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Poll: U.S. aid to Egypt

Should the United States be sending less aid to Egypt?

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    Our country has never had such disparity in wealth, education, power between its members; where an increasing minority rules the many. Our country has never been so reactionary in its thinking, policies ,laws, foreign policy, politics or individual thinking; and you axe me why?


  • Motorbird

    More aid should be directed to development, less to the military as it is now envisioned by its senior staff officers – more to the military after free elections and a civilian government manages the country with respect for ALL its citizens. Education and healthcare should be primary recipients. Giving military aid is counterproductive without a government respected by ALL its people.

  • J Smith

    What a backward question! 
    Should be: Should the United States provide economic aid to Egypt? Yes or No
    No more aid should be sent to any country to buy the influence of dictators. 
    Each countries must determine their own future without external bribery or meddling.

  • Davemo_cait

    We Americans need to support the Egyptian people in every way. I want to help in any way I can. We can all share in the responsibility of the Arab Spring.movement. We need to ensure that the people of Egypt enjoy the same rights and freedoms we are blessed to enjoy in America. The USA is the greatest country in the world despite the current ineptitude of our so called leaders in Washington. The USA as great as it is is now required like never before to secure the fundamental rights of all people. May God Bless all my fellow citizens of the world.

  • Doris

    The U. S. has a desperate internal financial situation.  We can no longer borrow $$ to solve other nations internal financial situations.

  • J Smith

     I have no problem with you sending your own money to Egypt; send your entire paycheck if you wish. I do have a problem with you suggesting that the U.S. government send the taxes I pay overseas when our nation is $15 trillion in debt. Enough with the foolishness. 

  • Tom Gough

    The USA has an obligation to stand with its friends and if that means$ then so be it.  Egypt has a long long road to build a country that will satisfy the Egyptian People.  The US could improve relations with the Egyptian People by listening and supporting the government that the Egyptians develop.  Let us help the Egyptians find their future.

  • Stephen H.

    Our government feels the need to send billions of dollars all over the world to fund democracy,in countries which more often than not are ruled by ruthless dictators, this in turn causes the people who live there to hate the U.S. Lets send billions to the poor in this country and feed our homeless and mind our own business. With respect maybe someone should give Lara Logan a call and see how much money she thinks we should send to the leaders of Egypt

  • Rjm24swim

    US aid to Egypt is being used and abused by extremist islamists

  • J Smith

     Nothing prevents you from sending as much of your money to Egypt as you want; have at it. Sell your house, car and empty your bank account to help the Egyptian people if you wish. Personally, I’m going to spend my money helping the American people.

  • Gmannoahu

    US should take care of its self first

  • Gmannoahu

    US should take care of its country and people first  US is 15 trillion in debt  just saying

  • Samgam777

    I am an Egyptian Christian, a survivor of muslim brotherhood islamic sharia. I just arrived to the US.

    The United States and the American people should know that by sending money to Egypt, they are sending money to the Muslim BrotherHood, the masterminds of 9/11, imposing islamic sharia government and help in persecuting and killing of christians in Egypt.

  • Fatema El-Sayed

    AHAHAHA!!! =D

    Now I’ve heard it all. Was it Bin Laden or was it the Muslim Brotherhood? Make your mind!
    And most of the money is sent to the Military as in S-C-A-F not M-B, learn your alphabet letters.And the MB have not instated the sharia in Egypt, nice try.And the MB have been the ones protecting churches, coming to agreement with christian organizations to stand guard and protect them at certain vulnerable times, so check ya facts before you look like a fool :)  

  • Fatema El-Sayed

    Almost all of the money is sent to the Military not to parliament, try again.

  • Larod1776

    We preach Democracy to these hungry countries the we reduce the help or even worse, abandon them. We should keep it as is and defend the trading routes for a fee. We just can not walk away.

  • runi

    The U.S. should be sending aid to Egypt in only three categories: (1) family planning, (2) food, and (3) medical assistance.  When you try to buy off representatives of another culture, you deserve what you get.

  • JD Straw

    The US needs to be helping American people right here at home. Unemployment, hunger, homelessness, our veterans coming back here and going hungry, being counted among the other homeless people, not being untreated for PTSDs and other medical and mental problems is a sin and a shame! The percentage of us who are not in the class of the privileged are doing without essentials that others take for granted. People need to be either rich, an illegal alien (mostly MEXICANS!) or dead beats to make it in America. The elderly suffer, debating each month whether to eat or get their medications while lowering the thermostat in the winter and elevating it in the summer because of the greedy utility companies and their high rates. Then there are children in this country who are also suffering for lack of essentials unless they are illegal aliens, born into rich families or into the homes of the hundreds of thousands of deadbeats who are given hundreds of dollars in food stamps every month, reduced or almost free rent, free cell phone land line telephone services, free medical, dental, and vision services through programs such as Medicaid, and anything else they want while the working mothers and fathers struggle to pay their high rent, utilities, other essentials and the endless struggle just to put food on the table. This is a cock-eyed country—taking care of foreigners ahead of its own tax-paying citizens. And let me close by saying…and this is an “old” saying: “You cannot buy friendship!”  These numerous countries to whom we’ve been sending billions of dollars HATE US and are not our friends or allies. And where does all this money end up??? In the hands and coffers of the oppressive dictators of the countries, being used to live lavish lifestyles and to further oppress its people as well as to use against us in the future.

