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Need to Know, November 9, 2012: The road ahead

This week's host Jeff Greenfield

Now that the election is over — what comes next? Need to Know anchor Jeff Greenfield looks at the policy implications of President Obama winning a second term in office.

Among those interviewed are former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert and Time magazine columnist Rana Foroohar.

Read this week’s transcript here.

What’s on this week:

The road ahead

An in-depth look at decisions, policies, partisanship and politics featuring columnists Bob Herbert and Rana Foroohar.

A final note

Jeff Greenfield talks about the results of the 2012 election and the implications they have for America’s changing culture.

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  • Anonymous

    The “people” have spoken so give them exactly what they want, raise taxes to the historic levels of the past with a 75% top level for all the “wealth winners of life’s lottery” as Mr. Obama put it. After all, they didn’t build the businesses that employ the people working there. Make sure that the 75% tax level is applied to small business that provides most of the jobs we need to solve unemployment and innovation in this country. The economy wont last long under that kind of taxation and the “people” will see the results of the leadership they asked for. The goodies they want have to be paid for by someone. The jobs they need have to be created by someone who takes the risk and DESERVES to profit from their drive and risk taking.

  • John

    All the people that voted for Obama want is their free health care, free phones, free food stamps, etc. They do not care who it hurts how it is payed for. In order to pay for Obama care, He has already said he is going to take it from Social Security and Medicare. That means the younger generation that voted for Obama is going to have their parents and grandparents struggling more and more to pay for their medical insurance as their social security and medicare will be more and more limited to what it will cover. Thus not allowing critical medical lifesaving severices therefore sending them to their death beds. This is just one of the socialistic ideologies of Oboma. He will not be content until the United States is a full fledged socialist/communistic country. He has no use for our Constitution much less our military. God help our great Country. God Bless The U. S. A.

  • TWells

    I was very suprised to hear Peter Baker say that VOTERS chose to have divided powers (a Republican House and a Democratic Senate and President) when the House is a result of GERRYMANDERING, and NOT the VOTE!!!
    Professor Geoffrey Stone emphasized that:
    “Although the Republicans won 55% of the House seats, they received less than half of the votes for members of the House of Representatives. Indeed, more than half-a-million more Americans voted for Democratic House candidates than for Republicans House candidates. There was no split-decision. The Democrats won both the presidential election and the House election. But the Republicans won 55% of the seats in the House.
    This seems crazy. How could this be?
    This answer lies in the 2010 election, in which Republicans won control of a substantial majority of state governments. They then used that power to re-draw congressional district lines in such a way as to maximize the Republican outcome in the 2012 House election.”
    The PUBLIC did not vote for gridlock. But its what we get, because of the corruption of the political process.
    Congressional Republicans need to be flooded with letters that tell them that they may not hold the country hostage on the upcoming fiscal cliff issue. They need to be put on notice.

  • Alan Green

    In my opinion, a very provocative piece, Mr. Greenfield. I’m disappointed you didn’t have a right-leaning contributor, but that omission needs to speak for itself. What I found most interesting, sir, is when you were making the point that none of the presidential/vice presential candidates were Protestant: you referred to Romey & Ryan as “Mormon and Catholic” and Obama and Biden as “African-American and Catholic.” Have I missed something? I was not aware “African-American” was a “religious preference.” For full disclosure, I am an American of Polish descent, a white male, a registered Independent (I voted a split ticket in 2012 as I have since I was first eligible to vote 40 years ago), married with four, now adult, children, heterosexual, and I believe in God, although I have no religious preference. I believe our Constitution was divinely inspired, but because of special interest and greed (political, social, and economic), I have seen its significance dwindle over the last 110 years. Thank you for allowing me to have a voice.