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Does Iran’s democracy have a chance?

Earlier this week, Iran’s leaders barred two nuclear inspectors from the country after the U.N. published what they called “false and unreal information” on Iran’s nuclear program. The stand-off is a sharp change from just a year ago, when it looked as though democracy might have a chance.

With the anniversary of the disputed presidential election approaching, Need to Know’s Jon Meacham sat down with Hooman Majd for this extended web interview to learn more about the current state of the Iranian democracy movement. Majd is the author of “The Ayatollah Begs to Differ,” and the upcoming “The Ayatollah’s Democracy.”  He recently returned from a reporting trip to the region.



  • Julia

    The video is incomplete, the end is missing…!!!

  • Mari

    What and where did the end go????

  • Sandra

    The video is incomplete.

  • Sonya

    U.S. “claims” or pretends to support Iran’s Greenies (Green Movement); while those same Greenies want Iran to have a nuclear deterrence against the U.S. and Israel

  • Tom G.

    Absolutely if given the chance of free and unhindered free elections.

  • Brianna – Need to Know

    Thanks to those of you who pointed out problems with the video — it’s been fixed!

  • Ali

    It is too bad that Hooman Majd has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of even credible journalists like John Meacham into believing that he is a credible reporter. Majd is a well known shill for the Iranian regime–someone who once bragged about being the translator to President Ahmadinejad– whose analysis has been proven woefully wrong. He has no credibility with anyone who knows anything about Iran. He doesn’t give a damn about human rights or the people of Iran, he basically likes to play dress up on TV and talk about himself. PBS would have been wise to invite someone like Afshin Molavi of the New America Foundation, who has more talent and humanity in one finger than a Majd has in his whole body!

  • Farid


    What’s with the animosity? been hanging out with MEK and/or Pahlavis crowd much? Have you read Hooman’s book? have you ever read his numerous articles on Huffington Post? Do you know that he has been contributing to the Huffington Post since its inception in May 05? Do you read Huffington Post?

    What have YOU published with respect to Iran that we can read about? You bring up Afshin Molavi. Although I respect him but he doesn’t have nowhere near Hooman’s experience and in-depth analysis with it comes to Iran. An analyst or an expert has to have first hand experience (not cursory) when it comes to the subject matter. A reporter must be ON THE GROUND. That’s why I respect Hooman Majd and Roger Cohen so much. They don’t sit in an air conditioned office in DC and pontificate about Iran. They go to the heart of the place and report right from there.

    Thank you PBS for this great interview.