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Poll: What is to blame for high unemployment?

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With the unemployment rate holding steady at over 9 percent, millions of Americans continue to look for jobs even as a growing number of economists are forecasting a double-dip recession for the U.S. economy. Last week, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke underscored the significance of the weak labor market when told an assembled crowd that, “This unemployment situation we have, the jobs situation, is really a national crisis.”

What do you blame for our high unemployment rate?

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  • Robert Baillie

    Regarding “Global economic forces beyond our control”: Globalization has, indeed, destroyed jobs in this country.  But it wasn’t “beyond our control”.  CEO’s, lobbyists for business, and the politicians who took money from them, supported policies that destroyed jobs here.  The policies were directed at making it easier for companies to move jobs overseas.  Those policies were NAFTA, CAFTA, and the WTO.

    Now Obama is pushing for more of the same: trade deals with Korea, Columbia, and Panama that will move more jobs out of this country.

  • Heaven Sent

    Whats to blame hmmm greed indeed, made us vulnerable. How does it get fix? pride aside, proper training, and people who take pride in their job. The government still have jobs,  Leadership is not given is earn.

  • Fred Lohrmann

    This mess goes back to the prior administtration. Allowing the fox to watch the hen house is only a part of this mess. Fraudulent schemes by the 3 rating agencies is a part of the collapse of the mortgage industry. Polices instituted by Alan Greenspann brought in the collapse of the savings and loan industry. Allowing the merger of banking industry into areas they had no business getting into such as insurance, stock brokerage, credit card processing, mortgage, and other get rich businesses they have no business getting into. The supreme court needs to get into the act as they did with the American Oil company and force them to seperate thier businesses they need to get out of. They are not too big to fail. We need a White House and a congress to have to guts to do thier job. Force the big bad banks to seperate and stay in the banking business only. We need stronger regulation not weaker. That is what caused many of the problems we have to day. We need to resurect FDR with GUTS.

  • C. Francis Maitland

    I agree with Robert Baillie. The ”Global economic forces beyond our control” not exactly beyond our control.  We are witnessing the result of what many are referring to as corporate greed , but is in essence Executive greed.  These are the folks who sit on the boards of each others companies & government advisory panels to decide how they can widen the gap between them and the rest of us.  It is nothing less than a conspiracy to fleece those who bought the lottery ticket called the American dream. Super inflated housing values, price manipulation of stocks in market where there are no longer any real relationship between the productivity and worth of that actual company and it’s stock price.  Companies abusing their employees because everyone else is doing it and governments doing the same exclaiming that all must sacrifice when in truth we are being sacrificed..   I’ve said too much……

  • Derwyn Holder

    In the 50′s future predicting TV programs said with robotics, technology would make it possible to only work about 20 hours a week. They were right.

    What happened though is illustrated by this little math fantasy.
    100 People working 40 hours a week hours a week equals 4000 work hours in 1950
    100 people working 20 hours a week equals 2000 hours and the technology does the other 2000.
    What we have instead is 30 people working 40 hours a week producing 1200 work hours plus the 2800 from technology.
    leaving 70 people with no job.

  • Bruce in Manhattan

    Robert Gates revived the idea of mandatory public service when he was Secretary of Defense in 2009. “You could serve in the military, you could be a tutor in an inner city or rural school, you could be an assistant in a hospital, you could do trails in the national parks,” he said. “Pick a time during your youth, between 18 and 26 like they used to do with the draft, but serve a year or two years.”Why has this idea gained no traction today? It would immediately take off the streets the black and Hispanic youth, to say nothing of whites, who drift aimlessly because they can’t find jobs in this miserable economy. Instead, they might be learning a trade or be otherwise inspired to take up a career in a field they never would have been exposed to. And of course it would build character and give these youths a sense of responsibility.

  • Shawn

    In the question, I saw no reply to check for Wall Street.  Wall Street and corporate CEO’s have been joined at the hip working together over the past 20-30 years to reduce corporate costs, maximize ceo stock options and increase commissions for wall street traders. 
    This is the real story!  Middle class Americans end up struggling, have health problems and no hope at the expense of ceo take home pay and wall street analyst income!  Discraseful. 

    We as consumers and American workers just need to go on strike!  Imagine the leverage IF 300 Million American consumers joined together and said…IF you (corporations) want to sell to us, here’s how it’s going to be.  How many different automotive insurance companies are there out there?  10?  What IF we invited them to bid quarterly on our business?  How much lower would auto insurance costs be. 

    Corporate profits and Wall Street influence to manipulate ceo stock options.  This relationship is the reason why unemployment is so high, hope is a distant glimmer of the past, americans are overweight, parents are stressed out, kids don’t have parents in their lives to guide them, costs for everything have skyrocketed, daily adult ticket at disney world is $80 and they want you to pay $12 just to park your vehicle, Milk is $5 per gallon, new vehicles are outrageously priced, college education costs are ridiculous, shall I go on…??    

  • A Polivanov

    Lets not forget besides NAFTA, CAFTA,WTO, Reaganism has put a decline to our working force since 1980 and started the shift of wealth from the working class to the upper 10% of our population. The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act was another nail in the coffin for our economy, it’s easy to see a pattern over our economic history when republican ideals and policies rule our economy we have a boom and bust cycle, not to mention “The US Chamber Of  Commerce” is no friend of the working class in the US. Ross Perot was right when he said “The giant sucking sound that you’ll  hear is all the american jobs leaving the United States” . I don’t believe that “Global economic forces beyond our control” has much to do with an immediate impact on our economy as do our own policies. I believe without a doubt had Glass-Steagall been in place our economy would not have been driven off the edge to of the Grand Canyon, it’s a long way to look up at the top when your at the bottom! Our economy would have been bad with flat or declining wages which is the real 10k pound elephant in the room, but not off the edge! Wages=Demand and Production=Supply, Economist Ravi Batra predicted most of the major economic events in recent history, maybe he’s someone we should listen to…..

