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Poll: Who’s to blame?

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Who do you blame for the high unemployment rate?

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  • Jskahl

    The republicans are selfish in cutting their own millionaire incomes, and short-sighted in virtually every position they are taking.  I’m an independent fiscal consonservative, and I vote.

  • Angiemenard

    It is all of the leaders in Congress in addition to the CEOs. There is too much greed and too little concern for others.

  • mak70

    How exactly are the Republican leaders in Congress responsible for the high unemployment rate?  I blame each and every person who is unemployed.  It is time that people take responsibility for their own successes and failures, but this is not how Democrats and Liberals live.

  • S_hotel

    This is from wall street, and the oil companies. Come on people wise up.

  • Davoyager

    The Repugs care only for their rich overlords and defeating this President. They refuse to do even the minimum to help the Middle class. No health care, No jobs and even if you have a job they want to raise your taxes so as not to raise millionaires taxes one dime.  

  • Gardenerh

    It started with Reagan.

  • Knen

    Failure of the president to support a balanced budget.  President is responsible for the highest debt we have ever had….

  • DJDave

    Of course there is plenty of blame to go around, but mostly I blame all the corporations that only care about their stock price and send all our jobs to China.

  • Rosewhitesgarden

    Republicans do not care about what people need – they only have for greed for themselves.  CEOs and multi-millionaires and billionaires should gladly pay their fair of taxes, which should be MUCH higher than teachers pay.

  • MadMan

    The economy has been systematically hollowed out by the GOP serving the rich at the expense of the Middle Class. The economic collapse happened under Republican leadership and complicity. The economy is staying bad due to GOP/Tea Party sabotage designed to make the President look bad and ensure that they regain power.

  • Sharon

    In our system the buck stops at the top.  Obama is full of promises but doesn’t deliver.  Not allowing the new pipeline from Canada is a case inpoint….over 10,000 jobs not available because he wants to wait until he’s re-elected…the man has no concience.

  • Jimturturturro

    The recovery has been hindered by the Republican controlled congress.  At the same time i believe the corporations have failed to use their profits to strengthen the economy.  Hard to judge their motivation to defeat and weaken the economy but self interest would not be unreasonable, trying to
    defeat a President that challenges their ethical conduct with boundaries.

  • Louis

    jobs sent overseas to raise their profits without thought of the workers who made their companys what they are today!

  • Popspocatell

    Republicans have been trying to eliminate the middle class for at least ten years.  How in Gods name can millionaires allow Americans to live without homes, jobs, food and refuse to pay their share in taxes.  They are pure greedy, worthless, narrow minded fools.

  • Cathy

    I believe that the job problem is the arrogance of the American people and their desire to go it alone. When it was clear that the world was changing, rather than adapt and adjust, Americans kept doing business as usual which sent jobs overseas to cheaper labor. This will eventually get us in trouble with global warming and the environment – no one should be above recycling, rationing water and reducing their carbon footprint. We as Americans have to take responsibility and adjust our lifestyles to the world rather than holding out – or we are going to be in trouble! It breaks my heart to see the people on this show – it is not their fault that their lifestyle is changing and they don’t understand it and don’t know what to do about it. None of us – the middle class – know what to do. But we need to get in balance with each other, with other people in the rest of the world, and with nature. I have great hopes for my son and his generation who seem to understand the need for balance and how to achieve it. I hope we don’t ruin it before he gets there!

  • Davoyager

    I’m sure you agree with the con man GingRICH who wants poor children to clean the bathrooms in their schools to pay for their education. Repugs are responsible because they used the filibuster in an historically unprecedented way to deny the electorate the policies they voted for in 2008 thereby preventing this president from doing what was needed to heal the country after Bush’s policies destroyed the economy.  


  • BobC101468

    Alan Greenspan kept interest rates too low for too long under pressure from GW Bush (whose father blamed Greenspan for his defeat in 1992).  The saturated housing market on which the banksters wrote junk mortgages destroyed 8% of our economy – the housing sector.  The Junk mortgages were packaged and first rated AAA by the Moody’s, S&P and Fitch – the credit rating agencies.  With the massive defaults, the banks  were not collecting payments and hence  could not lend out that money. which crashed the system.   

  • Iammushufa

    I blame the bankers and all those who made irresponsible loans that took down the housing market.  I  think all those CEOs who have kept their multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses, while ripping taxpayers off, and plundering corporations while at the same time laying off workers is enough to make me sick.  Also  you can’t leave Congress out of this, for their efforts to protect the “job-creators” (HA) who have bought them off, and the Republicans’ refusal to cooperate in anything that might actually make our President look good as he tries to lead us out of this mess.

  • Gunny62

    ALL Gov’t in general is the pits ( how much more can THEY spend??)  but the DEM’s  don’t have a clue & O’BAMA is the worst Pres. EVER!!! Chris  Dodd , B. Frank and others inc some Repub.s should be in JAIL !!! They are  all a bunch of  crooks and are destroying the best (but not perfect)) Country ever created I wish I could be Prez.

  • Steve Ruell

    Republicans caused the recession by reducing oversight and monitoring, thus not watching or allowing anyone else to watch over the stripping of the national treasury and allowing the treachery and theft to take place, and then ignoring it until it was too late in the game.  Now they want us to believe that this was the right policy and we should return to the same old failed policies, like we don’t remember the history of the present crisis.  Now they are so stuck on defending their millionaire supporters that they prevent a strong government response to a crisis that they caused.  The Democrats are no saints but at least they seem to be rational and willing to have a comprehensive plan.

    A falsehood repeated thousands of times does not become truth, it is still a lie.

  • Randysrods

    Why only Republican law makers? Where is the fair and balanced approach with my tax dollars for public TV? How about all members of Congress and the President as the best answer ???? I am disgusted in all of them, In the last two years we have sold our recreation property, a second house we bought as a investment close to our kids college. And soon after our last kid gets out of college this semester we will sell it also. We are also selling our primary residence.. It is cheaper to rent. I have a nice 5th Wheel RV and will follow my work and my wife and I plan to live in it. No Property tax, No city services,No yard or snow service. We will reside in a state with no personal income tax. We will help our kids gets started and then spend some time together and put away all the money we used to put into banks and tax collectors pockets.

  • Basura60559

    I’m an independent voter I like Reagan, Bush senior. They compromised and raised taxes for the good of the country. These GOP ers would rather keep pledges to a lobbyist than help our economy. They hostage the country and cause our credit to be downgraded.

  • Slabahn

    My opinion is that the economic train wreck started with the GW Bush administration and is one of the greatest insults to the American people that no one was brought up on charges for the flat–out fraud and embezzlements that occurred.  The financial upheavel was compounded with the repealing of many safety net laws that prevented banking/investment crises in the past.  The unguarded actions of these industries have repeatedly caused continual damage to the economy since the major fall outs in 2006 and 2007 (if not ramping up earlier). 

  • Badmadd

    Some people just don’t even think for themselves.
    They listen to the biased media & never
    think there is some real truth that they can’t hear
    because they are deaf & well fed LIES that
    they believe is TRUTH. They wouldn’t
    know Truth if it slapped them in the face.

  • AJ

    Republicans are too busy trashing President Obama; Mitch McConnell said it, their one goal is to make him a one-term POTUS. 

  • Knaug60

    The blame lay with extremists in both parties.   I am particularly irked with conservatives who are so focused on cutting taxes Norquist style, and in their sheer hostility to any and all public sector employees.  Is shrinking government to the point you could drown it in a bathtub a noble goal?  Yet that is the expressed goal of some 96% of Republicans who have pledged allegiance not to the USA, but to Americans for Tax Reform.

  • Dale Aulthouse

    The blame is pointed at the greedy, amoral bankers and Wall Street that ruined the lives of millions for their own personal gain. Yet no one has been charged for this massive robbery that destroyed our economy. It is obvious that big banks have bought our government, which allowed all of the safeguards that protected the average investor to be removed during the past 30 years.

  • LarryBurt

    We really should blame ourselves, for continuing to allow Rebublicans to control Congress.  Remember the Senate, through the use of philibuster, is controled by a 41% minority.  In this country, the President is not King, and can single-handedly do little.  The Rebublicans in turn, continue to license the corruption that exists in SOME big buisinesses and among SOME of the wealthy.  The saddest part is that a full 70% of the wealthiest among us want to contribute more in line when their wealth.  The Rebulicans do all they can to block them.  If you like having the goverment stack the deck against you, vote for Republican representatives and help Newt Gangrich fix all problems by abolishing child labor laws.

  • AJ

    how can this be, it’s simple math: with 150,000 new jobs, and millions of people out of work?  do the math, Mak70.

  • Gunny62

    Your wrong and a misinformed jerk!! Housing crisis started under Clinton & fannie mae et al. there’s Repubs responsible too but not like these GD Liberals I will never understand how anybody can intelligently become a Lib esp at the death of the USA

  • Chuck

    I voted Republican the last election but not the next time. There has to be give and take on the tax issues and spending for this country to survive. The Republicans can not and will not do what is right for this country. President Obama with his spend and spend will also kill this country. We need a third party that is devoted to the nation and it’s well being.

  • Librarykat2003

    I feel that the Wall Street CRIMINALS, GW BUSH and the REPUBLICANS in congress are the cause of the original and continueing problems this country faces.   Altho to hear them tell it it is the greedy working people who have to work 2 or 3 jobs to just get by are at fault.

  • MadMan

    S_hotel is obviously a model Republican.

    The one thing that the Conservatives overlook is that when there are some that have and some that don’t, we as a society cannot progress. Gross inequality is detrimental to a peaceful society.

  • Frank

    The owners of capital are not investing in more than the bare minimum since the US financial system house of cards collapsed in 2008. Back then there was plenty of money to loan to anyone and everyone since the captains of finance thought they had figured how to risk more of other people’s futures (actual money as well as future earrings), and make themselves wealthier while risking less.
    When in fact they were just taking on new higher risks (gambles).
    So the buble popped and now there is less money to go around for working and middle class people in the US. Yet the captains of finance still continue to make (take) more money every year.

  • LarryBurt

    When did “our system” become a dictatorship?

  • Cjmarks

    Mortgage lenders, banks and financial firms knew they were making and selling bad loans but they let greed rule their actions in an unregulated environment. Thus capitalism failed and caused economic collapse. Obama has only done what had to be done to shore things up in unprecedented conditions and re-regulated out of control “moneychangers” who unfortunately control US politics and may likely regain power and continue the diminution of the middle class. If only the OWS movement could find an articulate leader to help move us back to a more just and honorable business model.

  • Ptrkearn

    The lock step Republican Talking points and  strategy of highlighting the jobless rate has had a definite and deliberate impact on consumer confidence. If they can keep the economy down nobody will be looking up to Obama.
    Well guess again Republicans , your strategy is not only treasonous but  its a little to obvious. While the special interest that control the Tea Party have been extremely effective at manipulating an unsuspecting portion of the conservative base, many experienced Republican politicians are looking for a way out of the Tea Parties grip and threat.
    Trust that some crafty, scheming subversive group within the conservative movement will find a way out of their threat. Until bravery or cunning action prevails REpublicans will react to the Tea Parties Threat and a dead locked congress will continue.
    Not a one will speak poorly of the Tea Party out of fear and some just suffer from Tea Party Induced Stockholm Syndrome.
    It would appear their only wayout is to expose Dick Armey, the financiers and their agenda. What Republican would be so brave ?

  • MadMan

    Misinformed jerk?

    No. I am a well-informed jerk. It’s the Conservatives that the Progressives have had to drag into the new age for 200+ years. Do a little reading. Watch something other than Fox News. Think for yourself.

  • Gunny62

    OMG ..This must be a bunch of LIB’s website……..Tons of people recycle ,conserving,  working, paying too many taxes wasted by too much Gov’t. You’re another misinformed jerk Lib!!

  • Stevenw Smith

    The 4 Ohio workers are replicated across the country. The poll identifies players that conribute to this sorry state of affairs but not the root cause. We, the people, cannot agree on what government should be nor what free market captialism really means. We really need to blame ourselves, a category you don’t provide.
    Free market capitalism is amoral and has the effect of concentrating wealth in ever larger quantities to ever fewer. Jobs having a reasonable salary along with a benefits package become more scarce over time. This has been going on for at least 30 years. We notice it now that the pace has accelerated with egregious examples of our decline such as you present abounding in large numbers. Unless we the people insist that capitalism and government work together for our benefit and quality of life we will fail the moral and economic health tests necessary to remain a first world country. It’s no wonder we don’t have enough jobs when many don’t have money to buy the things that mean adding jobs and/or providing sustainable compensation packages.
    You could have as easily quoted Karl Marx who held that unbridled capitalism would eventually push the middle class into lower class status as wealth concentrated. He died in 1883, but his economic view was prophetic even though his utopian view of a communist society was an illusion.
    We will have to demand more of government while we demand that free market capitalism gains a conscience through proper regulation. Don’t blame the elected officials; we collectively voted for them. Don’t blame CEO’s; they are simply maximizing profits, bonuses, and return to shareholders, amoral to be true but legal. We have to be directly involved in electing those that serve our interests, not those of lobbyists and big money.

