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How to fix America

Not to overstate the obvious, but America is having a pretty tough go of it these days. The economy is listless, unemployment is still hovering at almost 10 percent, it turns out that we’ll be in Afghanistan until at least 2014 and no one seems to be happy with government — not the left, not the right, not the middle.

So we wanted to start a conversation about how to get America moving again.

Voices featured in the full segment, above, include author Gary Shteyngart on immigration; Professor Tricia Rose of Brown University on race relations; author, activist Anna Lappé on the environment; columnist Reihan Salam on poverty; journalist Anya Kamenetz on the transformative power of technology; doctor and author Siddartha Mukherjee on the healthcare crisis; foreign-policy expert Isobel Coleman on the importance of educating women; former Harper’s editor and author Roger Hodge on ending political corruption; and Daily Beast Editor-at-Large Randall Lane on securing jobs for unemployed Americans.

How would you fix America? Share your best ideas and let us know what you think of ours in the comments below.