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Interview: Dr. Michael Sparer

Dr. Michael Sparer is Professor and Department Chair of Health Policy and Management at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.


  • Daffyduck

    This guy is clueless.

  • Daffyduck

    Our healthcare expenditures should be quadrupled, not cut back. Govenment in healthcare is already killing people.

  • Brian Ter Haar

    Missouri has had a public reporting system for hospital infections (a subset of quality indicators) since a bill passed requiring public reporting in 2004. The Missouri Health Care Associated Infection Reporting System is frequently tracked by the media but it is unknown how much public selection of hospitals based on reviewing these data takes place.

  • Dotty

    I think it’s about time there are some medicare checks and balances but this should have happend years ago when doctors and medical store fronts where submitting false claims to medicare. I realize there are not enough people to monitor everything but with all our new technology it could have been worked on. Unfortunately now we who are on medicare pay the consequences. My medigap policy has gone up and now I find I have to pay the 20% if I am hospitalized.
    Congress should take a pay cut and get to work so we don’t have our “Fiscal cliff” scenario.