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The Daily Need

The most valuable blog?

Well, we all know the Daily Need may be the most valuable in terms of content, but what about when it comes to dollars and cents?

Graphic: Win Rosenfeld

The financial blog calculated the 25 most valuable blogs in terms of cash value on the market. It seems that humor, politics, gossip and sports are really worth something in the blogosphere.  Here are a few examples that show the range of valuations:  Talking Points Memo is ranked #21 with a value of $5 million dollars, while Will Ferrell’s comedy site Funny or Die at #9 is valued at $24 million. The Drudge Report is ranked at #3 and worth $50 million, and way ahead of the pack at # 1, worth  $240 million, is the Gawker network.

But I found #5 really the most interesting. It is a blog devoted entirely to one company. Macrumors is all about Apple. That’s it. While the site is ranked #5 on the list and worth $37 million, the company it blogs about exclusively is worth about $208 billion.