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Fixing government: Walter Kirn on creating a virtual Congress

Are the members of Congress out of touch with the very people they represent? Author Walter Kirn weighs in on this question in this installment of our ongoing series, Fixing America. Kirn wrote “Up in the Air,” the novel that later became a movie, about a man who made a career out of laying people off. Kirn offers his radical solution on how to fix Congress: Let’s make it a virtual one, he says, instead of the real thing.


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  • Jvnlp

    I was very impressed by Mr.Kirns ideas. I believe his ideas should seriously be taken ino consideration.

  • Franchescasantiago


  • Al

    What an interesting and great idea! Great ideas are always validated by their common sense logic.

  • Terrabyte
  • Freedog70

    I LIKE IT!

  • Tom Hopper

    Good idea but the systemics requirements would take decades. We must fix the flaws in the current process first.

  • Robert Miller

    Totally agree. Get them out of DC! I talked with Louis Gohmert about this. This should appeal to ppl of both parties.

  • Anonymous

    Not if there was a will to fix it. And for God’s sake, don’t employ the incompetents that implemented O’Care. Congress doe NOT get to choose who does the job. Nor the administration.