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Need to Know, June 17, 2011: New voter laws, the anti-abortion movement, therapy for Tourette’s syndrome

With candidates already gearing up for the upcoming 2012 election, we look at how several states have been rewriting their voting laws and how it might impact the coming electoral season. We visit Ohio to see how the new laws there might affect voter turnout.

Also, as a follow-up to our panel on the state of women’s rights, we speak with Charmaine Yoest of the group Americans United for Life to see how the anti-abortion movement strategy has evolved and what their efforts have achieved at the state level. We also examine a new alternative therapy to Tourette’s syndrome and how it has already helped one 12-year-old boy battle the disorder.

And: Science journalist Chris Mooney explains the psychological factors behind science denial and how our pre-existing beliefs affect our capacity for logic. Author Benjamin Skinner speaks to us about his work exposing the world of modern-day slavery, and Jon Meacham delivers an “In Perspective” essay on the West Virginia coal mining disaster and the need for a national energy plan.

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Watch the individual segments:

What will new voting rules mean on election day?

With nearly a dozen states rewriting their voting laws, Need to Know examines the potential impact on voter turnout in Ohio.

Shifting the abortion fight to the states

Charmaine Yoest, head of Americans United for Life, talks about how the strategy of the anti-abortion rights movement has changed in recent years, and what the movement has achieved by focusing on changing law at the state level.

Gaining control over Tourette’s

A new alternative therapy is proving to be as effective as medication in treating the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome. Need to Know meets a 12-year-old boy showing marked improvement since he began the therapy.

In Perspective: Considering ‘The Last Mountain’

Jon Meacham discusses a new documentary, “The Last Mountain,” about the destructiveness of the West Virginia coal mining industry, and argues for consensus on a national energy plan.

Why you can’t handle the truth: The psychology of denial

Correspondent Win Rosenfeld talks to science journalist Chris Mooney about the extent to which our pre-existing beliefs, far more than facts, color our conclusions about the world.

Benjamin Skinner on modern-day slavery

Alison Stewart interviews Benjamin Skinner, investigative journalist and author of “A Crime So Monstrous,” about his work exposing the world of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

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