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Portraits of Wall Street and lower Manhattan during the recession.

Need to Know presents VII Magazine, a journalistic partnership with VII Photo, giving our readers unprecedented intimate access to the work of the world’s leading photojournalists. Every day, our partners at VII will showcase a new photo, and each week, a new video or audio slideshow.

This week: The sputtering U.S. and world economy played a major role in the outcome of last week’s midtern elections. It has been two years since the crash and there is little improvement for most citizens. The slow recovery of the U.S. economy and the high unemployment rate have continued to plague the country.

In this week’s feature, from VII photographer Ashley Gilbertson documents some of the economic toll where much of the crisis began, on Wall Street and the streets of lower Manhattan.

Note: This photo essay can be found in VII Magazine’s archives. To view it, visit the VII Magazine page and click on the “Features” tab.