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Need to Know, November 25, 2011: Resisting Alabama’s immigration crackdown

This week's host, Scott Simon. Photo: Will O’Leary

Scott Simon hosts this week’s edition of Need to Know, where we explore the nation’s struggle with immigration reform through the lens of Alabama’s controversial new law. Scott Simon also speaks with New York University professor Alina Das to discuss whether the federal government has dropped the ball on immigrants’ rights.

Also, as part of our American Voices series, California-based columnist Gustavo Arellano explains how the GOP’s rhetoric puts the Republican party at risk of losing the Latino vote in the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

Watch the individual segments:

Alabama: The immigration battle

Need to Know travels to Alabama to report on opposition to the state’s new anti-immigration law from an unexpected source: the sheriff of the state’s biggest county. He says controlling immigration is best left to the federal government and, for now, is refusing to enforce the law because he believes it diverts time and resources from crime-fighting.

Alina Das on changing the federal immigration laws

Scott Simon interviews New York University law professor Alina Das, an advocate for immigrant rights.

American Voices: Gustavo Arellano on the 2012 Latino vote

Californian columnist Gustavo Arellano contributes an essay about why the GOP risks losing the Hispanic vote in the upcoming presidential election

Watch more full episodes of Need to Know.

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  • demand_sider

    Eegads, your neo-liberal reporting on trade and taxation has left you with no audience. It’s depressing here.

  • rrnordquest

    “…Alina Das, an advocate for immigrant rights.”
    Saying “immigrant rights” is not correct when referring to
    “illegal aliens.” “Immigrants,” are people that are residing in this
    country legally, and they have certain “rights.” “Illegal aliens have a right
    to be deported, and have no right to work in this country.

  • rrnordquest

    I like the sign that says, “Undocumented” (illegal alien), “Unafraid,” “Unapologetic,” and “Unashamed” because, unafraid, unapologetic, and unashamed is how we Citizens feel about enforcing illegal immigration laws. Remember, illegal aliens have the right to be deported, and they do not have a right to work in the USA.

  • Strength Ali

    Let me guess: you guys commenting here must be Indian-American. Because as far as I recall, this country is theirs to claim!  Illegal Aliens?!  Truly the ridicule does not kill!!!!

  • Strength Ali

    Yep! Indian-Americans  protecting the borders since 1492, Duh!!! Do your research!

  • Wendy Poole

    Illegals get the hell out..they abuse out healthcare system. go into ERs lying about address and names.Do not have Licenses to drive and  NO INS..they go over the fence have a kid here and we are obigates to give them free medical care when  our own Legal citizens cant get helathcare.  Caucasions nd African American are the Minority now. In the ER they give their Medicad card state they dont work meanwhile her pocketbook fell off her lap and 1,700.00 dollars fell out in CASH. 100 dollar bills..Meanwhie we (legals) are loosing jobs and the Illiegals are just loving taking advantage of the TAX PAYERS Dollars..I say Aabama Go for it and get them the hell out. Hey if they start sueing I think we shold sue the government for not protecting us.. I wish all the states take the inituative like Arizona and Alabama They deserve a high fivew from me.. They also take our rentals and have 15 to 20 people living in the house ruining the neighborhood with drinking and multipal cars and activity in and near the houses..They bring oner Drugs for the Cartel, Our Jails are filed with about 65% illiegals More of our tax dollars, free lawyers free food free medical, They gotta go.. PLEASE I  hope the other states have the balls to do what Arizona and Alabama did..Hoping New York Is next boy woud I jump for joy on that more anchor children no more FREE anything anymore.. The NYU professor do us a a favor stop coddeling the Illegals they are getting away with Murder expecially on our LEGAL tax dollars..Ilegals get the hell out and police do your job without any ramifications from the Illegals stating civil rights Bull Illegals so not deserve to sue anyone in this country and get Money from our Legal TAX Paying citzens..  When they jump the fence they should not get anything..It is not our problem that their country cant take care of them they should fight their government for change dont come here and expect FREE everything..ILLEGALS GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonogirl1

     Many Illegal immigrants have been here years working for wages that were making American business owners rich because they took advantage of them and paid them less, but nothing was done as long as American business owners were thriving.  Now that the economy is stressed, and certainly it wasn’t the illegals that did this to our economy,  many Americans want to throw the cheap labor out.  This is inhumane of us as a nation of opportunity and it is the height of hypocrisy.  We should have dealt with the issue of citizenship long ago and lived with the consequences for American businesses.  You can’t have your pie and eat it too.  But I know Americans sure want to try.

