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Border Patrol report prompts new calls for investigation

After our second Border Patrol aired, six members of Congress released a joint statement condemning the alleged abuses and calling for action.

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard of California said, “the agency’s leadership has yet to take any meaningful action to improve the oversight of its officers and agents in the field.  The time has come for CBP to finally take these egregious allegations seriously.”

Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva of Arizona added, “the credible, ongoing allegations of abuse and corruption by certain customs and border patrol agents raised by PBS and others demand immediate attention.”

And as for border patrol agent David Kermes, just last week Need to Know was contacted by customs and border protection’s office of internal affairs, which is now investigating the agent’s conduct.

The department watchdog wanted to know more about agent Kermes’ Facebook page, which we reported had photos of migrants in the desert. These photos include a photo of undocumented immigrants with the caption, “Run, you little bastards,” and cartoons insulting the President of the United States.


  • Oscar Gonzalez

    Just a lil Public Service Denouncment !

  • Allegrazek

    Why can the CBP not do its own research rather than to ask for what PBS has done? Why has it taken so long? Why has no Republican Congressman to ask a question? And why has Kermes not found his butt in jail? In short, why is our government – whether with TSA or border patrol agents or with bankers – incapable of or unwilling to uphold our laws.

  • terry smith

    I think we should exile this David Kermes….maybe to a black hole way out there.

  • terry smith

    I think we should exile this David Kermes….maybe to a black hole way out there.

  • Arc Montojo

    the border patrol look like awhite supremacist he need to be investigated

  • JohnnyM757

    This stuff probably has been going on for years and needs to stop. I hope all that are misusing there authority are brought to justice.

  • detroitheat

    Stay on your side of the BORDER, Simple as that.

  • Mira Karell

    Look up the case of Anastasio Rojas. CBP needs independent audit & change of leadership.

  • John Ross

    Illegal immigration is caused by overpopulation and family planning education is the answer.  

  • Marc Rosenwasser

    “Need to Know: devoted an entire show to that story. You can find it here online. It was our April 20 episode.
    Thanks for watching…

  • yeomalt

    Local reporters will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles, WA  

  • Clamx

     Since when does his position as a Border Patrol Agent restrict his Off Duty right to free speech under the 1st Amendment?

  • Chlamx208

    Arc, have you by any chance noticed that most of the Border Patrol Agents and their Officers are Hispanic? And all, without exception are required to speak Spanish? Personally If that’s a White Supremacist Group, the Grande Wizard must be Color Blind! But nice try! Keep blaming whitey for your crimes..

  • clamx

     You mean Laws that say Illegal Aliens should be Tried as Criminals under US Criminal Code, under the Illegal Immigration and Inspection Statutes? Laws that say their subject to Fines and Incarceration? Also tried under Civil Codes and assessed financial damages? Those Laws? Or are you asking us to be selective in the Laws you and the Illegal Alien’s want enforced? I’m all for Enforcing Immigration Law, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, if America had enforced the Law..

  • Clamx

    I went to your link and was rather surprised at your remark about Port Angeles having no contact with the Canadian Border. True, but since Port Angeles is on the entrance to the Largest Pacific Sea Port in the Northwest, isn’t that a good place? After all the Pacific Border is almost as Large as the Canadian Border, and is one heck of a lot easier to penetrate. I didn’t bother with your Facebook page after your remark about Canada.. How can you live there and be so dense?

  • D.

    I need some help!!!  I own a private airstrip in Jefferson County, WA.  Border Patrol agents are repeatedly entering my private property, which is “No Trespassing” posted.  We have approached agents and requested them to leave and not return unless there is an “imminent” threat.  Regardless, they have entered the property twice w/in the last 3 days!  We live 1 1/2 miles up a dirt road and any vehicle/person approaching uninvited is viewed as a threat and subsequent emotions/adrenaline place us in a defensive mode!  I would welcome any and all feedback.  I plan on calling Mr. Cumbow at the Port Angeles station on Tuesday and requesting a meeting to discuss this situation before filing a formal report

  • Logan
    I have dealt with this for years.  I don’t see how you would keep them out with just a sign.  In our area, not even fences and locked gates keep them out as they just cut barbed wire fences and cut chains on gates.  In my opinion, you need to install a gate.  (Yes, it is frustrating that you would have to go to that length and expense to protect yourself and your “use and enjoyment” of your own private property, but that is the culture we live in these days.)  If you put up a gate with a chain around the post and a lock, they will simply cut the chain and add their lock, so you need to install a gate with a slide bar and one place for one lock.  Border Patrol will try to force you to put a border patrol lock on it or for you to give them a key—Refuse and state that any time a life is in danger you will provide access for that incident.  If you give them vehicular access, you are basically giving them an uncontested easement to your property.   You need to start keeping a log recording entry, vehicle/badge numbers, install a game trail camera at gate/entry to assist with log and accumulate photographic evidence of entries and ID numbers.  Best way to deter them is to make it expensive—if they have to keep replacing chains, locks, etc. and you keep filing out the forms (make sure to include your time in the cost of the replacement), that may deter them more than anything else.  You need the log of entry date and time, where they went on your property, how long they were there, etc.  Game trail camera is very handy to assist with that and is available at WalMart for $50.

  • Frank Fenwick

    Beware, I would not want to rouse the ire of Jay Cumbow. As a special warfare operator, he has acquired years of advanced training in military and law enforcement tactics and operations. Should you ever encounter a legitimate threat on your property there is nothing more reassuring than to know that Jay Cumbow and his team of commandos is ready to make a tactical insertion at a moments notice and neutralize the enemy.