  • Dlbs77

    Record profits are still being made by big business. They cut staff to increase their already increased profits. It is all corporate greed, mixed with political backing. Both congress and big business is to blame. And it seems no lesson will be learned and nothing, or at least not much, will change.

  • Ptrkearn

     A well know and orchistrated talking points campaign highlighting the unemployment rate to keep consumer confidence down. Two weeks ago they stopped it like flicking a switch

  • Dlbs77

    the choice is? vote for corrupt, or better, vote for corrupt. It matters not who we vote for, the voters are not to blame. It is our political system…17th century England.

  • Sullyracer

    Republicans want to end any funding to all education involving sceince, government an especially history. It does not serve their collective goals.

  • Dlbs77

    What do you believe is the truth?

  • Johan Castano

    no ( cense ) in elaborating who’s to blame it would take the volumes of the brittinica to deal with lawlessness in America, filthy goverment greed , scandles in washington , CEO bribes cut throat salaries take a look at nardelli , while employees starve with thats right $.10 raises , dirty city politians , building inspectors who take money for c/o’s , judges who need to be jailed , who think there God , george bush and his crimes in America ( amnesty International ) take a look !!!!! Jesus Christ is the only hope for this sin sick World , salvation is for free it’s there for the asking but decipleship  will cost you your life / For God sent his son into the world not to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved …..    Father forgive me for not doing what you ask of me i repent and turn from my sin to Live in the light of your glorious Son Chist Jesus who is coming to Judge the World even so come Lord Jesus. Amen

  • Ipat444

    john Q. Public because they put these fools in office.

  • Mljenkins50

    There is plenty of blame to go around.  Certainly the speculators who brought on the crisis bear major responsibility.  But the Republicans in Congress are placing their desire to oust President Obama above the welfare of our country.  Those who put them in office also are guilty of poor judgment and some are now suffering the consequences. 

  • Dlbs77


  • MadMan

    If you want to fix government, the only thing that can make a real difference is getting all the money out of political races. ALL OF IT!

    Publicly funded elections with no lobbyist or “supporter” money is the only way to get elected officials to stop perpetual money-grubbing (being bribed) and take the citizens’ best interest to heart. Only then will we have a truly representational government of, by and for the people. Our elected officials know who owns them and they cater to their needs, not ours.

    The economy crashed because our representatives are satisfying lobbyists, not citizens.

  • Larcor

    I believe it started with the Clinton era. I think if you go back and rewind to Ross Perot, he said “there will be a loud sucking sound of jobs leaving america” Well! no one listened then. We, the american public are to blame. We look at elections like we watch professional football.We have our favorites no matter how bad they are we continue to root for them. We the people are stupid these days.We dont think, get envolved,or speak up. We the people are to blame.We go to sports events and pay hundreds of dollars to pay for ridiculious salaries to athletes. But we complain about the cost of a ticket.

    We have a corrupt, immoral leaders not only in our government, and wall street, our corporations also. Our lawmakers make laws to be above the law. (insider trading) We just sit around and allow it. Think people! THINK! We are sheep being led to pasture.

    Want to fix things? Think! Vote with your mind. Even though the pickings are slim. Call your elected officials and tell them what you think. Want to be able to take your kids to a sporting event without mortgaging your house. Quit going. Empty  seats sends a message. Happend with NASCAR.
    Think people THINK! It’s your country.

  • Ptrkearn

    While most Repugs are fully aware of their treasonous strategy they are to fearful of the Tea Party to react in any other way than lock step. I bet they yearn for the good ol days when they could vote with their own lack of conscience rather than the Tea Party or Dick Armey’s agenda

  • LarryBurt

    The choice must be made under the parameter that no alternative is perfect, and no candidate perfectly reflects our own personal citeria.  We are compelled to select the representative that comes closest to reflecting our own opinion of how to best accomplish the desired result.  (Everyone is looking for pretty similar results – the issues revolve around how to get there)  If we throw up our hands and vote for no one, we voted for the winner, weather we end up happy with the results or not.

  • Jvernle

    The blame is more on policy than say any one individual, however what has culminated in the work force of uncertainty is a direct result of Reaganomics. The unions have continuously lost ground due to the Reagan doctrine. Though lauded by a very powerful (and very rich) constintuency, nothing has trickled down anywhere in all the thirty years since the phrase “trickle down economics” were uttered. That doctrine has been woven into the american economy where it is accepted as a way of life. The republicans push it each time they speak, it’s newest name is the tea party. An example of how normalized greed has become would be the Mayor of New York City: he started out with two to three billion dollars, and is now worth a staggering twenty to thirty billion dollars. A genius of a buisiness man. However, he’s invested nothing into the economy. This is not a crime, but when most billionaires are not simply encouraged, but rewarded and praised for this level of greed we wind up with a society of the very rich, and the very poor. This republican congress has made very clear who they are fighting for, and has used the emotions of a working average Joe, to be duped into believing it is he who they represent. There is much work that needs to be done in, and for this country, The recent Obama jobs bill that the republicans shot down addressed that very need and came up with a clear plan of action. Any plan is a good plan when it is followed through. However that plan placed into action would have assured a second term for this sitting President. It’s as though they still haven’t accepted we have a black president. Because when Americans do well, the country does well. It has always been the right thing to do to support your President. And so far this has been an excellent President. And that is why he will be re-elected, however begrudgingly. 

  • Ptrkearn

    Wrong !!!!
    Put in wind generators and solar along the same route as the proposed pipeline and you’ll create 30,000 permanent jobs, no carbon and free power forever

  • Bob

    1 person can not single handed destroy the employment of a nation of peoples. But a group of 500+ individuals (the complete congress)  that appear only to acknowledge themselves, can.

  • MadMan

    Steve, I agree with your views, except the “we voted them in” part. We may have voted them in, but the system is corrupted by insane amounts of money from interest groups and disproportionate power by the wealthy and corporations.

    Nothing can change until the cash flow is disrupted.

  • LarryBurt

    I think you may have meant to say, sheep being led to slaughter – at least that’s the way I see it.

  • HW

    We need to reverse the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision making corporations people.  The absurdity of this decision is incalculable. We have a Republican congress that cares nothing about the middle class.  We must vote them out of office.

  • Weedeaterlee

    If the companies didn’t move their corporations overseas or south of the border for the low wages we would have jobs. If the unions would stop striking for higher wages and more benefits that would also help keep jobs in America

  • Phanny

    The problem is too old to blame the current president or the current congress, despicable and negative as they are. NAFTA took many jobs from America, but American manufacturers (especially automobile manufacturers) were producing very poor products, so consumers turned to more reliable vehicles, almost all made in Japan or Germany.  That started years ago, and although the American automobile manufacturers have turned things around, it has taken them decades to do so.  Company managers and CEOs complain of too much government regulation, but had they avoided needless and careless pollution and instituted fairness in hiring, there wouldn’t have been the need for these regulations.  I live in a state where there was wholesale dumping of pollutants until DEQ stepped in with regulations to get the dirty polluters to clean up the air and the waterways they were destroying.  Why was this necessary?  Because of human carelessness, greed, mismanagement?  There are no easy answers, but now these same businesses scream about government regulations.  

  • Hightecredneck65

    In my opinion, Obama has formed, a mutually beneficial, unholy alliance with the CEOs, and working class Americans are the ones left to foot the bill.

  • Ptrkearn

    Let the Tea Party vote em all out. Then we expose the Tea Parties controllers , their subversive agenda and then the American Public will vote all the right wing wing nuts out. 

  • Acosmet

    The monetary principles we have as a nation/world which gives us the psychological perceptions that more money will make us more secure/potent.  Too many believe that they deserve it more than the next person not grasping that the more insecure you make the others.  What you end up with in the extreme conditions like Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc.  Or in the less extreme, Europe the U.S. etc.

  • Keithandjackie

    Socialism, marxism DOES NOT WORK!  When is Obama going to give up on pushing for these two failed approaches????

  • LarryBurt

    And if we could all just be content enjoying the same standard of living as a Chinese peasant, the jobs would stay here.  Of course another option would be to require China to meet our minimum standards of workmanship.

  • Bluebenz

    1. President Obama for being sold out to the bankers,
    2, Republican Fascist leaders in Congress for destroying all regulation of the bankers,
    3. CEOs for having no self discipline or ethics at all,
    4. Private bank Federal Reserve for countryjacking the U.S. on  Dec 26 1913 and looting it ever since,
    5. Congress for allowing it,
    6. Congress Fascists for even considering the notion of corporations (artificial entity) having First Amendment rights,
    7. Congress Fascists for allowing and perpetuating Big Oil’s brutal, lethal, long running suppression of viable and proven alternative energy,
    8. Congress Fascists for alowing and perpetuating Big Pharma’s brutal, lethal, and long running suppression of traditional and nutrient based medicine.
    9. Congress Fascists for allowing and perpetuating the ‘swinging doors’ FDA in allowing Big Pharma carte blanche to kill and maim,
    10. PBS/NPR for being apologists for the bas tar ds.

  • Ptrkearn

    add #11 The Tea Party for proving most Republicans are spineless whimps who can be motivated not only by greed but now fear of the Tea Party.

  • Alvin paulsen

    After coming home from Vietnam era. nothing was made for the labor force that made sense.The cars and housing was not made for me or budgeted to high for the labor force. All I wanted was a small pickup.Japan was the only country that had Sm. pickup,at the time. I settle for a Vw bug. Same engine, same body parts each year. less cost of inventory to be housed. The US Car makers are forcing us to buy these heavy gas hogs that have to expensive retooled every year.We have enough straws in our pockets siphon money as it is. Are they looking out for the working class? I don’t think so.They are not looking at it from my boots. Arrogant of prestige is all over the place.
    Housing Is not made for the work force. They are made for the upper middle class or higher. Government have to subsidize us to landlords.Subsidizing does not help us create wealth. We cannot store tools in apartments. Again you don’t see us from our boots. The code has made building a house too expensive.Like sewer over 2″, should not be in the wall. I could go on and on.The arrogant of prestige of it all.
    I can go on and on up the latter  to finance Co. They are destroying the base with there arrogant of prestige. I asked a Okiniwan  what he thought of Americans. He said Americans are not very thrifty and spoiled. I don’t want this to be true.

  • Equ444

    President bush and congress at the time, plus corporations that supported poor and risky lending habits, products, etc

  • Fernjohn

    Republican leaders repeat that taxes for the wealthy must be cut because the wealthy create jobs when the last 30 years has proven this is not true — consumer spending which comes from jobs is far more effective. Obama’s policies have preserved millions of jobs and created some.  Now government jobs of various kinds are being lost — 20,000 last month — because of Republican unwillingness to fund governments at all levels.  This is exacerbating the problem.  Why do Americans not wake up and vote these people out of office.

  • LarryBurt

    mak70,  When 1000′s of people line up overnight to apply for ten job openings in the morning, how can you possibly conclude that 13 million people, most of whom have been hard-working people all of their lives, do not want to wor?.  When someone hitch-hikes from California to North Dakota to get a job in a location that has no housing for him, how can you possibly conclude thatpeople do not want to work?  Finally what planet have you been living on for the past 6 years?

  • jim

    The lack of over-site of the banking industry, allowed greed to ruin the lives of millions. When the housing market inflated and then deflated even faster, it caused a spiral of foreclosures and ultimately brought down the whole economy. There was no one person who caused this mess, but a series of blunders all the way up the “chain”.

  • jeff hinkley

    Have you ever heard of bill clinton,chris dodd, & barney frank????????  They  aren’t republicans!!!!!!!

  • Aspurecolor

    I feel greed and lust for “power”, unconscious self-absorption and inattention to others’ needs paved the way for the people in banking/mortgage lending/finance to expose, by their need to make obscene amounts of profit, how dysfunctional our “capitalistic democracy” is and in doing so, combined with massive unregulated financial “rules/guidelines” caused a world wide money melt down. Oh, let’s not forget the Republican lawmakers, who are unbending and reptilian.

  • AJ

    I think the Republicans in D.C., at least, don’t care if the President is green.  they want him out because he is not 100% in the pocket of Wall Street, the C of C, and the rest of the 1%.

  • Dlbs77

    The republicans blame all this jobs mess on “policy uncertainty,” what a load of crud. Small companies hire with increase demand. Large organizations and companies, are stock-piling money to increase revenues. Uncertainty in demand is the issue, not uncertainty in policy, which is just another tactic to hit the Obama administration.

    Someone mentioned you can’t blame it on one individual. That is correct,
    and I am not sure how Americans can be so ignorant to try and place
    blame on just one individual, unless they are that hateful.

    I am tired of congress attacking our president and blaming him on a
    daily basis, just to get re-elected. They have taken absolutely no
    responsibility, and are just worried about gaining the presidency. Quit
    attacking and start working.

  • Reachrobinw

    I blame each and every one of us. I blame us for being so polarized and extreme in our opinions that we can’t compromise. I blame us for being greedy and wanting bigger, better, more, so we maximize our profits by automating and laying people off in addition to charging more and more for our product. I blame us for whining and demanding that somebody else be – financially - responsible for our mishaps. I blame us for not getting off our collective arses and picking cotton, or oranges, or scrubbing toilets. I blame us for looking down upon those who pick cotton, oranges, and scrub toilets. I blame us for not keeping our population in check – by birth alone, the US population increases by over 3000 people per day! - But most of all, I blame us for our apathy and short sightedness that allowed it all to happen in the first place.

