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Next week’s news

Justice.  Immigration.  Politics.

These are all nouns.

They’re also the top stories from next week’s news.

Blasting Elena Kagan for her lack of judging experience, GOP senators will propose an alternative: Paula Abdul. As a judge on “American Idol,” Ms. Abdul often seemed absent and didn’t say anything. But one senator will argue, “You could say the same thing about Clarence Thomas.”

Immigration foes will gather on our northern border, protesting what they see as a dangerous influx of Canadians. In the words of one protester, “We’re sick of these people sneaking across the border and stealing our hockey jobs.”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will become the most active totalitarian dictator on Twitter. Here are Hugo’s top tweets of next week:

“America is the devil! “

“Death to capitalism!”

“I heart Justin Bieber!”

And finally, some news out of Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin will confirm it’s official: She has now written more books than she has read.  When asked which of her two books is her favorite, Governor Palin will reply, “All of them.”

And now a peek at next week’s viewers’ email. Arthur from Madison, Wisconsin will write:

“Dear Mr. Borowitz: What on earth is a clown like you doing on PBS? Take your so-called ‘satire’ and go back to the internet where you belong. Plus, you have a really big nose.”

Well, thanks, Arthur, for writing. And keep those emails coming!



  • Davida

    I love Hugo Chavez’s Twitter account. Borowitz is wonderful!

  • Jane

    Bravo! I heart Bieber, too. So glad we can find common ground.

  • CreoleInDC

    Borowitz ROCKS!

  • Paula

    Borowitz is wonderful! A much needed shot of humor at the issues that make us all crazy.

  • Geri

    BorowitzReport makes me laugh every day. Glad to see PBS had the good sense to hire Mr. Borowitz.

  • Lisa A.

    Mr. Borowitz is brilliant. I will be watching!!!!!!

  • Fredericks

    I’ve seen the future. It’s pretty funny. Hold on.

  • Lorna Singh

    LOL.As a follower of @theborowitzreport on twitter I knew Andy would be great on this show.
    Loved last week’s program,expect the same for the second one tonight.

  • Bethamy Bridgecam

    Andy is great! Andy for President!!!! no wait, he’d lose his sense of humor. Andy on PBS! Andy rocks! PBS rocks! Yay!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Nicht

    I <3 Andy Borowitz!

  • Jimmy Carter

    Watched it, agree with all of you. Andy does not have a clue, but a brilliant, perhaps genius actor.

  • Cindykay

    I get my morning chuckle every day with the arrival of the intelligent, perceptive and appropriately twisted Borowitz Report!

  • shirley fisk



  • Ericab

    Andy Borowitz is hilarious. Great segment!

  • Deb Baxley

    Andy is the best – his tweets make my day!

  • Tom Willcox

    Keep it coming!

  • Jay B.

    Found this show by accident. Was looking for House Hunters on HGTV; honest mistake.
    Lingered and discovered the irrepressibile Andy B. His mom must be so proud.

  • Lewis

    Great job Andy. Love your reports. Very funny and makes good points

  • Joe

    Another fine bit of satire by Borowitz.

  • Carol J.

    I’ve enjoyed Andy’s work for years and look forward to seeing him as a regular on PBS’ “need to know”.

  • Ken D.

    He’s not Bill Moyers, but I’ll take what I can get these days!

  • David

    I really enjoy his comments!

  • Carolyn

    Andy Borowitz. PBS. Cool.

  • david april

    big fan of Andy…a breath of fresh air…keep them coming

  • John Frenaye

    Love it! Borowitz is a GREAT addition!

  • Helen

    I love Andy, on the Internet, on PBS, in the New Yorker. He even made CNN bearable for awhile, sort of.

  • Stuart

    This man has entertained me by e-mail for years. I look forward to seeing all of his episodes on PBS

  • Matthew

    I love him. He makes me smile. Please keep him and encourage him!

  • Jill in Edmonton

    Borowitz is a highlight of my week, and now we get to see his smiling face on the tube, too. What’s not to like? Thanks, PBS.

  • ChrisW2

    Great satire – keep it going, please!!!

  • Jay Wiener

    The best 90 seconds on PBS.

  • Carol

    I’ll stick with the “kisses”, thanks Andy…forget the antiques!!!!

  • ozonekid

    Andy is like Lewis Black without the espresso.

  • Joyce Burch

    Your dose of daily wit gives my spirits a lift. So glad PBS had the sense to grab you.

  • alisa

    Thanks, PBS! Andy rocks, really big nose and all. Love him and love you for putting him on the air.

  • Sam

    Andy is a genius. He is every bit as good as Jon Stewart or Colbert.

  • Phyllis

    Hey Andy,
    Thanks for the best 90 seconds on TV, and yes, you have a really BIG nose:>)

  • Asdaq

    Borowitz is funny and informative.

  • Kathy Chiavola

    Love Andy!!!! I have laughed so hard I cried!!!!!
    Thanks, PBS!!!!

  • Ann Rawn

    great going PBS. Andy’s so funny!

  • Zina Josephs

    I love seeing Andy Borowitz on PBS. His nose for news and satire is just the right size!

  • Dalila

    Andy is hilarious! I’ve been a big fan of his for a while and LOVE the Borowitz Report.

  • K

    Thanks for giving us some humor to better digest our news. This nation needs to lighten up, and Borowitz is just the guy to help us do it.

  • Jim

    Borowitz’ incisive wit is intelligent satire at it’s best!

  • John

    Andy is hilarious. I look forward to years of his witty and acerbic comments. Kudos to PBS for bringing Andy to a wider audience.

  • Holli

    I’m so excited that Andy is on TV! Keep him! The country, nay, the world, needs his keen insight and steady presence. Andy Borowitz and PBS, like Tracy and Hepburn, Bert and Ernie, peanut butter and jelly — so different yet so delicious together.

  • Sam Hopkins

    Great therapy. Great way to end the new show. And thanks for making the video clip available on the web, as well.

  • Diana Broze

    Sometimes Borowitz is funny and sometimes he’s outright hilarious. We need him and Stewart sometimes just to keep our heads from exploding.

  • Jeanne

    How wonderful to see Andy on PBS! His satirical take on the news makes it so much easier to digest.
    Bravo, PBS!

  • Marion

    Brilliant insanity. Most entertaining!

  • kcbill13

    Borowitz is funny.

    give him a real job.

  • HJ

    Are your … uh … feet big, too?

    You crack me up, Andy.

    I don’t get the PBS show here in backwoods NC (unless I’ve overlooked it), so thanks for making your segment available here.

  • Laurie

    I admire your courage in speaking out.

  • Nan

    Andy, you keep us sane!

  • Bill

    Great new segment, excellent.

  • Martha

    Andy is BRILLIANT! He has a way of saying what we’re all thinking but not clever enough to say on our own. The world needs people like him. They keep us sane in a mostly crazy world. THANK YOU PBS! You have made a very wise choice to feature him.

  • Richard

    PBS, you’re crowding Andy Borowitz. His great humor needs more space in which to savor how clever and often biting his political satire can be. His own sense of timing from live performances should guide the tv presentation. He’s waaay better than the other Andy.

  • Monica Platz

    Borowitz is God!

  • Carol G Williams

    My daughters turned me on to Andy, and I love it!! By the way, I’m officially “elderly” so he appeals to all ages….or maybe I should say all IQ’s….

  • PJ

    Andy Borowitz is an intelligent satirist. I think that’s a good thing. All I know is he makes me laugh and that is what is important to me.


    It’s not just Sesimy Street anymore.

  • Nancy

    Andy on PBS…. great match! Love it. Gives us something to smile about.

  • Bobbie Buchanan

    How much money do I have to send you to get the mug?

  • Mary Ellen Bell

    Andy Borowitz rocks!

  • Harshith

    Amazing! Andy is the perfect guy for such shows! :D

  • Jim Williams

    Andy, thanks for the previews! My wonderful wife introduced me to your humor shortly after we met. We look forward to seeing you on PBS.

  • Sylvia A

    Andy Borowitz is so cool his show probably doesn’t even have its own t-shirt.

  • Shannon

    Andy B. cheers me up when I have been reading all of those sad e-mails from people asking for money. Andy tells it like it is: straight shooting. Unlike some politicians, Andy never lies. Thanks for all of your good words.

  • tag

    Thanks for Andy!

  • Eliezer Sobel

    Funny is good. Thanks for the laughs Andy!

  • Laura Barnes

    I want Andy to get that job on antique RoadShow where he can explain the underwebbing of chairs as well as he does the underminding of government. Three Chairs for an inventive and curious mind. And, I like his nose. L

  • Ross

    Borowitz gets at the heart of the matter and rips it right out of your chest. Great addition to the line-up!

  • Bob Amsel

    Keep the gags coming, Andy. PBS could seriously use some lightening up!

  • Joyce Dougherty

    You are very clever and always make me laugh or at least smile!

  • Vincent

    I love this. Can I have these sent to my email?

  • Linda

    Borowitz hosting “Antiques Roadshow.” Sounds magnificent.

    His nose looks fine to me!

  • Ray Dombrowe

    The best 90 seconds on the air. Well at least 89 out of 90.

  • Audrey B

    Andy B has my same initials and he is very funny. Thanks for hiring him! And yes, I am a contributor to my local PBS station!

  • Maureen Stanton

    I have been getting Andy’s news reports via email for years. He is a comic genius and always manages to tap into the hot political topics. Although I almost never watch PBS, I’ll tune in for Andy.

  • Marsha

    I saw Andy B in person in Indy….the guy just rocks….his wit is more acerbic than Stewart…..

  • Shary Johnston

    Borowitz is a great addition to the programming!

  • Jaya

    I smell a Pulitzer.

  • Chris G.

    Andy, if PBS doesn’t keep you, they’ll no longer get my big bucks! I mean it.

  • Stonejaw

    It’s fun to see Andy on PBS after all the years of receiving his emails about current events. Not everyone appreciates Andy though and I’ll have to keep tuning in to try to figure it out. Rock on.

  • janice lawrence

    I’m so glad Andy Borowitz is on TV! I’ve been a fan of his satire for a long time.

  • Wibcolorado

    He’s the political satire I send around to friends.

  • Dr. Frank J. Smist, Jr.

    I am terribly excited about Paula Abdul joining the U.S. Supreme Court. In future addresses before Congress, President Obama had best not criticize the Supreme Court or the Chief Justice will have Paula Abdul start criticizing President Obama right there while the President is still speaking. Because of her wit, mental acuity, and intelligence, all the cameras will immediately cover Paula and forget about What’s His Name ?

  • Ken Weatherly

    I love Andy in whatever form he comes in.

  • Carol

    Didn’t Steve Jobs come from Canada? Are we proposing to send him back?

  • Meredith

    Andy Borowitz is unique, clever, and never fails to provide a chuckle.

  • Wolfgang Schwarz

    Borowitz is the first e-mail I open in the morning. I am thrilled that PBS has picked him up. One more reason to keep my membership. Andy, break a leg.