  • Jte410

    I think we should support the revolution. The Egyptian people deserve the right to govern themsleves in a free society.

  • Jte410

    I can not argue with you JD. Very well reasoned.

  • BLH

    Same amount of aide for time being-status quo until the situation “plays” out a bit more & becomes-clearer-in direction- Status Quo-


  • Susansmf

    I am all for supporting Egyptian people, but the way we have been doing it for years supporting the military has been seen by the educated progressive Egyptians those supporting the recent uprising as US meddling & support for the oppressive gov. We need to find another way to aid the people directly.

  • Ron

    Shouldn’t this Poll be taken to read ( Shouldn’t the U.S. be spending its money on it’s own people, roads, medical, schools, roads, food for the hungry, roads that all over the U.S. are a total mess, bridges that are all needing repair. That would employ millions and help our economy. No we have to spend all of our money Bailing Out Auto Co’s, Banks, Financial Institutions, Wars, Wars and more Wars. But not a word from any of our elected officials from the President down, and the ones that are running for President haven’t got a clue as to what the 99% is talking about except that we are a bunch of radicals, and good for nothing’s. I would love for them to live on the salary that we have to live on just for a month. Ha Ha Ha, and see about how we struggle to make our house payments, medicine utilities, car payments, on Social Security and Retirement as I do at 70 yrs. old at $14,000 a year. They have No Clue, No Clue at all now do they. Wanting to cut medical, Social Security and raise the age requirement to 70yrs. That’s all fine and dandy as long as we are footing their bill and paying for their Health Care which they don’t want to give up. But they don’t think that everyone  deserves to have Health Care, But they don’t care if we live or die, if we die than we can no longer be counted. Take money from our schools so that only the Rich will have smart kids. The U.S. use to be known for its high schooling, well now that’s not the case anymore now is it. They don’t want the 99% to have smart kids because we think different and aren’t Greed oriented we seem to think of the way things should be and each other instead of Money, Power, More Money, More Power.
    Well I could go on forever and ever. Their Is Enough Food to Feed The World, but Greed Will Keep That From Happening.

    Piece,Love and Happiness 
    Ron     96cavalier@comcast:disqus .net

  • Nlaprise

    The reason that they should not send more money, because they have first and foremost, resolve the problems that Mubarak left behind, also where is all the moeny that Mubarak had, perhaps once they have a president and things becomes calm, then maybe the United States should think about sending some more help out. Thank you,

  • Barry Nyc 311

    Reducing aide at this point-will only have the potential for more destablization and to penalize the Egyptian people.  As equally  important–while it is an unspoken truth -and understood sliently between all parties-The high level of continous US Aide is Part of the “deal” with the Peace Treaty with Israel. Better let things develop a bit more before the US makes final decisions on $-

  • BLH

    Say-that one should semd their own $  to Egypt-is like Warren Buffet saying-I am writing a voluntary check to The IRS-because-I think my tax bracket is to low- Symbolic but does not solve-anything-

  • Cathy Etheridge

    The US should send aid to Egypt.  Our motives should be to help insure the stability of the region, relieve the suffering of the Egyptian people, protect the sizeable Christian community (from the tensons that arise in diverse populations during times of duress) help Egypt develop its economic potential, make family planning available to all those who want access to it, and to protect its environment from too much water usage and salinization of agricultural lands (from too much chemical fertilizers).   
    Our motive should not be, as it has been in the past to insure acquiescence to Israeli expansionism.   Presently almost all of our foreign aid goes either to Israel directly or indirectly to benefit Israel by bribing Israel’s neighbors allow the ethnic cleansing of Palestine: the land confiscations, the home demolitions the settlement building, the arbitrary detensions,the Jewish only roads in the West Bank and the annexation of the Golan Hieghts which has always been a part of Syria.   This kind of foreign aid, based not on Christianity but on the worship of sacred cows,  is not the interest of world peace, nor in American interests and should be discontinued. 

  • Cathy Etheridge

    Our motive should not be, as it has been in the past to insure acquiescence to Israeli expansionism.   Presently almost all of our foreign aid goes either to Israel directly or indirectly to benefit Israel by bribing Israel’s neighbors allow the ethnic cleansing of Palestine: the land confiscations, the home demolitions the settlement building, the arbitrary detensions,the Jewish only roads in the West Bank and the annexation of the Golan Hieghts which has always been a part of Syria.   This kind of foreign aid, based not on Christianity but on the worship of sacred cows,  is not the interest of world peace, nor in American interests and should be discontinued.