  • LarryBurt

    The Bush administration INCREASED the debt by a larger amount than than the total of all administrations prior to that time.  They also created a need for a very expensive fix.  They attempted to implement that fix with the failed bank bail-out.  While true that the bleeding caused by the bush administration blunders continues still, the republicans in congress have ripped at every bandage which Obama has tried to apply.  His bail-out of the auto industry, on the other hand, worked.  Jobs were saved and the money has been and is being paid back.

  • Sp

    mofo republicans want to end all regulation and government.. welcome to more oil spills, pollution, food contamination, product recalls.. and that is the benefit of capitalism? Mofos refuse to tax the rich and instead feed their own pockets.. how the average poor republican voter decided to elect these pieces of garbage is beyond my comprehension. I bet the average red-neck that humps the bible and thinks only about abortion doesnt even watch PBS to vote on this poll.

  • Fogel Paul

    Your survey does not allow more than one choice.
    If one really wants to know read Michael Moore’s books and Ellen Schults’s book on the Retirement Heist.
    Class warfare was decided by Ronald Reagan in the 80′s but I think even he would be shocked at the greed and the callousness of his party and it’s supporters. 

  • Hawkman

    Clinton left us in the black for the first time in 37 years and it took Bush HOW long to destroy that. Stop the Cr*p about not taxing the top 2.7% (REPUBLICANS) and lets pass some job bills(Obama’s) and get people back to work!

  • Basins1

    The blame game won’t fix the problem. Quit buttin heads like billy goats and fix the unemployment rate.

  • Hawkman

    He is not pushing either, he is pushing fairness. The wealthy have had it great since Nixon was elected . Look at the difference in CEO wages and normal folks over the last 35 years . Especially the last 20years. It is time to spred the pain and the top 2.7% need to kick in!

  • anonymous

    Too many CEOs are being paid ridiculously high and irrational salaries.  These people view their frontline employees as automatons.  They offer early retirement to rid the employment rolls of high paid employees, but do not backfill these jobs with permanent employees.  Increasingly, they are backfilled with either parttime or worse, parttime ready reserve employees–in my company that is a a parttimer with no health care, no vacation, no holidays and limited to 1500 hours a year.  That means by the time they finally get proficient at their jobs, they are deactivated because they have exceeded their hours for the year. That all means that permanent full and part time employees have to carry more of the load, get denied vacation and holiday time off, and our customers suffer.

  • Guythomas

    When I went to work for GE in 1970 there where 30,000 employees at the Schenectady plant. But the handwriting was already on the wall. The company started moving operations of shore, reduced employees, and by 2002 when I retired there where 5,000 employees. By 1994 when NAFTA was passed it was the icing on the cake further reducing barriers to moving operations offshore. As the nations manufacturing spiraled down the final blow came when the housing bubble burst.
    Trying to pin this problem on Obama or the others in your list is naïve and you should know this. The root cause most likely can be traced to the following;

    A nation of greedy unionized workers who drove manufacturing out of the country” to compete in a global economy”

    Greedy companies who moved to third world nations “to compete in a global economy” with little or no regard for the Country they live in or its future.

    Gutless or brain dead Politicians who can’t see beyond their next election cycle. As this downward spiral was recognized they needed to identify the problems and proactively fashion solutions, not wait until the country was on the rocks before acting. The housing bubble collapse, the final straw, can directly be blamed on government. Their Socialist agenda of house for everyone, regardless of normal loan criteria, spawned the sub prime housing market. With wall street and bankers highly complicit in the final leg of the country’s destruction.

    So who is responsible for the high unemployment rate? We all are

  • Hawkman

    REALLY! You must be joking RIGHT!!!!

  • Dlbs77

    I never did get that people vote based on abortion alone. I believe all sin is equal in the eyes of God, and all causes death. God gave free will. I am not saying I am for abortion, just that if conservatives really didn’t want it, they would be pro-family. Wouldn’t that decrease abortion? Greed increases uncertainty for would-be families. I won’t say anything about social responsibility and the individualism that is ever increasing. We could go on and on.

  • Electriczipper

    Self centered greed that has infected all of the above, and too much of the rest of the world to the point that their focus has been diverted away from Christ towards the pursuit of accumulating monetary wealth without considering or caring what it does to their fellow human beings. 

  • Connie Charles

    It has become clear to me that millionaires (the ones Sen Mitchell keeps telling us we have to protect from higher taxes) aren’t the ones who can be expected to provide jobs.  The jobs are only going to come back when people have enough money in their pockets to buy things, and the way to do that is for government to invest in the projects that all Americans can benefit from and the education system from pre-school through graduate level is restored with teachers and lowered tuition.

  • Laslim21

    The republicans of course. The Get Over Party has made the country a real mess. They are so blind with the efforts to damage the POTUS that they don;t care what’s happening to the people of this country. It is my hope and prayer that the majority of the voters especially the works and unemployed are paying attention to what’s going on and vote next year and call,fax and email their elected representitives and let them know their thoughts and feelings frequently.

  • hawkman

    How about the upper, upper mangement quit pulling raises and golden parachutes or robbing the retirement funds and pay decent wages for the people that actually do the work. Look at wages for the working class versus the upper trolls and see what has happened over the last 25 years. Upper gets 263%  working class 13%

  • hawkman


  • J.Q.

    Historically, when taxation on the wealthiest in our society has been higher, the overall economy has done better. In the 1950s and 1960s, for example, the economy boomed, even the though the wealthiest were taxed on their income during those times at a rate of about 90% compared with the average of about 23% that they are taxed at now. Corporations say that corporate taxes in the United States are too high, yet GE hires some of the best tax accountants in the world and pays nothing in corporate taxes. Many other large American corporations also avoid taxation altogether by shifting their monies overseas into communist countries like China to get super cheap labor, no payroll taxation and cheaper Chinese factories without those pesky EPA restrictions and child labor laws (How American!) 

    Why does all of this kind of un-American business behavior continue? Why do H1B visa caps get removed even though many skilled American information technology workers here at home are out of work? Because the Republicans block every single piece of proposed legislation that has the words “raise” and “taxes” in it. Sure the American corporate tax rate might need be lowered somewhat to make America a more attractive place to do business. But these corporations need to be made to pay a set tax amount, period. If a corporation is an American business and it lists its profits on its annual report at 10 billion dollars, then it should pay, say, 15% in taxes on that 10 billion in profit instead being able to commit fraud by then claiming that they are in the poor house come tax time and have made no profit. In other words, you say it, you pay it. Tax these corporations on the amount that they list in their annual report. Tax them like people are taxed. After all, the conservative-dominated Supreme Court has said corporations are people.

    And when it comes to the wealthiest people who make over $250,000 per year (not to mention the 1% who make millions per year) getting taxed more, I say we should. The Republicans would again disagree. President Bush and the rest of the Republicans didn’t understand how important it is to raise taxes during wartime as we did in World War II as FDR did. The tax rate on the wealthiest during WWII was 90% compared with the average of 23% the wealthiest pays now after tax credits and loopholes. How else can any government fund multiple war efforts unless it raises taxes, especially on the most fortunate in our society? 

    Republicans still believe deeply in the failed philosophy of trickle down economics and that if you let the wealthy keep more money in the form of lower taxes, they will reinvest that in employing more people in their businesses. No, actually, based on my experience, that business owner will take that extra income saved and then spend it on a new yacht, a trip overseas, a new luxury car, a big screen TV, and the like. Sure those big ticket purchases help employ the yacht maker and the car maker and the TV maker, but how many of those products and small parts that go into those products are actually made here in the US and employ U.S. workers anyway, and what do those quick purchases do to really boost employment of American citizens over the long haul and on a grand scale?

    Republicans are always careful to say giving the rich lower taxes means more jobs. They just don’t tell you that those jobs are not here in our country and that if those jobs done here, many of those jobs are not being done by American workers. For example, you’ll never hear a Republican admit that many American companies that develop software, such as Bank of America, are making billions dollars and even being bailed out by taxpayers, even though Bank of America often hires thousands of cheaper foreign H1B-visaed programmers from India instead of hiring unemployed American programmers. They never mention that part. But hey, it’s all for the sake of free-enterprise and less regulation as per the Republican mantra. Government regulation be damned.

    I say, let the government collect more taxes from the wealthiest people and corporations and take away the tax loopholes that help them avoid being taxed at a higher rate and then use that added revenue to pay down the deficit and rehire some laid off police officers, firefighters, and teachers.

    Republicans are so blinded by the philosophy of unfettered free trade and protecting the corporations and business owners from “socialism” and that darn socialist weapon of taxation that they forget that they promote “free trade” with China, the largest communist country in the world and American corporations’ biggest business partner. But, I will say, that Democrats are also partially to blame, because many of them take the same corporate lobby money as Republicans do to protect the corporations and the wealthy from higher taxes and regulation. For that matter, President Obama, like the Presidents before him, has done nothing to help bring American jobs back from China, India, Mexico, and elsewhere or to limit the number of both legal and illegal foreign workers who are allowed to take jobs away from Americans willing to work in just about any job, especially after many of them have been unemployed for nearly a year on average .However Democrats, unlike Republicans, typically seem to at least have some sense that if you destroy the middle class and poor to protect the rich from taxation and regulation, you will destroy this country in the process. That realization seems to go over just about every Republican’s head. 

    Frankly, we need to create a legal ban all monetary lobbying of all politicians in this country, particularly for congressmen. The Constitution allows for lobbying or a “petition for a redress of grievances.” However, that does not mean that money needs to change hands to lobby or make a case for something. A memo and media presentation to state your case as a lobbyist should suffice from a Constitutional standpoint. Then, perhaps, the corporate lobbyists who currently find ways to influence legislation the permits jobs to be taken overseas and avoid taxes too often might actually face federal laws that work to actually protect American jobs and lower unemployment.

    What it boils down to is that the Republicans would rather see President Obama out of office after one term than they would like to see any helpful legislation or compromise with Democrats in Congress take place. Republicans are more interested in regaining the power they lost when a Democrat went into the White House than they are in saving the country from ruin–the very ruin that they caused by cutting taxes severely in wartime, reducing government oversight of the market and hedge fund investments, doing nothing to address the fact that China now owns us and is carrying our debt, spending taxpayer money like there was no tomorrow, bailing out the big banks like Goldman Sachs and AIG at taxpayer expense with no return on investment, and indirectly handing out huge CEO bonuses. Why? Because the friends in their circles are so filthy rich that they will never face the ruin that the masses will if we spiral down into an economic depression. 

    Or maybe the Republicans and the greedy corporations and businessmen who promote Chinese, Indian, and Mexican foreign labor just to make more profits at the expense of American workers will feel the pain too. After all, King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette come to mind. 

  • hawkman

    Please, it started when Nixon got elected and helped hornswoggle in the 68 tax law changes. That was when the rich first started getting back the power mojo . They tipped the balance by getting there taxes lowered and have been continuing to accomplish more and more ever since as long as the Republicans have power. WAKE UP and vote with you wallet America the blind!!!

  • abqblondie

    Obama and his failed socialist policies an the over regulation are totally responsible for the unemployment.

  • Laslim21

    I couldn’t agree with you more, you got it all in a nut shell.

  • Hawkman

    If you actually read some of Obama’s ideas you will see that his jobs bill had no new taxes except replacing Bush tax cuts on the top 2.7%. His other deficit reduction plan was similar with no new taxes on anyone making under $250,000 per year (after deductions by the way). There was also cuts in programs and spending to alleviate the deficit BUT THE REPUBLICANS WON”T HAVE ANY OF IT-    What Tax The rich a little bit. Heavens NO!!!! What avbout some fairness for the working class!!!!!

  • Laslim21

    There are no more regulations in effect now than during the administration that robbed the country.

  • Dlbs77

    You are awesome. Now, how to effect change…

  • Reachrobinw

    Very well said.

  • Laslim21

    I went the a simular situation with goodyear. I Went to work for them at a warehouse in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1991 and thought I would retire there, they started shipping production from the local plant to mexico and the downward spiral started.

  • concerned

    This president is SO weak–he doesn’t fight for anything like Rooseveldt (both), Truman, and Kennedy did. I think he likes beintg a figurehead and trappings of being the president, but, he’s really not INTO IT as far as fighting for us, the middle and lower class. He pales in comparison to the three presidents I mentioned. He recently signed 3 trade agreements –we all know what Nafta and WTO have done to jobs in this country-and he excused illegal entry into this country for votes He doesn’t even talk about tariffs on Chinese and other low-wage countries. He took $1million dollars from Goldman Sachs for his campaign and brought Wall Street into his administration. He re-appointed Ben Bernanke for Federal Reserve chairman–I wonder if he’s watched the documentry INSIDE JOB!! I have. We continue to slide as a result of his weakness. We continue to allow over a million people into this country at a time of high unemployment–it adds to our problems–way to many workers for the available work.

  • Hightecredneck65

    Greed is to blame. Both governmental and corporate combined. As any good investigator/auditor/FBI agent/etc. will tell you….follow the money.