  • Anonymous

    America has lost its way. The politicians of Greece and California are all the same; both have with cowardly wiles bankrupted their states. Sadly, they are just like Congress. They are immune from the ails of the ordinary working person. How is it possible that my deli clerk can be more sensible, more intelligent, and have tons more common-sense than my Congressional Representative? Maybe it is because my deli clerk used to be a System engineer for IBM, who happened to be over 50 when his job was moved off-shore. How come my best friend, a transitioned-into-early retirement, researcher for ABB Inc is now self-employed as a sewing machine repairman? Part of the answer is they could never lower themselves to take handouts from the government. Foolish pride, maybe, but also there are others in real need, and I do not mean federal or state employees. What is the difference between a person who manages unemployement benefit and the person who receives that benefit?
    We have become a society of takers, whether on Wall St or the local bank. Those who do not really contribute anything but a service, now feel themselves more worthy. In the good old days the service workers were paid by their worth to the economy: an economy measured by it’s bartering worth.

    Who co-joined the Economy to the Market?  The market, in a perfect marriage, gambles on the economy, The economy is what gives the rest of us employment. Now the only employed are the marketeers of the economy and the muses who write news.  This separation between the economy and markets was the creation of those other crazy ideas, 401K and 428/438K programs, which gave rise to Wall St madness. Now pension funds fund Wall St’s bad guesses.
    Who allowed healthy Public Employees and military personell an exemption from paying Social Security? The odd thing was that their incapable or unhealthy family members had to be supported by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Recently, paying Social Security was made optional in the Social Security Dept, and I believe now it is mandatory for most, but I am not sure about all Public Employees, including Congress!!
    Who determined that Socialized medicine, enjoyed by all members of Tri-Care, in-military health programs, federal, state and local public employee programs, is not good enough for the rest of us? The media? I would love to only have to pay $300/month for healthcare, just critical healthcare too.
    I believe our unemployment problems were and are caused by our bone-headed political system, which measures affiliation to the Democratic or Republican party above the health and welfare of the economy.
    Throw the bums out, at State and National level, and lets start over.

  • E148

    It is the system that is at fault. It is corporate greed. That means the system is setup for the investment class. Maximize shareholder value. An immediate and large ROI. Companies do NOT exist to provide jobs. The exist to make the rich richer. 

  • Dfolkert12

    Obama has inflicted economic misery beyond measure upon America.

  • Matt Sullivan

    International trade is crucial to the well being of ALL peoples.  But trade must take place on a nearly-level playing field relative to a host of measures including standard of living, labor laws, wages, environmental regulations and safety regulations.  With the regulatory and labor arbitrages that exist between the west and developing worlds, it has, for more than thirty years, been obviously inevitable that labor and manufacturing would go overseas.  Any intervention by government to artificially stimulate employment will fail; it always does.  If you want more unemployment all one needs to do is subsidize it by extending unemployment compensation.  The fault here has been an unusual alliance of large corporations wanting to drive profits with cheap overseas products and government that has cooperated with corporations and hastened the need to look overseas by creating a sea of uncompetitive regulations that are matched on in the West. 

    To fix things we have to fix trade relations first.  We have to stand up for ourselves and not be cowed by bellicose China and other communist influences in our hemisphere.

    In regards to the growing permanent unemployment we find in our poorer communities, the above suggestions will help quite a bit BUT will NOT solve the essential issues of crime, substance abuse and fatherless families which conspire to perpetuate a culture of dependency. 

    International trade is crucial to the well being of ALL peoples.  But trade must take place on a nearly-level playing field relative to a host of measures including standard of living, labor laws, wages, environmental regulations and safety regulations.  With the regulatory and labor arbitrages that exist between the west and developing worlds, it has, for more than thirty years, been obviously inevitable that labor and manufacturing would go overseas.  Any intervention by government to artificially stimulate employment will fail; it always does.  If you want more unemployment all one needs to do is subsidize it by extending unemployment compensation.  The fault here has been an unusual alliance of large corporations wanting to drive profits with more competitive overseas products and government that has cooperated with corporations and hastened the need to look overseas by creating a sea of uncompetitive regulations that are matched only in the West. To fix things we have to fix trade relations first.  We have to stand up for ourselves and not be cowed by bellicose China and other communists, dictators and facists.
     In regards to the growing permanent unemployment we find in our poorer communities, the above suggestions are ABSOLUTELY necessary  BUT will NOT alone solve the essential issues of crime, substance abuse and fatherless families which conspire to perpetuate a culture of dependency. 
    First, it is a crime that society, through neglect, allows gang warfare and extreme crime in these areas.  The first job of government is to protect its citizens and we, as individual communities and states have mostly failed its poorer citizenry miserably in this regard.  Next, the bigotry of the left that stipulates that African Americans need to be coddled, is repugnant.  They are as strong as any white person and can stand on their own two feet. They are held to lower standards and prompted to make more use of social services. 
    This state of dependency can be eliminated of course.  Get poorer students away from horrible schools where dependency and social promotion is rampant. School choice is a great idea.  Empower self esteem by respecting every life.  This is a fundamental cause of violence in our country.  The abortion mills where the elite conspire to reduce the population of the poor by convincing their mothers to kill their children, need to be shut down. What worth is there in any life, if a women can have a doctor legally kill her own child!  If a women cannot keep from engaging in sexual activity leading to childbirth and she cannot provide for her children, she should be compelled to give up her child for adoption to a loving married man and women.  (Most mothers will not give up their children to gay spouses.  It should be illegal for the sake of the children and gay persons should seek other paths of societal acceptance).  This is a natural state that compels women not to engage in sex outside of marriage and young men learn discipline. This, in turn, will greatly reduce, in a natural way, children without families and without fathers with integrity.
    I truly think the election of Herman Cain will go a long way to improving the inner city society.  He will win.  Mr. Cain will show many blacks that you do not have to be a socialist liberal if you are black. You do not have to belong to the party and ideology that destroys their souls, their families, their communities and nation.  I am proud to be a citizen in a country where African Americans have played such an important role in our formation.  I will not stand by quietly as I see socialists use them as a tool to destroy all of us.  

  • Matt Sullivan

    It can be repaired.  It is that apoge of socialism in America, God willing!

  • Theodora

    First it was American manufacturing companies sending jobs to China,Thailand and Mexico. After manufacturing…  the Phone, Cable, Satellite and just about all other customer service companies in the US, relocated their call centers  to the Philippines, India and the Caribbean. Now, it is the Banking Industry. I am sadly looking at friends who will lose their jobs (as analysis) at the end of the year. Those jobs are going to India and Malaysia. When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA ,he said it would create good paying jobs in the US. What I am seeing ,is the erosion of good paying jobs in the US.