  • Carol

    Great andy borowitzreport!

  • TigerBill

    Oh wow, cool! Getting next weeks news before it arrives. Only Andy could pull off a warp like this! Please give us some stock tips. Thanks PBS for being ahead of the pack.

  • Beverly Pollock

    No fair, Andy! I’m trying to be depressed with all the rotten daily news but you insist on making me laugh!

  • Longboater

    Andy…stick to the internet…

  • lennypipes

    Andy is really funny. However, I have no sense of humor, not so much an endorsement.

    Hey, if this gig doesn’t work, Ken Burns will probably need someone to carry his cameras in his next epic. Pray for warm weather.

  • Martin L Schneider

    At last, a voice and a face we can believe in. It’s been years that our household has yearned for Walter Cronkhite-type, with that sonorous, wholly believable and trustworthy, sound.
    Great move, PBS!

  • JL Strickland

    I love Andy and want him to stay on PBS. He’s not a hilarous as Charles Krauthammer, but he’s sexy and much smarter.

    And I know it’s hurtful to Andy when folks make fun of his nose. His nose is not too big. But I wish I had it full of silver dollars. [

  • tom burns

    Andy is just hitting his stride. He’ll be great on Antiques Roadshow.

  • Franny Milberg

    What a great idea to give Andy Borowitz a segment on PBS. We all need an opportunity to laugh at the news.

  • Marie Harvey

    As usual, Andy is a breath of fresh air. Good for you,PBS. Keep him!

  • Galey C

    I so look forward to Andy’s Daily Report in my E mail….ESPECIALLY because these days, it’s URGENT to have AT LEAST ONE GREAT BELLY LAUGH DAILY!
    Andy usually provides the daily minimum, and then some!

    P*B*S* = P*lay B*orowitz’s S*how….You go Andy!!!!!!

  • Judith

    PBS and Andy. What a combination! Keep it up. We love you

  • Cowboy2

    Andy Borowitz is Refreshing ~ so different from the Pablum the “media” offers. Perfect ending to your show addressing serious concerns the networks obviously don’t have time for (read don’t care about).

  • Robert Hogan

    It really is a big nose. The better to smell out the garbage of our political life.

  • Carolyn G.

    Please feature this man more — in this world right now everyone needs to lighten up a bit and we need really genuinely good humor that is able to satirize the world situation in an intelligent and truly funny way — There’s enought depressing junk and commercials to sink the continent already – we don;t need anymore! PBS is one station that I would like to give credit for realizing this.

    GO ANDY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robin Barr

    Andy Borowitz is brilliantly funny. In fact, he makes me feel inadequate :) .

  • Bonzi

    Andy is a genius. He activates all my brain cells.

  • Ashley

    I heart Andy!

  • Tam Seasalts

    Andy has a beautiful set of elbows (jab jab). Have been a fan of his via daily email for a while. Don’t have a TV, so was afraid I’d miss this, but very glad that it’s available for me here. Andy gives us all what we need for choking down politics… A huge grain of salt and a generous dollop of good humor.

  • James H. Duffy

    Bravo! Congratulations to WNET.

  • Wiana

    All this good news. Such a great pick me up and such a good connection – no buffering or anything, I could watch it straight through!

  • Smitty

    Andy is the best. Whenever something weird happens (especially in the political world), I can’t wait to see what Borowitz’ take on it is. And now it’s even better getting to see him “in person.” Thank you, PBS.

  • Bea

    I’ve been enjoying Andy Borowitz’s witty and humorous E-Mails for years, as well as his book. What a joy to actually watch him in action. During these times of such looming political issues and huge problems, it’s so good to be able to find some humor in spite of it all. He’s a genius at making us laugh. I loved watching his video.

  • Harriet Belkin

    Funny stuff! God knows we all need a good laugh.

  • Omar Ravenhurst

    Great! Now I can safely ignore the media mumblings next week!
    The sound of one hand clapping.

  • mary e. allen

    Oh, Andy’s all right if all you want is fresh urbane wit delivered by a cuddly intellectual.

  • Tom M

    Andy is great. I’ve been reading his blog for years and all those years I never noticed he had a big nose.

  • Rob Wilder

    Next to Rachel Maddow, this is the best news report on TV.

  • Leslie R

    Keep Andy on PBS and I will become one of those donors.

  • L D Holland

    Love Andy! He looks older than I thought he would.

  • T Dunkle

    Can’t wait to see more of Andy on PBS.

  • Marty Leff

    Andy Borowitz is outstanding–as insightful as he is hilarious! Please keep that wonderful, wicked wit coming on PBS.

  • G. Mag

    Andy Borowitz rocks! He is the funniest man on the planet. We love Andy!

  • Paul C

    Andy, I don’t think your nose is all that big. You look a lot like The Duke of Wellington, and he could have had any chick he wanted after Waterloo.

  • Nancy W

    We need Andy’s clear perspective on politics to keep us sane and laughing. Way to go, Andy!

  • Denny D.

    Borowitz is hilarious. Such creativity. Just what PBS needs right now. Keep him on – I’ll increase my pledge!

  • Barbara Luck

    Andy’s tweets make me laugh every day. Every day. I wish I knew of anyone else who could make me laugh but I haven’t found anyone else. Dude is sooooo funny. I might actually watch PBS if I knew he was on. Otherwise, not so much.

  • Cecelia V

    Refreshing humor. Takes some of the bite and hurt of the regular news away.

  • Nancy

    pretty funny!

  • Chaz

    Never heard of him, but he is hilarious.

  • Jay

    I love me some Andy Borowitz… keep it coming!

  • Kay H

    Borowitz is the bomb! Definitely keep him on,,,,,

  • Bob

    Great as always, Andy! Keep ‘em coming. (Written more books than she’s read. I love it!)

  • Elaina Hatsis

    Bravo for Borowitz! He’s hilarious, smart and insightful. A great addition to the show.

  • gts

    finally satire at it’s brief best! Much needed spot on PBS-maybe following the Brooks/Shield segment-the week’s events are encapsulated and commented on-but Borowitz will leave us with a chuckle in spite of it all!.

  • Chris

    Prominent people have prominent noses.

  • shiven

    Thumbs down. Sorry,what sounds when one writes does not always sound funny when one speaks.

  • Kathy C.

    Just caught “Need To Know” and I enjoy Andy’s offbeat humor. Sometimes, I feel you go over the edge on your daily report but you nail it perfectly on “Need To Know”. What a weird, wacky and yet wonderful world we inhabit. Congrats on your new gig.

  • GranJan

    As a longtime web fan of Andy’s and of the PBS TV programs ,I’m thrilled to see
    them combined; a clever way to wrap up the new Fridayshow!

  • Bobenhouse-Smith

    Oh my, Andy!
    I was surprised to see how much younger you look in your ‘Huffington Post’ blog.


  • Grandma Jugs

    Love satire. Love Andy. Good decision, PBS. How about Andy on NPR also?

  • Mephistocat

    Andy is good for America. I have no idea who Justin Bieber is, but I know more than I ever want to about Clarence Thomas.

  • Jean W

    How refreshing! Andy’s “news” and predictions are as good as the best of the talking heads — and much more entertaining. Keep him coming!

  • cloverleaf

    Really enjoy Andy’s satirical POV, PBS. He’s a great addition to the Friday night line-up. MORE!

  • eClaire

    I love Borowitz, sharing his work with everyone… you’re all tired of that sharing by now, right? He already comes to your online mailbox. Andy, keep up the good work and both your gigs!

  • Pamela Blunt

    Love Andy’s humor, much needed these days of total insanity. (I REALLY need Andy’s humor, I live in Arizona, but thinking of sneaking across the border into Mexico or Canada if things keep going this way. Hope they don’t pass laws like ours or I will be stuck here.)

  • John Mays (Zeus)

    We on Olympus are delighted to have Andy Borowitz tell what we thought only we know! More!

  • Susie

    Andy Borowitz is to PBS what Jon Stewart is to basic cable. KEEP IT COMING!!!

  • Marish

    Will tell all my friends to watch. He loves satire!

  • Donna Milliron

    ditto what susie said – oh no, does that make me a dittohead?

  • West End Bob

    So glad PBS has Andy Borowitz on air – HIGH-larious . . . .

  • Phyllis

    Yay, Andy!!!! You make me laugh every day!!

  • Gennie F.

    Read his borowitzreports and his books – great to see and hear him. We want more.

  • Dave

    I loved Andy’s section. Glad to know PBS can have a sense of humor!

  • josh morton

    borowitz rules! funniest man on the small screen. Nose is great, but gotta do something about the eye bags, Andy!

  • Jim Doyle

    I’ve been following Andy on the internet for years, and more recently on twitter. It’s wonderful that PBS has finally discovered him. He’s one of the funniest people around.

  • HalOz

    Borowitz is great — pbs needs more humor that speaks to the issues.
    It’s boring to have the same old, same old people with their opinions
    trying to analyze the world in 22 minutes.

  • Jim K

    Excellent job PBS! Andy is a genuine talent and he’s a great addition to your line up!

    P.S. Hugo Chavez just Twittered “I ♥ Andy Borowitz!”

  • Sue

    Love the Borowitz report – love this link to Next Week’s News. Gives a great twist to US news. (Shame I don’t get it in the UK)

  • David Breuer

    Andy Borowtiz should have a feature-length 3-minute show!

  • jfdp

    Thanks, Andy, and keep those broadcasts coming!

  • Sushmita Sen Gupta

    Andy Borowitz is hysterically funny on his website – I’ve been a subscriber for years now. He’s even better on TV! I hope we can watch all his appearances on I live in New Delhi, India and we don’t get the PBS channel here. Keep us laughing, Andy!

  • claire

    It’s about time Andy got a new medium, his e-mail “shockers” come fewer and farther between – I was afraid that soon we’d receive them only on Labor Day.

  • Gavan Wieser

    an exciting new take on “the news”!

  • david

    great piece.
    love the concept: “next week’s” news!

  • Steve_O

    Best part of the program! Hilarious! And free too.

    We’re still waiting for the “Next Week’s News” segment dedicated solely to staplers though.

  • PJ Torokvei

    Fair, balanced and prophetic. Brilliant. No other news feature plays with the space-time continuum better than Andy.

  • K Hafeez

    For (well, none of) my money Andy Borowitz is the funniest guy around right now. Thanks Andy.

    P.S. You have a really big nose.

  • Gary

    Borowitz’s outlandish reports are among the few things in the media these days that help keep things in perspective. He’s a rare bird. Thank you for bringing him to us “in person.”

  • Kate E.

    Andy’s unique comedic reactions to current events is nicely mind-bending fare . Good ol’ PBS
    for getting his take on stuff out there for more people to enjoy – we need to laugh more than ever now , given the ongoing news of the dire . Kate E.