  • Dlbs77

    And they want to get rid of history in schools, which is supposed to keep us from repeating that history…how about keeping it, with just a revision…the truth.

  • Electriczipper

    You all seem to be focusing on symptoms. Selfishness instead of genuine caring community spirit is what has degraded society into the state it is in now. Blame the republicans? The Democrats? It doesn’t matter, both parties are aligned with the same flag, the Jolly Roger! The astronomical hike in fuel prices is what pulled the trigger on this loaded gun, the junk mortgages, etc.

  • LarryBurt

    Not only has the economy done better during periods of higher taxes; quality of life was better.  The American family had more leisure time in the 50′s than at any other time in all of American history.  It was wonderful to grow up under that system.  One parent could actually earn enough to comfortably support a family and families actually had time to do things as a family.  Talk about family values!  Higher upper tax limits are no detriment to the country or the American way of life at all – they create the environment under which the country and the individuals therein can flourish.

  • Dlbs77

    The first American settlers immigrated to get away from the very thing that is happening in our beautiful country. We have to fix this. There is no where else to go.

  • Electriczipper

    Symptoms, but yes we all in-general have been infected or forcefully inoculated with self-centeredness because we thought we had to be just to make ends meet.

  • Buffallohills MBC

    My husband and I live in Colorado Springs, Colo., and we first started noticing the “economy crunch” in 2006.  We were having difficulty selling a piece of real estate.  Money was tight, even though we live on a pension and social security income.  People were kocking on our door asking for any work that we might need, i.e., mow the lawn, shovel snow from the walk–anything!  I remember having bought groceries that day and I gave the able bodied young man some food in a brown paper bag.  He said he had a wife and two children and could not find work.

    The recession continued to deepen.  In 2007 it was becoming more difficult for us to purchase the basic things we needed: gasoline, tires, underwear, shoes, etc.  We neglected our dental care, etc.,  We watched as the recession worsened and wondered how our economy could get any worse.  We were involved in two wars and yet Mr. George Bush continued to “cut the budget,” as he had done every year he was in office and continued to spend billions.  When Congress questioned his requests for more money, “where will it come from” he responded with, “I’ll just request a supplemental.”

    We watched our neighbors who had been gainfully employed lose their jobs.  In 2008 our city closed eight (8) elementary schools including one middle school.  We endured driving on snow packed roads that had not been plowed–because the recession had had such an impact on services and we got by without the luxury of street lights (another cost saving cut).  My husband and I did not receive an increase in our income–again because of the dire economical circumstances.

    We were happy to vote for Mr.Barack Obama, and were completly fearful of Mr. John McCain’s promise if he were elected he would “cut the budget.”  Was it Einstein who described retardation as repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result?  

    We can see a light at the end of the tunnel!  We are grateful that Mr. Obama joined with Mr. Bush and Hank Paulson to “bail out” the banks and GM.  At our age, we remember the crash of 1929 and the effect the banks’ closing had on people who had money in the bank–those doors were closed to them and many never got their money.  We also recall the life style our elderly, hardworking citizens endured when they were moved into the “Poor Farms.”  They received $10 a month if they were white and $7 a month if they were black (African American).  We are so grateful for The Social Security Administration’s program and for the engenious plan to allow workers to pay into such a plan that would benefit them in their elder years.  NOT AN INTITLEMENT but rather an insurance program funded by earned income.       

  • AJ

    I like your style, Guythomas, and agree with almost everything you wrote.  harking back to GWB and his “Ownership Society” I can see in my mind’s eye, a crony Wall Streeter whispering into Bush’s ear, “Let’s loosen borrowing regulations, give everybody a mortgage, and we can use this housing bubble to make billions in an instrument called ‘Mortgage Backed Securities’.”  in this way it was a twisted, unregulated capitalist agenda, not a socialist agenda, that spawned the sub prime housing market.

  • guest

    Wall Street, fraudulent practices that brought this economy down and cost me my teaching job in 2009. 

  • Fed up with liberal bias

    Unbelievable there is not voting for the democrats in Congress or Senate.  Since they were the ones who created the housing crisis.  And you call this a poll?  Since this is PBS, I suppose it is not unbelievable, since you are incapable of being fair and balanced.  People are getting wise and not drinking the kool aid any more.

  • Havel_brendan

      without question it is the ceo’s who have the legislature in their pockets

  • Jaunsanchez

    The republicans won in such a landslide, they thought they had a mandate to do nothing. That is what is going on, we elected people with a mandate to do nothing but cut spending. The country will not move ahead till we get rid of this congress. talk about your weak leader, could you get any weaker then Bohner ?

  • AJ

    Looking at policies and implementation, President Obama is probably to the right of Richard Nixon, so how exactly is he a socialist?

  • Jegus

    Republican leaders in Congress are determined to do all they can to beat Obama in the next election even if it means hurting our country and its hardworking citizens. They have blocked many programs which could help add jobs. In the last decade they have also systematically cut federal and state taxes in order to starve the government so that education and helpful programs have had to be cut. Sign me an ex-Republican.

  • AJ

    re: who created the housing crisis, by which I assume you mean the most recent bubble and bust?  harking back to GWB and his “Ownership Society” I can see in my mind’s
    eye, a crony Wall Streeter whispering into Bush’s ear, “Let’s loosen
    borrowing regulations, give everybody a mortgage, and we can use this
    housing bubble to make billions in instruments called ‘Mortgage Backed
    Securities’.”  borrowers were solicited, and their mortgages became tools of Wall Street.

  • LarryBurt

    Your preferred choice is there, as “something else all together.”  It seems, when combined with all other something elses to have about 10% of they vote.  Not too well supported, I guess.  Actually the housing bust was caused by the deregulation of derrivatives – but don’t let facts confuse any issues.

  • AJ

    thank you for your perspective.  sounds like Colorado Springs was on the bleeding edge of the recession.  I don’t know what would have happened without the TARP bailout, but I think there was premeditation with malice aforethought, sleight-of-hand taking taxpayer bailouts to prop up the irresponsible, too-big-to-fail casino-Banksters.  in some ways, the too-big-to-fail S&L scandals were a dry run for 2008.

  • AJ

    the first American settlers immigrated for lots of reasons, some with visions of raping and pillaging a virgin land to make their fortunes, some looking for religious freedom, some one step ahead of the authorities, etc, etc.

  • Nvbob

    I think you are totally wrong. Bill Clinton turned over a booming surplus and George Bush squandered it with tax breaks to the rich, bailouts to the banks, sweetheart deals to the drug companies and the Iraq war, none of which were included in the budget or paid for not to mention the push to extend mortgage loans to people that could not afford them though de-regulations allowing wall street to mix them together and resell them as investments when they were toxic. This recession was in full effect in 2008 before Obama was in office. It’s easy to follow the money  that caused these problems and the actions of the Republican Congress that is now preventing Obama from solving this recession.

  • Nvbob

    I believe George Bush and the Republicans are responsible for all the economic problems we now have. I have been closely watching politics for 30 years and it’s clear to me that George Bush and his administration brought on this recession and now blame the republicans in the congress and the senate for the continuing problems.

  • Birtramfreeman

    There are three parts of our government and any two can overide the other.  When a set of people sent int the Tee Party they when in to stop the President from making any progress at all in the foolish hope that they will have a chance to gain the White house in 2012.  The problem with that is they have to have enough people of like minds to pull that off. Weathe the republicans like it a not,  They know this to be true.  This mess about taking back their country is from the minds of those who don’t know their history.  There is a man in the White House who is smart enough to know how to get us out of this mess that the Republicans, Military waste, and greed of of the two precenters put us in.(I have hope for the future.  God Bless America.)

  • Sdelano

    Clearly the Obama administration is to blame……  The Democrats have had complete control of all three branches of government during the first 2 years of Obama’s term. They have still yet to pass a budget!  Obama has created far too much uncertainy for buisnesses…..  Even the passage of Obama Care which is still unpopular, has caused major uncertainty.  Sorry but the man is far from a leader!  Leaders put politics aside and get the job done!  Its not about democrats vs republicans anymore it is now Liberals vs Conservatives….  Washington is broke and if you want real change vote for Ron Paul…..

  • Nvbob

    The fact that this recession is called THE RECESSION OF 2008 proves it is not Obama’s fault. George Bush and his administration are responsible for the mess we are in and the fact that Mitch Mc Connell said himself that his number one goal is to make Obama a one term president proves the republican congress is responsible for the prolonging of the recession. It’s very easy to research this if you weren’t paying attention while it was happening. 

     Bill Clinton turned over a booming surplus and George Bush squandered it with tax breaks to the rich, bailouts to the banks, sweetheart deals to the drug companies and the Iraq war, none of which were included in the budget or paid for not to mention the push to extend mortgage loans to people that could not afford them though de-regulations allowing wall street to mix them together and resell them as investments when they were toxic. This recession was in full effect in 2008 before Obama was in office. It’s easy to follow the money  that caused these problems and the actions of the Republican Congress that is now preventing Obama from solving this recession.

  • LarryBurt

    A 41% minority controls th US Senate, and in Obama’s first two years, the Republicans used it more than all of the previous Senates in US history combined – with the express purpose of bringing our country to its knees, with no more noble objective than to destroy a President, whos greatest fault was being a member of the opposing party.  The Republican 41% minority controlled the Senate for the first two years and have been aided in their sutrefuge by the Tea Party controlled house ever since.  Republicans have in fact fully controlled our government since two years into Bill Clinton’s first term.

  • Anonymous

    This program was enlightening but not surprising. I have been following states politics in 2006, 2008 and 2010. This story is mostly about Ohio (Kasich), go to Indiana  (Daniels) and now Wisconsin (Walker) the story is the same. First private workers, then public workers are losing jobs, benefits, and retirement as the governors of these states give tax breaks to big corporations and privatize public infrastructure, education and anything else they can get their legals around.

    Please, on the next program explore these governor’s records and then drill up to see where their marching orders come from. Daniels, who has been at this the longest has been begged by the gop to run for president. Is this what we want for our country?
    2012 will be a BIG national referendum on the future of this nation. We all need to go out and become politically active.

  • Nvbob

    The causes of this recession were in full effect in 2008 before Obama these are the facts.

  • Sdelano

    Obama has no record to run on so like all of you he will blame and attack!!!!  I am sorry but true leaders get the job done and work with both sides of the isle!

  • Anonymous

    Colorado Springs is also one of the first communities to “downsize government”. Driven by a local business owner to eliminate government and cut wages to those he paid in his hotel. I do not live there but have followed this community.
    The “government is bad” ideology is bad, the government is us.

  • Anonymous

    You are uninformed.

  • Mgmusic20

    Republicans in congress are to blame for everything.

  • AJ

    re: where their marching orders come from.  Kochs, Wall Street, and their ilk.  you know, the 1% of Citizens who United to bring unlimited $$ into U.S. elections.

  • Sdelano

    Why the hell would anyone want the federal government to grow in size whether it were R or D controlled????  George Bush was a progressive republican……  Anyone for Big Government is out of there freaking minds!

  • Westkandj

    The Republican Congress is obstructionist.  They voted agains the jobs bill.  Most of them took Grover Norquist’s pledge not to raise taxes no matter what.  They care more about their positions in Congress than they care about our country.

  • wyobserver

    George W. Bush and Alan Greenspan created the atmososphere and the ingredients for the major financial institutions to run a fraudulant mortgage system that caused this crisis. The bankers have a history of running amok approximately ever 20 years, and when their bubble bursts, we dive into recession. Their irresponsiblity and fraud this time were so egregious, that we have a recession that will be with us for a long time. Particularly given the irrationality and hyper-partianship of the current Republican members of Congress. The destructive exporting of jobs by our major corporations and their financial strangle-hold on Congress have also caused the shift from decent paying jobs to the lower paying service sector. Although the message from Occupy Wall Street has been disorganized, the underlying anger is directed in the correct directions.

  • Sdelano

    Please there is much blame to go all around please do some homework!

  • Anonymous

    Your comment is incoherent. The Democrats created this housing crisis!  Who created the housing crisis? Do not believe in fairy tales go read. Start with all the “All the Devils are Here” by Nocera and McLean and then the “The Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown”, do not remember the author. Once you are done with those I can suggest a few others if you are up for it. 

  • Mgmusic20

    Bush&Republicans since Reagan started to get rid of middle class.

  • LarryBurt

    You really have to wonder about any representative who pedges allegiance to an individual, thereby forsaking allegiance to The United States of America, and the Republic for which it stands.  “No man can serve two masters.” - the Bible

  • AJ

    well said.  thank you.  I would go farther back, at least 30 years, to the Republicans’ long-term goal of repealing everything FDR did for Main Street, repealing every tax except the taxes the middle class pay (so we can finance their wars and fix their roads), and repealing every regulation so we can be poisoned, maimed, the miners can die in cave-ins, and the Banksters, Big Oil, Big Pharma, et al, can take every last taxpayer penny for their corporate welfare bailouts.

  • Anonymous

    You are so right. I pointed this out to relative who is a retired insurance executive who hates government, taxes and extolls the free market. When he state that he was lucky to alive during the greatest expansion of business in this country the 1950 and 1960s I mentioned to him that taxes where much higher then and it did not stop business. End of conversation.