  • Drpeoples

    By not having a federal law that deals realistically with the guest worker legal status and a legal way to enter America and make a legal earning we will continue to have these irrational responses..  The last attempt to address this issue 6 years ago was labled the “Amnesty Act” and all the good featues in that act were killed and we have gone back ward with states like Arizona and Alabama passing thier own imimiagration laws.

    The federal governement (Obama, Senate and House) have totally failed in there role to GOVERN.

  • Franco

    Any country in the world enforces it immigration laws, so why should the U.S. not. The illegals  today do not assimilate. Just look at all the Spanish language in our country, as press one for English and food labels in our grocery stores. The illegals today disrespect the English language, they disrespect the American culture and they disrespect learning American history. They consider themselves Hispanic first and American second. As President Roosevelt said in 1907 to be an American you must be an American 100 percent. They have broken every law coming and staying in this country.     

  • Aanchor

    America is Great because it is made up of immigrants who want to be part of a united effort for a better life for all. For a better life for all to happen, We all must come together to form a mold that represents that better life. If being a part of the better life includes
    America, then be an American. May GOD’s Grace be with us All!

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for Alabama, for taking action.They understand just how much these people Illegally in our Country are costing their state, social services, medical services, and have broken our country laws to be in the USA.

    In our states, we have 200,000 known people who are in our state Illegally(probalby more), broke our countries laws. We have 8% of k-12 students in our schools seats occupied by kids who are in the USA illegally. The cost of the 38,000 in our K-12 is $300 Million  a year, we, the taxpayers, have to pay.There are Hispanic Law firms who sue our schools, one locally 1.5 million dollars, to teach English is a second language. How outrageous.

    We have $230 million “wired out” of our state to Mexico every year, never to circulate in our state to create jobs in our state.

    The fellow, Sherrif Hale,  who does not want to enforce the Alabama law, has a daughter in law who may or may not be here legally and probably has other relatives here illegally. We have a “Compact”: and one of the leaders, is married to an woman who is here Illegally. If she is caught, she will be deported and not able to apply for US Citizenship for 10 years. Like the fellow in the film, they are advocates for letting these people get special treatment, go to the front of the line of millions who want entry into the USA because one of them has become a member of their family.

    We had 4500 babies, paid for by Medicaid last year born to mothers who are illegally in the USA.
    These now become “birthright, aka anchor babies aka 14th amendment” opening the door to food stamps, child care supplement, all a drain on tax dollars.

    Half of our emergency room hospital patients are Illegal. We have marijuana grown in our forests that equals the cash value of the states wheat crop. You cannot feel safe in the forest. Most of the drugs are brought into our state by illegals. We have hit and runs, then they split back to Mexico to escape prosecution. As I shopped in Wal-Mart, I hear Spanish all over the place, they do not pay with a check,or credit card or debit card, but with CASH, no taxes collected. Farmers hide their Illegals if ICE is in the neighborhood. Most of the Identity theft is done by Illegals.

    I am not against Legal Immigration, just these people who expect and sometimes receive special treatment and quite frankly cost us Millions every month. I am tired of paying for them.

    We need to look at minimum wage laws, like Australia with a graduated Minimum Living wage, age 16 $7 and age 21 $15 an hour. If we paid enough, we could find the people to pick strawberries.

    The sympathy tone of this program, needs to wake up. We need to get control of our country. We need to Stop ignoring this problem and enforce the law. We need to get these people out of here.

    The children born here by Illegals, should be deported with their parents. Obviously, their country does not want them back, we have many who are here, cannot read of speak in Spanish, much less English. I don’t care, they need to go back to where they came.

    Thanks to Alabama for doing something. Perhaps if more Illegals are deported like Eisenhower did with Operation Wetback during the recession of the 1950′s, more of these people who are paid “under the table” will go away and jobs will open up for people who are US Citizens.

  • boris

    your and idiot . and obviously not verywell informed.

  • Tiska Blankenship, Albuquerque

    Thanks for bringing this info to your viewers, like me.

  • Marco

    I agree with the fact that some business owners have taken advantage. But some have been duped also as the act of illegal immigrants SOP (standard operating procedure) makes it mandatory. So yes I also agree on pressing criminal charges to business owners that have knowingly employed people to their advantage. But guess what they have also made better wages here then where they came from thus making them rich enough to send money to their loved ones back home (Rich). All you will teach is that it is fine to come to America  illegally as long as you don’t get caught and when you do you apply for amnesty. What kind of character does that make of the America of the next generation..