  • Rick Eaton

    Finally! A really good reason not to watch real news broadcasts that can be so depressing. Much better to look into the future to help keep news in perspective. Many thanks to the, “Mark Twain,” of the digital age. Outrageous satire that always brings a smile. PBS at it’s best!

  • janeykins

    Along w/ my other email, always a gem lurking, my BRep, for me to quote, to sound smarty-smart all day…& now w/ PBS he reaches a wider, higher-browier audience. But I still need a BR t-shirt or book tote to look even smartier, so this year the PBS pledge drive should be really productive! keep making me smartier! Team Andy!

  • vicki


  • E. Ellis

    What a great addition to PBS programming. Yes, yes, yes!

  • Dave in Germany

    You are what you do when it counts, and Borowitz always counts. Congrats on the super programming.

  • Paul in Minneapolis

    What a hoot having AB on PBS!
    Makes losing Law & Order on NBC a little less painful…

  • Sue Cohen


  • Jane Burns

    Andy is the best! You are so lucky to have him. I wish I would get multiple emails from him–he keeps me laughing! And since I am probably old enough to be his mother, it may keep me alive for alot longer!! If he has a dad, he can find me on Facebook!!!

  • Susan Goldman

    I read that having one good belly laugh a day keeps you alive longer. I should probably live to be quite old as long as Andy is still around!! He has my warped sense of humor and skewed view of the world. Bring it, Andy, and don’t stop!! Oh, and you have a really, really big nose.

  • Marlene Hoffman

    i lovE andy on nEXt weeK’s nEws. I’m so glad you’ve given him a spot on TV. Thanks.

  • Patricia A. Hubley

    Thank you PBS for including Andy B. on your new show, Need to Know. His brand of humor is addicting and I look forward each week to his next humorous spin on recent shenanigans of our politicians and others. Andy, I am sorry I haven’t sent you any money (so I could receive a mug or something). So far none of my money has had your name on it.

  • Pat Wurst

    I love Andy’s e-mails and enjoy his TV appearences. A great addition to the PBS line-up. He’s funny, funny, funny!!

  • Kay Georgi

    Thank you PBS for adding Andy B to Television! (And his nose is not really that big.)

  • vtora from Russia

    I love AB – absolutely!

  • Kathleen O’Neill

    Thanks, PBS, for featuring Andy. He is a national treasure.

  • Thom Riddle

    Glad to see that you come off as well on TV as you do in print. Years ago, a really good southern humorist (in print) got a gig on TV but his vocal and visual persona left a lot to be desired. His TV gig died a quick death, shortly before the humorist himself.

  • Rama

    Andy’s one of the best satirist – I look forward to his daily email. Thanks to PBS for getting him aboard.

  • cbrown

    I like Andy. fresh and original.

  • Josh

    Loved this segment. Had me chuckling to myself from start to finish. Thanks

  • Betsy Ray

    I forward the Borowitz Reports to my friends even more often than the ones about angels, Viagra, and boomer memories! And now I can look at his nose while I chortle at his wit and wisdom! WTG, PBS!!!

  • Steve Gilbert

    I watch (actually DVR) PBS once a week (except for the occasional documentry). (Also no offense)
    I will watch via the great technlgoy of the DVR EVERY WEEK ninety seconds of Andy Borowitz, one of the most funny of the left wing satirists.

  • MacTalent

    Andy is the next Dave Bary. Andy Borowitz for President!

  • Paul Busman

    Andy Borowitz is wonderful. Keep him at all costs. In fact, PBS should use him for even more shows. He’d be wonderful on a new Masterpiece Theater, for example, or perhaps as an opera host. How about an “All Borowitz All The Time” off shoot channel?

  • Bob

    I’ve enjoyed Andy’s columns by email for several years. They never fail to entertain. It’s great to see him on TV now.

  • Craig Holmes

    You never fail to make me laugh. You are a breath of fresh air and a counterbalance to the peeparty e-mails that I am bombarded with by my eclectic group of past acquaintances. Keep on Keep’in on.
    Look forward to the nose on PBS.

  • Tim

    Great to see Borowitz on PBS. In these crazy times, it is wonderful to have a good laugh from his unique perspective. I receive his columns via email and he never fails to brighten the day. Nice to see him on another medium.

  • Rue

    Thanks to PBS for offering a wider audience to Andy. A fresh new voice for public TV.

  • Ann

    Very cute. Loved the bit about Canadian immigration. I just had one of my Canadian employees stopped at the boarder when he tried to come across for a meeting. Good to see our boarder patrols keeping those working Canadians out of the US. :) Thanks for making me laugh.

  • Stanley Margolies

    So, I’ll stop turning off the guy with the suspenders who’s always asking for money for as long as you keep Andy on the Air. And I’ll increase my PBS contribution if you increase Andy’s air time – though maybe you could throw in a mug with his picture on it – okay, if it’ll help, just his nose.

  • Bard Wechsler

    Andy Borowitz should be on the sci-fi channel. But that won’t happen until next week. I look fore ward to next weeks news when Sarah Palin dances with grizzle bears.

  • Bily

    Unable to view the video either in Opera 10.53 (my default browser) or Internet Explorer 8.
    Opera displays the page but does not play the video and IE gives an error message: “This error (HTTP 501 Not Implemented or HTTP 505 Version Not Supported) means that the website you are visiting doesn’t currently have the ability to display the webpage, or support the HTTP version used to request the page.”

  • Susan

    Andy’s columns have “made my day” since the very beginning! I’m thrilled to see him on TV and wish him and PBS lots of luck with the new show!
    DO NOT “promote” him to Antiques Road Show as that would be last week’s news. Andy’s all about next week’s news!

  • Jim

    Great concept; both funny and incisive.

  • Bily

    Ignore previous post about technical difficulties. All works now. Most have been a temporary glitch – too much traffic??

  • Elaine

    I have followed Andy’s blog and always wanted to know how he would deliver his “Breaking News” in person. What a gem he is for helping us to see the humor in everyday politics! Thanks for making this possible.

  • neil tryansky

    andy, reading what you wrote-HYSTERICAL, BRIGHT-AU COURRANT-FUNNY………work on the delivery, you look too serious and like you are reading vs talking freely……………be like letterman-carson-john stewart, RELAX, have fun, from oh canada, go habs go, neil

  • Jim from Boston

    I read The Borowitz Report religiously, and think that Andy Borowitz is an amazingly inventive, clever, and funny writer, and a most incisive commentator. It is wonderful to see him present his brilliant material in person rather than on the “printed” page. Thank you for giving him a forum.

  • Ken Forst

    Thank you PBS, for putting Andy in his rightful place- behind a protective glass panel on my desk.He is such a welcome relief from the “Sham-WOW!” dreck found on most other networks. Andy is a “REAL-Wow!”
    Also, thanks for saving me a LOT of money! I was considering the purchase of one of the new, REALLY expensive, cutting-edge 3-D televisions. But with Andy’s facial protuberance, who needs it?
    And with all due respect, I keep waiting for him to drop the pretense and go back to sounding like he did on “Perfect Strangers”.

  • John from Sacto

    finally PBS realizes what NPR has known for some time ["wait, wait, don't tell me"]: better to laugh at the news than cry.
    Thank you Andy. Thank you PBS!

  • Sue

    It’s the Borowitz Report come to life! Love it! Keep them coming!

  • Jerome C. Liner

    Borowitz is a legend in his own mind. He is full of himself.

  • Jen

    kudos to NPR for putting you on

  • jim

    He does have a really big nose.

  • Marianne from Toronto

    glad to see Andy on PBS – he is one of the funniest man – it’s good to know the news ahead of time :)

  • Tommy D from Washington, DC

    Borowitz is the best. I have greatly enjoyed his internet comic news. He always gets it right on target. Maybe Andy can help rescue the jouralism industry (avoiding a bailout)!

  • Dave Sagman

    Andy, you’re one funny guy: just the medicine this sorry, sick (and broke) world needs. Kudos to PBS and all your other supporters.

  • Nancy G

    Andy is always one step ahead of the rest of us so it’s totally appropriate that he do next week’s news. Wish he was on every day!

  • Susan

    I wish WNED would show this program on Friday nights…

  • Beverly Morrison

    Andy, you put the satire in satire. Love you so much! Thank you PBS.

  • Bob

    Keep this guy on the air!

  • Helen Issokson

    Just what PBS needed…..a shot of Andy, his humor and his nose. More, more, more!

  • ana

    So glad to see Andy on PBS he is so funny and witty. Kudos to PBS

  • Greta

    Thanks for putting Andy on the air. Great stuff!

  • Steven

    Andy points out in a positive way how ludicrous our society has become,and feel we need more of this sort of programing. What a breath of fresh air..

  • JoAnne

    Yippee! Andy on the air!!! Funny great stuff and I LOVE to laugh.

  • John Domaracki

    Andy borowitz is the best – keep ‘em coming

  • Ellen

    You go, Andy! I depend on you for my future news and love being a step ahead of network news.

  • Dan Toth

    Finally , our best satirist on PBS. The funniest guy presently on TV . I’m glad to see him.

  • Christa

    Dear PBS,

    More Andy please.


  • Steve

    Andy is great! Have always enjoyed his internet remarks. Having him on PBS is a big plus.

  • Judy K from Texas

    Thank you PBS for adding Andy Borowitz to your lineup!

  • Sue Ellen

    Andy is a fabulous satirist and always gets straight to the heart of any issue. Thank you PBS!

  • Eileen McCormack

    I absolutely love Andy’s humor ! And I love PBS. They make a good combo.

  • Barry

    Borowitz’s humor is great in any venue. It’s a credit to PBS that they’re airing him. One word of advice: Andy’s nose is no prob, but he needs to work on his delivery. More animation and voice modulation. He’s a bit stiff. Loosen up, Andy!

  • Alan

    Andy always makes me smile, and of course he always makes you think.. Kudos to PBS for expanding media coverage of Andy’s work!

  • Dan

    PBS, thanks for giving us a wonderful triple play: Andy Borowitz, next week’s news and Andy’s nose. Any one of the three without the others just wouldn’t be the same.

  • Ed from Tampa

    Have always enjoyed watching PBS, originally from Boston, but now in Florida and with this addition, I expect I will be watching more often.

  • Jim T.

    Nice to see Andy on PBS.

  • Frank Self

    Andy is amazing. A breath of fresh air. PBS is definitely where he should be. Up and coming news!

  • Steve

    Borowitz is great! The only problem is that despite the hilarity of his predictions, our government officials always find some way to top him.

  • Terri White

    Will he really do Roadshow? Awww, you were teasing.
    (He would do a great job.)


  • Anne from CT

    Because of Andy, I will try to watch this show. This segment made me laugh out loud.

  • Karen

    Way to go, Andy! Thanks, PBS!

  • David from San Antonio

    I hope to see more of Andy on PBS, or any other/additional media hosting his keen satire, in expression of current political events

  • heather in brazil

    yay andy! how else could i possibly answer the brazillion questions i get about wtf is going to happen in the US NEXT????!!!!