  • Dsmithsfamily

    i agree this is one of the problems ,now in ohio we are trying to persuade sears corporate office from Illinois at the cost of i beleave i have heard a loss of 6 thousands jobs from illinois to skip out on taxes  that are not being paid now from of past tax cut incentive. are they leaving because of inability to pay or unwillingness 

  • Dsmithsfamily

    is he stepping on your dogma

  • Matt Sullivan

    You are drinking from the wrong well my friend.  We all suffer from greed, even the people that manage and own businesses.  I imagine you have been greedy in the past.  So easy with the silly talking points.

    Most people are of the investment class.  If you are a union member just look to see where your pension invests its funds.  I will bet the greedy you wants a secure pension. 

    Corporations exist becasue our constitution exists because great thinkers thought liberty, freedom of association and the right to pursue happiness were good.  Some people in corporations do bad things just like some people that are not in corporations.  There is nothing inherent about corporations that makes them greedy.  That is just jealous and spitefull rhetoric.  So you are either caught up by the vile action of the Obama adminstration to create class warefare in a desparate attempt to maintain power OR you are a facist communist.  I do not write this for your edification, because I doubt that you will change, but for those looking for the truth.

  • Dsmithsfamily

    personally i think it is energy, they need this is your planet on fossil fuel posters. economic prosperity at the cost of the environment that keeps you alive is greed or stupidity. we cannot burn our way to the future

  • brian

    how come nobody has mention illegal immigrants? there use to be plenty of decent to good paying blue collar jobs in the housing and construction industry. illegals have taken most of them, at half the wage. what really pisses me off, is when the media say they are taking jobs the u.s. citizens  won’t do. we were all working those jobs, at a decent wage, until somebody found out they could pay illlegals half the wage. where does all that money the employers saved in wages go? nothing got less expensive be cause of low wages. it went to more profit for the ceo.
    it’s all simple economics. supply and demand. flood the labor market, and wages go down. screw the average, give me more attitude. 
    i can’t wait til the day that all these proud illegals waving their national flags (not the united states flag) at the pro aminsty citizenship marches decide they have a strong enough foothold on united states soil to unionize and demand higher wages, because “we can’t make it with out them.”
    that will finally be the day that the top 10% says “who do they think they are, ship them all back to where they came from.”
    the manipulation of the top 2% over the middle class is sickening. maybe we should have a french revolution and let some heads roll. then maybe they will get a new perspective.

  • voter

    It happened way back during the Reagan era when the mantra was that we were moving to a service society. Who were they kidding? Passing out tax incentives to move our manufacturing off shore. Give me a break. What happened was that the profit margin had hit a stalemate. It became difficult to raise prices any higher without losing buyers for products in the U. S. So they moved to whaat is essentially slave labor off shore. Instead of raising prices they lowered costs to increase the profit margin.

    Time to tax the offshore goods to bring the product pricing back to parity with U. S. made goods. Until the workers in other countries are fully empowered and make equivalent wages to the U. S. worker we should penalize the companies trading in off shore slave labor via taxation of those goods bringing them inline with U. S. Goods. At that point the U. S. Companies will once again see no advantage to moving off shore. If they don’t come back home tax them as off shore companies and let them move away from the U. S. See how fat they get selling to countries with slave wages.

    It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. It is more important than ever to buy AMERICAN! If you can’t buy American do without until an AMerican starts an AMerican business to make the item.

    AND let us all wise up and realize the congress needs to start hearing the masses. EVERYBODY GO VOTE! There are more of us out here with NO money than there are those with money. Time we took over fellas. We are the ones with the problem, not the “fat cats”. We just need to go take back ourcountry and stop foolong around.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed but we also have a problem with legal immigration.  This country is the most generous in the world; we take on 1 million new immigrants per year mostly through chain migration and another 1 million through non ag visa programs. Add in J 1 visas which NPR just did a report on how many companies like Disney rely on them for their pay roll saving millions of dollars in taxes and other costs and we have too many people chasing too few jobs and this country is not prioritizing its own citizens.  (lets not forget the US born kids of illegals who after 16 years want a job here and they add up to 400000 to 700000 babies each year.)

    We need to stop all legal immigration except for 250000 total refugees per year for at least 10 years and mandate e verify for all work including independent contractor work.

  • Pgharvey

    Don’t forget it is the insurance companies who are trying to invest our premiums. Those premiums must return enough to cover our cllaims………so what do they do? They buy mortgrges or their derivatives.

    It’s also the insurance companies who control the amount of insurance that will be paid out AND on which illnesses they will pay. So effectively the guys with the money (your money) are the banks and the doctors.

    Lets go back to buying our own individual policies AND submitting our own bills to the insurance companies. I can’t even figure out what is being pad for. I am effectively a third party to my own health transaction. My body but I have no voice in the transaction.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Big government Democrats like your friends are the ones that first compelled businesses to look overseas by creating more and more regulation so powerful democrats could hire their buddies and constituents and steal money out of the pockets of private tax payers and corporations. Reaganism did have its problems with government growth but let’s not forget who was controlling the purse at the time!  the US Chamber of Commerce is mostly small businesses.  Leave it to a dyed-in-the-wool liberal like yourself to blame the greed of small businsses.    Big government Democrats loath small business, mostly out of jealousy and greed.  But if you read my main post you might see that you agree with me on a thing or two.  I agree with you on Glass-Stegall but let’s not forget who was President in 1999. There is blame to go around like the fools in government that forced banks to make uncredit worthy mortgages based on the liberal ideal that everybody deserved a home of their own.  That definately happened.  What, the Democrats are going to rid our world of bust boom? You feel comfortable blaming that on the Republicans.  You feel strongly that a  demand-economy run by “intellectual” socialist elitists can benefit mankind more?  Really?  It did not work in the USSR and I would not want to be in China when the ruins of their demand economy come down on their heads but may be you can live in utopia now by moving to those wonderful places.

  • Matt Sullivan

    It is good to see persons such as yourself get involved with these discussion.  You will get a much better education if you stop listening to NPR and watching PBS.  If you want to learn something valuable listen to Rush. (Not the band) Your thoughts lack cohesiveness and continuity like most of the “Wall Street” protesters but you want to help and that is good.

