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Need to Know, June 15, 2012: America’s immigration policies

As part of its “Fixing America” series, Need to Know anchor Ray Suarez hosts a panel discussion about America’s immigration policies. Among the topics: has President Obama reneged on his promises of immigration reform? Is Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s proposal for “self-deportation” realistic?

The guests include: Eliseo Medina of the Service Employees International Union; Rinku Sen, publisher of the news site Colorlines;  former Reagan administration official Linda Chavez and Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration

What’s on this week:

America’s immigration policies

A panel discussion featuring Eliseo Medina of the Service Employees International Union, Rinku Sen, publisher of the news site Colorlines, former Reagan administration official Linda Chavez and Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies.

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  • mdlamom

    What was not discussed, the medical care and insurance systems and the educational system.  The burden put on both systems because of illegal immigrants.  How much of our insurance costs are related to the care of illegal immigrants? We struggle to educate native born in many area’s of this country, and now schools are needing to try to educate illegals kids?   There was a lot more of a discussion that was woefully missed!  Please don’t tell me of time constraints on such an important topic! 

  • Tania_709

    Its ignorant to blame illegal immigrants for everything

  • rogelio

    my family is a very old school mexican family and to my suprise my family can not agree on this issue
    some of my sibling want them to go back where they came from.

  • Ray Suarez

    You make a good point. It has been studied for years: Yes, illegal immigrants consume publicly provided services. They also use these services at a much lower rate than other residents. Let’s also remember, millions of these workers and their families pay taxes too… through dummy documentation and of course, through sales taxes. Another complicating factor, a majority of these “illegals kids” are American citizens.


    We Street Latinos are working on a National Protest “AMNESTY BEFORE NOVEMBER 2012″ we must free all of our family members the remain in the chains of shame across this Nation. PLEASE JOIN UP WE NEED ALL THE HELP ME CAN GET.WILL YOU STAND UP FOR HUMANITY WITH US?

  • Greengene

    Krikorian is right – the idea that immigrants take only jobs we USAians don’t want is a simply wrong.  Given fair wages and benefits coupled with the withdrawal of unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc. we would see a rapid drop in the 12.7 million unemployed.  Many people work jobs they did not want, but do so because they need a job.  Here in Alabama a lot of knee-jerk liberals (I’m just a common liberal) are saying immigrants are needed to pick tomatoes and other crops because Alabamians can’t do the work.  That’s crap!  Get Linda Chavez down here and find me a job picking tomatoes for $19.00/hour and sign me up!


    Obama adds a Million Foreign Workers to an already Distress Unemployed Work Force-

    What Benefit Does The Nation gain by including a million more unemployed foreign workers to a
    distressed Job Market?  How does the Nation benefit from including a million foreign workers to
    compete for jobs that are here for Americans?

  • sam

    I think when we say immigrant there is a stigma the plaque our mind linking with minorities who create problem. Most immigrants are hard working human being to get a better life in a new land. Our prejudice blinded our mental capacity, and our judgement being blocked in a box. I know some immigrant made a wrong choice to be a criminal, but crime has its own consequence. The majority of immigrant mind is to be a good citizen, and looking for a better life. When the economy and political wave change to positive, we tend to relax the rule of hate. We need to stay broad minded about every thing and look things for the benefit the country and for all human being. This way, prosperity, social harmony, and the rule of law will lead America as a great country.

  • Terry

    Linda Chavez’s comments on the show were very revealing, even if unintentional.  When the farm workers were deported, the growers faced a severe labor shortage and were compelled to pay replacement workers at the rate of $19/hour, and for inferior performance to boot.  Even at that relatively high labor rate, the growers were apparently able to make enough money to make it worth their while to stay in business.  

    Linda did not say what the growers were paying the exploited farm workers before they were deported.  The difference in pay perfectly illustrates what Marxist economists call the “surplus value of labor” – value of labor that employers are able to pocket for themselves under typical conditions where labor surpluses, rather than shortages, predominate.  

  • Socialists oppose Capitalism

    There are laws to protect legals, and illegals – Obama went around the law, and did “what was right” – what he did was illegal, he did not consult Congress (which includes House, and Senate) – and he did not take any questions. Obama could not pass the DREAM act, so he used executive order to get what he wanted – not the first time he disregarded the law. Past Presidents’ have not been this transparently arrogant, Romney will once again work with opposition to serve the people, not big government and special interest control.
    Illegal immigrants are getting used as useful antz – but the far left fails to notice that people aren’t as stupid as they think.

  • Dax Hunt

    Apart from illegal immigrants, there are lots legal immigrants who invade USA. They invade with H1b and L1 visa from India. Corporate lobbyists have convinced the congress that it is hard to find candidates with hi-tech skills. This is a lie repeated to sound like truth.  All those come  here have kids born here; and then they sponsor their parents too. Tata consultancy dominates in Texas state jobs and also in Microsoft, Infosys reigns in Pepsi, sports authority…and several other private companies… Senator Charles Grassley is fighting against this but the corporate lobbyists in Congress are so powerful. Several of my friends were asked to train a person with H1B visa to get severance pay and then they were laid-off.  Don’t think H1B are victims by working for lower wage. They do make good money and save lots of money. Several guys stay together to save on apartments and car expenses; when they take the money and go back to India it will amount more because of currency exchange rate. 
    Infosys is not affected by the visa fraud case they are involved in (Jay Palmer) their business is running as usual making billions in revenue. Illegals are illegals no matter what, but what do you think about this invasion?  

  • Dax Hunt

    USA should adopt French immigration policy. The kids of non-french citizens should live in France between the age of 10 and 19 to attain citizenship. That is the age period they will get attached to the surroundings… Just because a kid is born here the kid cannot become US citizen unless their parents are US citizens.  ”American immigration policy = Stupidity”….laughed at by other country people…
    American travelling to Thailand on vacation and have a baby there is still American, right?  

  • Anonymous

    It is bad enough that ageism against older workers is rampant in IT, now we have Indian CEO’s in Silicon Valley that weren’t even born here, telling us why American workers don’t have the expertise to build “world-changing” applications and having no problem with Americans being displaced by low wage tech savy H1B’s for Indian. Can you get any more arrogant than that?? This is why I do not support much of immigration reform related to this segment of foreign workers.