  • TC

    Oh yeah. The man who picks up the mantle that Bill Moyers and Dave Brancaccio had carried so ably.

    Or to quote “Gun Nut Goober” from last week…. “here’s my eye roll.”

  • Kaye

    No one does it like Andy!! Funny, funny, funny.

  • Stacy

    Roadshow? You should just give Andt his own 30 minute deal like Stephen what’s his name.

  • Ruth Burnham

    Must be part of the satire that the video doesn’t work. Anyway, I heart AB, and can hardly wait to see what he does to Antiques Roadshow.

  • Bev from Lake Chapala Mexico

    Thanks for having Andy on PBS – an excellent addition.

  • Arthur from Madison, WI

    Just wait ’til next week. I intend to write a rude email to Mr. Borowitz. Someobody needs to put this big nose clown in his place!

  • Hank Shiver

    Satire is the highest form of humor. Dave is one of he best.

  • Didi Lorillard

    Very funny! Loved the Sarah Palin quote.

  • Greg DeClue

    Fantastic! I heart Andy Borowitz!
    Overexpose this guy, so we can enjoy his rapier wit until we just can’t stand him anymore!
    (Nobody is more rapier than Andy Borowitz!)

  • Kathy James

    I love it! Why can’t it be longer? I laughed the whole way through. Thanks PBS for figuring out what a gem Andy is a and giving him to us live!

  • Jody Owen

    I’ve always considered Andy to be one of the funniest people in America. I’m glad he’s now going to be on PBS. (I never quite got Gwen Ifill’s jokes.)

  • Bella Silverstein

    This guy clearly needs a job. Be a good sport and give him one! Not only will you keep him off the streets, but you will be helping him cope with the large amounts of time hanging heavily on his hands. Ditto for all the out-of-work former 2010 Census workers about to be released into society. In addition, you will be giving much needed hope to millions of protuberant proboscis sufferers everywhere. And for the record, Andy’s nose is not big; his face is small.


  • floridafats

    I can always count on Andy for a good laugh, good to see him on PBS-nose and all!

  • Christopher Kendall

    That’s terrific! I’m just saying that because I’m dying to see him host Antiques Roadshow.

  • Nan from Texas

    Andy does it again! Incisive and funny, he socks it to ‘em every time. More, more, more, please.

  • Holly J Nelson

    Finally — an Andy Rooney we can look forward to. He puts the fun back in cringeing!

    Although it also brings to mind Emersons advice “I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” (but perhaps AB balances the new clothes with old nose.)

    We heart AB!

  • JerryBeingeser

    Practice, practice, practice. Yo Yo Ma stubled out of the gate also. I’ll listen as long as you talk but I’d prefer reading your stuff that way I can laugh without missing anything.

  • Mo from Tucson

    Thank you PBS for giving Andy a spot in your programming. He’s a much needed (hilarious) voice in these days of gloom.

  • phillip

    Andy is the epitome of cool! Give him a raise already. Throw in an all expenses paid vacation to the destination of his choice while you’re at it.

  • Mel Westley

    GREAT!!!! I always look forward to Andy’s Internet column to find out what’s REALLY going on in the world. This video is a great addition.

  • Tracy Klujian

    Been following Andy for years, have seen him live a couple times in St. Petersburg Florida while visiting from Madison, Wisconsin. Laughed my ass off, and he was very relaxed and sponanteous. So thats my only complaint about the PBS gig. Andrew seems a little formal, I think a few earlier comments said the same thing. Maybe lose the tie to start? OH! And I have a big nose also, but they say the camera adds 10 grams to your nose.. (that is NOT a drug reference!)

  • Klaus Kingstorf

    Fantastic to see Andy on PBS! So far my only source of his incisive comedic political commentary has been online. Let’s see more of Andy, please!

  • Pat Silverman

    Borowitz is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stentorian pronouncements of PBS news. Give him a permanent job, by all means.

  • Karen Tee

    You go, PBS! Now you’ve got your own Daily Show Colbert Report, in brief, of course. Andy, hats off to you, Seth Myers and Andy Samberg for making smart, funny men with big noses the “it” guys of the 21st century!

  • Alice Davenport

    The Borowitz Report – on Friday Night Live! PBS style – great! But… where’s the… hair?!? C’mon, Andy (or PBS) – loosen up a little. Give us what we pictured – the free wheelin’ Andy from his online persona. More like, uh, Saturday Night – alive! Looking forward to the changes, and ongoing reports. Alice in Illinois

  • Lorraine from VA

    Andy Borowitz says it better than anyone and is hilarious!

  • Charley from I Forget

    I’ve subscribed to Andy’s twisted, free and very original humor for 5 years. I’d like my money back. I miss his daily emails but am glad your viewers will be forced to laugh out loud as are others.

  • Karine

    Hello Andy :)

    Its terrific to see you on PBS. No matter what you do or where you go, you are a raving success. Smart and funny – Way to go!

  • Patricia Reed

    Andy on PBS=joy!

  • Cathy Kemelmacher

    It’s wonderful that Andy’s refreshing take on the news is on the air, and where better than on PBS? He’s definitely a member of my Hanging On to Sanity by a Thin and Fraying Thread support team. I really hope he and his marvelous commentary become a regular spot on your show.

  • Sue Kerr

    Great having Andy on PBS! He’s always right on target! Thanks!

  • Bob Shreve

    Next week we will learn that AB is the subject of grand jury scrutiny for soliciting positive comments from all manner of illegal immigrants. Amnesty to Andy!

  • sarah levy

    A great choice for PBS

  • Mick Stevens

    Good to see Andy and his nose on PBS. I had no idea! The nose never got the attention it so rightfully deserves when we were merely reading Andy’s words online. I look forward to more nose and news from Andy on PBS in the future!

  • Madeline G-B

    Andy is great! So refreshing!

  • hazel Arthur

    I’m so happy to se Andy on PBS. Love the newsletters in my inbox, but I love seeing and hearing this comedic hero of mine! Thanks PBS!

  • E Gagnon

    Can’t wait to watch you on the “Antiques Road Show”…

  • Mark

    Andy’s the best!

  • Wm Tyson

    Great show. Addition of Andy is good programming. Please don’t let him host Antiques Road Show.

  • Tommy J

    Stick to print honey

  • Peter from abouts Norway

    Much to the chagrin of dorks and knuckleheads of all persuasions, creeds and incomes, Andy Borowitz will continue to amuse next week, etc. Keep on rocking in the free world, as Neil Young would have it when on stuff. Peace out,

  • sharon

    You are the best.
    Keep it going

  • tom

    ANdy is a great addition to the news- & often far more accurate than what passes for news coverage!

  • John

    Andy, Andy, Andy… What on EARTH are you talking about? I mean, do you realize how many of us worship the ground that Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh and O’Reilly walk on? Now those guys are fair and balanced! Whereas YOU, insist on using satire to point out their all too human flaws. Glen Beck being the hell spawn of modern man and Neanderthals? Look, no one gets to choose their parents. It’s not his fault, so lighten up on his back a bit, OK? And Sarah Palin and more Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Go ahead, make fun of her, we all know how hard she’s working to find them and bring the End of Days, so, leave the poor little girl alone.

    Oh, and keep up the good work.

  • alice mae thompson

    I think I was one of the first to be totally sold on Borowitz, one of his long-time followers. He is a gem. Don’t ever let go of him, unless it’s to even greater fame and fortune. He deserves you and all of it. PBS picked a winner.

  • Miranda

    Love Andy, and his resident expert Davis Logsdon.

  • Sybil

    Good show! And we love Andy Borowitz!

  • Paris Mountain folk

    I think Andy’s lack of judging experience is no reason to disqualify him from the Supreme Court. But, if he doesn’t get the confirmation, we’ll gladly keep him tuned in on our local PBS affiliate!

  • JNO

    Andy is the best we have. And bleep you, Arthur from Madison: It’s a nice nose.

  • Trish

    Andy –

    What would we do without you explaining this complex world in ways we can understand???!!! We love your break-down of the “news” !!!!!!!!

  • Annie

    I don’t know what this says about my level of mental stability but news and headlines from Andy Borowitz (and his polymath expert David Logsdon) are often all that stands between me and serious anti-social behavior. Seriously, it is so important to have cheerful company in the insane absurdity of current American politics and culture.

  • Sue from Tennessee

    Andy is so great I look forward to his newsletter and am always forwarding them!!!Loved the one about God and Pat Robertson!!Andy don’t worry about your nose Look at Barbara Streisand and who was that one comic who was always joking about his nose(he has died and I can’t remember his name) Andy you are so funny glad I have been introduced to your sense of humor I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Neil Aussenberg

    Finally some responsible news reporting. We can now get to the real story…keep up the good work

  • Sandy Smith

    Piling on: It’s great to find out that I don’t have to wait for WHYY to buy a clue to get Next Week’s News while it’s still fresh. So: what do I get for a $50 pledge, Andy?

  • Helen

    NICE GOING, PBS. It’s so encouraging that you can see we need to have Andy on the air. And Andy, I’d say more, but I don’t WANT them to let you host “Antiques Road Show” ’cause I like ya right where they gots ya. Keep up the great work… what *would* I do if I couldn’t forward The Borowitz Report to all my friends and re-post it on my Facebook page?! Shalom.

  • Jane Blanshard

    Yes! Yes! Go for it, PBS!

  • Yossel

    The 21st century whats-his-name — the 61st minute !

  • Karen from San Diego

    Hooray for Andy and PBS! He’s wonderfully funny and PBS should be congratulated for giving him a spot on TV. Love his brilliant satire.

  • Martha Minter

    Love to start my day with a laugh and Andy makes that happen with email and now having him on PBS as well, helps makes the news more bearable.
    Thanks, and I love the nose!

  • Tracy in Pennsylvania

    Great move PBS, The Borowitz Report is always entertaining. Antiques Roadshow? Brilliant!

  • Leslie

    Andy Borowitz is doing satire? I thought he was a legitimate newscaster. Are you sure about this?

  • mlt

    Wonderful! Thank you for this little gem!
    Andy looks so serious too! He definitely has nailed the “newscaster” look!

  • Linda Clough

    Please, please, please keep Borowitz as a PBS regular…

  • Cheryll

    It’s about time PBS had someone like Andy Borowitz. He’s your own Andy Rooney and Jon Stewart, He catches exactly what’s going on in the news in the most amusing way. Make his segment longer.

  • Donald B. Ardell

    I am glad that Andy is now giving up a head start on next week’s news. How did we ever do without this. My only concern is that the topics addressed so far are not quite what I was hoping for. Please see that Andy gives us information on selected stock prices, scores of athletic contests and Powerbowl numbers. Thank you.

  • Melissa

    Love it…Thanks for the video version of the Internet posts.