  • voter

    Rather than asking a group of indivduals who have no risk to decide how to get us out of this mess ( the SUpreme Court), lets pressure Congress into fixing the problem. Bad as they have been and slow as they are, they have te ability to move faster than the Supreme Court. We’ll be 2,000 years down the road before they decide to act. And they would probably all still be up there a petrified state because they a still would have their jobs.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Hey Bruce! Ever hear of liberty?  Constription of men should be done only under the most dire of circumstances of war.  Why is it that the first instinct of you liberals is to take a persons money and labor? This should be a warning to all those that would be entraped by liberal/socialist idealology.  They are would-be “intellecutals” who believe they know better than you what THEY  should do with your time and your money.  Read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and keep away from intellectual nonsense like The Communist Manifesto. Gates is an embarrassment and this proves it!

  • Matt Sullivan


  • Matt Sullivan

    I like your direction.  Still some labor pressure is ok if we have a level field to compete on.  We need foreign competion.  It is healthy.  Also we have to be careful to be fair when creating new tarrifs so our exports are not too greatly harmed.  We have to have a great unwind of regulation in this country so we can help to level the playing field and reduce the government drag on the economy. 

  • Jmontgomery5746

    instead of making it so harsh on the these companies, let’s look at seeing how we can make these companies bring back their investments and profits into the US without penatly. Give them a reason to reinvest into America without losing face. Then again we as a government must allow non-union prosperity. Your thoughts?

    Then again the government that gives business $’s to fly in the dark orginzations, would be better served giving the millions/billions to each of us. Go figure 500 milllion Americans get one million a piece instead of giving one company nearly a billion and they go bust. I could have bought a house plus more with what the government pissed away on just one company.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I do not appreciate your violent suggestion. I agree thought that illegal immigration which is legal for all intents and purposes because it is not enforced, has the same effect of sending jobs overseas.  But do not blame corporations and businesses.  Afterall it is government that allows them in.  Once they are here the only humane thing to do is to let them work.  But do not kid yourself, unions benefit from illegal immigration too.  And they suppor it just like most liberals.  It increases their membership and their management salaries while eroding their members income.  This proves that unions really care little about their members.  Talk about greedy organizations.  Why don’t you picket at the union halls instead of chopping of business owners heads?

  • Voter

    I’ve seen this one happen all over this country.  When did it become ok for one State or City or Town to bribe a company to move from one place to another?
    Where I come from bribing is a jail-able offense.  Too bad the system doesn’t apply to everyone.

  • Matt Sullivan

    The problem with government “incentives” is that it is the peoples’ money they are giving away.  At least a private bribe is the bribers money.  Government should really stay out of commerce execpt to lessen its hinderance.  These “incentives” give all sorts of benefits to the pols in the name of benefiting their costituents.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Money should go back to the people by not taking it for wasteful and wrongful purposes on the first place.  Right on about attracting businesses back to the states.  The best way to do this is the middle of the road voters need to pay attention for a few months every year so we can have a more consistent policy coming out of government.  Consistency is one thing that will help businesses.  Regulatory risk is very difficult to underwirte.  

  • Voter

    It was the pocket book that encouraged them to leave. Unfortunately the well has run dry and money is short.  What incentive would suggest?  I agree with your face saving statement, however “companies” are cold critters and their faces lack expression.  At this point I think we need to pinch the corporate  pockets.  I have noticed a shyness on the part of the American public to make these yahoos remember what a customer is.  They don[‘t remember where they came from or who brought them to this party.

    I keep waiting to see the boards of directors and executives move out of the U. S.   They apparently don’t care to make the USA a better place to live.  What happened to having a little price and taking care of home?

  • Voter

    We always need competition but when did part of competing involve gifting our futures to others?
    The playing field is not level from the other side.  We accept foreign goods with effectively little or no entry fee yet our manufacturers experience heavy tariffs to be able to sell in foreign countries.  I’ll accept a fair tariff situation, when will it be made fair for US manufacturers?

  • Voter

    I’m with you all the way on that one!

  • Rdcompton1

    If was up to me, I’d tell all the american companys that went to another country to manufacture there wears they would pay taxes on everything they made and they could not bring there stuff to the usa to sell, thats just me. I think we would soon have jobs for everyone.

  • Voter

    That might give them pause for thought.

  • Helwig1463

    I am reading The Creature from Jekyll Island by G.Edward Griffith. He contends that the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC, in their management of money, credit, lending, buying treasury bonds, practices of easy credit and now credit contraction has created a debacle of foreclosures, business closures, and bank failures.

  • Rdcompton1

    If its not made in America don’t buy it, If you really need it try used, goodwill.

  • Rebeccah

    Matt, you are NOT the average Rush listener.  I know plenty of them at work, and most wouldn’t know how to spell geopolitics, let alone its definition. 

  • Rebeccah

    Matt, cut a little slack to non-native English speakers.

  • Rdcompton1

    Your right, greed is killing this country.

  • Rebeccah

    “Intellecutals”…Is that related to George Bush’s “nucular”?

  • Rebeccah

    Oh, please.  God help me from spending anymore of my Friday evening humoring myself.  I need to get a life.

  • A Polivanov

    Obviously you don’t have a life, and it seems you have confused PBS with FOX or Rush Limbaugh to spew your right wing rhetoric as to respond to almost every post. I suppose you failed history as well, you know what the problem is with repubilcans like you is that you can’t think for yourself, you need somebody else to tell you what to do and say, it just makes it so easy to blame somebody else. I will give you the fact that Clinton did go with NAFTA and other policies that in the long run made our economy worse. Reagan Really!!!??? he led  the largest tax hike in US history, he said in a nutshell that social security was going to run out in the future and to repair it he doubled the social security tax and then preceded to pass law  to borrow from to balance the national budget after he tripled the national defict. In the meantime he lowered the tax for the wealthy from 75% to 50% and finally to 35% and not to mention you don’t pay a dime more in ss tax after 106K, what up with that? Big government Democrat, “intellectual” socialist elitists, I don’t think so! I’m an Independent, and a patriot, I’m not anti-small  business,  and I work for a large corporation. I see corporate greed every day, most of the major corporations are making record profits and have more cash on their balance sheets than ever, there not sharing it with their employees or investing it here in the US, what plant are you living on? GE made record profits in the Billions last year  and did not pay one cent of corporate tax in the US, don’t talk to me about corporate greed! The truth is out there but you fail to see it, instead of listening to all your news sources, do your own reseach go global with your news base. Don’t ever compare the democratic ideals with communism, or a socialist state, obviously you’ve never visited a communist country I have, with a mouth like yours you’d be doing tewenty or more years in prison or four guys in van would stop you on the street, haul you away and you’d never be seen again! then you would see what it’s like to live in a third world country.

