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Poll: Inner city jobs crisis

Should the federal government focus spending on the inner city?

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  • Red

    Cities and states can better determine when and if spending is necessary and target that investment for particular jobs and industries. The federal government is too ‘one size fits all’ the be effective in inner city investment. 

  • Donny219

    Money with impact and direction. The Mayors and High level Reps of these areas don’t do enough. They talk and go to Washington but, fake it to get re-elected.

    They (political Rep), of the present and pass allowed these states and communities to go broke or become low income.

  • Yooper

    The problem isn’t just money.   We punish people for life in our country.  Have a felon?  You will never have a career.  Have bad credit?  Good luck finding a career.  Our society is so clogged up with restrictions and rules and red tape, that once you loose the momentum of stability, it is nearly impossible to get yourself out of the hole.   We create a second class, and then blame them for not making ends meat.  Our social programs in this country are designed to keep people down.  If you build up any savings, you loose the social programs.  What incentive do you create for people to even try?  We keep trying to patch things.  We need to change the fundamentals!

  • lhm

    It might be worthwhile to begin  a program like the CCC which was used during the depression. One could train the unemployed youth to rebuild their neighborhoods, thus giving them a trade and monetary compensation.

  • Prazgod2day

    The nation who doesn’t support her own will soon find herself slave to one who owes her nothing. That’s tragic and fatally dangerous.

  • willie

    I would suggest you look at the website for the National Black Contractors Of San Diego

  • willie

    I wish this segment would have also been in the City of Milwaukee. We have a 55% unemployment rate amongst black males and on top of that we are one of  the most segerated ccities in America. But we must learn/ teach/train our people. The Head;  Are those with the knowledge:, The Money: is the body (which gives us something to work with(i.e. Government); The Feet (is what we must train and nourish, because without  them we can’t stand upright)

  • WP

    Federal government spending is a black hole. Always has been, always will be. Just look at obamacare. 2000 pages of anything and everything EXCEPT addressing the qualify of healthcare. Those who write these bills should be banned from politics.

  • Harry

    No !!!! What the federal govt. should do is get the hell out of the way.  What the citizens of the inner city need is to NOT depend on the govt. , take control of their own lifes and take responsibility for each of their selves.  

  • Jane Ryan

    Given the right job supervisers, job educators, some of these historically unemployed may rise to responsibility due to a job, build esteem, positively reinforce themselves with paychecks, performing well in a job,  structure, purpose, contributing to the community.  Tearing down old buildings, learning new skills how to build new construction may keep them off the unemployment paychecks, welfare etc.

  • YuccaValleyFrank

    Yes, invest in American jobs for Americans. The money spent on foolish wars would go a long way. Also, lots of money for training if we stop corporate welfare. Invest in the 99% of the people.

  • jskdn

    Government spending isn’t necessarily investment. I look at what government has often done and am not particularly inspired to bestow confidence that we could expect a good value in return. And the state of the news media exercising it’s role in overseeing government makes me even more wary. 

  • Old Timer

    Old timer: Our history, especially since 1900 demonstrates that when you have local, state and national governments that care about all of the people, not just the wealthy  elite and top business class, changes for the betterment of all occurs. TR, Wilson, FDR. Truman, even IKE understood this.

  • Jo

    Deborah Simmons said: “stop depending on the gov’t to raise your
    kids.” How can you instill that level of thinking on people who are
    constantly reminded they messed-up their lives; people who were (most likely)
    born to broken families, with no basic family values, nor education, nor
    self-worth? Most of them are just continuing an already-existing cycle. The men sitting on the corner are not the first generation that “messed-up!” 

    That’s why I believe the Government shouldn’t abandon them and expect the vicious cycle to end
    after a generation or two.


    Gov’t should partner with community members who know the community (people like
    Pastor Shawn Bell and Donnie Andrews) because they are the ones who know where
    and how to invest time and money to make a difference.


    them how to fish, but also give them the tools to go fishing!

  • Joe

    The inner city attitude needs to change, cycle needs to be broken and that starts at home with two parents in the household. Adults, parents, teachers, community leaders must instill the idea into children, to aim high the possibilities what they can become and help guide them to that goal. Yes.. investment must be made in education but there is copious amounts already invested which much is abused. Home owners, landlords, business, individuals…. need to maintain their property, one can start by cleaning up the local corner, playground, etc. instead leaving it for someone else or just ignoring it.The inner city task is not a simple problem, by no way my opinion is the end all.

  • tisdale

    If you spend money in the right way, the economy can and will bounce back. If more people get or create  jobs the more the economy will come back. If we give immigrants that are illegal a path to citizenship more money will be spent which is good for the economy, and more taxes are received by the government.  


    I agree with the first part of your statement, but nothing good has ever come from illegal.  If you don’t have good laws and inforce them the only thing you have is confusion.  If you allow those who are illegal to work here, what kind of message are you sending to those who are already waiting inline to become legal citizens? 
    We need to make it illegal for employers to hire illegals, and if they can’t get a job here they will obviously have to go somewhere else until they can come back legally.  The only exception should be if there is a job that cannot or willnot be filled by anyone else, then they should be allowed a temporary visa to work that job as long as they don’t get into trouble and contribute like any other law abiding citizen.


