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Need to Know, September 21, 2012: America by the Numbers

“America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa: Clarkston Georgia explores what it takes to be inclusive, engaged and living in the “New America.”

It is the story of a small town of 7,500 people that has gone from being 90% white in the 1980s to less than 14% white today. Located in the shadow of Stone Mountain, once a gathering place for Ku Klux Klan cross burnings, Clarkston today is home to thousands of refugees from Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Bhutan – along with some forty other countries. This special is an intimate look at how changing demographics are reshaping the political landscape of America.

Premieres September 21 on PBS as a NEED TO KNOW Election 2012 Special  (Check local listings)

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  • Nrknowles

    Intersting K.K.K. could never amang their nightmare come true back yard. also I am geld taking refurges from all lands and races.

  • Funnydame

    Really enjoyed the episode on Clarkston, Georgia.  Would have liked to see more of the wonderful young woman who helped to facilitate the transition from “old school” Clarkston to acceptance of the present diverse community.  Featured in “Outcasts United”  Giving some (recent) historical context to the journey to current America.   Growing pains enriching our original goals as a country.  Thanks for your reporting.