  • Rebeccah

    Robert, good point.  I voted for “global economic forces…..”, but you are right that they aren’t, at least completely, beyond our control.  I do have this nagging feeling that this is all the result of raw capitalism seeking to support the 1% of Americans and their equivalents in global finance. 

  • Rebeccah

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Rebeccah

    Voter, I buy American or thrift store!

  • Rebeccah

    I can’t imagine what this country would be like without government regulation.  There may be plenty of regulations that seem ridiculous (to me, because I don’t care about the particular issue), but I believe that we would resemble a 3rd world country without many of these regulations of air transport safety, water quality;  food and pharmaceutical safety, and many others.  How many lives have been saved by airbags in cars?   My rural neighbor may decide to make a buck by storing toxic waste…we have enough cows pooping in the creek.   :)

  • Max

    This is a load of garbage.  How much do the Kochs and Popes pay you to post these stupid comments?  

  • Biminirun

    I’ve got to speak out against you Matt, because you, like so many others, are using the title of “Socialist” as a derogatory description of vague liberal policies which themselves are never fully  explained. If you’re going to make statements like “ I will not stand by quietly as I see socialists use them as a tool to destroy all of us”  you  need to be more specific. Otherwise you end up sounding ignorant, just parroting the words of Rush Limbo, or Mr Cain for that matter. 
     Did you know that Social Security is a “Socialist” program? What do you think Medicare is? Our public libraries could also be considered a Socialist program. I would have to argue that in a Capitalist Society, Socialist programs are the necessary point at which Government regulation comes in to play. As much as the Republicans blindly campaign for the DE-REGULATION of everything under the maxim “Government is the problem”   , the truth about “letting the market” self-regulate is that we get corporate greed run amok. The failure of the big banks in 2008 leading to the entire collapse of all global financial systems is the best example to date.
    So, we tax payers bail them out, and what do they do? Post record profits while denying loans to small businesses and continue to lavish bonuses on the CEO’s that are equal to more money that a family living in poverty would see over their ENTIRE life time.I mean doesn’t that seem obscene?
     It’s also the reason behind the current protests going on out in the streets of all of the major cities around the country.

  • Biminirun

    Oh no!! Rebeccah, I think it’s happening to me too!! I get so sucked into these postings somethings though, and before I know it…it’s after mid-nite and I’m still at home!

  • jan

    I blame the federal government’s encouragement to outsource jobs.  Even the states are outsourcing jobs now.  I think Bush threw gasoline on the fire.  I think Obama hasn’t lifted a finger to change it.  If anything he’s gone along with the status quo on this just like he has on every other issue.

  • jan

     Excuse me.  Do not blame corporations for illegal immigration?  And if they send a current employee down to the bus station to collect what is apparently an expected bunch of immigrants and take them to company housing?  Excuse me? 

  • jan

     Rush, the blowhard nitwit?  I don’t think so.  By the way, did he ever get over that little prescription drug abuse problem he had? 

  • Anonymous

    Bush administration?  Seriously?  Obama has been president for almost three years now, and you include Bush as a response?  Why didn’t you throw in the Truman administration and FDR, they have as much relevance.   Bush?  Seriously? 

  • Twocc

    I blame the Republicans.  First they mis-governed the country then for the past 2+ years they tried to sabotage and tear down every sound policy this administration trying to do.  They and the tea party create fear, uncertainty, and stupidity to this country.  It makes me sick being an American.  We can do better than that.

  • C. Francis Maitland

    If we had an altruistic government we’d need no unions!

  • C. Francis Maitland

    Obviously, it is much easier for puppets to perform the the work of the masters when the puppets are made to believe they are in control.  The haves, have been quite masterful in detracting from the fact that they have benefited from dishonesty and abuse of others, the have nots.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have even the slightest clue of how the economy works? Manufacturing companies move overseas so that their products can COMPETE in the U.S. market place. Those companies would not, and cannot move back to the U.S. because with the added cost of the highest corporate tax rate in the world plus the cost of additional regulatory burdens put on them by the Obama regime, they could not compete against lower cost goods produced by foreign manufacturers. If you want to create jobs, stop the insane over-regulation, including Obamacare, by Washington bureaucrats, and lower the corporate tax rate to lure companies (i.e. EMPLOYERS) back to the U.S., which at the same time, will keep our remaining manufacturers here. We’ve tried things Obama’s way long enough and it’s obvious to most of us that his way doesn’t work, which is why (thank God) he will be a one-term President.

  • voter

    I agree.

  • voter

    Bush abbsolutely!

    You checked the cost of our current “longest war”?

    You checked the oil interests of his cronies………who were all his fathers contempories. Man never had an original thought in 8 years. I still can’t believe we bought the 2nd 4 years.

  • Matt Sullivan

    We are a long way from the regualtory environment in third world countries Rebeccah.  No one is saying get rid of ALL regulation.  That is a straw man argument used by the regulators in D.C. against the tax payers.  Conservatives are saying to get rid of ridiculous, unnecessary, non productive and stupid regulations.  There are MANY.  Those regulations you mentioned are likely more ridiculous to business than they are to you.  And the consumer rarely benefits. 

  • Matt Sullivan

    No argument from me Voter.  What I am saying though is not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

  • Matt Sullivan

    You are excused Jan.  Businesses are doing what businesses need to do, create profit within the designs of the law.  If the law is not going to stop the entry of illegal aliens then or the hiring of these illegals, than it is hard to blame them.  Also it would immoral to allow someone to live in this country and not give them access to basic human needs.  It is better that they earn their keep rather than be a burden on our society.  Government plays a far bigger responsibility in that it is not fulfilling one of its prime responsibilities, defend our borders!

  • Matt Sullivan

    I understand how you feel Rebeccah. You do not want to do this for humoring yourself.  It is not fun to see how lost people are.  At least I take some solace in that maybe I can open a few minds that are tempted to go in your direction. :)    Good to see you are calling on the Lord to change you.

  • Matt Sullivan

    How about buying the third four years with Obama?  He has kept us in Iraq which is as violent as ever, escalated in Afghanistan and opened a new war in Libya.  And he has done this all while promoting unbelievable new spending and deep-sixed the economy.  Please, bring Bush back!  Besides Obama, Bush was far better than that dunce Gore (who stepped in carbon credit poo) or that apparatchik Kerry.