    If you look at the U,S, Debt you will see that we were a little over $15T the first of the year, and now we are over $15.5T in debt and we are not even through the first quarter yet.  We need a President and members of Congress who know how to make reasonable rules and regulations that will allow business to thrive and grow.  But one thing is sure, you cannot borrow your way out of debt.  You cannot spend more than you have. 
    But the main problem we have is the result of what happened 50 years ago when we allowed one atheist woman to convince the highest court in our land to invite God and His Son out of our schools, and our homes, and our nation.
    God tells us in His Holy Word that if we will keep His Commandments He will bless us, and if we refuse to keep His Commandments  He will curse us.  His Son Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing, with me you can do all things”.  Only through Jesus can we be saved for all eternity, and that includes the 75 or so years here on earth.    

  • jan

    He also told us to take care of the elderly, poor, sick and disabled and yet the religious community is in the forefront of those who want to dismantle the program that is effective in taking care of them.  As far as I’m concerned, if God is not blessing us it is because of the religious community’s actions as they actively work to render ineffective and destroy the safety net. 

    The current set of people who call themselves christians are making christianity a bad name.

  • Jerry

    Much has been given to many of us.  We have a debt to those who have not been so blessed.

  • Xxxsuperman420xxx

    ya but you dont need as many laws you cant say anything without brakin the laws

  • Xxxsuperman420xxx

    i agree very much

  • Xxxsuperman420xxx

    thats hard to do with the goverment wont like you go by keeping a stiuped felony on you im talking possession of a controled substence when i was 17 now 27 and still get it hold againest me everyday like at my kids school want to volunteer

  • Sam Wolfe

    Community gardens and Food Not Lawns would help feed jobless people and be good for the environment.

  • Anonymous

    I try to fly at a high altitude to solve problems. I travel, as much as I can afford, to other countries. I look for how robust and economy is, laughter, and talk to people, especially young people. My recent trip to Australia, I heard laughter, I saw young people energetic, working, driving their own cars and not complaining too much and a government that debates and tries to come up with solutions that benefit their people. I saw the same thing in other countries.

    Here are some of my conclusions:
    They do not try to Invent the wheel, they take from others, like Universal Health Care for all and make it work in their country. They ask the question, “Is it good for our country, and me, my kids?” They recognize the importance of having their borders safe, aggressively deport people who are illegally in their country. They have no 14th Amendment as they recognize the cost of these people. They have mandatory Voting, don’t vote, and you get a fine, about $150. They have thousands of little shops where people sell the same items from China as Wal-Mart. They have a graduated Minimum LIving Wage – Age 15;s minimum wage is $7 (USA dollar equal to Australian dollar) and at age 21 – the minimum wage is $15 an hour.

    These countries are smaller, do not have the resources like the USA.
    Looking back in history, in 1933, the government (We, the people, the majority) insisted something be done. We had a President before 1933 that broke up Trusts, Teddy Roosevelt. In 1933, we had FDR, who watched as Wall Street destroyed our economy, came up with Glass-Steagal, provided work with CCC camps, and “Incentivized” the wealthy to invest in the people of the USA at 91% income tax rates. WWII solidified that commitment to the people of the USA when our country was threatened by Germany. After the war, the CEO;s and the “tax incentivized laws” along with programs like the GI bill, created a Middle Class.

    What happened? Look to around 1981, “Trickle Down”, laws that came out of Congress to allow Corporations access to the $10 Trillion defined benefit pensions for Profit and Executive Top Hat pensions they took from the deferred income of baby boomers, the Bribery Lobbyist system with bills written for and by the Corporations and the Rich, and a series of laws that did Not benefit the people of the USA, just the Rich to get Richer.

    The young man sitting on the street corner will someday, get angry, and if he joins an organization will take back this country and like all angry men, the gated communities of their Wealthy will not be high enough.

    The Soviet Union disolved when it stopped taking care of its people. As one fellow put it ” I work but I cannot buy anything” and then if he started saving, he put his money in the bank and when he tried to get it out, it was lost, so he put it under his mattress and it was stolen, and then tried to invest in a VCR only to have it stolen,
    We must not think, that what happened in the Soviet Union is not possible here, The wealthy better realize that having 5 homes, two Cadillacs and the streets and neighborhoods they pass by have a beat up car or no car and no hope has its consequences, Big Consequences.

    Mitt Romney made his money from Merger and Aquisitions that bought Companies with borrowed money that made the 1% Executives Rich, put Executives in place to drive the Companies into bankruptcy with downsizing older key employees, raised prices that eventually put the Company into bankruptcy, and on this path took the Defined Benefit Pensions into the pocket of the “takeover company like Bain Capital”, fired the employees, and sold the customer base.