  • Sdelano

    Obama has said himself he owns the economy nuff said…..  People get up everyday and goto work to solve problems…  not complain they just get the job done!!!  He is the POTUS!

  • Ray Ymzon

    The President has had more than 3 years to reduce unemployment.  If he could have had a few successful business executives as advisors to show how to grow business and employment and thus the economy, he would have fulfilled his initial promise of keeping unemployment below 8 percent by his second year, and even lower by his third year and would have insured winning reelection without being on a campaign mode too soon in his presidency.  All he would have had to do now is to extol his results nationwide from the bully pulpit while staying closer to his family and stealing the most important issues from the Republicans.  Winning both Hou

  • NoRustySwords

    Simple, I saw it coming, when the price of crude oil started climbing in 2005 and the major increase in 2008, in under 4 years, it over doubled. Everything revolves around oil, its energy and many other uses. I saw it coming, I said wait until the high cost permeates everything dependent, on it. So as the burden of higher costs, started finding the weaker, aspects of our economy, just think back, of things failing all over this country and the globe. The burden of higher costs of energy was to much, bankruptcies, layoffs, closures, cutbacks on spending, because of fear, created more layoffs and on and on……… Maybe I should have chosen the President Obama, I selected someone else altogether, on the poll, if Obama put that stimulus money into oil development, we would all be driving Mercedes-Benz s to work, his hands are tied, because of being in bed with all the environmentalists and other gropes holding back, us being independent with our own oil, and not dependent on foreign sources.  Just a side note, look at N. Dakota and the prosperity. I say loose the bonds from the restrictions coming from the environmental movement.  Simple as that is is the reason.

  • LarryBurt

    Dwight D Eisnhower, a Republican President, gave us our interstate highway system.   Who among us would agree to save billions of dollars by abolishing our military.  Government is not automatically bad.  It was designed by our forefathers to serve the common good and agenda.  It is not in the business of producing income, like a business.  It is not in the business of meeting personal needs and comforts, like a family.  It is in the business of providing for the common good, which is the business of spending money.  Government does not produce money, nor have the objective of providing for its own needs.  It is designed specifically to spend money for the common good.   It can come almost exclusively from the serfs, as it does now, or it can come from everyone, according to their ability to contribute, as Obama and Warren Buffet (1 of two richest men in America) would like to see happen.

  • Sdelano

    You speak mostly of state rights……..  State and local governments!  The Federal Government has become far too large and over reaching!  The only purpose I see for the Federal Government is to protect its citizens militarily

  • Anonymous

    Yes I know and then some. I usually post links to the Kochs, and others but I do not have much time. I believe that Obama is trying to do the right thing, many in the military like him  ( I am from military family). He said in 2009 make me do it. It is time we make him do it.

  • Anonymous

    You are right in so many ways.

  • rqbii

    The party of “No” is only interested in one thing:  regaining the presidency in 2012.  It behooves them to maintain a wrecked economy if they are to succeed in attaining that goal.  

  • Just Wondering

    Why weren’t “Democrats in Congress” an option in your poll?

  • Sdelano

    BLAME BLAME BLAME!!!!  ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!  It is truly a sad way to try and win an election!

  • Brick53

    The blame is not only for unemployment. It has to do with the unwillingness for all people to see beyond their own selfish motives and come together for a common ground to benefit all of societies. This is how America’s freedom was won. The self sacrifices neccessary to form a nation free from tyranny. The whole world is coming to this revealation. We should be on watch for the tyrants waiting in the background. All MUST get involved. Albert Einstein once warned. “The world can be an evil place to live in. Not because of those who do evil. But because of those who sit back and do nothing about it.”

  • Rosetta Richardson

    the president is only one man and only one branch of the government(and one would knoe that if the had even an elem. education) The congress has said out loud that the only thing they want is to put Obama out of the white house. The Republican’s were so sure that a black could not win that they did not even try to win the election. Why else would they put Sara Palin up for vice president? But like us christians who thought that no one would ever let the pray be taken out of our schools let that crazy lady do so. We were wrong and so were the Republicans. Now we both have to eat crow. If you would like me to say this on nat. tv just call me at 2523479622 for I am not afraid to say what no new person is allowed to say.IT IS ALL ABOUT RACE. Yes I said it.

  • Rosetta

    get a life he is only one person bush did not even try.

  • Maverickmagi

    It started in the 90s with the free trade agreements, which made it more profitable for American companies to move over seas. I guess you could blame Clinton for that since it happened during his watch. Anyone who actually cares about this country and has researched what is really going on knows it goes much deeper than that.

  • Dnmfortwayne2

    Ceo’s mastermind the problem; inadvertently and some maliciously threw the hiring of lobbies to twist the branches of congress so that there company’s get an advantage over everyone else. This is unfair because it allows specifically righten legal loophole to form micro monopoly to exists in the economy without everyone identifying that their is an unequal playing felid.

  • Sdelano

    I can not allow you to pull the race card!!!!  I voted for Obama and I wish I only knew what kind of hope and change he meant be fore i pulled the lever….  Please stop your madness!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    These people’s stories are tragic. But as many (economist) have said this is a created crisis*. This is a crisis created by an ideology a generation ago. I call them the single bottom liners and for all of the Frank Luntz spins that drive the left into a tail spin; calling the gop single bottom liners sends the them into a tailspin.  (*Sources are available on line)

    2012 will be a colossal battle about the role of government and public policy: will we have public education or private, retirement will remain public or private, environmental regulations or unregulated resource extraction, worker rights or not? Or is the government’s role only for national security? I know many Democrats would make a deal to reform entitlements but the republicans are aiming  to privatize and profit-ize.  I could go on.

    For people posting here, I am new to posting and I am not a book seller but an armature educator.
    Please read “The Wrecking Crew” Thomas Franks
    ” Justice What is the Right Thing to Do” Michael Sandel
    “All Devils are Here” by Nocera and McLean.

  • Anonymous

    You are not informed, He did.

  • Knoxscooney

    The tea party minority, has taken control of the Republicans, and are leading them to their
    biggest waterloo in 2012, I’m a Reagan Democrat, and the way the Republicans act in congress
    and the senate as if all Republicans in the country had jobs, and that all Democrats were the ones
    unemployed. I’m sure all of you in office, weren’t elected by one party.
    maybe their should be a middle class candidates, running as a Republican, Democrat and
    Independent in the next election.

  • Tommylore

    Absolutely correct!! Anyone with any part of their brain functioning correctly, shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out that this isn’t obamas fault!

  • edie

    Gov. Kaisik ofOhio laid off publicworkers includingteachers, fireman, police and won’t raise taxes on corporations and wealthymillionaires and billionaires. Republicans inCongressalso voteddownthePresident’sjob billsupported by Democrats and payroll tax cuts for the middle class workers. Republican’s got rid of collective bargaining for public workers. They do not care for working people or unions that represent workers.  They deserve to be voted out of office.

  • Tommylore

    If I had to guess, i’d guess that you are a republican! Tell you why….. First you talk about how it’s the democrats fault by telling us how they have had control of all three branches of government for the first two years of obamas term and blah blah blah. Then you go on to tell us that it’s not about democrats vs republicans anymore!! Maybe next time before you decide to type a rediculous statement such as this one online for millions of people to read, try writing it out on paper. Have a democrat read it to tell you if it makes sense. If it does, then put it online!! One more thing, I may never see this site again, so I wouldn’t waste any time re-posting in hopes of my reading your reply to me that more than likely isn’t going to make any sense anyway!

  • Happygohykr

     Decades ago corporations, looking to cut their bottom line and maximize profits, began using slave and cheap labor overseas and to the southern countries of this hemisphere. Then was the time to sit and have a discussion about the future ramifications of such actions. Non the less we have lost those jobs and I believe we will not be getting them back . Investing in our future ,(education.educators.schools,etc.) investing in Green technologies, (becoming leaders in solar, wind and hydro technologies manufacturing} and most important, Love, Respect and Support one another. We are all we have left !!!!!!

  • Klagya

    Buy things from China? Will that provide jobs?
    If you only stop buying things made in China & Mexico: You might have more work?
    If you only stop shopping in Walmart: That will help.

  • What’s it matter?

    Bush started it. Clinton had it all good, then bush destroyed us! Hell, he even destroyed the trade center!

  • ElayneCatey

    They just don’t care

  • Klagya

    Not only the Housing: Moving all the work of shore, will lower the standard of living.
     People work for little money, will pay little or no Tax. The Country will go Bankrupt.

  • Tony

    Look I am just a stupid generalist savant with an IQ over 180 so I will try to explain and tell you how to fix it. You do want to fix it do you not???
    It was not to long ago that less than 20% of all Californians could even afford a home even though they were using products of Fraud.
    Things like option arms that you could buy a million dollar home if you had good credit and only say pay 600 a month mortgage for say the next 5 years the difference of the real interest being tacked on to what you owe on your home. So 5 years later you owe not just one million but one million three hundred thousand dollars and since you 5 year fixed is over your payment now go,s to say $7000 a month and the home go’s back to the bank. All this crap paper was made into the toxic products that still circle the world. Most of it is yet to come. 
    So what do you do to begin to fix this and stabilize the markets?
    The government has to sat that any kind of arm loan, anything but a old fashion 30 year fixed mortgage will no longer be taken onto the books of FHA, USDA and that all arm loans on there records will be changed in the next 30 days to 3% and or there start rate.
    They will then put pressure on Fanny and Freddy to do the same.
    The banks will be harder but will fall into line if you tell them any bank that generates or holds arm loans on there books will no longer have FDIC insurance. They will fall into line with that.
    You also need to end credit scoring by the three services. It is unreliable and to prone to abuse.
    Then make your largest gift to the American People.
    You need to tell them that as of now no State or other Government and or any other entity can ever again Tax Real Estate on Primary Homes….  That you think the american constitution points to this and the American People deserve a safe place that they can raise there families in and there family families in with no worry that taxes would ever kick them out of there home.  If you do this the depression  will be over. If not it will get worse. Remember most of the bad shit is still out there.

  • Effieann

    It’s obvious to me that Republican leaders, in their determination to prevent Obama from being re-elected, are doing whatever they can to keep the unemployment rate high and economic conditions painful.

  • Stonebluze

    Obama is a socialist spend zombie
    Clinton dems forced non discriminatory bank loan policy.
    we are stuck in a intitlement loop.
    What social programs we have are poorly applied.
    College, transportation, manufacturing are supported
    Poorly or biased towards socialist start to finish gov. programs.
    Ignorance abounds.

  • Kentloose

    The government is primarily responsible for the high unemployment. They passed policies which required banks to approve home loans to people that could not afford them. This was done so politicians could brag about how they made home ownership, the American Dream, easier. Banks had an opportunity to spread out their risk by bundling these risky loans, then selling them as investments. These bundled loans/investments were sold to anyone, any country, any business, etc., through Wall Street. When people started to default on their loans, it started a domino effect which has led to where we are today. If the government had not created policies that interfered with the “market”, there would not been a housing bubble by too many people buying homes (some of which could not afford them). This led to a loss of jobs.

  • Joyfullament

    Try the Bush-era policies lead by the Democratic congress from the early 2000′s. 

    I love how polls ask this question as if the only people who could be responsible for long-term economic failure are people who took office after the problem started.

  • cheez

    I blame several groups of people for several reasons, all of which have worked together to create the economic situation we are in today. Allow me to break it down.

    I blame the banksters for their complicity in creating a 13 trillion dollar recession in our economy that has led to the collapse of some companies, decline of others, and a general stagnation in the American employment situation. Their actions were the catalyst that brought down the systemic house of cards that had been building since the early 80s.

    I blame the CEOs for their complicity in keeping the unemployment rate high in a number of ways; outsourcing American jobs overseas, stockpiling cash because of ‘uncertain’ markets instead of investing in their business here, and for generally becoming predators of the middle class- creating low-paid jobs to replace well-paying jobs, attacking benefits and compensation in down markets and not restoring those in up markets, and refusing to share profits with employees via wage increases- the average wage of the average American has remained flat over the last 30 years, while profits have steadily climbed as have executive compensations. Their unsustainable focus on quarterly profit growth to the detriment of all else creates a wage slave class in this nation, which once prided itself on how any American could climb out of the wage slave class- this is quickly disappearing.

    I blame the Republican Congress, and actually ALL of government, for being in bed with corporations. The Citizens United ruling, revolving door lobbyist policies, and every other facet of law that has allowed corporate influence over our government have created an oligarchy in this nation, where the moneyed interests can buy the outcomes that they want, and the laws are made for their benefit, not for the benefit of the average American. The American government was created OF and FOR the people- not for any subset of the people, no matter how well heeled. When lawmakers act in ways that harm the average citizen solely to benefit these corporations, be it by taking us to war, opening up our lands to oil extraction, creating tax loopholes that allow billions in profit to be harvested with $0 paid in taxes, or any of the myriad other ways they do, it disenfranchises the citizens and aids even further in their exploitation for profit by these corporations. It is time to eliminate corporate influence in government, institute a strict $2500/person/campaign limit on donations and eliminate PACs and other third party money groups- candidate advertising MUST be paid for from the campaign budget- and return governance to the citizens.

