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Interview: Elaine Kamarck

Elaine Kamarck is a lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She has worked on six democratic presidential campaigns and is the author of “Primary Politics: How Presidential Candidates have Shaped the Modern Nominating System.”

Need to Know anchor Jeff Greenfield speaks with Kamarck about why women tend to lean more democratic than men, and speaks about why the abortion issue is cropping up as the 2012 presidential election nears.


  • Charles M. Prignano

    have to excuse me, I’m ignorant. I’m not as informed as some people. Please
    educate me. Tell me when it’s OK to abort a baby:

    - The
    day after the baby is born.

    - The
    day the baby is born. (Birth)

    - The
    day before the baby is born.

    - 2
    days before the baby is born.

    - 3
    days before

    - 4

    - 5

    - 6

    - 7

    - 8

    - 9

    - 10

    - ~

    - 269
    days before the baby is born.

    - The
    day after the father’s sperm impregnates the mother’s egg.

    - The
    day the father’s sperm impregnates the mother’s egg. (Conception)

    Pick a
    day. Tell me, when is it OK to terminate life? Please. Tell me when it’s OK.

  • Jake McAllister

    Thanks for a balanced point of view Need to Know. At least this lady didn’t say the republican party has went off the deep end multiple times because of their position on abortion. Why not offer time for a contrasting pro-life point of view? The show had a graph highlighting 50% of the nation is Pro-Life, yet your entire program only interviewed a crying, passionate Pro-Choice lady, a Pro-Choice Republican Woman Politician, a Republican Pro-Life Mom who said social issues didn’t matter to her, and Elaine Kamarck. Totally biased, agenda focused, and unbalanced.
    PBS uses tax payer money to push this garbage.

  • pickle

    woman should be more concerned with americas economy and the pressing issues behind this election and less on their personal agenda. for all those pro choice womens rights fighters i say….

    Quite frankly it is insulting that individuals are still consumed with allowing the continuation of mass murder, murder funded by taxpayers & not the irresponsible woman.

    women & men, since no one wants to discuss male rights-( takes 2 remember)- now have access to: condoms, spermicide, birth control pills, birth control shots, the patch, the ring, diaphragms, several iuds, “morning after pill”, sterilization, & most of all abstinence!!

    I believe woman do have rights: the right to to decide to take the risk of pregnancy if they chose to engage in intercourse!
    I believe women have the right to a proper education since apparently most fail to realize that choosing to engage in intercourse often results in pregnancy!

    i also believe we have to preserve our future and to do so people need to face the consequences of their actions.
    we raise our children with that belief; yet we do not expect supposedly mature educated adults to adhere to those same principles.
    no wonder morality is almost non existent.

    as to woman having rights to good health care i say: there is insurance, clinics, state funded programs, organized mammogram mobiles, and many programs that one can discover if they ask or seek advice.

    you want to discuss medical care and medical rights how about you focus on how insurance companies deny customers doctor issued medicine!
    the financial burden that puts on individuals & the worsened medical condition that result from individuals not receiving the medicine they need because they can not afford it and insurance denied it.
    why is no one arguing these issues or is the murder of innocent babies and thus generations of people more important & all because someone failed to be responsible!!!!

    just one question for all those people arguing for womens rights:
    those people claim to fight and stand up for womens right to decide what is right for their physical and mental well being. that centers around the right to abort unwanted pregnancies, because it should be the women choice due to it being again her physical person thus no concerning matter of the government.
    so my question….
    should women then not under that same notion of her physical person thus her decision apply to the right to decide to sell her physical person for monitary profit? how can you be pro-choice to justify the “termination” of life but claim prositution illegal and a matter for government intervention?
    shouldnt women have the right to decide if that is best for their well being because it is their body?

    what of sterilization only being allowed if the woman is 25 yrs of age or had at least 2 children? how can womens right fighters ignore that this too should not be enforced by the government!!
    should it not be the women’s choice due to it being her physical person thus no concerning matter of the government?

    if people are truly concerned for womans rights should they not be fighting for all womans rights & not merely those of their chosing?

  • Robert Knisely

    Two quick points:
    1. Theory: Controlling what another person or class of people can do with their bodies is SLAVERY. NO SLAVERY FOR WOMEN! (It’s their bodies, Stupid!)
    2. Practice: Between a quarter and a third of all fertilized human eggs fail to result in pregnancies (You can look it up.) That means, in the eyes of many religions, that for every two or three live births, there was a death. Have YOU ever attended a religious service commemorating any of these deaths? Is there a “last rites” ceremony for them? How much hypocrisy can we tolerate from these male-led religions?? “Do as we say, not as we do!”

  • Thomas Ondriezek

    Most men leave a relationship when mother and the kids seem more important than him. They look at dad as the old paycheck and men feel that contribution is thankless and unappreciated in the family. No one seems to care about their hero any more. Now with obama throwing money at single mothers whom he has defined as his campaign base, allows women to be less tolerant and inappreciative of dad and more willing to let him go.