    We had to go to war.  I am not saying we, in retrospect, did it the right way.  I suspect Voter you supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and now have buyers remorse.  I terms of Bush’s cronies; try running a war without Halliburton.  Not going to happen. No W, although he is to much of a socialist, is an honorable man and a lot smarter than you give him credit for. 

  • Anonymous

    Obama promised to end Afghanistan, did he not? It is now his war, not Bush’s.

  • Merick Chaffee

    The Fed chair has the power to limit issuing of toxic-mortgages. Greenspan & Bernanke, appointed by Bush to keep the economy looking rosy, so a republican would be elected president, did nothing to control the price spike or toxic mortgages. If they had done either, there’d have no financial crisis.

  • Zenjinx

    “What is to blame for high unemployment?” Greed. To fully explain that please watch “Inside Job”. I see all this bickering between liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans, when the truth is both sides in our government have allowed this. The government is just a tool for those who did cause it.

  • Guest

    We didn’t even buy the first 4 years!

  • Matt Sullivan

    Biminirun, you repeat the class envy talking points of our socialist government and complain of the greed of the market as if you are holier than thou and are not greedy.  What a lot of rot.  Then you complain about the banks that were recepients of the largess of taxpayer insured deposits.  This was product of the great socialist president FDR.  The collapse came as a result of government intimidating banks to make bad loans.  Then when the banks were going down and the FDIC was depleted the federal government used the peoples money to bail them out.  It is pretty stupid of the feds to allow taxpayer insurance to underwrite banks without fetters.  But remember it was Democrats who wanted housing for all the unqualified that forced is in to the hole.  These bankers are Obama’s buddies and you know it.  He talks class envy one day and takes money from the bankers the next.

    Of course we need public paid infrastructure.  Not everything government run is bad.  We have a great military and courts.  But a socialist, which you and your Democrats are and I am not, is a person who’s reflex to any societal ill is to pass a law and control it.  They deep down at least believe that they are the persons who best know how things are to be run at every stage of a man’s life.  Socialists believe that the average guy has to be taxed and cared for.  Liberty is not a priority for a socialist; that their ends are the priority.  

    You obviously are not a business man otherwise you would not be repeating the dumb talking points  of banks not giving out loans.  Banks make loans when they think it is a good investment. Otherwise they go out of business.  When the loans go bad you will be complaining about the next wave of tax payer bailouts.  Don’t worry, once Obama is removed from office and the business environment stabllzes we will slowly see banks make loans because of confidence returning to the market.

    No it is not obscene when a man makes more than someone else.  Who appointed you to decide at what point a difference in pay is obscene?  Again you just do not like liberty.  Maybe if your overwhelming government burden were not on every man’s back we would have fewer poor.  It is your idealogy and policies that worsen poverty!  Conservatives give a lot more to charities than liberals.  Bet you did not know that.  Not because they are richer because they certainly are not. They do not wait around for someone else to contribute like liberals do.  Liberals say let the government do it.  (remember that liberal’s reflex is to have government do it.)

    I do not have to have to be more specific.  Figure it out pal. Assume my ignorance and those like me at your own risk.  You could not hold a candle to Rush or Cain.  I would be proud to be known as a Rush or Cain disciple any day.  I do not hope to change you Bimini run. You are probably too far gone.  I would bet your parent was either a real socialist or a strong conservative who you rebelled against. Right?  I only answer your challenge so that others that might follow you have an opportunity to see your ideaology for the trap that it is. 

  • claudia

    Combo of: Global econ downturn, financial/housing meltdown, corporate offshoring & bush policies.

  • Udpe

    joe.. three years? yes. you answered your own point. Almost three yrs is NOT a long time. Bush had 8 beforehand and now Obama is trying to digout of being 6 feet undert. Things dont just happen in three years and things dont get fixed in just three years. How much has your life changed in the past 3 yrs? was the USA perfect in 2008?

  • Eddywho

    LOL  And the BO in the oval office is counting on you not to wake up.

  • Anonymous

    The U.S. public education system is the biggest contributor to unemployment. While the global recession and government spending on two wars certainly contributed, the fact is too many Americans are ill-prepared to hold a job.  Our education system gave up on vocational training and is too focused on trying to prepare everyone for college. This is unrealistic and many students lose interest and drop out, or are forced into college that doesn’t interest them and that they can’t afford. There are areas of the economy that have growth (health care and technology to name two) and public schools need to train kids for these type of jobs They’re the new factory jobs.

  • VictimOfGreed

    I think the jobless issue is a combination of various issues which have developed into the perfect storm.  We sent jobs offshore, improving some 3rd world countries economies and taking a bite from ours.  The Technological Revolution played a greater role in the issue because it allowed companies to produce more product with less personnel.  This increased profits and lead to lobbying by the large corporations to get breaks to go offshore.  The corporate greed to use sweat and child labor, Chinese government controls their factories and use government employees to work in these factories increasing their profit ratio.  Their method of controling their people results in the same capitalistic issue of greed for the wealthy.  The offshoring allowed companies to help break the unions, which are required for a check and balance, but their greed was their own demise.  Wall Street and financial institutions raping small and large investors in their money games was another factor.  I predict the corporate boards and CEO’s will begin to see some of the same demise as the buying power of Americans decreased because we are not earning a decent wage or any wage which in the past allowed us to purchase the luxuries that made the wealthy of last century, today’s extremely rich.  Another issue that contributes to the unemployment is the breakdown of the family nucleus.  Single parents, drugs, overuse of alchol, results in many cases the neglect of the children in these situations.  Their depressed environment causes learning issues and their ability to grow into productive citizens only to grow up and live in the same situation they had as a child.  Government policy which allowed consolidation of the large corporations that eliminated competition which helps keep prices in check.  The greed of many of the American family owned companies that were sold by the children or grandchildren of the founders.  Even worse when they are sold to foreign investors which resulted in the acquistion of the customer base and the closing of US plants.   I guess when it’s all said and done GREED, DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY NUCLEUS, AND TECHNOLOGY is the result of the world socialogical issues.  Humans can bring these ails upon themselves, but when society starts accepting the ailments as status quo it resulted in an epidemic of discouragement and now the movement of the poor who want to better themselves fighting for survival.  The solution would be to cut the excessive salaries of the business owners, use the money to begin to place plants in the US and other countries.  Sell the product in the land it is manufactured, trade for natural resources not native to your country.  Yes this stimies growth, but it would be better than the revolution that is brewing in the souls of the poor in world, who have nothing to loose so are willing to fight for their dignity and a job.