    And finally, I blame President Obama, for always seeking consensus on issues that require a strong, unyielding position. His willingness to back down on discussions about the amount and breadth of the economic stimuli that have been completed has sustained these doldrums, and only a strong push on the facets of creating tax incentives for emerging technologies and creating emerging technology investment funds can help to return our economy to a growth state again. Unless the USA starts dominating in something other than fast food consumption and rejection of science we will continue to decline.

  • worker bee

    Corporate greed has definitely contributed to unemployment.   No one is looking out for the common worker.  I would love for CEO’s to reduce their mega salaries to keep workers employed.  Sorry, it starts with just one person with a social conscience and others will folow.

  • Design360

    Republican leaders have consitantly filibustered ANY jobs bill or attempt on the part of the Democrats to fix our economy after the Republicans themselves created this mess. From the very beginning of Obama’s presidency they have sworn their only job is to see that Obana fails even if that means Americans fail.As far as I am concerned they are traitors to this country. Their only goal is to get back in power at any cost. I am sick of the constant attacks on Obama AND the constant lies they spew.

  • Timmyg

    Republican leaders have consistantly sent jobs bills to the Senate only to have them killed.  The Republicans have offered numerous bills that would have jump started the economy.  President Obama has on purpose killed private sector jobs.  He will not ok the pipeline that is shovel ready and would create 20000 jobs right away.  His labor department is holding up the construction of a Boeing plant in SC for political reasons.  Bottom line is President Obama is trying to kill jobs, not create them in the private sector. 

  • Timmyg

    The Waterloo in 2010 gave us a Republican controlled House?  I hope 2012 is like the Waterloo of 2010.   Tea Party is the game changer, not a liability.  Sorry. 

  • Timmyg

    Because this is PBS!!!!!!

  • oneofthepeople

    I blame NAFTA, and congress (our government) who we the people elect. Clearly the damage rides on our american working class. I was much younger then when NAFTA was passed and our country is paying a price in many ways for it.

  • AJ

    American Airlines CEO had a conscience, didn’t want to declare bankruptcy which he knew would cause workers to lose their pensions and stockholders to lose value.  AA holding out from bankruptcy caused American to lose value anyway, compared to the other major airlines who already went into bankruptcy and came out better able to compete.  we need regulations that make corporations declaring bankruptcy to access workers pensions a liability instead of an asset.

  • AJ

    yes and I heard he vetoed whale hunting, oil drilling in the everglades, and Newt’s modest proposal of letting poor children work cleaning school bathrooms instead of going to classes. <snark alert< if congressional Republicans introduced a bill that happened to have a side effect of creating jobs, you can bet billions, maybe trillions, went in their and their wealthy corporate cronies' pockets, little or no attention was paid to effects on local air, hunting, or water, and if big oil runs with it, it won't matter how much it hurts Main Street (in this case, main street is the environs of the proposed pipelines).  look at fracking; creates some jobs, but also creates flammable kitchen sink pipes for the locals from toxic and unnecessary chemicals pumped into the ground with impunity to explode rocks.  (other less toxic chemicals would work, but frackers don't want to change their system because changing could slightly affect their bottom line.)

  • Nicki

    Congress does not want the economy to get better, because they hope then they have a chance at getting their president in office.  Congress is all about power, not the people.  I can only imagine what our history books will write about today’s congress, and our future generations hopefully will learn from these devastating repercussions.

  • earthman48

    When Wall Street scammed the world, we all lost 30% of our money. Without money, consumers can’t buy so jobs were lost and businesses shrank. Two factors have preserved this state: businesses have  implemented automation and more employee exploitation to eliminate many jobs forever, and Republicans have eliminated Federal and State jobs along with obstructing all policies that might help the recovery.

  • Dianeramsey

    The goal of the republican leaders in Congress has been to make Obama a one term president. Obama has wasted effort on trying to elicit cooperation/compromise from them. So time has been wasted, and the republicans have been willing and anxious to let the economy be Obama’s fault even though all logic points to the actions of the Bush administration–unsustainable tax cuts for those who didn’t need them, two wars not paid for, and the anti-tax frenzy nurtured by the likes of of Grover Norquist and his ilk.

  • Electriczipper

    I agree! What does government Produce? Next to nothing! Dems create jobs from taxes, but what do those jobs produce roads, and higher taxes. They keep you working but for what? everything goes to taxes to fund jobs that produce next to nothing. Repubs will keep you working for the company store, another day older, and deeper in debt, but your taxes won’t go up, and take all your check, there’s nothing left to take after they deduct what you owe the company store.

  • Electriczipper

    There is one choice missing from this poll: All of the above.

  • Joe O. POP

    The answer should be obvious to the most casual observer. Prosperity, as usual, was just a sliver of time, during which we lectured our children to “clean your plate” because “people are starving in China and India”. Of course the emerging economies developed. It is no secret that two billion new aspirants have joined the middle class. They are younger, stronger, and less complacent than we are in this culture. The planet also overshoots its ecological carrying capacity. Of course there is a global regression to the mean, driven by inexorable population pressure. I blame only those who just see what they want to see.


    I WAS WITH YOU UP TO THE END.  OIL RUNS OUT TOO.  ONLY HUMANE ANSWER IS LESS PEOPLE, MORE IN BALANCE WITH THE REST OF NATUREThe answer should be obvious to the most casual observer. Prosperity, as usual, was just a sliver of time, during which we lectured our children to “clean your plate” because “people are starving in China and India”. Of course the emerging economies developed. It is no secret that two billion new aspirants have joined the middle class. They are younger, stronger, and less complacent than we are in this culture. The planet also overshoots its ecological carrying capacity. Of course there is a global regression to the mean, driven by inexorable population pressure. I blame only those who just see what they want to see.

  • Tscott41

    The state of this country does not solely rest only the Republicans. The Democrats shoulder a lot of the blame for the condition of this country .  They sat back and allow the republicans to say and do as they wanted unchallenged, neither party thought about the PEOPLE. We should have a write in campaign removing them all. 

  • Sarmission

    I think the feeling of entitlement is mostly to blame. Too many people think they are too good to work a lower paying job. There are jobs available, but the government has made it too easy to be unemployed. I feel bad for people who lose their job close to retirement. I don’t feel bad for that 30 year old that got layed off from a union job, anf refuses to take work for less than they made before. I work in public service making less than a cashier at the local gas station. My wife works as a teachers aide. We own our own home, 2 vehicles and are saving money. It is possible! It’s not easy, but it is possible. People need to stop expecting everything to go their way. You need to make smart choices, and sometimes put your pride on the shelf.

  • help!

    I blame Obama because he has consistently pushed legislation i.e. the health care bill that has private individuals, small business and corporations hanging in limbo with regard to the costs of doing business.  In addition he has failed to cut, and in fact has increased, funding for programs that support social agenda’s such as Planned Parenthood, which is a multimillion dollar industry.  On the one hand he discourages industry and on the other families which are the backbone of society.  This is not leadership for anyone

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t know why Obama fought to be president. A republican in office would have done better?
    Money drives everything and who has the money? The ones WE bailed out!! And now that they have bunch of it, they don’t want to loan it???? Hummmmmmmmm go figure.

  • Anonymous

    Obama should have gave the money to WORKING people. When people have money, they spend it, invest it or …. put it in a bank!!! So everybody would have won.

  • Richard Scopline

    FREE TRADE!!!!  The reason for all job lose is because the jobs are over sea’s  Are debt is to a commuist country..   We have politicians not Statesmen. We have an oligarchie.” A goverment by the corporations thought the politictans inspite of the people.” .

  • Eric_6429

    The President Obama has put system in place to spare jobs and grow jobs and Made changes in the of in banking to save Americans in there homes but the Rep. Party are fighting him tooth and nail. The are backing CEO of the banks making it harder for the home owner to get modifications to save the homes.if the republicans continue on this path it will lead americans into a great depression .

  • Guest

    We all know that the Republicans have been responsible for fomenting and benefiting from Corporate abuse of it’s own citizens. These abuses caused the meltdown. War has become business for Corps who back Republicans, and so has the extreme profits from abuse of the workers. Public taxes going to private corporations whom contribute to the the Republicans  for “privatized” government contracts is at an extreme level. Wake up America!!

  • Guest

    Many were forced into a life of crime due to the huge European class gap, and abuse of power. Sounds a little familiar.

  • Stevenw Smith

    MadMan, yes the system is corrupted by insane amounts of money. . . I would like to think I did not know this as I voted in the last election but I am honest and know I did. Many of us knew but did vote! Guess we thought things would change. We are the ONLY ones that can eliminate the corruption by placing corrupt politicians. Maybe its time for a 3 rd party. FYI look at Justice Party platform.

  • Steve Banicki

    All of us. Hangovers are very painfull.

    We are at a watershed moment in our economic history. We are in a recession but the way we do business after the recovery will be different from the post-recoveries over the last 70-years.
    In the past, we worked our way out of a recession with the help of the federal government providing some kind of stimulus package. In one to three years, the economy was back on a growth track and there were no serious, long-term casualties. We continued to spend and consume as in the past.
    That was then and this is now.Our economy has too much debt. Our federal government is running record-breaking federal deficits and the American consumer is dangerously overextended with mortgage and consumer debt. This has happened at the same time as the value of his principle asset, his home, has fallen in value by 20 to 30 percent. Further, we have been transferring our wealth to oil producing countries at a rate of $700-billion per year and other nations are getting stronger economically.  More:

  • Anonymous

    The Republicans have had no agenda beyond obstructing every effort the President has made to improve the lot of the American people. They do not care about us, only about grinding the country into a ditch and then blaming the President for a failure to improve things. They are despicable.

  • RJAmoroso

    This all started in 1980 with Ronald Reagan. For two full terms, labor didn’t stand a chance in any negotiation. For the “wage earner”, it’s been a down hill ride ever since. Those responsible for NAFTA and other “free” trade agreements only accelerated the process and put us on a trajectory where even the most productive labor force cannot compete with $1.00 a day markets working in brand new facilities. 
    Who’s to blame?? Plenty of blame to go around but the question, and the blame, cannot be answered/attributed to one “current” person or group. Good question though. Thanks for asking. 

  • Don

    You’re assuming that a single individual is to blame…When the blame acually goes to a wide set of CONDITIONS and CIRCUMSTANCES. It’s like saying, “who do we blame for the color of the sky?”

  • Don

    It’s very strange to see such a stilted and biased poll question coming from PBS. I would expect such a thing from Fox News Channel…but not PBS.

  • Linda Nichols 55

    Rampart deregulation of the banking industry. Like asking tha fox to watch the henhouse


    I blame G.W.BUSH I find it TOTALLY amazing that people totally act as if HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ECONOMIC MESS WE ARE IN !!!!! Where wered they for 8 years???? Did they suddenly become conscious on JAN.22 2009 and say well OBAMA This is your FAULT!!!

  • Hshaw01

    The ‘no’ mantra to every progressive initiative since Obama took office has left us with gridlock. Representatives who seem to hold office just to get re-elected , then start the re-election game again- a continuous circle of doing nothing for the people they represent. They should be on minimum wage and they’d still be over-paid!

  • Les930

    I was recently on the Levi’s site which is proudly advertising “made in the USA” products. The jeans were $178 as opposed to $45-$98 for ? made in China. Everything we buy as consumers is made elsewhere. Even most customer service is outsourced to India. We expect that all Americans should be able to make a living wage, but we’re not willing to spend more to provide manufacturing jobs here. We’ve created a vicious circle of needing to pay the lowest price because the shareholders need to put maximum money in their own pockets. When large companies make huge profits, there is no sharing of the wealth.  The workers on whose back the profits come from see no trickle down from company success. It infuriates me that the American way has become greed and there is no appreciation for loyalty or jobs well done.

  • Sailor3540

    Why is one choice “Republican leaders in Congress”?  There are Democrat leaders who are also contributing to the problem.  Who is to blame?  The government as a whole and a growing number of the population who believe they are “entitled” to what others have earned.

  • Go2gulf

    All I know, is that when Bush was president, we all had jobs, money and homes.  Now thanks to Obama we have Staggering healthcare legislation set to kick in, green regulations designed to make our energy costs soar. we are funding energy in South America, blocking cheaper fuel from our
    ally to the North, and the beat goes on. 

  • Maryalice1

    CEO’s was close but not close enough.  The whole system of corporate personhood, greed, and the treasonous lobby system.  The people have lost their government to corporations and greed. 

  • Snow

    I’m as liberal as they come, but truthfuly there is more than enough blame to go around. But don’t forget that if your house is burning down, you don’t argue about how much its costing you to put the fire out, you just do what is nessary. Afterwords you figure how to pay the bills, maybe cut some of your spending. Also work harder and increase your pay (revenue).

  • Steve Hall

    I think the results of this poll demonstrates the leftist bias of this program & PBS in general. I am sure a poll of the general population would not lay the principal blame for the current state of unemployment upon a combination of CEOs & Republicans (currently a 73% composite in your poll). I think the bias is obvious not only in the tone of your stories, but in the selection of them as well. Look at the opinions & stories featured: Reich against austerity, resisting Alabama immigration law, pepper spray; all the hot button liberal issues. Where is the intense coverage of the “Operation Fast & Furious” debacle? Everybody has biases, whether they admit them or not. I have no problem admitting Fox’s bias, but I see the same measure of bias here. 