  • Stevenw Smith

    Alabama is a microcosm of what’s going on across the nation. Yes, our immigration policy is unclear, yes, the federal government has dodged its responsibility. This administration has accelerated internment and deportation. Unfortunately many of us are hypocritical,sanctimonious, arrogant, fearful, and cognitively dissonant in demonizing undocumented aliens. We enjoy the benefits of the garbage they collect, yards they trim, crops they pick, slaughter houses they staff – all jobs we want to protect for American unemployed – all jobs beneath red-blooded Americans’ dignity. I’ve seen how many in Mexico live without clean water, enough food, electricity, hope and peace. I know that we contribute greatly to their misery with our insatiable appetite for drugs. The “iron river” of guns we send insures violence.

    Yes, these undocumenteds want better lives for themselves, a spouse perhaps, and children that most likely are hungry with no future. Complain all you will about undocumented aliens “stealing health-care services” and costing our nation. Consider your Thanksgiving meal and what it cost with what we pay these people. Double it and you have the cost if we fairly pay for workers to produce those things you gave thanks for. If we are dishonest enough to complain about what these cheap workers provide let us at least be honest enough to realize part of what we pay if they use health care services is in a just world owed to these people. We conveniently look the other way when they do our most disgusting and onerous work and then complain when they show up in our hospitals and schools.

    Consider that as a country that is aging demographically; we MUST lure young, able, hard-working people to do what we will or cannot do. Put aside your cognitive dissonance, fear, hypocrisy, arrogance, and holier-than-thou beliefs! We must establish an immigration policy that brings the very type of worker to our country that most hard working undocumented aliens personify. First, let’s do no harm. That means we must find a way to retain many of those in the country today through a fair identification and acceptance process. Alabama points us to a future that is a dead-end. It also tells the world that the US is no longer a land where others can come and make our country great. It tells the world that we have lost our compassion in those less fortunate than we. In short, we have lost what used to separate us from  the herd.

  • mitch young

    I haven’t watched the whole episode, but there seems to be zero balance here. It would be good if you had some people from the Center for Immigration Studies or NumbersUSA, to present the immigration restriction side. 
     It would also be good to have an advocates for whites/European Americans. After all, our votes count too, and we are still the largest group of voters in the country by far. If Obama loses, a big part of that will be a collapse in support among the white working class and also younger college educated whites.

  • Flyveexplorer

    go home spics !! you have destroyed the united states !! our schools , have the dumbest kids in the world now !! thanks to all the retarted mexican kids !! , what a bright future the u.s. has now !!!!! ha ,ha , ha !!!  you think its bad now , wait till , they are all grown up , and cant add or spell !!
     i guess , we wil be a new  mexico , that is dumb as dirt !!!  the NEW TURD WORLD ! USA OF MEXICO !! 

  • Gnance2010

    If they come into the USA legally, on H-1B visa we will let them work.
    If we find they have no visa, then we deport the family.
    Alabama Sheriff got it wrong when he said he cannot see how to avoid racial profiling.
    Sheriff, ask yourself, “Why would I detain a white person?” Answer, because I saw them break the law. 

  • Denise Yahola

    How cognitively challenged are you? This is a Nation of Immigrants whose descendants have no respect for accurate Historical Evidence. You make me ashamed. My Great Maternal Grandparents were the Indigenous members of the Southern Iriquois Nation. Our Language was written since the early 1500′s (maybe longer but there has been no evidence in existence to prove otherwise.) and our Social Structure the pattern for our Democratic Priciples which still is in successful existence within my Nation today.

    I am disturbed by your lack of citation of information. Do you woek in an ER? Are you making these broad judgements while employed? Your mindset is dangerously Imperialistic and Facist. 

    The young generation of the Millenium has no interest in their own personal histories or how they came to be here. They do not that their grandparents and great-gradnparents were farmers and that their children were farm workers in the Nation that fed the World.

    This consumer mentality and reality is an embarrassment. We have failed to teach the mistakes of our past and are now paying a dear price. People don’t know how to clean up after themselves in any given situation. The thought that “someone else is paid to pick up after my mess” has evolved into trashing just about anything anywhere.

    I am embarrassed for you Wendy.