  • Toejoe

    I like the new hosts of “need to know”. I think informing people of  issues that main stream media does not in a fair approach is a way to disarm those who would like to keep the american people who really want to see our nation survie for our children and theirs childern aware of the facts that people can see ,think and know what is the real problems are  that need to be addressed. please keep up the good work of doing this.People are Destroyed for LACK of Knowledge!  

  • Clearlake

    Labor-saving devices save labor.  In other words,  the number of people hired to develope and manufacture a new labor-saving machine is considerably less than the number of people displaced by the machine. 
    The fault is not so much with the new labor-saving device as with the lack of proper adjustment to it.  Proper adjustment might be a 3-day week for most people instead of a 5 or 6-day week.  Employers would have one crew for Monday thru Wednesday and a second crew for Thursday thru Saturday.  In other words proper adjustment to a labor-saving device is LESS WORK.

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting this report comes at the same time as Alabama’s new law on illegal immigrants.  Georgia farmers are saying no one will take the jobs picking fruit that the Mexicans had.  These men in Maryland would be happy to have that kind of work!!  Business (including farming) doesn’t want to pay a living, minimum wage, so they say no one wants to take the work Mexicans did. This is a lie, and we need to get this message out.  The media doesn’t want to “go there,” but people are beginning to realize the media doesn’t ever talk about the elephants in the room, b/c they can’t offend their corporate owners.  Obama has continued to let jobs go overseas, and illegal immigrants to take our jobs here, creating places like Maryland and so many others that look like 3rd world countries.  When we vote representatives in, we need to have each city and state hold them accountable, and if they don’t do their job to make our lives better, then we need to recall them.  It’s the only way they’ll listen to us instead of big money.  We’ve got to get involved–these shows are great, but we’ve got to have a group we can add our voices to that will actually make change happen, not just vent frustration after a TV program.

  • Jebeitz

    We allowed companies to move jobs and profits overseas with no consequences. Now no one (Dems or Rep) will tell the truth that we need more taxes to maintain our quality of life. Tax codes need to be changed so we ALL pay a fair share.

  • AdamSmith

    I keep laying down this gauntlet to no avail: 41 of 46 Chinese Fortune
    500 companies are STATE owned enterprises (CNN). Unlike the U.S, China
    has an INDUSTRIAL POLICY. There is no talk of “Government Motors” in
    China, though Shuanghuan, Geely, F.A.W, etc, etc, etc clearly are. Like
    moths to flame, Honda, BMW, GM, etc, freely transfer technology and
    manufacturing to this fascist state, otherwise they can’t do business
    there. Why? Because  the unelected WTO and global capital PREFERS
    fascism. China has spent $41 billion on solar technology recently; .The
    U.S? $2.5 billion (OK- the source is Van Jones from “Real Time”). 

    Now, some idiot will reply to this in one of 3 ways:

      #1) By citing Chinese
    divestiture of S.O.E.s. This is wrong. They are consolidating investment
    into wealth PRODUCING industries; steel,  energy, rare earth minerals,

    #2) Citing technology as the cause for job loss. This is no more true than when the automobile replaced the horse, IF WE MAKE THE CAPITOL GOODS HERE!

    #3)The most likely opposing reply to this post? NOTHING! TOTAL SILENCE! BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT’S THE TRUTH!

  • Kcbear

    Technology is good in some ways but has lost more jobs than it has created. Then we can’t pollute our air and cost companies so much in fixing the problem that they go to other countries. We all pay way to much for items that are now so disposable that nothing lasts like it used to. I really hate the thought that everyone should pay for T.V. every month now then have to replace the darn thing every 2 yrs. as they tend to quit as soon as warrantee is past. What ever happened to pride in product???? I have never figured out why our government needs to be paid such high wages as their jobs are no more important than anyone elses, and they slack off more than the average American. We would be fired from a job for walking out and they get rewarded. The Unions always want more money for people but they forget there is limits on what people are able to pay for products. When the Government learns to live within their means maybe things will get better. It’s not just the government maybe we all need to get back to living our lives instead of depending on technology to do everything for us. I can just see the days ahead as so many needs their cellphones to live they will have to pay for the phone pay for the service then pay more for diposal of them as we do now with tires,electronics & appliances

  • Nhtongues

    Bush sent us head long off a cliff into two unnecessary wars (Obama got Bin Laden with a small tactical strike force) and then enacted the largest tax cuts in history to create the largest government deficit in history. Obama is still having to pay for all these mistakes and Republicans are simply sitting on their hands, throwing verbal stones – but they won’t raise a finger to make a difference for anybody but their wealthy campaign contributors. I just hope the Occupy Wall Street keeps growing and growing and brings this country to its knees.

  • Nhtongues

    We can no longer continue to only value people based on what they can produce. We must first and above all value life and restructure our economy to no longer treat people as a disposable resource.

  • Dwvsfiebiger

    Yes, we had the giant economic down turn during the Bush administration.

  • Anonymous

    this current crisis is the culmination of a concerted effort to dismantle the middle class since the 1970s…it began by making it a sign of feminism to have a job outside the home…it was at this time that all wages (based on purchasing power) stagnated and have now begun to drop…

  • Anonymous

    and another thing…this “i’m thankful to have any job” mantra has GOT TO STOP…they have us where they want us if we are thankful for making 1/2 of what we used to make with no benefits and no assurance of a job tomorrow…we need to DEMAND full employment, universal health care and LIVING wages!

  • Ernest

    Globalization and automation.  While growth is important for bringing down joblessness, a good part of this is now “structural”, and becoming increasingly more so.   Each time we have a recovery (and this one is esp. weak to non-existent), the “jobless” aspect of a “jobless recovery” becomes steeper, and longer lasting.  Corporations, become more efficient, but this isn’t necessarily good for employment.    Corporations may be doing well, have plenty of cash.  But the consumer base is not there, so there are is no motivation for expansion.  Add to this the fact the housing bubble has burst.  Living on credit (assuming the value of one’s house would grow), living beyond one’s means, was never sustainable.  Reality has come home to roost.

  • Anantareno

    You said it all! It is so frustrating to realize that media continues to skirt around the real issues. The corruption that exists is staggering!