    But I ultimately accept your bias in the interest of understanding. I’m a lifelong conservative, but honestly, I watch PBS & shows like “60 Minutes” more often than Fox to get the liberal viewpoint; I already know what I tend to believe on most issues, what interests me is knowing why liberals believe otherwise. So I enjoy the diversity of worldviews, because it promotes better understanding & balance to one’s position. What I’m saying is that the apparent majority of you that are liberal in outlook would be better off if you spent less time giving ear to those simply parroting your predisposed views & truly open your mind to an alternative understanding. Believe me, I find Bill Moyers’ positions as distasteful as you may find Bill O’Reilly’s, but I still listen to both…

  • Les930

    Most families have cut their spending to bare bones. Do you suggest people cut luxuries like food or heat for their home? Maybe health insurance? How do you suggest we work harder? The only attainable jobs are in the food service and retail sales industry. Yes, everyone should work 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs to pay the bills because that is the responsible thing to do.

  • Plloyd47

    We need compromise, both parties working FOR a solution. I am tired of the party of NO…in a country as great as ours, those who make big salaries are not doing it by themselves- they are fortunate to live in a country that provides that opportunity and with that comes responsibility to give back to the country that made it possible. Being a resident of the state of Utah where the Republican Party is almost totally in control and the dialog of the GOP being against any type of socialism, I wonder if they realize that in this state, the GOP is in essence a communistic party. There are no options and then there is the issue of the close relationship between the LDS church and the government which is disturbing. I can only hope as the state becomes more diverse, sanity will prevail.

  • Think_Right

    It’s everyone’s greed. The answer comes when my 9 older shouts – Dad I found something that is not made in China!  

  • Purcell7

    First reason is Too much unnecessary regulation cause good jobs to be sent out of the country. Too many people dont understand what the real impact to the regulation that kills jobs. It sounds good when they  vote for it but the spin fools good people to vote for the wrong person and the wrong thing…. I am as guilty as the next person for doing the second thing.. and the most damangng thing…not buying goods made here in the USA!  It really is the source of lost jobs….. Also the questions here  do show the liberal bais on NPR, I know it and everone knows it,, its funny to hear people try to say it is not.

  • Ruth Putney

    Republicans put us in this miserable position during the Bush administration.  Immediately after Obama was elected Senate Republican leadership made their plans very clear — they vowed to obstruct everything Obama tried to do, and to make sure he is a one-term president.  And they’ve kept their promise.  Bush’s tax cuts, spending on two wars, indifference to corruption on Wall Street and in his administration brought us down, and yet this same bunch insists on doing the same things.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  The inmates are running the asylum!

  • AG47man

    Why is it ,when I watch shows such as your’s and meet the press, We are asked who do we blame for our country’s failings, we usually get the same three options,first we get the president and that is only because you have to,after all ,he is the the leader of the contry in question, then we get the ceo’s, bankers and wallstreet,which is ironic considering the fact that liberals and democrats control most of the wealth,then we get republicans,the selection you really hope we choose,but it really does not matter if we take your survey or not,because I belive that you think if people see your choices often enough then that will be what the people will start to belive.then we get the best option of all,”someone else altogether”,  why do we get this option? Because you’re to spinless to write the word “DEMOCRATE”,why dont we ever see this word? because if we did someone may think it is possible for a democrate to be imperfect and unwilling to compromise.  How come I am never given the option of enviromentalist and thier lobbyist who prevent drilling all over the country and offshore, and put a stop to pipelines, all of which would create thousands of jobs and billions in revenues.
     Mitt Romney once said That Rick Perry and the state of Texas was delt 4 aces and that is the reason for thier prosperity,the truth is the intire U.S.of A.has been delt a great hand, WE just need leaders who are not affraid of the other players at the table and play thier hand, take the pot and tell the other players to “SUCK IT” because the pot they just won is the best way to spread the wealth.

  • 15-year-old-citizen

    What heck is with the poll?! When you’re asking us why we think there aren’t any jobs, you give us the options to choose Republicans, President Obama, CEOs, Someone else altogether, how come you don’t add “democrats” to the poll?! The democrats have just as much to do with the state of the country as the others do! And how is it that the Republicans got the most votes on this poll?! Unlike the democrats, they’re actually trying to create jobs, unlike the democrats, who only care about raising taxes just so they can find a way to put money into their wallets.
    And recently, with Canada offering to sell us some oil, and having us build a pipeline to transfer oil here, that would have created thousands of jobs for people so they can support theirselves and their families, but since the democrats don’t like drilling for oil, Obama said no, and that cost thousands of people jobs to support themselves. So, if any one is to blame for the decline of jobs, it should be the democrats! If they had said YES to the pipeline, like the republicans would have, then thousands of people would not have to be on unemployment.
    And besides, Democrats want to tax people with a lot of money, and most of the time, those people with all that money are corporations, and if they are taxed to much money, they’ll have a hard time keeping the corporations in business, and they could be shut down. And if they shut down, the hundreds of people working for the corporations then lose their jobs, and it would be all the democrats’ fault since they taxed the rich people too much money for them to handle.
    And besides, the democrats are practically helping the unemployed for nothing (which the money to help the unemployed comes out of our tax money), and as a result, most of the people don’t even look for jobs because they like the government taking care of everything for them instead of going out and work. If they presured them to get jobs, and only take care of them for just a few months, that would get them out searching for jobs instead of lazing around living off of our tax money, and if things were like that, then there wouldn’t be such high unemployment rate in the country.
    Anyway, I sense that I should stop there. So that’s all that I’m going to say. I’m a chatter box. Bye.

  • Elaine

    Over population. Just last year the labor department said there are at least 5 people applying for each job. I’m one of the unemployed (at 51 years old) and I did everything I was supposed to – got a four year degree from a “brick and mortar” college, did a lot of volunteer work and networking, helped out my neighbors, presented myself in a very professional manner. and got lots of recommendation letters. There are just too many people in this country and not enough jobs. It’s purely a numbers issue at this point. Over population is seen as a controversial topic that no one wants to discuss, so it’s never covered in the media. 

  • Ann

    So agree.  Well said.

  • Anonymous

    There is an added twist to my opinion of who is to blame for the ongoing crisis of unemployment and foreclosure that is sure to affect every working, middle class and poor person in America. It is the fact that we are engaged in a fight for our very lives, Americans as a people are fighting against a stacked deck of the Republican Party, Chief Executive’s of the companies who employ people and the Federal Reserve System, all but the Republican party apparatchiks who decide economic policy and determine the destinies of those people who serve this country in so many ways. 
    The Federal Reserve Banking System is wholly and completely a privately owned bank, they do not answer to the people but only to a small number of investors who plow their money into our economy. The CEO’s of companies who determine the destiny of employees whom they do not know based solely on a formula which is determined by profit margins and the all encompassing dollar for themselves. These people less than the Republican party and now because of Citizens United have so much power because of their wealth that we people have no more access to the people who make policy which affects our lives. 
    Sadly, Americans are facing even greater interference and less ability to determine our own destinies, we cannot and do not have the economic staying power of years ago because of hostility towards unions even among the working class. 
    The people I have spoken of, members of the Republican Party, the CEO’s of multinational companies, the Federal Reserve Banking system, and last but not least the Supreme Court of the United States, two of whom have sworn an oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, have dropped the ball when it comes to upholding their sacred promise to promote the “general welfare,” and to preserve protect and defend the Constitution, from all enemies foreign and domestic, of which the others among this class have sworn to tear down and remove from the face of the earth. 
    I fail in words to express the disdain I feel for those who have wrecked this economy, those who have forgotten their sacred oaths, those who reap where they do not sow, and those who manipulate the economy for their own benefit. I find it reprehensible that these individuals choose to see the American people as less then they are and without voice(meaning money) we cannot speak truth to power. 

  • teaparty for the country

    Obama has introduced non jobs bills and the only unbias attitude he has is in his statements, you cannot keep throwing money out there and make it class warfare to get your way.  Obama is not hurting and is making money.  Liberals are the biggest spenders and they had control of congress for 2 years and only passed a so called health care bill that none of them would want to be covered under and only want to TAX, TAX, TAX.  learn the constitution it is good.  it is fair.  as Jesus said i can feed you for a day but if i teach YOU to fish you can feed yourself and family for a lifte time. 

  • T Bowow

    Look i don’t believe any one person is to blame for our problems as a nation. BUT if you ask me what corperations has alot to do with our problems I would have to say OIL COMPANIES.Lets face it my cost of living has skyrocketed and the one factor is the cost to get these products to me. I’m talking EVERYTHING!!! But they are the last people you hear about especially from a politican. I’m not a very educated man but when the economy is going down so bad but the oil companies are raking in record profits COMEON HOW FREAKING DUMB ARE WE! I could of picked all of the above because in my eyes they are all guilty of not looking at what’s in front of their noses

  • Trevor60606

    Firstly, capitalism is a parasitic sysytem by which a tiny gaggle of welfare-queen capitalists, who do no productive labor of their own, live liveds of opulent luxury by expropriating the wealth created by others into their own coffers. But more importantly, capitalism has been in a stage of crisis ever since its inception. It is an irrational economic system that moves from one crisis to another with the solution to the previous crisis only serving to usher in the next crisis. 

    The right-wingers who have visited this site want to blame regulation of industry, the Democrats and Obama. But corporations are bringing in record profits and the S&P 500 has surged 87% since Obama took the reins of power. The capitalist elite have never been richer and happier only a few years after their bankster Ponzi scheme brought the entire global capitalist system to the brink of collapse. That’s because they legally looted the public till to the tune of trillions, used the crisis to attack jobs, wages and benefits, devalued the currency enabling inflation to rob workers but increase profits and invested much of the trillions they looted from the public till to simply loan back to the government at higher interest rates. 

    What has actually change is the way that the U.S. capitalist elite seeks to derive profits. The economic crisis of the 1970 had produced stagflation.  American capitalists could no longer accumulate increasing wealth through the manufacturing of goods. As a result, manufacturing was off-shored to cheap-labor locations and financialization was ushered in as the prefered method of capitalist accumulation. In 2008, financialization itself collapsed. The banks were bailed out to the tune of $18 trillion. But the banks themselves never had $18 trillion. The bailout was actually for the richest capitalist investors who had bankrupted themselves during the bankers subprime, CDO scandal. When the super-rich bankrupt themselves, they simply loot the public till to reclaim their wealth. We the public are now saddled with the debt from that lootfest and America’s capitalist elite are meanwhile attempting to recreate a manufactuing base in the U.S. But to do so requires the driving down of U.S. workers wages to the same $10 per day that the overwhelming percentage of the rest of the world’s workers earn. 

    The method they have chosen to drive down the wages of America workers is to devalue the currency and to use the economic crisis to keep unemployment high thereby forcing workers to viciously  compete with each other for less and less and less. 

    There is no solution for American workers within the capitalist system The ultimate destiny of Ameircan workers within the capitalist system is the povery, slave-wages and abject misery that workers today suffer in Haiti, Indonesia, China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Honduras and all the other slave-waged locations that American corporations have been off-shoring our jobs for the past 35 years.

  • hazeleyedgirl

    Greedy CEOs replace people with computers to keep from paying salaries, insurance etc.  Who in their right mind likes to deal with phone answering systems, and the lack of a cashier.  These people add to the economy, a computer can’t make a purchase. 

  • Awesomemt

    It’s a lot of greed in this country that has put those republicans in there to begin with. 

  • Humphriesannette69

    I think the republicans played a huge part in the way our country has ended up!!!And now that none of them like Obama they make his job horrible never agree with anything he says that in all reality makes good sense!!!!I believe if they would kick ALL the republicans out we would see a huge turn around in our country!!!!!

  • Marc Rosenwasser

    To those of you who think the question was not fairly worded: President Obama was listed first and meant to represent all Democrats. The choice probably should have been “President Obama and Democratic Congressional leaders.” Know that we do strive for fairness – always.
    Marc Rosenwasser
    Executive Producer, “Need to Know”

  • Allie qat

    Caught the poll too late to vote but I would think those who blame the gNOp would be greater. Their desire to oust Obama has put us in this mess. REMOVE all of Congress…every balsted one of them. BOTH parties! The dems lack the balls to stand up for Americans! Put in place term limits….we have it for president, we should have it for Congress! AND the Supreme Court as well.
    Can anyone show me ANY bill pushed and endorsed by the gNOp that would actually CREATE jobs? We certainly have a wealth of bills they have obstructed that could/would help the American people!!!

  • Allie qat

    hey 15 year old…..can you please post for me any jobs bill (one that would actually CREATE jobs) that the gNOp has pushed or sponsored?
     Did you know faux spew makes you DUMBER!  BTW….I was raised as and amon the gNOp. I grew up and learned to think for myself. I suggest that for you too. The results can be enlightening!

