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Graduates speak for themselves

It’s the end of graduation season.  In 2010 the commencement speaker circuit was loaded with big names touching on big themes. The speeches were of such interest that U.S. News and World Report made an interactive map showing who was speaking where.

In most cases, a prominent alum or an otherwise famous name was at the podium. But Brown University is an exception. The custom at the seventh oldest school in the country is to have two seniors address their fellow graduates.  It is an important reminder that inspiration doesn’t just come from those on the world stage, but often those close to you.

Chicken soup for the graduate’s soul?



  • Ruth E. Bergeron

    I am a Class of ’49 graduate of Pembroke with a BS degree and a ’52 graduate M.Sc from Brown with a MS degree. I am so very proud of my alma mater for all that it does on behalf of its students. I went through on scholarships. My years on that campus were he most formative years of my adult life. I, too, am a first generation member in my family to grow up in the United States and to graduate college and even graduate school. This was a very poignant episode for me. Need To Know is an excellent new program.

  • Flor Ribezzo

    I graduated this year from Brown with a AM in ESL and Cross Cultural Studies. I was present when my fellow graduates gave their speeches. They did a tremendous job and I am sure we’ll be hearing more about them because they are going to be successful in whatever they decide to do. My years at Brown were like a dream come true. I am forever indebt to the Education Alliance at Brown for granting me the opportunity to obtain a scholarship to such a prestigious university. I agree that you do not need to pay high fees for someone else to come and give you a few pointers on how to be successful. You know that if you are graduating from Brown, you are already a success!