  • Stace Hewitt

    Andy is such a welcome addition to PBS — his satire and straight on delivery are hysterical. You’d think he was really serious!!! I have forwarded his emails over the years to others and oftentimes they think he is serious and I have to write them back to read it again — fool. A great addition to your other longtime entry who often presents with tongue in cheek — Rick Steves….

  • ‘Casey’ Carros


    You make my day. Will I watch? You betcha!

    Much success :-)

  • Mary Carolyn Perry

    Funny online…funny on PBS….keep Andy around…for he points out the ridiculous so well.

  • Liz from Montana

    I love PBS now I will love it even more!!

  • Caryl Baron

    We need more of this! The news has been so heavy of late that a light touch of humour comforts our minds—even if it doesn’t really solve anything.

  • Stevie

    When I first found out about the Borowitz Report a few years ago, I had to read all of Andy’s past columns, which resulted in my losing my job and my family. Seeing Andy read Next Week’s News on PBS just brings me back to that wonderful time. A national treasure. Like Rachel Maddow.

  • Marvin Berkson

    Give Andy a long-term contract.
    Looking forward to Antique Roadkill.
    I’m sending Andy a $10 bill as I would like a mug and tote bag.

  • Erik Roth, from Minneapolis

    Who knows where the nose goes when the door is closed? Who cares, as long as Andy still dishes the dirt with wit to prove that a sharp quip can puncture even the most pompous politician. We need more court jesters to knock the masters of the universe off their gated pedestals. Bravo for Borowitz!

  • John de Waal

    You are funny to me, but I think that any Republican viewers will take you serious. Take your suggestion of Paula Abdul, she would be perfect to take Alena Kagan’s place, after all, she is both short on brains and clothes, and long on sex appeal.

  • Philip Breeden

    Funny. An adjective. Borowitz. A proper noun. Borowitz is funny. A truth.

  • Ludy Pinto

    We want Andy on PBS!! We’re Canadian and enjoy Andy’s satire and political views. Andy, you have a huge fan base in Canada. I hope they all flood PBS with their support for you. Congratulations!

  • Liz frpm NYC

    At last, a truly credible news source! Andy hones in on the day’s top stories and gives us the important yet pathetic truths behind the newsmakers. A joy to have such humor in these depressing times. I love to read his news alerts; thanks to PBS, now we can watch him deliver the news out loud!

  • Ann Rosenberg

    For us Brits – satire is an essential ingredient when sifting thorough the news. Andy brings a lightness of touch to what’s happening in the US – and above all it’s FUNNY! Keep it up Andy – we need a laugh a day to keep our spirits up in these ominous times.

  • Leonard Powers

    How Great! someone with a sense of humor that can really give the news a much needed funny spin!

  • Pete Holste

    Antiques Roadshow? Well, say “hi” to John McCain for all of us.

  • Jerry Phillips

    Thank god for Andy Borowitz! And that is the Supreme compliment, since I am a card-carrying American Atheist.

  • Roslyn Pulitzer

    Andy is the greatest political satirist I’ve ever heard. Thank you PBS for giving him a spot. Me and my friends would like to see more of him.

  • mort gensberg

    Finally, news I can trust. Thanks, PBS

  • Jim from CT.

    Excellent, I love the way Andy looks at life.

  • ‘Lisa

    America needs Andy. Thanks, PBS!

  • brooks kelley

    AB is the best. He might even make antique road show worth watching again.

  • Nancy Ranieri

    Thank you so much for giving Andy Borowitz some long overdue exposure. He is without question the funniest political and social satirist on TV. Watch out Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. You’ve got competition!

  • Karen Long

    Andy B is a gem. No other political humorist makes me laugh/smile so consistently. He nails the target everytime!

  • ThoSea from Chicago

    Need to Know becomes Need to Watch because of Andy Borowitz!

  • Pete

    Funny stuff. Let’s have more of this.

  • Weems Westfeldt

    Thank you, Mr. Borowitz. I hadn’t know that Palin had read so much!

    It is interesting, and a little challenging to actually hear you say your stuff. Like watching the movie after you’re read the book. You don’t sound like you did in my head.

    And….you have a really big nose.

    Where should I send the money?

  • Laura

    Thank goodness for voices like Andy. Injecting humor into the crazy/scary reality saves me from getting too freaked out. Keep it coming, Mr. B!

  • tom sendall

    I’d love to see Andy Borowitz’s commentary on PBS. Looking at the current local lineup, as interesting as C-Span, it seems like PBS viewers have no sense of humor or desire to laugh. Lighten up, PBS – hire Andy !

  • anna burns

    i love andy b and love ‘need to know’. please keep this show on forever!

  • John Sullivan

    Hysterical! I loved it. Keep ‘em coming! JOhn Sullivan

  • Hypatia

    Andy, may you go from strength to strength. I recommend you to all my friends.

  • Larry Silver

    Could be worse–and we need a little intentional humour on PBS for a change.

  • Don Levesque

    Great job, Andy! By all means keep at it. Thank you PBS.
    PS I have a big nose too!

  • Paul Lerman

    Andy is always a treat – great to see him on PBS. He’s an asset to the new show !!

  • Betty VanBrocklin

    thank you for giving us Andy he is a shinning light for the darkness

  • Seth Lefkow

    Some guy commented ’bout the size of your nose. No big deal! But that tie — oh, brother.

    Whither thou writest, I shall read. I wouldn’t miss a syllable.

  • Marilyn

    Thanks PBS for Andy Borowitz. Love him! At last we have something on TV more entertaining than those Tea Party people!

  • Michael

    Congratulations! Andy Borowtiz is a wonderful light hearted addition to PBS.

  • Doug M

    PBS will never be the same, in a good sort of way.
    Don’t worry about your nose. As all of us big nose people know, if you have a big nose you are big everywhere that it matters. Like your brain.

  • rita Morrell

    I have to have my EMails from Andy. It’s the only thing that puts a smile on my face when I think about the biased news reports we receive from everyone else. Rita

  • GINA

    I think adding Borowitz to the line up on PBS is like adding salsa to a breakfast taco. He puts the zing in the everyday.

  • Paul Goldstein

    The really spooky thing is that a good many of AB’s comments are more correct than those of many so called national news programs. Keep up the great work, you do have an appreciative audience.

  • Darlene

    move over Fox, get in line MSNBC, Andy Borowitz has taken the lead in speculative and imaginary news. it was only a matter of time — 2 weeks, in fact. Amateur buffoonery has been displaced by a true pro who can do in 90 seconds what the others devote hours to. imagine what we could learn from Andy in, say, 3 whole minutes! I’m willing to make the time, PBS, if you are.

  • Steve

    Andy, you have a really big nose…, er, nice to see you back on tv!

    The Supreme Court should become a reality show with the open seat devoted to guest judges. “Next on the Supremes, watch Simon Cowel eviscerate the plaintiff over their poorly-timed song-and-dance routine and Tyra Banks tosses the book (literally) at the defense for their long-winded opening statement…” I bet that will get people interested in the workings of the government. I can’t wait to see Gordon Ramsay! Idiotocracy anyone?

  • Richard Harrison


  • jane ellis

    Most of Andy’s comments are refreshing and funny.

  • Franklin L. Johnson

    Andy Borowitz is one of the original personalities in the world of satire. His appearance in the TV medium is long overdue. The only problem is he seems to be working extra hard at pleasing his patrons by severely watering down his edgy observations. I hope it’s only Opening Night jitters and he’ll feel at liberty in later shorts to offer his best fun-punnery.

  • a guy

    Great material. Speed up your delivery and add more funny stuff! Large nosed people rock, don’t we?

  • harris miller

    I have been reading Andy on the internet for several years and think he is great. Saw him in person when he visited Houston. He played to a full house and was hilarious. He is a big plus for PBS.

  • Katie Pott

    Can’t wait to see you hosting Antiques Roadshow! As well as every PBS show you can wangle!!! Can you tell I’m EXCITED?!!!!!!!

  • Carl Ondry

    Move over Stewart & Colbert we have another commentator worth listening to.

  • Nancy

    Andy B is the funniest and brightest ever. Wish he had much
    more time on Need to Know.

  • Eric Van Young

    Andy Borowitz’s internet commentaries sometimes have me laughing out loud, and I often forward what I think the best of them to friends and family. He is very, very funny, sometimes mean (where it is warranted), and does have a really big nose. It’s terrific to see him live.

  • Jon Knipp

    You’ve become one the highpoints of my week. (I won’t mention that, lately, that’s not saying much.) Keep up the great work and don’t worry, I’ll be happy to send money (if I ever get any).

  • BlueGull

    This is a positive comment. Hope to hear more of you! No so sure about AR, though…

  • Jane Terjung

    GO ANDY!!!!
    You make my day every time I get your “Borowitz Report” emails. Now that you’re on PBS, I can laugh even more… Unless you Go All Hollywood on us… Oh No. ACK. !!!NEVER MIND!!!
    Dear PBS, please do not pay Andy any money or else he will stop giving us his humor for free.
    an avid PBS watcher and Borowitz Fan with Limited Funds and too many pledge drive mugs.

  • Molly

    Dear Mr. Borowitz,
    You always make me laugh! Keep up the good work!

  • Dara Gable

    Whether on video or in e-mails, Andy never disappoints!

  • Mark

    Funny, funny, funny! Thanks.

  • Harvey Shore

    KADUS to PBS.
    Andy is the best!
    Lets see more of him.

  • Marge

    Andy Borowitz and Garry Trudeau, can’t decide who I love more!!!

    Andy, I love your print missives and this TV segment is equally great. Will be watching you!!

  • Jim Metcalf

    The Borowitz Report is a big relief from from all the gloom, doom, apocolypse now or in 2012 that you hear everywhere else. When you think about it, the politicians today are the biggest, pompous clowns ever spawned here or in Mombasa.

  • Kimberly

    Love you Andy!

  • Anne D. Monahan

    I’ve long been an Andy Borowitz fan. He’s the only good thing on Need to Know, a very predictable run-of-the-mill TV news magazine. Give us more Andy!

  • Stan

    I will be looking forward to watching the news develop as the week progresses. Most of the people you lampoon are so predictable that it won’t surprise me at all if the things you report actually happen in real time. Forget about the nose thing, Andy. People who mention it are just jealous of your ability to be able to smoke a cigar while showering. You just have the Jimmy Durante/Bob Hope gene. Everybody knows that really good humor emanates from the nasal cavity. Just don’t forget to wash your hands after telling a joke.

  • Penny Palmer

    There is never quite enough of Andy’s observations and insights; having him on PBS fills an obvious need!

  • Francine Lapides

    Good for you PBS. Andy is a keen wit with a huge following and an anecdote for occaasional political despair. Go Andy! Francine

  • terry pogue

    Andy Borowitz is brilliant. I can’t wait to check the PBS site and station to hear more from him.

  • Chetdude

    I really like this new segment.