  • gg

    Illegals: What does that mean??? Just what the word says
    illegal: It is illegal to rob a bank, it is illegal to drive without a license,
    and it is illegal to take something that belongs to someone else. There is a
    legal way to be an American citizen; it is call becoming an immigrant. This
    should not be a debate but all states in the union should be deporting as well
    as the US Federal government should lead the way. If you go into other
    countries illegal they deport you, so are we going to deport you. Apply for citizenship
    not amnesty.

  • Gnance2010

    The USA is a nation of citizens and assimilated immigrants, who don’t need illegal aliens flooding in unregulated.

  • 180-Degrees

    I just watched the report by Karla Murthy about Alabama’s Illegal Immigration Law enforcement.  Specifically the segment about the police officer pulling over “Pedro” and taking him to jail.  The point of view that the reporter implies is so ‘been there done that’.  The “Racial Card” defense is the product of a lazy reporter.  Yaawwnnnn.  In Georgia, if you get caught driving without a license, your car gets impounded.  If you can recite your full name & SS# without having to look it up, chances are good that you can go home instead of jail. 

    Ms. Murthy how about redoing your story from the AMERICAN point of view? ( (And I don’t mean Latin American or African American, or any other ‘Adjective’ American – we certainly don’t hear the term  “Caucasian American  Latino” in Guatemala or Mexico…..) 

    Who did the truck belong to that Pedro was operating?  If the truck was owned by someone other than himself, was that person aware that Pedro is an illegal alien & did not have a  license?  You stated that Pedro told you his job allows him to take care of 2 children and himself.  Was he being paid legally?  Was he being taxed? Did he have insurance on the truck? Does he have medical insurance for he and his children? Do his children speak English?  Is he taking classes to learn English? Does the school  the children attend have to provide Spanish speaking translators?  Where is the children’s mother?  Does he send money back to Guatemala?  How did he get here.  How did his children get here?

    In other words Ms. Murthy, WHY should I, as an American care more about Pedro’s welfare over my neighbor’s, who went through the proper channels to became a U.S. Citizen, or my own as my husband and I both work and struggle to support two children?

    What would happen if instead of finding out that “Pedro” did not have a
    license via the check point, this fact was discovered after Pedro hit a car and injured the car’s occupant and himself?  The injured victim would have to
    be financially responsible for their injuries and Pedro gets taken care of at the
    local ER where U.S. Citizens get to pay his hospital bills.  And to add insult, Pedro could run back to Guatemala and avoid any civil legal consequences for his actions.

    It is important to note that you (and 99% of the media) are using the term ‘illegal immigrant’ instead of ‘illegal alien’.   Immigration Laws refer to the IMMIGRATION requirements of ALIENS.  Those that do not gain admittance to the USA via the qualifications provided in the Immigration and Nationality Act DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENJOY THE BENEFITS of a United States Citizen. Period. 

    Additionally, anyone employing or contracting with an illegal alien without
    verifying his/her work authorization status is guilty of a misdemeanor.
    Aliens and employers violating immigration laws are subject to arrest,
    detention, and seizure of their vehicles or property.”And that’s The Rest Of The Story.”  -  Paul Harvey

  • Cliffdn

    The law should be changed so babies of illegal immigrants born in the United States are also illegal. The entire family is then illegal and would be deported.
    For illegal immigrants already in the United States with “anchor babies”, they should be required to get in line and apply for citizenship. If they do not, again the entire family should be deported with onlly the anchor baby allowed to remain with arrangements made for care or adoption. The illegal parents would then make that choice- either apply for citizenship or be deported, with arrangements made for any citizen children.

  • Aapetemeister

      your nyc teacher is out of touch on illegal aliens not immigrants .she needs to get a job.alongside some of these lawbreakers and listen to the plans they make to rape our country and send it back to thier hometowns in thecentral americas and how they cant wait to retire in their hometowns and brag how they made enough money in 3 yrs to retire and be treated like a hero in thier guy here in new orleans was  looking for a 5th whirlpool tub for his retirement home in mexico at age 27.he was illegal and new he had to get outa here in 3 yrs to miss the taxman,he was illegal and was working 27 with treats to deport them if they didnt work for 4 dollars a hr while he charged a mere 30 for each man,a very low wage after katrina while many of my american co workers were having a hard time finding work at the time.ive never seen such hate and disrespect at times that the aliens have twords the u.sthey tell each other to have a lot of kids on american soil so they can stay and raise em .i could go on and on these people arent stupid like you want us to believe,its a sad state of affairs weve allowed them to weave for themselves when we dont enforce our  for this already on the books.i applaud alabama,georgia and arizona for trying to keep the already existing laws .i wont even go into how i was treated in mexico for even thinking of working there in 2002 on a 3 week missions trip.its not allowed to even work there only give.nafta has sure messed us over when daddy bush got that passed in sure pick bias proffessors to lie to us on tv,sometimes i wonder whos running that showthats supposed to be fair an unbiasedmore out of touch people with to much school and no hard and sweat work ethics,who says we dont want to do our own landscaping and our own cleanup,whos scammin us there with that bias crock,

