has money to be managed. Whether a person has a little
    money or lot, the key is money-management because without it you may still end
    up broke. It may come to a surprise to some of you out there but many poor
    people know very little about budgets, interest rates, shopping sales, etc.
    While any one of these in of it may not change their lives, if you put them all
    together their money would stretch further. Charity is good in emergency
    situations but should not be used as a way of life.

  • Cdel123

    “If you give a man a fish, you’ve fed him. but if you teach a man to fish, you’ve taught him to eat for a lifetime.” This is not a new comment. It is a tried and true comment.
    CD 07/06/2012

  • Cdel123

    In my wildest dreams I have never thought I wld be where I am today. On the Welfare Line. Oops! Now called HRA (Human Resource administration) and PA (Public Assistance). I am educated and have had a wonderful eclectic managerial background. But, due to various illnesses I am unable to work. As I was told 2 yrs ago. But I was determined to still try. I am not ready to be put out to passture yet. So I interviewed till my enemployment ran out. Which, for NYC standards is unbelievable low. The Unemployment rates, as they are now do not reflect the city in which we live. Even though I was at the top tier how do you pay rent when the COBRA payment is over $800.00 (and that’s for a single person). What abt paying ConEd, phone bills, credit card bills and what about food. Now that my unemployment funds have ended I have had to bite the bullet and do what my doctors have told me. “Apply for Dissability.”  Who knew that it would be about a yr to a yr and a half wait. Well, I was down to $167.00, and so I have had to hold my head up high and walk into the HRA building. Only to be bounced fron one caseworker to another. Some ?).  I was warned by others who were also sitting in the waiting room “don’t fly off the handle.”  SO, when I was told that I would have to reapply; revisit all the places that I was sent to and that I would have to wait another 45 days before I would see any monies; I bit my tongue so hard that tears flowed. I now have nothing but my self-respect. And that, isn’t going any where. I just can’t believe that this is our system. I wish someone warned me.This is a very demeaning and demoralizing system.Where is the help? I personally thought that I was prepared and still preparing for retirement, wh ich was not for at least 10 to 15 years.You never know! You really never know!  

  • Jack Gilman

    The very wealthy should pay a scaled rate higher as they amount they earn.

  • Barbeszoo

    I do not think a yes or no vote regarding budget education is sufficient.  Yes, poor people need to learn to save, but a huge amount of people who are not on government assistance could use the same education.  As a consuming nation, there are those who while making sufficient income would not have the proverbial pot to pee in, should they end up on the other side of being employed.  In the fast paced media marketing world of today, the public has been taught that they need the luxuries of cable, internet, and high dollar  footwear. And if you don’t have the money, don’t sweat it.  Easy credit / payment plans with only 30% interest is available just for you.  You can proudly pull out your logo’d plastic cards in the finest of places.   Most of our education regarding money comes from those who are trying to get you to spend it.  Show me one child who doesn’t think that they deserve you name it and I will show you a child that does not have a television or lives in another country.   In a nation where  weekend recreation is a trip to Wal-mart, we have serious problems, not just with the poorest in this country.  Its a national epidemic.  And face it.  We keep hearing comparisons to the great depression of the twenties, but the biggest difference is that in the first, the necessities of life were obtainable, the luxuries were not;  now its in reverse.   I can remember when getting a watch for your birthday was a big deal.  Now you can go in a dollar store and purchase one or two for less than five bucks.  It might not be high quality but you get the point.  You may not be able to buy a loaf of bread at three bucks but you can certainly buy a watch.   Not that anyone needs one anymore what with having the time of day is as easy as looking at your cell phone.  My point is that we are a nation of consumers in a very disposable society, and its our values that need saving, and not just for the poor.  The only public financial education  our kids are getting is the one from advertisers sponsoring Saturday morning cartoons. 

  • Onthedelaware

    Yes – update how we do this. This would allow people to learn what they can ask for in the way of assistance — when unemployment goes, what then?  How do we keep our dignity?  Strategry to survive.  A plan to act to bring about a future when all seems lost.  that is more then saving and a budget. Sometimes it cannot be done at all.  Then what?  My suggestion, based on my own ordeal with a baby and no place to turn at first, then I found my old employer, then HR found a minister, then the minister found a mental health resource so that I would not fall into hoplessness, then these people together found Voc Rehab to retrain me, then I got to finish college.  No magic here. Recessions, lots of obstacles were still there but the effort, the people who believed in me, all of that was the gift.  So how do we give every individual with overwhelming problems a gift of believing in them — churches need grants and organizations that retrain need grants and universities like the one that helped me need grants, and towns need grants, and on and on.  Yes, it will be the Government that sets the path for us all — a leg up.  Programs to save those that are almost there and progams for those that need to take a long path.  No more extra military waste or tax cuts for the wealthy, or the things that we can change.  Now is the time.

  • Laurel R.

    Regarding Dorothy Brown’s comments about giving tax breaks to renters, I’ve been renting for 30 years and 5 years ago purchased a house so I could start receiving tax breaks. Does she conceive  pro rating tax credits for people like me?  I’m also a business owner and probably one of the few who pay 35% because of self-employment taxes.

  • Comp4861

    When a business like Airbus is told by Alabama that if they set up shop there, they will have their taxes reduced for a certain period, I hope the runaway spending government officials don’t later say “see they didn’t pay their fair share.”  The lower rate will obviously be what Airbus or Boeing agreed on  and scads of jobs will have been created, Airbus or Boeing will be pumping more tax money into Alabama than they were receiving before, and the new employees will be pumping new tax money into Alabama.  Everyone wins.  By the way, government creates no wealth, businesses create wealth.  We need to treat businesses better.  Businesses made America great.  And the deficit is not a result of Americans not being taxed enough, the problem is that the White House is a runaway spender, not to mention spends to buy special interest votes