    Absolutely not!  We shouldn’t be giving them anything while we have the majority of our people hurting, and will be hurting for many years to come.  Besides the fact that The Muslim Brotherhood is the granddaddy of all the Muslim terrorists who take every dollar we are foolish enough to give them with one hand opened and the other hand waving a daggar yelling down with the Americans, The Ugly Americans, The Satan, the infidels. 

    What is it we don’t understand when they say very plainly in english and in their own language that they will take over America one day and replace our Bible with their Koran, and our U.S. Constitution with their Sharia Law?

  • Civec

    The United States need to reduce the deficit. Let Egypt fend for themselves, just as the ” U.S. middle
    class” is strugling to survive    We need to start addressing the many unresolved issue  that We  (U.S. ) all face, today.

  • MDS

     this aid gives our warships priority access through the suez canal.  unless we have different strategic options, then yes send them the money.

  • Marty

    we need to take care of our own people and problems and stop trying to support the rest of the world

  • Guestitbeme

    The “Arab Spring” will be found to be a sham – it is the rise of a religious organization gaining more and more power – leaving “2nd class citizens” in its wake.  If one can conceive of “history” as being true – THIS happened in Germany beginning there in 1933.  They say they believe in freedom but Islam says I should die because I will NOT embrace their “religion”.  That’s freedom??

  • crumpetboy

    It is important to help the Egyptian people as much as we can at this time of transition with whatever monies we can spare.  The Military in control must also be encouraged in every way to keep their promise to hold fair elections and work to build a great country that will uphold the rights of all its citizens.  Maybe in supporting our egyptian brothers right now we can partially atone for the great injustice the US have done in the past by supporting oppressive regimes.  I hope the egyptian people will continue to speak out and ensure the ruling military honors their promise – it will be a great example to all who are looking on if they succeed.  The egyptian people’s courage is a great lesson to us here in America where we been failing to fight our own important battles for individual freedom and opportunity against those who take too much and give too little.  

    What say you Egypt?  What should the US do and how should it be done?  

  • Froukjerenia

    We have not earned any respect on account of financial support in the past, to continue in light of these negative results, while we are enduring financial hardship ourselves…has no value.

  • Maria Jose

    Listen to Islamic fascists clerics (who were not quoted at the program) that call to decapitate Christians and to annihilate Jews. REDUCE the aid, now!
    For example on Nov. 2011 Muslim Brotherhood called to simply ‘Kill Jews,’ []

  • Johnny B.

    Qaradai of Muslim Brotherhood is called ‘Egypt’s new Hitler’

  • Wcwm

    Why are we sending aid, thats not why I pay taxes , keep the money in our country. Our politicians are fools.

  • Rglew

    We send aid and have no say in how our money is being spent….

    That money keeps the pro-american Egyptian military on our side….without that aid we return the sovereignty of Egypt’s foreign policy.

    I say end ALL foreign aid…if the American economy and people are doing well and there is a global issue that needs addressed, let the generosity of the people take care of it..Just look how much money we raised for Haiti after the hurricanes!

    But we can’t possibly keep hemorrhaging money like we are with a $16TRILLION national debt not to mention the deficit that congress has operated at for 90% of the last CENTURY! 

    I don’t know why that is so hard for people to understand. 

  • Dawn2848

    $( TRILLION of that debt is owed to Social Security.  You know, WE THE PEOPLE!

  • Dawn2848

    OOPS that should have been $9 (NINE) TRILLION.

  • Dawn2848

    I have a beautiful orange bridge in San Francisco Bay that I will sell you.

  • Dawn2848

    Yes Cathy we know about them.  We also know about the bombings from the Gaza Strip which is controlled by Hamas which is on the terrorist list of our State Department.  Really interesting reading is the Hamas “constitution” which includes mass murder.  It is online in two parts.  We also know that, according to the UN, Palestine receives one of the highest amounts of aid in the world.  Also known is that the main organizer (Muslim Brotherhood member) of the Gaza Flotilla (according to a French terrorist judge) was involved in a plot to bomb the LA airport.  We also know that a Jewish presence has been in the area about 4000 years or more.  King Saul, the first king of the Jews, was crowned, I think, it was 1024 BC.  Obama sent $900 million in aid to Palestine.  That was in addition to millions sent by other nations.  Sorry. I don’t buy a pity party for people who want to destroy my world. 

  • Cwbell

    stop sending money to our enemies and use it to suppoet our “Wounded Warrior” program.

  • Polly

    This guy has not respected his promises to keep diversity in key governmental positions, therefore we should not send aid to a country that is already showing signs of sympathies with extreme muslim ideas