  • Gnance2010

    The laws already exist to deny US citizenship to children of aliens, but the laws are not enforced. Aliens in the US are under “consular jurisdiction” and can register their child at the consulate and obtain passports. We need to tell Congress to change birth registration laws.

  • joeganda

    It was a very one sided report , not the side 95% of americans fell is right . But then when is PBS ever  on the side of 95% of the american people . PBS is a bunch of left wing nuts .

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, they actually permitted Alina Das to say that only a very tiny but very vocal minority are against illegal aliens in the USA. What a load of BS.

    Much more than 75% of the USA is against entering the USA illegally, and with that the presence of illegal aliens.

  • Susanscherman

    If you enter the U.S. soil illegally, you’re automatically breaking the law. If you’re driving a car without auto insurance, you’re breaking the law.  If you have no official state driver’s license and registration, you’re breaking the law. If you’re here, and you don’t pay taxes, you’re breaking the law. Where’s the good old IRS in all of this?  Cops are allowed to pull anyone over since 911 for any random checks. Hell, in NYC, we’re used to being pulled over for anything, doesn’t matter who you are.  We’re not allowed to complain. In Union City, NJ, I watch the long lines in the Post Office of people sending  money and goods back to all their countries. Were taxes paid on those items?  Hell, probably not!  I cannot go to any country in the world and not pay taxes! I would be arrested. As a U.S. citizen, I feel discriminated against since I have to pay taxes on everything but air at this point. I have to pay huge medical bills for my care, and the illegals don’t have to pay a dime for their medical bills. They change their names frequently, move around quite a bit, and get away with everything.  I want that type of life! How about making the illegals pay back taxes?  How much would that amount to for our economy? The U.S. government MUST reduce the POPULATION at this point in order to keep Americans employed.  Americans pay taxes and fight for this country, they come first. Hands down. It’s a lie that Americans won’t do certain jobs.  If you don’t belong here, you don’t deserve to live here. Americans come first. It’s not a question of changing the U.S. Immigration laws at this point. They are pretty iron clad.  Case closed.
    P.S. Alina Das never answered a lot of the questions posed. She answered around the truth.

  • Anemt131

    Do you have the statistics to support your argument that 95% of Americans feel this way?

  • Anonymous

    Check the polls. It is very evenly divided. The problem is that the extreme right is demographically being overrun and time is on the side of Immigrants, their friends and families. Soon enough this won’t be a dividing issue anymore, as cooler heads will be the majority.

  • Jshively2

    The bias in your coverage of the illegal immigration issue is disturbingly apparent. Episodes presented recently have been platforms for presenting opinions not necessarily based on facts or real experience, and without the presentation of countering input from those of us who are not making money or otherwise benefitting from the continued failure to deal with the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants. I am disappointed, frustrated, and angry that you provide a venue that propagates this material in a manner that so clearly favors one set of opinions. What has happened to journalistic ethics at PBS ?  Who do you have to be to have the opportunity to get the same exposure for countering facts and viewpoints?

  • Labrat

    I find quite fascinating the intense hatred that people feel toward undocumented immigrants. It should be no more illegal for immigrants to enter the country without papers than it is for corporations to employ them. Where is the outrage over the hiring of undocumented immigrants by corporations? Perhaps it better suits those who hold racist and xenophobic attitudes (despite adamant denials to this fact) to vilify dark-skinned people instead of acknowledging the harsh truth that their white employers have forsaken them in choosing profit over skin color.

  • Extraordinarycitizen

    Don’t expect an ordinary American to have any inkling of our country’s past. We have raped and pillaged our way through history and will continue to do so until there nothing is left in the world. It’s just part of our culture.