  • Allie qat

    UNECESSARY REGULATION……you’v been listening to the gNOp too long. Do you want our corporations (HAHA) to runn their businesse like their cohorts in China and NO REGULATION. Look at how so many of those US corps ignore the reguations NOW! It isn’t reglaion….it is all the tax breaks they get! Cut those out and mmost of those who ship jobs overseas would bing them bac. Their bottom line is profits. Give tax breaks to thos companies that bring and KEEP good jobs here annd cut those tohose who outsorce not just the jobs bu the profits CREATED by the American consumer. It was tried by the dems but, guess what…..the gNOp OBSTRUCTED that bill! Figures. They will take down the whole country to get Obama out of office. BTW……NOT a big Obama fan but he is certainly preferable to any of the offal offering of the gNOp!!!!!

  • Allie qat

    :rolls eyes:Oh so like faux spews is fair and “balanced” ROTFL hysterically. NPR continues to show their fairnss. Do you even engage your brain or is perpetualy close off!

  • Allie qat

    Can YOU show me any jobs bill (one that ould actually CREATE jobs) that the gOp has offered let alone pushed through!

  • I got

    When the thought of “who” comes up – it revolves around the group of people best described as “I got mine, screw you” class. They are the greedy who ravaged pensions, health care, and salaries. The next layer are the ones who have kissed the devil & sold their souls, i.e. Republicans in Congress. The soulless Republicans enable an oligarchy of the rich in their quest to re-create medieval feudalism. 

  • Flhxrider

    Your choices for the poll and lack there of tells me everything I need to know about this sites hidden agenda , typical liberal lies and deception. Where is the choice for Dem’s in Congress? What a joke!!

  • Mkose1

    I know this is probably a troll, but as there are people who do believe this toss, I’ll address it anyway.
    That’s absolutely not true, remember the American Jobs Act which would have put money into restoring our badly degraded infrastructure? Our dismal roads, highways, bridges, levees, etc.? It takes people to work those construction jobs. Liberals really don’t like the healthcare bill as much as most think, because what we wanted was at least a public option, at best, medicare for all, you know that government run, single-payer system that works well who’s attributes many elderly right-wingers gave to the healthcare bill without knowing that they enjoy a government run system?
    Yes, Liberals love taxation…that’s why taxes are at the lowest rate they’ve been in the past 60 years, right? Is it really socialism to ask for a return to the Clinton tax rate that balanced the budget and had the US on track to be completely deficit/debt free by 2013? You can’t have unsustainably low tax rates, keep defense cuts off the table, and refuse to even raise taxes slightly on those making more than $250K  and still call yourselves deficit hawks and patriots, it’s nonsensical. 
    I’ve read the Constitution, I just finished a university course that dealt with nothing but, however to act as if it cannot be interpreted in light of what we as a society need today rather than unchanging gospel handed down in the 18th century, is ludicrous. We have 21st century issues that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers could have never conceived of. Do you really think that in writing the 2nd amendment they thought people would be using weapons technology as advanced as assault rifles? That’s probably why Jefferson himself felt that a revision provision should be added to the constitution to keep it up to date with the needs of the future, which he felt should happen every 20 years.
    Last, Jesus never said that, it’s not in the Bible or anything, if you want to know Jesus’ opinion on how society should function, read the book of Acts where all people who come to live in the Christian communes would have to take all their possessions and bring them to the feet of the Apostles who would sell it and distribute the money equally to all people in the community, that sounds an awful lot like an ancient form of communism. Didn’t Jesus also say that if one is to follow him they must sell all their possessions, give the money to the poor and follow him? What about how it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven? Didn’t Jesus also heal the sick for free? That sounds a lot like a single payer system akin to Western Europe’s. Which brings me to my conclusion, why is it that what we know works in Western Europe isn’t implementable here in the United States? Our private sector only healthcare system ranks 37th in the world, while the French Socialized model ranks number one. They do it better than us, yet you still want to hold on to our unsustainable system that kills thousands of Americans annually, simply because they can’t afford insurance. Yeah, I can see Jesus totally agreeing with that…

  • Johncappola

    Read the book by Andrew McAfee “Race Against The Machines”.

  • Kofihasco

    The whole entitlement benefits such as healthcare benefit,pension payments&any benefit gain while serving or post serving as a congress man should be re-visited and adjustment be made to it period!These easy and lucrative benefits handle to them, fuel their ego not to be compassionate to the middle-class hard working citizens,COME ON NOW PEOPLE,WHY SHOULD THE  REPUBLICAN LEADERS AT CONGRESS VOTE DOWN UN EMPLOYMENT BENEFIT BILL AT THIS CRUCIAL MOMENT OF UN EMPLOYMENT IN THE COUNTRY,HOW WILL UN-EMPLOYED FAMILIES PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE FOR THEIR FAMILIES.

  • Flhxrider

    If after 99 weeks someone has not landed a job, they are either not trying or are unemployable and need to get better educated or trained. You have to realize some people can not be helped and are taking advantage of the system of free handouts. 

  • J Mershad

    I believe the Republicans in congress are not going forward with any ideas that President Obama puts on the table simply because they hope that a Republican will win the 2012 election. I have watched every one of the debates & from what I see there are no republicans qualified!

  • Flhxrider

    God help us all !!!! Please Mr. Obama step down while there is still time.  At this point anyone but obama, soon to be known as the worst president in our history. Never in my life have I seena man with so much book smarts and so little common sense.

  • Pamela Zuppo

    As a strong Obama supporter, and you may be too should you read his book “The Audacity of Hope”, his ideas and convictions are very much aligned to this country’s dominant social paradigm. It does appear your opinion is not based on deep thought, but rather on what you may hear at a kitchen table talking with others. I say this because what you wrote lacks substantiality. From the beginning of Obama’s administration, there were racist partisans eager to have their party control both houses of the Congress. Every action, every vote on bills, and every interview published in the media revealed this shroud over the Republicans. When half of the professional political leaders, including the unprofessional Tea Party congressional members, base every action on humilitating President Obama, then our political system is broken. That is what needs fixed.

  • Flhxrider

    Nothing to do with race, as soon as you people throw up the race card you have lost the argument. My problem is his policy and his {lack of} direction, and leadership. We elected a community organizer with zero leadership skills, but is constantly finger pointing like a little school boy. We need a leader and I pray every day we get one soon, for the good of the entire world.

  • LarryBurt

    It’s people voting on the basis of simplistic, easy-to-understand catch phrases, in stead of voting on the basis of fact and their own best interest that put the de-regulating Republicans in there.  Case in point: Hugh percentages of low paid workers and unemployed people support 9-9-9.  They support it because it’s simple and easy to understand, even though the lower one’s income, the more their taxes would go up.  They prefer simplicity to reality.   Erroneously believing their taxes would go down may be greed, but for the less than wealthy, it is actually survival.  Allowing oneself to be misled by allowing oneself to remainignorant is the real culprit.

    The greedy drive this deception, but 70% of the wealthiest Americans believe that the wealthy should be paying more taxes.   The real solution is to seek out facts, rather than parroting catch phrases.

  • LarryBurt

    I’m confused.  If you believe that Democrates control most of the wealth, why do you object to them wanting to increases taxes on the wealthy?   As for why Democrates were not listed separately,  Republicans are being recognized way more than the other three choices put together.  Obviously, Democrates listed separately would barely register.  But don’t let me confuse anyone with facts.

  • SteveH23

    Taxes have gone down for the rich 30 years with few exceptions. In the meantime they take 23% of every dollar made in this country. (was once 9%). That money gets invested overseas. American workers are being milked like cows.

  • SteveH23

    Sounds like you want action instead of inaction. If so, ask your congressperson what they’ve voted FOR lately. I suspect they were elected to help keep and grow jobs. Instead they’re doing nothing but putting on the brakes on this economy. The best thing anyone of them can do is help stop the mortgage defaults. The next best thing is stopping the milking machines (1%).

  • LarryBurt

    That is simply a reiteration of the Republican big lie.  I am party to a small business.  Under the old plan, before Bush and his cronies tanked our company, we paid $8,000.00 a year toward insurance for each of 40 employees.  Full family coverage ran 12,000  — $1000.00 every month.  Getting rid of insurance companies and their excess profits would cumulatively allow that same money to cover everyone in the country.  Republican promoted excess caused the economic collapse that reduced our company to two employees.  Republican obstructionism is keeping it there.

  • SteveH23

    Republican congresspersons are in big business’ pockets. They even allow lobbiest to write the legislation. That’s the joke and it’s on you and me.

  • SteveH23

    Capitalism is part of freedom, but like all freedom we need to put regulations in place to keep it from running over the little guy. For instance the anti-trust laws of the 1910s. The Republicans have taken a large number of those away over the last 30 years leading to these boom bust cycles that everyone but Wall Street deplores. The economic cycles have increased in magnitude as well as frequency. More of the same (2010 election cycle) is not what we need. We need to keep our eye on the ball, Politics moves slowly, but we won’t get progressive policy without supporting the few politicians we do have working for the middle class.

  • SteveH23

    It isn’t going to get any better. The oil peak was in 2004 and we are fighting (literally) over what’s remaining. Are we not homoSAPIANS? We have the capacity to build solar, store energy in batteries and run electric cars (and haven’t scrapped any since the early 1990s. — Who Killed the Electric Car). All we lack is the willpower and political sense. Germany has it and they’re kicking everybody’s butt.

  • SteveH23

    Democrats had control of the House for 2 years. Republicans still were able to stop things in the Senate because of the filibuster.
    Taxes were 4% higher for the super rich in the 1990s. Clinton left office with yearly budgets in the black and on track to have the ENTIRE deficit paid off by 2013. Two wars and two tax breaks later and look — we’re fighting over the scraps like rabid dogs. Some America…

  • SteveH23

    You’re right, the other news programs are so conservative they wouldn’t show a family out of work trying to stay in the middle class. They’d label such a segment class warfare and go on with the Republican Primary sideshow…

  • SteveH23

    Last poll I saw the congress was at single digits. It doesn’t surprise me.

  • Tscott41

    First, it’s president Obama not Mr. Obama.  Second, why should he step down?  The congress before President Obama lied to and fell for the lies of the past president.  There were no weapons of mass destruction.   As a result of the lies, we the UNITED STATES were thrown into a war Killing many of our children, for what, to make the rich richer. (Halliburton and Black water  to begin with) They received billion dollar contracts and now block any effort to make this country whole again.  Why— because they intend to bankrupt this country!  

  • spinflux

    The Bush cabal and its eight years of irresponsible fraud-enabling economic policies.

  • Cabell

    I feel that CEOs are mainly responsible, because in order to secure their interests and financial earnings they cut average employee wages and positions expecting that the lower paid employees will assume a greater work load with less financial payout.
    If they chose to take a smaller slice of pie, they could employ more people and, in turn, likely increase the productivity and profitability of the corporation.
    Yet greed and selfishness are rampant in our country.

  • Marissa Yingling

    It is not “someone” who is responsible for the high unemployment. The answers provided for this poll only scratch the surface.  We must ask ourselves, in what system are all of these players taking part? Further, what fuels this system?  It is a system fueled by greed and a never ending quest for growth at the expense of people, animals, and our environment… consume, consume, consume… produce, produce, produce… more, more, more.  Only when we realize this can we begin to understand how to fix high unemployment. We need a new system that works for all. Everyone deserves a well paying, secure job. Even in times of “economic prosperity” people cannot find work, while a minority of our country and the world enjoy hoard millions and billions. This issue is systemic.   We need equality of condition, not equality of opportunity.

  • George M

    I agree with Cabell. It’s corporate greed pure and simple. I don’t know when it started, but I remember working one job was enough to support a family of 4. Now both husband and wife need to work full time to get by. ( and Newt’s suggesting go back to child labor???). But seriously it’s corperations that set-up Think Tanks to push their agenda, it’s corperations that hire lobbiest to help Congress write laws that favor their agenda, it’s corperations that are throwing money at Congress (both parties) to increase their influence and power. Hell they even got the Supreme Court to rule that corperations are people…..We need some bold people in congress and we need to support them.

  • Momasaid

    The current unemployment, is due to a combination of several factors that is worsen by the ineffectiveness of members of congress, and our economy is in the state that it is in due to the unchecked greed of our financial institutions, remember RMBS

  • Steve Hall

    In regards to my earlier post the fact that PBS shows like this are every bit as slanted as Fox News, only in a different direction, I referenced the utter lack of coverage of the Operation Fast & Furious scandal. In support of that, I note that even is covering the debacle. Today, Sharyl Attkisson reported:  ”ATF officials didn’t intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting
    Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the
    sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called
    ‘Demand Letter 3′”. In other words, the ATF lied about their own involvement to try to falsely build political support.

    I guess some parts of the fourth estate does not think this is news we “need to know”.

  • Impepa

    Why should I work if I can make more money from welfare and food stamps?

  • M 1269

    If you think you can get more from welfare and food stamps, then you are a true idiot, probably educated by Rush.

  • whatthe

    Yeah Boehner where are the jobs????????????

  • Employmentbook1

    Dito to Momasaid.

  • Iamcruising

    None of his ideas have worked to create jobs.  Congress allowed wall street to destroy many jobs bu the president has just wasted a lot of money and has been nothing but negative about almost everyone and anything that differs from his community organizer experience.

  • Iamcruising

    If the bush taxcuts were taken away we would all pay more taxes.  How fedw really know the facts.