    Too much of that went on in the 1980′s, 90′s to 2008, and no one, in our government did anything about it, “Get the government off our backs(Bernie Maddoff liked that), underfund regulators, let the free market decide, do nothing about 11 million low wage Illegals, Profit only and suppress wages with a race to the bottom and one sided free trade and 60,000 plants shut down in 10 years and tax incentives of the 800 Multinationals to Fire in the USA and Hire Offshore. Just too much laws that benefit the Rich1% and not the 99%. Along the way “bandaids like Charter Schools to eliminate the Illegals that sit in our K-12 classrooms costing $10,000 each every year and not speaking English.

    It took us over three decades to get to this point, it will take longer to get it back, We have a political system, the Vote, to correct this, however, that young man on the street corner will continue to see ”no change” if we do not “incentivize the wealthy” to use their wealth for the benefit of everyone, including the young man on the street corner instead of those who live in their “gated communities”.

    The alternative for Rapid Change is what happened to the Soviet Union 100 years ago and 20 years ago. Do we want the same here? We better wise up, people are not going to continue to “sit on the corner” waiting for a Change that has been stacked against them with laws written for and by the Wealthy that became laws that made them very Rich but lead to the young man sitting on a street corner. The Middle Class and Poor had War declared on them 30 years ago, and did not realize it.

    The young man on the corner will get fed up one of these days, organize with the Middle Class and Poor and take action. I don’t think the wealthy people living in gated communities will like it.

  • Bolenjonathan

    I think it is very obvious that forty years of federal involvement has just prolonged the problem. It has to be done by the community. You have to have a mind change and a desire for personal responsibility. These changes have to come from within not from the government.

  • Allen Sanford

    Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. (MERS) is responsible for registering 2/3 of the mortgages in the United States. Judge Robert Grossman has ruled that MERS business practices are and have been unlawful. 67 million plus mortgages have not been recorded on the county records until the properties were in foreclosure. MERS separated the note from the mortgage which violates property laws that were originated in 1872. All MERS loans are completely illegal because the mortgage never followed the note. The result of the tax evasion by the banks in this situation has been the lay off of city, state and county employees, along with less funding for schools and public services. The banks should be sued by the cities, counties and states to recover the money that the banks have stolen while engaging in these illegal transactions. Ally Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase have all tried to foreclose illegally. The treasurer for San Francisco found that 85% of the foreclosures in the county were illegal. The cities, counties and states that have been affected by the foreclosure crisis should get the money back for the revenue lost in taxes as well as the money that was given to these people in bail out money. When the money is returned put the people back to work and pass laws that prohibit banks from speculation with depositor’s money. Those banks that wish to speculate on derivatives and other exotic transactions should do so at their own risk. They should not expect to be bailed out by the government. Those banks that are considered too big to fail are in reality too big to exist…legally!

  • Anonymous

    There needs to be both public and private programs that experiment with different solutions.  In the same way that governments-foundation partnerships are halting or eliminating diseases such as malaria, there need to be different experimental approaches to try and provide avenues out of poverty and the motivation to take them.  Need to Know spoke with people who are still trapped in the poverty of the area.  I would be there are people who escaped poverty and have either left the area or go to a job every day and are not available for the interview.  Is there anything the escapees did that others can copy? 
    Also, I don’t know how much the government can do to create jobs and that is what is to me so dangerous about letting local jobs such as school teachers and maintenance workers be eliminated because of recession caused budgetary short falls.  Federal revenue sharing on a temporary basis could be one solution to prevent this.

  • Sam J.

    Fund inner city funding with serious cuts in military spending.  Leave Afganistan.  Pull back overseas bases.  Resize military by eliminating duplicate weapon systems.  US spends more than most of the rest of the World plus we already have a strong military advantage.

    Demolish decayed infrastructure.  Build infrastructure with preference on using local resource base.  Scale the infrastructure projects to the ability of locals ability to do the work.

    Channel educational funding to skills associated with the infrastrucuture rebuild and charter schools that deliver training in immediate marketable skills (i.e., educators, construction, social workers, police and fire protection, and health care).

    Educators, social and public safety and health care workers that live in the community should be given preferential treatment for hiring  If you don’t live here, you don’t work here approach.

  • Pinito Parra

    I feel it s important that the government assist the inner city, outer city, middle cities, and all cities with this one important fundamental resource, modern – libraries. Having modern libraries are the least  resource for allowing any individual the ultimate path to the first steps in “… learning how to fish for life.” It will also allow him or her to escape all the negative exposure they are surrounded by their daily life, and give them hope. And as we all know, when knowledge is gain, and problems arise, one is able to be a little more creative in finding a solution. Define what is a modern library, it is a regular library with books, but with various other learning resources and classes. However, even with modern libraries and gaining knowledge, a man needs moral and ethical direction in how to apply his or her newly found knowledge.  They would all need to learn the Word of God, the Bible, something that is badly needed to be taught in our school, and would have helped us in the problems that effect us today. Yes, I feel this is one of the fundamental resource that everyone is entitled to, as an individual and as a strong nation.

  • Hotdot37

    Govenment can’t succeed and it just wastes $’s. Help business with less rules & make it easier to grow.