    Unlike the rest of NPR (National Propaganda Radio) you cover more important subjects in more depth and without the pro-war cheer-leading that has rendered the rest of NPR unlistenable.

    Keep up the good work and I might occasionally return from the BBC World Service; 90 seconds at a time.

  • Shawn

    You’re the best thing to happen to politics since Will Rogers.

  • wdmoonjr

    funiest guy,watch nearly every day

  • LJ

    Andy is doing a great job and I think he should be on every week with Next weeks news.
    Andy is so talented he could do another show called ” this will happen in the next month “.

  • Mike M.

    Andy: Love the show and I hope PBS keeps you on, they could do a lot worse. Also, love the nose thing.

  • Mike Marion

    Glad to see PBS enter the contemporary humor field with such a witty and clever writer as Andy Borowitz….I’ve followed his emails for years, and his satire is first rate. Thanks for presenting him on the only network left that actually broadcasts shows that are truly worth watching…..

  • Buckeye Dreams

    Bravo PBS, again!

  • Miri

    I enjoy Andy’s witty, on-the-mark commentary and am very glad he will be a part of PBS.
    Good call.

  • Sue Bailey

    Yes! Great idea to have Andy on PBS. He’s brilliant and funny and he gets me to laugh out loud – not an insignificant feat. He did well for his first piece. He’s more relaxed later in the piece, which is what he should aim for throughout in future segments. And I’m sure he knows that, so why do I bother? Congrats Andy and PBS for the great hookup.

  • little Audrey

    Welcome to PBS!! A refreshing breath of air. Keep the witty satire going. We need a good laugh in these trying times and you are certainly the one to provide it.

  • Cindy Pauldine

    Great idea to have Andy B on PBS! Nice to have a little levity with the less than sunny “real” news!

  • Stan Blostein

    Congratulations to PBS for adding Amdy. You have disproven my theory that anyone connected with media programming-even media as good as PBS-is breathtakingly lacking in judgement. Nice call.

  • Philippe

    What the world needs now is Humor, sweet Humor (along with some sweet love)!

    Give Andy a longer segment please. I think he can handle it.

    Thank you PBS!

  • bill salisbury

    LOVE Andy Borowitz. Why not cancel everything else – just put test patterns up until it’s time for Andy?!?

  • Betsy Colburn

    Andy, please talk faster if you have only 90 seconds so you can squeeze in more of your humor!

  • matt

    sorry I haven’t said before, but thanks, andy.

  • Deborah

    Always a fresh take on the news. Andy makes us take ourselves less seriously. Thanks, PBS, for adding his commentary.

  • Barbara

    So nice to see you in person. I’ll look forward to your next appearance. I’ll definitely be sharing this with friends, as I always have done with your column. Amazing how you can keep a straight face.

  • melfucious

    You will put PBS back on the map!

  • melody

    The next Jon Stewart or Steve Colbert? If you do for PBS what you did for my facebook page, they will insist you start producing a 30 minute show!

  • elfspirit

    he gets more truth said than the “mainstream” news, without even telling any!

  • Chuck Bowen

    Because you beg so well I am leaving this comment. I’ve enjoyed your columns for years and am looking forward to seeing them on PBS. Thanks.

  • Ginny

    I like seeing you on PBS! I agree that the segment should be longer. This should help PBS ratings quite a bit!

  • joe miller

    Andy is a hoot! Plus he shows an incredible grasp of the major issues and interprets them in a humorous yet incisive way. Wish he had a full show.

  • Barbara O.

    PBS trying to get sexy! You’ve chosen the right guy and his nose adds to the allure…

  • Ron Olson

    Andy is a very funny guy but PBS should give him at least a 5 minute spot

  • Mara

    Andy was by far the best part of the show. Thanks for thinking of him for the slot. Brilliant idea!

  • Mollie

    Andy doesn’t look at all like I expected from reading his Internet blurbs. It’s true his nose is kind of large but somehow it just fits. If I couldn’t laugh at current politics I’d go crazy. Thanks, Andy, for keeping me sane.

  • Lee

    It’s a given: Cyrano de Borowitz’s gigs on PBS will continue to be hilarious, just like his internet pieces. What took you PBS guys so long to find Andy?

  • K. Finn

    Loving seeing Andy on TV. Keep it coming.

  • irving bersak

    Should Andy throw his nose into the ring and run for office we’d have our own “Party of Nose” to offset the opposition party of No. If one looks carefully Andy’s nose seems tilted somewhat to the left.

    However 90 seconds is a bit outrageous and it leaves a bad smell in my nose. Andy deserves at least 10 minutes. Take it from me- my nose knows- no?

  • Bill Wills

    You are boring borowitz!

  • Rachel Jacobs

    I cracked up over the Palin lines. I’m quickly getting addicted to my AB emails. Hope you remain on NTK, get the Roadshow gig AND a cool nighttime interview show that lets you do your stuff in true Borowitzian style. Love it!!!

  • E Darryl Barnes

    I’m delighed to finally see Andy Borowitz on video after reading his email observations online for several years. Keep up the insightful observations!

  • Margaret

    I don’t care how big your nose is… I still love you! Andy, you make my day. I have so very much stress in my life right now and your emails allow me a few seconds away from that stress… a few seconds where I can forget my troubles and laugh out loud. I need help writing a book. Wanna be my ghost writer? We can go on tour and not allow press passes and we can stipulate that we’ll only answer questions that have been pre-approved. Maybe I can find a baby to lug around like a loaf of bread and we can make millions!

  • emily krull

    His commentary is a bright spot. He’s always dead on from my perspective. Love it.

  • Noel Bates

    I am tired of you and PBS — always picking on us Canadians for illegally crossing the border — how else can we get to warm winter climate?..– besides now that Arizona has passed a law requiring self-identification by all aliens illegally in the State, where are we going to go in the winter?
    Bully for you big nose! Keep up the (good?) work ..

  • Bob Hutson

    I’d send you money, Andy, but I don’t know how. How about a chicken?

  • pam

    Way to go, Andy! Thanks for making us laugh–keeping us sane in this wacky world.

  • Technosquid

    Hilarious? :-? Wow… I thought I was coming here to add my voice to an ever-growing movement of viewers wanting this segment canceled.

    “Next Week’s News” isn’t a terrible idea, but the execution kind of sucks. Maybe it’s just the delivery. Conan’s “In The Year 2000″ sketch worked, why can’t this? I guess it just needs flashlights, LaBamba, and a studio audience.

    Also, I have to say, ending the program with a crack about how stupid Sarah Palin is, isn’t doing anything to reform PBS’s image as a lefty network. Things that republicans do and say are already funny enough… you don’t have to DO anything TO IT to make it a joke. :roll:

    If you want to add some humor at the end of the show, there are other ways to do it. ABC’s This Week has “The Sunday Funnies,” which are just a collection of current events (largely political) jokes told on late night programs over the past week. A couple are played on the commercial bumpers, and three or four are played at the end of the program. I don’t think you should copy them, but it’s a good example of something that works.

  • Dr Gene Life

    Dear Bignose,

    I just discovered you and have to say you are very funny. I hope to see more of you!

  • Raymond Collins

    Congratulations on your new gig. Pbs will never be the same old same old thanks to your sharp wit

  • Steve

    What a refreshing slant on the news! Leave it to PBS to bring us this not too serious bit of entertainment!

  • Judy Lewis

    Smart, funny and right on point, Andy Borowitz delivers the zinger that eviscerates political buffoonery. It’s easy to ridicule Sarah Palin, but the depth of Borowitz’s astute observation demonstrates his grasp of politics and his ability to make us laugh. Good move, PBS, we want more.

  • Marc Foorman

    I am certainly much, much older than you. But you are immensely much funnier!
    Keep it up!!

  • John

    Andy I currently receive your emails and enjoy they very much. So glad to see you on PBS. As the news becomes more and more absurd you are certainly the right person to give it to us.
    I do hope they give you at least another minute to amuse and entertain us.

  • Beetle

    Love you, Andy. You make me bust out laughing.

  • Jack Novicki

    PBS – Andy Borowitz is immature, childish and juvenile. If you keep him on the air you should have your heads examined. As for me, I like him because I am immature, childish and juvenile senior… and by the way anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin isn’t stupid should also have their head examined…

  • Pat Hayes

    Andy is the best. He is the quickest wit. In his emails, he sometimes has “Breaking News” out before I have heard about the event. I marvel at this wit…dry, very dry. Satire is what PBS needs.
    It is what we all need.

  • Sheila Samples

    Andy Borowitz is the “Robert Redford” of satire — simply the “best that ever was…”

  • Scott

    Andy Borowitz is great. Wonderful perspective. Very funny.

  • tamara

    thanks PBS and Andy, best addition to my non-cable TV!!!

  • Judith

    Hilarious, as Andy Borowitz always is. Lucky you, PBS!

  • Tom R

    Thanks, PBS, for putting Andy on line. I love his humor and enjoy seeing him in action.

  • Brad

    Andy is a very funny satirist. Thanks PBS, for giving him a 90 second show. You know he deserves at least twice that.

  • @KaylaWildflower

    Andy is the best, on Twitter, HuffPost, Facebook and now TV. I wish I could come up with humor as fast as he does! PBS is lucky!

  • Entera

    Keep Andy on the air. Watching him is even better than reading him. I have a big nose too!

  • Lorna Singh

    LOL.Buy why is your segment so brief? PBS—surely you can do better than that?

  • Neal Novotny

    Love reading or seeing Andy’s material any time I can get it. He has been religiously keeping me informed on what’s really important for over 5 years now. His way with words is inspiring….especially pointing out when others do or say something idiotic!! Keep it coming.

  • Luis

    Next Weeks News is very important to me because as a day trader I need to know where to throw my money. Thank you for the many insights you are giving investors like me.
    BTW, it is a scientific fact that noses grow longer as we age, as well as ears. You have the kind of a nose that really reaches out to me and for that I love you.

  • cpage

    Finally, there is a serious source for news that the busiest of us have no time to follow as it happens. We are consumed by our consumerism and capitalizing on our capital. Needless to say we were overjoyed at the advent of “Next Week’s News”. What could be more appropriate for those of us watching the stock market, waiting for it to take a dive or others protesting what is about to happen in the supreme court of the land as we pray for failure so our insurance interests can kick in. This is an honest-to-godsend for hardworking media consumers with no ax to grind but tomorrow’s. Thank you!!

  • Don Olivier

    Three thumbs up for Andy Borovitz!

    Don Olivier
    Dorchester Massachusetts

  • David

    Why is the video clip unavailable at this time? This guy, who already proved his worth as a first-rate political wit with The Borowitz Report, is a terrific addition to Need to Know. I wanna see and hear the man in action.

  • Cyndi

    Thank you for your hilarious news bits – I love your low-key delivery. Rock on Mr. B!

  • LA Roach

    Becoming informed while also being entertained; thanks, PBS. There is just never too much Andy B on TV.