  • Cjkitty

    This is a problem that I feel the elected people in office has created. The people who try to defeat America in war are now trying to defeat America from with in the goverment. Through deception and manipulation. Deceiving the public by presenting it as a salution.  CJ

  • Bunlady


  • Bunlady

    That happened during the Clinton Administration. NAFTA is the name of the game he played. Get our jobs back to America, where they belong.

  • Bunlady

    This all started during the Clinton Administration. NAFTA was started by Billy Boy.

  • Bunlady

    It wasn’t easy for Bush either. He was dealing with the terrorist attacks.

  • Anonymous

    Udpe, three years is plenty long.  And it’s not like he got blind-sided.  I do not recall any speech of his before he took office where he said the job was too tough, that it would take his entire first term to turn things around.  On the contrary, he knew exactly what the score was when he promised unemployment would not rise about 8% if his first “stimulus” (I would rather call it a spending bill) was passed.  I’m sure he was getting briefed on Afghanistan before he took office yet he still promised we would be out by the end of this year.  I do not recall Reagan blaming Carter for the tough economy, he just jumped in, implemented his policies, and let the chips fall where they did.  

  • Anonymous

    “They won’t raise a finger to make a difference for anybody but their wealthy campaign contributors” – kind of like how Obama took care of the Solyndra execs?  

  • Rdcompton1

    I hope your right about a one tern Obama, but he’s not the only one who has helped hurt this country, I know the corporate taxes are way to high and I feel for some of the companys, not all mind you. I still blame the companies for moving out of this country, they did’t move just because of corporate taxes, there was a lot of greed from lower manufacturing cost, but also the greed of selling the products to the people here in the USA at a much higher price. Thats just me.

  • Kodigriz

    Bush adminstration policies, Obama adminstration policies are you kidding me! It’s very simple go back to 1992 election and listen to Ross Perot describe what was going to happen to the U. S. economy if NAFTA, WTO and trade agreements were voted in by Congress. You want to blame someone blame the American people for not listening to the one person who was telling them the truth but wents nuts over Clinton. The death threat to Perot and his family was very real. Look at all the money that has passed down to corporations, CEO’s, but nothing tothe workers. Americans were warned, they just decided not to listen and now we’re reaping our stupidity. 

  • Mdj1965

    There are many reason the US economy has failed: some of the reasons are listed.

    1. Illegal Immigration from Mexico, and the fact that Mexicans getting free everything (welfare), and under-cut American workers: welfare literally gives the Illegal Mexicans a free card to undercut american working class people.

    2. The private Owned Federal Reserve. This allows the government to run up interest rates at will, all the while, the American working class can-not even pay their bills, not a livable wage.

    3. NAFTA and the WTO: this shipped any remaining jobs out of the nation: jobs that Mexicans wanted to get, but labor was to high.

    4. The United States failure to find a reliable source of fuel: being dependent upon Foriegn oil.

    5. The fact that most Americans are being dumbed down, the technical sector is being sent over sees.

    6. Affirmative action: Sending non-capibles to college, while other are denied based on Gender and Race: priorities are out of place.

    I could continue on: but most should get the idea by now. The United States is a failed nation due to Corrupted So-Called Liberals. Liberals by the way is only a false front for Communism: as for the reason, the Liberals have a platform and agenda: whereas, a true liberal would be open to all forms of people, economics, and government. The Liberals are Racist against white men and are either socialist and or out and out communist.  

  • William Zaffer

    Cantor is to me lying just like what we heard with Nafta yeas ago. It helps increase incomes for corporations not the public. Amazes me is we fought the Cold War over Communism and have no qualms about taking jobs to Communists countries like china and Vietnam that will not allow unions or have environmental protections just like in Mexico. How about this new term Communist Corporations.  You can call it what you want with Nafta but slavery is slavery, they just now live in factories.  I will not buy products from these countries as best I can and will not shop at Wal Marts whom started this years ago and causes others to follow in order to compete.  No we have a certain party that does not want to help create smart green infrastructure or retrain or educate our citizens for this new reality.  The new reality Mr. Cantor, due to less of a tax base, we have to cut government workers and their pensions and pay.  HOw about taking away Mr. Cantor probably lobbying work and cut our bought off corporate owned politicians pensions and none for short term politicians whom are not reelected.

  • Bill Zaffer

    Technology too has eliminated jobs and overpopulation is creating unforeseen consequences.

  • Swendt3422

    The stock market has to value more than just profits!

  • Joe

    It’s not rocket science.  Just follow the rich guy and you’d see why the economy is collapsing.  Too much money flowing to the top, with very little of it flowing back down.  And it’s not going to get any better unless the President can push his Jobs plan, which would result in the top 2% percent having to pay higher taxes on incomes exceeding one million dollars annually.  I, for one, am for this.  If the top 2% percent refuse to higher more workers, pay higher wages, and create more jobs than what they’ve been given tax-breaks to do these past 8 or so years, then by all means, TAX THEM!  There’s nothing wrong with achieving the American dream.  But those dreams should never be the cause of other peoples nightmares!  The GOP (and some Democrats) can take their profit-making machines straight to hell!

  • Bluebenz

    1. President Obama for being sold out to the bankers,
    2, Republican Fascist leaders in Congress for destroying all regulation of the bankers,
    3. CEOs for having no self discipline or ethics at all,
    4. Private bank Federal Reserve for countryjacking the U.S. on  Dec 26 1913 and looting it ever since,
    5. Congress for allowing it,
    6. Congress Fascists for even considering the notion of corporations (artificial entity) having First Amendment rights,
    7. Congress Fascists for allowing and perpetuating Big Oil’s brutal, lethal, long running suppression of viable and proven alternative energy,
    8. Congress Fascists for alowing and perpetuating Big Pharma’s brutal, lethal, and long running suppression of traditional and nutrient based medicine.
    9. Congress Fascists for allowing and perpetuating the ‘swinging doors’ FDA in allowing Big Pharma carte blanche to kill and maim,
    10. PBS/NPR for being apologists for the bas tar ds.

  • Richard Berhofer

    Conservstive policies have usually made the world worst. Policies union support have almost always
    made the world better.

  • Tommih42

    obama has no clue how to balance a budget or pay for thinga as e has never had to do so

  • joe

    at will laws At-will employment is a term used in U.S. labor law for contractual relationships in which an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason (that is, without having to establish “just cause” for termination), and without warning.[1]