  • mommy42

    What if illegal aliens actually paid taxes? Perhaps they
    applied for an Individual Tax ID#, would they be less persecuted than illegal
    aliens who are paid under the table and are not contributing to this country
    with their taxes? I can understand the anger against illegal aliens who do not
    pay taxes, yet receive financial and medical aid without having contributed a
    penny towards these services.  I just wonder if this anti-illegal
    immigrant issues are based on money or just racial hatred.  I think people
    should be treated fairly.  I believe there are a lot of illegal aliens who
    love this country, not because of what they can get for free, but because they
    can see the fruit of their hard work.  The children of illegal immigrants
    did not ask to be brought to the US or ask to be born here, how is it fair that
    they are punished for their parent’s mistakes or desperation of coming to the
    US?  If these illegal aliens haven’t paid their taxes during their stay
    here, they should be given the option to leave or pay up (obviously through the
    years) and be denied any financial or medical aid as well as having to wait in
    line like everyone else.  The US government should also do a background
    check on any illegal immigrant that wants to legalize his/her status here. 
    The truth is that the US does not need any more violent criminals.
    Hypothetically speaking, what if the ‘land of opportunity’ was in Mexico and
    had an almost impossible residency application process, and the US was a drug
    cartel driven country, would a US citizen sacrifice his life by crossing the border to give his wife and kids a better future or pray day after
    day that he will not die in the process of protecting and providing for his
    family in his own country? How far would you go?  I see a lot of Hispanic families who
    encourage their children to be good students and be good people to succeed in
    life.  Let us see people as individuals and not as a race, let us see
    people for who they are and not for what some of the people of that race are
    doing or not doing right.  This illegal immigrant’s child can be an
    individual that grows up to do something good for you tomorrow.  Lets
    educate ourselves before saying “go home spics !! you have destroyed the
    united states !! our schools , have the dumbest kids in the world now !! thanks
    to all the retarted mexican kids !! , what a bright future the u.s. has now
    !!!!! ha ,ha , ha !!!  you think its bad now , wait till , they are all
    grown up , and cant add or spell !!  i guess , we wil be a new 
    mexico , that is dumb as dirt !!!  the NEW TURD WORLD ! USA OF MEXICO”,
    as flyveexplorer wrote with tons of grammatical errors!? I am glad to say that 80%
    of all the Hispanic children I have encountered in my child’s classroom while
    volunteering, are on or above grade level. Let us show some compassion to the people
    that deserve a chance, you may be surprised of what they may do for you, your kids
    or grandkids in the future!  That’s my opinion :)    

  • Gnance2010

    It should be no more illegal for homeless persons to enter Labrat’s home and move in,  than it is for Labrat to feed them. How it it Labrat, take the doors off of your house, and I’ll send the homeless there.

  • Flyveexplorer

    its a great idea !! , deport all the bown shit stains !!

  • Flyveexplorer


  • Labrat

    The inability of this individual to construct a meaningful sentence to express his/her opinion in a coherent manner is but one consequence of a mind that is paralyzed with inexplicable hatred and intolerance toward people of a darker skin complexion. Observe and be forewarned…

  • Fox

    To get an eye opening view of just what is going to happen
    to the USA if this invasion is not stopped soon,
    please click on this link below.

     It will take you to a video called “Immigration Gumballs”

     And it is absolutely shocking.

    Good luck, America.
     We are going to need it.

  • Aanchor

    YES! Well put Mr. Harvey! More times than not, it is only
    as hard as we make it. There is right and there is wrong. Sometimes we do the
    wrong things for the right reasons. There is a process for making pie and if
    you leave out any part, then all you have is a miss. Countrys and Nations of
    the Earth have had laws and regulations since GOD created ALL! We can see the
    fruits of turning an eye. If we dont start being GODs people again, America
    will be just another piece of real estate owned by battle fields. GODs laws /
    Mans laws are all part of the pie called America. Lets not leave or take out
    any part of this precious pie for the sake of One Self! Since composed in 1892
    and having gone through four modifications by1954 American citizens have been
    willing to stand before all and saying: I
    pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the
    republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty
    and justice for all.

    As for me and my
    household: We will serve GOD. We are Americans and not DRIPS. At this time, the
    world’s economic bucket has been riddled with several small holes which were
    caused by allowing the protective materials to be exposed over an extended
    period of time to the very elements it was designed to serve.There are many who
    are seeking to be a democrat, republican, independent or political science
    country. There are Aliens which are trying to be a part of the hole fixing
    solution. There are illegal aliens which are as much part of the corrosion
    around the economical holes as the political parties who have failed to choose
    America over a politcal party. There are tough choices for us all to make for
    America. Hopefully tomorrow we all will wakeup, giving thanks to GOD for
    blessing all with a new day and the opportunity to serve together to his glory