  • Jimsberg

    Andy is the best political pundit we have, probably even better than the original (1955, when I first saw him in San Francisco) Mort Saul.

  • joan farber

    Your humor is right on target. The politicians deserve all the pokes you can give them. Keep it up!!

  • Jumahl

    I’ve been a fan ever since I first discovered Andy’s reports and look forward to his comments. More, please!

  • Laura

    I’m eager to subscribe to the podcast!!

  • Barbara Luck

    Andy Borowitz is a genius, as much as I am able to recognize genius. Dude makes me laugh EVERY day. I-freaking-love-this-guy.

  • ray atkinson

    andy is great we love him in our house keep it coming

  • george from france

    Seeing Borowitz on PBS helps keep alive my flickering hope that one day, I can actually return to a slightly more sane USA. Rock on, Andy, will be checking out your PBS stuff regularly.

  • Pavitar Gill

    Andy Borowitz is hilarious! 90 seconds is just too little…give him more time! And I thought his nose looked a little the lighting casting a shadow somewhere it shouldn’t? I watch “all” the way from Singapore! Andy B has fans here too! I bet he does in far away places like Alaska too! :) Love ya, Andy B!

  • Shannon Jacobs

    Improved from last week. I’d even buy some charity shares to support this sort of thing (if only they were available):

    (It’s NOT an ad. It’s a suggestion for an alternative funding model you could use. I am NOT planning to give you any blank checks.)

  • Wally Bertone

    Thanks, PBS. Yet another great decision, to give us tomorrow’s news. Love Andy. Don’t be too concerned about the nose thing. Surely the swelling will go down eventually.

  • Donnaphx

    This puts PBS in a whole new light–dazzling, pulsating, and futuristic (about a week out). Love it!

  • Real Oldmaster

    A great contribution to the news. Can’t get enough of Andy. Should be the next John Stewart.

  • Sumware in NJ

    Truth can hurt but AB just make it bother your funny bone. Short and to the point..keep him “reporting”!

  • Steve

    Thank you for allowng Andy Borowitz to do his thing – he has moments of satirical laugh out loud brilliance

  • Mike McD

    I (heart) Andy! I’ve been getting his email, “The Borowitz Report” for some time and I love that too! To Andy: PLEASE don’t lose your edge! It’s great to see you on PBS, but please do it on your own terms.

  • Betsy

    I heart Andy 2. Love the reports!

  • Wendy

    Fantastic! This really brightens my day.

  • Randall

    Andy has the unique ability to get to the truth behind the “truthiness” and to poke our sensibility where many of us do not want to be poked. It’s like a visit to the reality doctor; we’re a little apprehensive at first, but we respond to the treatment quickly and are left rolling on the floor laughing and eager for our next session. You go, Andy.

  • Ron B

    Great to get the news ahead of time- It saves buying a paper – but I will anyway for the crossword puzzle. Funny guy- keep it up, but perhaps you could put one of those fuzzy ID circles over his nose?

  • John

    Brilliant! I’m impressed you kept a strait face throughout the whole broadcast! :)

  • David Mark Brown

    Initially I was amused but now I am weary of AB’s blatant self-promotion. Why does Andy Borowitz insist on putting 3 and sometimes 4 images of himself on every post? If there is humour to be found, he is getting in his own way. What happened to promoting the content? Jon Stewart he is not – and most likely will never be.

  • El-Nora

    Hmmmmm, ain’t it odd there are no insightful & very funny republicans? Andy, we love you & PBS just scored a home run!

  • david harrer

    90% of the time his comments are right on and hilarious. Keep them coming.

  • Marilyn

    I love Andy Borowitz’s humor and insight. It is great to see him live on PBS and hear him deliver his lines! You could give him more time though. . .

  • Manrico C

    You Go Andy!
    And thank you PBS for some much needed (comic) relief.

  • Essaness

    Yeah, Andy. Kinks fans everywhere know that you really got us.

  • E.Baron

    I DVR’d the program, just played it and we enjoyed it,PBS is OK. as to Andy, I’d say that heis in theclass of Stewart and Colbert. This is not “damning with faint praise” This is praising with loud and great praise.!!Keep it up, Andy. We need you

  • Tim

    You’re a welcome addition to PBS Andy. I hope they promote you to 100 seconds of airtime very soon…

  • Bobbi

    You’re the best part of the show. Do they make you wear the suit? You look as comfortable as a 6 year old wearing his first tie.

  • Ruth Walker

    Very funny! I look forward to more!

  • Menna Kuczinski

    We want more!!! Thanks PBS…I’ve been following Andy for long time. It’s a real treat to see him on TV. He could be PBS’s Stewart and Colbert!!

  • Ellen

    It is so wonderful that you have your own editorial spot on TV. I am going to be watching this show just to see you. Way to go, Andy!

  • jeff kahn

    I am a long time subscriber/watcher of PBS and Andy Borowitz is a welcome addition to the PBS lineup. He is topical,satirical and hits a home run everytime he comes to bat.

  • MaMaJoJo

    Keep your knives sharp Andy. Now you have the Republican “just say no worked so well on drugs” diehards, the Tea Party “leave my social security alone” mobs, religious right, probably Hugo Chavez [what you will do next month] and co-workers. The world is a more dangerous place!

  • Linda Tournade

    We want more!

  • Beverlee C

    The clip wouldn’t play for me….sigh…I will just have to believe I liked it, as I had all in the part.

  • Beverlee C

    Yea! Got it to work!!!! I loved it. I love Andy. He keeps me laughing at the stupidity of the world, puts it all in perspective for me. Many thanks, PBS For giving us Andy,.

  • R Deckard

    The majority of posters could just cut and paste the post above. If you posters really think this guy is funny, you need to get out more.

  • Seth M

    Great segment. I hope America has a sense of humor!

  • Scott

    I can’t wait to see Andy on Roadshow!

  • Nancy D

    You have been doing an excellent job, appealing to my younger colleagues as well as to me(73). Keep it up and skip Antique Road Show.

  • Donald G

    Fantastic! Next Week’s News: PBS skyrockets to the top of the ratings over all other networks. Fox claims unfair advantage – “We’re stuck with Glenn.” Thanks Andy!

  • tch

    Andy, your website is great but the TV needs a lot of work., Punch it up, talk faster, relax!

  • Laura Hastings

    Andy, loved you for so long now. Your break into TV (after the CNN moments) is long overdue. We all hope that you get a little longer slot – it is PBS, after all. They can afford it.

  • Tom Taft

    Between Jon Stewart and Andy Borowitz I finally have a full undertandng of world events, from two reporters who use the guise of comedy to actually convey the truth!

  • Gregg Berger

    Bravo Borowitz!
    Wry, dry, insightful, smart and funny.
    Please give him a home, where our intellects roam… and the skypes will be clowny all day.

  • H. R. Miller

    Andy has been kind enough to send us all those funny emails for free, for years. The least you can do is keep him on the air as repayment. Also, there is no way you can break his short segment in half for a pledge-drive break, a great way to ensure PBS viewership.

  • Mel Rankin

    When is PBS going to wise up and change the title to the “Andy Borowitz Show”? I have loved Andy’s inciteful satire for a long time and look forward to more of him on PBS.

  • johnnyplankton

    Andy is one of the funniest satirists not on Comedy Central. Put him on the fundraisers and make him earn his keep.

  • Vesta Eidman

    Andy you are the funniest man on the tube and on TV. Thank you so much for making me laugh every time. Keep it coming!

    Please just use my first name!

  • wminot

    Oh Happy Day! And Andy may you have a long and happy life on PBS.

  • Mumsy

    I’ve been a fan for years. I even saw Andy live at UCLA once. It was great and so is this. Branching out for Andy is important. It keeps the irony level at acceptable levels in our society.

  • Colleen

    Huzzah for PBS and Andy. Let’s keep commenting on the absurdities (real and imagined) of our daily world- there’s constantly serious and depressing news on every channel- Andy breaths life and humanity / hilarity into one’s day.

  • tevin

    more of this please

  • StewartIII

    NewsBusters| PBS Humor: Palin Has ‘Written More Books Than She’s Read,’ Clarence Thomas ‘Often Seems Absent & Doesn’t Say Anything’

  • Mark

    Great start for Andy and as things roll out, give him a bit more time. A little fun at PBS–What a concept!

  • maggimer

    At last we seem to be getting somewhere— a little bit of somewhere— better than nothing!!! Hooray for PBS, that courageous and intellectually shining outfit!! Onward and upward with wonderful Andy
    Borowitz, who helps to keep one sane in this mad, mad, mad, mad world!!!

  • tokugawa

    I have a normal nose. But after seeing Andy, I’m thinking of getting a nose enhancement job. Big noses rock!

    P.s. Despite my name, I’m not Japanese. But after seeing Andy, I might get a ethnic enhancement job and still be not Japanese. Just like Andy. Not Japanese. I might change my name to Andy, though, as long as Andy doesn’t mind.

    P.p.s. Go to Andy’s web page to read stories like:

    “Greece Offers to Repay Loans with Giant Horse”


    “Decision to Stop Making Hummers Saddens A**holes”

    P.p.p.s Did you know that if you add another ‘p’ to ‘p.s’, that you can leave as many post scripts as you want?

    P.p.p.p.s See?

    P.p.p.p.p.s Watch out Jon Stewart! Andy is hungry and may soon overtake your show in the ratings contest if PBS gives Andy a chance.

    P.p.p.p.p.p.s Those who abuse comments are liable to be cut off without any advanced …

  • lisa Murphy

    like it alot it is a blessed relief from all the depressing…..scary……wingnut verbiage

  • Rose_Ca

    Very clever humour (adverb, adjective, noun)! I especially like the part about the Canadians. We love being in next week’s news.

  • Ron Kite

    Andy is the best. I’ve been reading and laughing with him for years. Unfortunately, my local (Atlanta) PBS stations are not carrying his new show. Thank goodness for the internet, so I won’t have to miss his wonderful insights.

  • Brian Boglitz

    I’m glad someone finally raised the serious issue of Canadian immigration. Thank you Mr. Borowitz for calling attention to something that the so-called “major news outlets” have to date been ignoring.

  • Norb Kurtz

    Well, you certainly have enough comments by now to get you the Road Show gig. The dork who emcees currently could use replacing. Need to Know is an excellent addition to the very few in depth news analysis shows available on either network or satellite. (Cable is so yesterday!) And your Andy Rooney bit with a bite at the end is just the perfect icing on the cake.

    But I need to know if the rumour is true that you got this gig because your first name is Andy (like the ancient Rooney). I ask because my son’s name is Andy and he wants me to ask you if he can break into TV too. I think he’s qualified because he also has no background in that medium.

  • PBS Humor: Palin Has ‘Written More Books Than She’s Read,’ Clarence Thomas ‘Often Seems Absent & Doesn’t Say Anything’ :Natural Diabetes Treatment

    [...] Friday’s Need to Know program on PBS, during the show’s regular "Next Week’s News" humor segment, as liberal satirist Andrew Borowitz recited four predictions for next week, in two [...]

