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Need to Know, November 12, 2010

This week, we present a special international edition of Need to Know. One week after Burma’s contested elections, we focus on another developing issue in the pariah state — the military junta’s nuclear ambitions. Then we turn our attention to the Indian Ocean to feature the story of a French family that was abducted by Somali pirates. Alison Stewart discusses the psychological ramifications of the conflicts in the Middle East with Israeli author David Grossman. And we report on efforts to build the infrastructure for a future Palestinian state. Peter Sagal also returns this week to give advice to members of Congress who have been recently voted out of office.

Note: If you are outside the U.S., you can watch the show here.

Watch the individual segments:

Burma’s nuclear puzzle

The Southeast Asian nation of Burma is a pariah state ruled by a repressive military junta. Some say it is trying to build its own nuclear weapons. But can the allegations be verified? Plus: ProPublica Managing Editor Steve Engelberg joins Need to Know to discuss the allegations.

The trouble with pirates

Need to Know presents an excerpt from “The Trouble with Pirates,” including the story of a French family who were abducted by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.

Growing a state

While the Middle East peace process remains frozen, Palestinians in the West Bank are already at work building the institutions and infrastructure for a future Palestinian state.

Interview with David Grossman

Acclaimed Israeli author David Grossman talks with Alison Stewart about the effects of the Middle East conflict on the human psyche.

Just Ask Peter Sagal: Congress

Our resident guidance counselor Peter Sagal offers some words of wisdom to public servants about to lose their jobs.


  • RobZalete


  • Rebecca A.

    Here’s something you ‘need to know’, alison -affirmative action hire-stewart.

    There is NO ‘sh sound between the letters ‘s’ & ‘t’ in the English language. In addition to the bias of tonight’s report, it’s dismaying that people of color like yourself continuously get a free pass on standards that would be strictly enforced if Caucasian’s had auditioned for your job.

    Secondly, the biased reporting tonight on the ‘Palestinian’ issue is so blatant. That any Jew who gives money to this anti-Semitic network deserves what they get.

    Candidly I wouldn’t give a DIME to this station. The only time you present anything remotely positive about Israel is travel logs during pledge week to bleed guilty Jews dry.
    Google “banya”+ nazi and get a bit of background.
    BILLIONS have been give to the ‘palestinian’ cause which Arafat, a disaffected Egyptian [NOT 'Palestinian'] strapped on the backs of children who blew themselves up for houses for their parents. The arabs WERE offered their own land. THEY REFUSED TO TAKE IT at the same time as Israel was granted statehood.

    Israel is a JEWISH state created in 1948. GET OVER IT. Jerusalem is it’s capital. The war in 1967 was INITIATED by multiple countries–UNPROVOKED and lost!!!! LOST! THey reaped what they sowed.

    The goal of the Muslim countries is to anihilate the Jewish people. They will be UNABLE to do this. AND, Israel has EVERY right to do what they have to do–to make sure it doesn’t happen in it’s defense.

    Arabs should STOP bombing and maybe peace would be possible. I PERSONALLY have been in vehicles DRIVEN by a Jordanians & also Israeli Arabs, stopped at check points coming back thru the West bank with Jews in the car as well. The soldiers treated ALL of us EQUALLY and with a great deal of respect and courtesy and efficiency.

    You CHOSE to report what you find is in your biased interest. You chose NOT to report the reality of the situation.

  • americanahstan

    Need to Know… only if you are in the United States. What gives with this new international censorship? I really appreciate Need To Know an all your hard work however, I find it totally horrific that you are blocking content. Who needs to know? Apparently not me.

    Cordially yours,

    American in France

  • Anonymous

    Dear American in France,

    Occasionally we do not have international rights for all of the footage used in the show. In that case, we have to block the full show to those outside the U.S. We do, however, create an edited international version for you to watch. You can see it here:

    We hope this helps, and we are sorry for the inconvenience!