  • David Y

    Andy is a hoot. I always read like his sarcastic spin on the news. You want to get depressed, watch a even one minute wrap up of the news, you want to get a smile on your face, read Andy on a regular basis

  • michael j

    Attaboy Andy! I have been a fan for several years and shared your site with my friends. Funny, stimulating stuff. I’ll pass along your PBS gig info as well.

  • The Big Bear

    Andy Borowitz is great.

    The rest of the show…
    not so much.

    I miss Bill Moyers already.

  • Paula

    Often you are hilarious. But sometimes you’re just tasteless.

  • Barbara Nelson

    Why watch or read the “real” news? Andy keeps me from having to sort it all out.

  • auzoet

    Andy rocks! All the pretend news I need and in only 90 seconds! Keep up the great work.

  • DHWick

    Andy is awesome!! Keep it coming. Have loved you online, now have you on PBS!!

  • AC

    You are wonderful, Andy! Thank you for the smiles and laughs. The most insightful analysis of world events ever presented in 90 seconds…. ;)

  • Megan

    You are great! Saw the show Friday night and altho I mourn the loss of ‘my Moyers’ this show is pretty good! But of course, I wait for your 90 second spot all night. Keep up the good work!

  • Debra

    90 seconds? That’s all we get?
    I look forward to Antiques Roadshow. What category will Andy be appraising?
    I, like so many, say, “WOW.”

  • Shabnam Khan

    Great show! We like your big nose Andy!

  • jim

    You’re a very funny guy, Andy. Keep it coming!!!

  • Christin

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear the news before it happens!

  • Ashley

    Caught your first segment on PBS. They are so smart to add you to the show! Absolutely loved it, and will be watching for it every week!

  • Gracem

    Andy you are terrific. I get your emails and they definetely make me crack up. Now being on PBS makes it even better. You are a great addition to the station, and to follow the same boring news.

  • Lezlie

    Love you Andy!

  • Jeanne

    Andy is fabulously funny. I look forward to his e-mails. It is a great idea to put him on PBS.

  • nancy small

    Give Andy Borowitz airtime on pbs and my life will be complete! who says it better than Andy?? he puts the pieces together like no one else. Go Andy!

  • Eve Kinney

    Love it. Follow him on twitter and the borowitz report. Just about everyone in my office follows Andy.

  • Elaine

    Always a much needed lift! Congrats to PBS for recognizing the intelligence and humor that has graced my e-mail inbox for a while and made my tedious days bearable.

  • Tom Townsend

    I heart Andy Borowitz – keep him on the air! A worthy addition to PB and S.

  • Walter Evins

    Andy Borowitz is the funniest man in America to day. His satire hits bull’s eye after bull’s eye. He is a treasure PBS should have.

  • N. O’Neil

    Andy’s humor is a welcome leavening to most of the day’s news. A longtime loyal reader, it’s great to see him live – he is live, right? Also happy that money won’t be tarnishing our relationship. Thanks PBS

  • Valdera Woubbie

    Awesome segment. “All of them.” *snort*

  • hoagie76

    Borowitz is clever insightful witty. PBS should be honored to have him.

  • Sid Lasaine

    Andy is a rare gem. PBS–how about doubling his air time to 3 minutes,thereby insuring twice the laughs for the rest of us :) And for Arthur in Madison; If you think Andy has a big nose,you never saw the ‘schnaz’ on my uncle Max !!!

  • C. Rhodes

    I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription, is MORE BOROWITZ!!

  • GL Nuhn

    Borowitz has a knife for a tongue in a world that desperately needs a million cuts. Great hire, PBS.

  • John

    Sneering remark about Clarence Thomas….check!

    Another smart ass slam on Sarah Palin……check!

    Taunting of conservatives………………………check-0-rino!

    This is pure PBS gold! (If by “gold” you mean the same old stale, rehashed tripe we have heard millions of times before.)

    By the way, Borowitz, nice try at anticipating the conservative response to your “edgy” (if by “edgy” you mean the same old stale, rehashed tripe we have heard millions of time before…but like Borowitz, I repeat myself).

    The actual conservative reply is simply this – let everyone who thinks that Borowitz is a real crack-me-up pay for it. And let’s stop subsidizing PBS with loads of pork barrel spending so that some lib in Westwood or the East Side can have a tizzy as they crackle and snort at Borowitz’s hilarious laugh-riot antics.

  • Harvey W. Feldman

    Very amusing…I would like to see more.

  • Cindy

    I LOVE Andy Borowitz. PBS should make sure they don’t squeeze him into too little space – the man is a genius! And, big noses ROCK!!!

  • Fred

    It feels so good to be up to date thru next week on the news. I feel like the smartest guy in my class and I’m not even in school. Now if I could just figure our how to apply this knowledge to the stock market.

  • Scott

    HILARIOUS!!! Andy needs more aritime!

  • Tanya

    Andy, we need you! You are funny and on point all the time. Hopefully, you will get more time on TV.

  • david enoch

    Andy makes twitter a must-have. His sense of humor is perfectly suited for that medium. Looks like TV is his medium too.

  • larry

    Andy talk as good as he write!

  • cgregor

    Yeay! You’ve finally got somebody better than Mara Liasson. Far better, and far more hopeful!

  • Catman

    I read Andy’s Report all the time and usually forward it on to friends. Now being on the air, it is even better. What a way to get the humor and the truth out to the masses. Thanks PBS.

  • rhonda aigen

    he’s a riot! he’s the reason i watch your program.

  • JohnC

    Love this guy! Good, thought provoking news. Oddly predictable!

  • Judy

    Andy out-Menkens Menken. He is our most shining National Treasure. Please, please, please, don’t let Fox seduce him into filling Glenn Becks voidiness. Or is that CNN??? SyFy?

  • Kirby V. Nielsen

    Up with Andy Borowitz! He is the best thing since “Laugh In”!

  • ginger chapman

    I love Andy! I follow him both by email and on Twitter. He is the best political satirist since Franken left to be a serious senator.

  • Erik Sundquist

    Great video. You should be a star on PBS. Go Borowitz!

  • isaac henkoff

    keep it coming!

  • VRSonti

    More power to you. Enlivens my entire day! Thanks.

  • Jim

    Thank you PBS, you made a good decision to bring Andy Borowitz to your network!

  • harriet

    as always, andy is hysterical! great addition to your program. would be even better if he had more time!

  • bob morris

    andy is pure gold among the dross out there who pass for “news commentators.”
    you can only get richer by mining his genius for trenchant satire!

  • Neil

    Wow – He is – like – so funny!

    In a week in which AG Holder admits he gives responses to laws which he hasn’t even read, from his formal legal capacity as AG – and PBS has a “comedian” make fun of tadah! Sarah Palin!

    Woo hoo! So on point! So current! and yet – so biased!

    Enjoy rolling in dung, lefties.

  • Scott

    That Andy’s one funny dude. Congratulations on getting him for your program!

  • Mickey

    I get Andy on my e-mail everyday. Thank you, and kudos for getting America’s funnyman on PBS.

  • Sharon

    Oh PBS! Please, please do keep the wonderful big-nosed clown! Andy is so clever and hilarious I wonder if it’s possible that only he writes all the Borowitz Reports and Tweets, or if he has many minions helping him. It matters not. However, if you keep him on, how will you win the argument that you’re fair and balanced? No one on Fox would ever say anything truthful about the Half Time Governor.

  • CzechChick

    I love Andy and have been following his work for years. Kudos to PBS for giving him airtime. Go, Andy, keep ‘em coming!

  • methodpam

    Thank you, PBS, for puttting this man on television. I heart Andy.

  • Tito

    Very funny and very hip! Many thanks to Andy for the content, and many thanks to PBS for putting it on the air.

  • cheryl Pelavin

    Love Andy! Makes me feel sane – in a nice way! Thank you Andy and PBS.

  • Angus

    I’ve enjoyed Andy’s comments for years. I hope this succeeds.

  • Klancy

    The only problem with Andy is that we don’t see enough of him! He’s always good for an insightful laugh.

  • Ed

    What can I say, Andy makes the world go ’round! PBS needs to make us smile as well as they help to keep us informed.

  • Cindy Segal

    Love his report! Please keep him!

  • Roland

    Borowitz is a really funny guy. Can we get this daily? Thanks, PBS. Please don’t send him back to the internet where he belongs.

  • DLS

    Good show last week, but we still need Bill Moyers even if it’s once a month. Nobody does in-depth investigation and gets to the core of things the way he does. If he can’t come to your studio, send the camera to his home. Andy, terrific and much needed. PBS, adding another 60 seconds of Andy will add, not subtract, from the rest of the hour. I heart PBS.

  • Rick Okie

    We love Andy! Keep this feature forever! Or till Andy dies.

  • Christian Hettinger

    I really do hope that PBS gives Andy a regular segment. His brand of humor (or schtick, if that’s the right word) is is just the perfect thing for the PBS audience. If PBS puts him on, I will increase my pledge to NHPR

  • j turcott

    You can work without the f-word and still be funny! Good for you!

  • Jo Barley

    I echo many of the positive comments I’m reading here. Yea to Andy Borowitz being on PBS!

  • Fred – D’Port

    Terrific stuff!

  • BigJim

    Borowitz rocks! More, much more, please. And, yes, he does have a big one! What great resonance.

  • stevx avery

    Andy Borowitz’s intelligent humor is right at home on PBS


    PBS could mean Pretty Big Schnoz but in this case it means Particularly Bright Satire!

  • MKJ

    Love you, Andy! Good for you, PBS!

  • Jim MacDonald

    Like the new news magazine – especially Next Week’s News!

  • Lauren Sinton

    Soo Funny! Love Andy Borowitz!

  • Steve

    Gosh, I feel like I’m witnessing a masss delusion—like the Tulip craze. I think all those saying he’s funny are defending him out of mis-placed Liberal solidarity. I couldn’t be any more sympathetic to Andy’s politics or more scornful of his targets. He’s just not funny. You could finish every joke for him once the picture is flashed behind him. And Allison’s helpful giggling is not helping! We’ll all wake up from this one day like we did with Carrot Top, Sinbad and Gallagher. As to any “congratulations for getting him on the show”—he’s such a relentless self-promoter, he’ll show up at the opening of a car dealership.

  • Tom

    Congratulations PBS on a finding some fresh talent that can do satire without angry nastiness.

  • Andrew

    very funny

  • Siouxe

    I’d rather watch “The Red Green Show”, especially its riffs on the do-it-yourself shows (that means you, “This Old House”, and all your spawn!)

    As for public television humor, nothing beats “The Newsroom” (Canada), or “The Games” (Australia).

  • Megan McGuire

    I’m from Madison Wisconsin and I think your humor is thought provoking and flat-out funny. Is there any chance you might come here to perform? Megan McGuire