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Alabama: The immigration battle

States all over the country are cracking down on illegal immigration. Perhaps no law is tougher than Alabama’s, which gives local law enforcement the right to detain suspected illegal immigrants who are stopped for traffic violations. The measure has sparked lawsuits by civil rights organizations (pdf) and the U.S. Department of Justice (pdf), which calls it unconstitutional.

But there’s also a voice questioning the law that you may not expect: one of Alabama’s own local sheriffs. Need to Know’s Karla Murthy traveled to Alabama recently and filed this report.

Watch the rest of the segments from this episode.

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  • rrnordquest

    ICE does racial profiling when they are chasing someone that they “think” is an illegal alien. In other words before they actually apprehend the individuals, or groups of individuals they are not sure if they are in the USA legally, or not but, profiling is a tool they have to use for the expedience of their enforcement. Can you see ICE patrols standing around and saying to each other, “well, there is some unknown individuals, they could be illegal aliens, and then again, they could be legal immigrants. “There they go, are we going after them?” “No, because, we don’t know if they are illegal, or legal, and we are not allowed to profile.”

  • John Ross

    The civil rights laws have been turned against the people so now it’s impossible to defend American jobs without being stigmatized a racist. Who is doing this and why? La Raza and their far left allies whose agenda includes destabilizing the USA. But by saying so, do I defer to right wing racists? The basic problem is overpopulation in Catholic dominated Central and South America. Give each and every woman everywhere the legallyy protected right to decide if and when to birth her children and this entire immigration problem will disappear as labor becomes scarce and wages rise for everyone.

  • Wendy Poole

    Let the cops stop everyone if they have to if they are here legally they should keep a copy with them al the time.If they are law abiding American citizens then they shouldn’t have a problem. I hope New York is next with the law I would lump for joy..

  • Patricia5012

    This law is unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of American Citizens. Before you know it, we will all have to have proof of citizenship. Wewill all be arrested if we don’t have it with us at all times. one step closer to Hitlers Germany.

  • Johnnycakewood

    If the business people who choose to employ illegal immigrants were imprisoned, they could share a cell with “citizens who won’t do that kind of work.”   With no cheaters of the system to hire them,  the illicit immigrants would return home, and wait in line to enter legally.

  • Flyveexplorer


  • Gnance2010

    That Mexican that got arrested for driving without a license and insurance, is under consular jurisdiction of the Mexican government, and has the right to have the Mexican consulate notified of his arrest.

  • Gnance2010

    ICE wears a badge and has delegated authority to ask anybody in the US for status and ID.
    I am a US Citizen and it is my duty to ask anybody in the US for status and ID.
    As a US Citizen it is my right to know if persons in the US are citizens, legal aliens, or not.

  • Flyveexplorer


  • John Rogakos

    You put down one immiagant group, besides showing yourself to be ignorant, puts us ALL down. I don’t need to remind you that we are all immigrants or come from a family of immigrants to the United States …. except for the true Americans …. and look what we did to those Native Americans!

  • Gnance2010

    Flyveexplorer, I suggest you get sober.  I’ve been in Minutemen and SaveOurState,  fighting against illegal aliens since 2005, what have you done.

  • Guest

    I suppose illegal immigration is all the fault of the immigrant workers and nothing to do with the employers who hire them. Why, if Americans are so patriotic (as they all claim to be), do Americans not hire Americans?

  • Spencer

    hey dumb@ss there has always been laws that all Americans where to have some kind of ID on them, so your little BS rant goes to show you need to go back to mexheco..

  • Anonymous

    (1) “Stop and Identify” requires every person in the USA to identify themselves. (
    (2) Terry Stop permits police to stop any person in the USA on reasonable cause of involvement in criminal activity
    (3) Every person driving a vehicle in the USA must have a driving license, does not matter if you are from the USA or not.
    (4) The United States Department of Justice states at least 7 to 10 reasons here why local police of USA states can enforce USA immigration laws READ IT FOR YOURSELF

  • Anonymous

    I BELIEVE YOU NEED TO READ MORE…Try just these 4 areas for starters…

    (1) “Stop and Identify” requires every person in the USA to identify themselves. (
    (2) “Terry Stop” permits police to stop any person in the USA on reasonable cause of involvement in criminal activity
    (3) Every person driving a vehicle in the USA must have a driving license, does not matter if you are from the USA or not.
    (4) The United States Department of Justice states at least 7 to 10 reasons here why local police of USA states can enforce USA immigration laws READ IT FOR YOURSELF

  • Anonymous

    (1) Law enforcement, or in the case of ICE that you assert, is LEGALLY permitted to profile.

    You are ignorant in thinking that any profiling is racial profiling. If the profile of the suspect, or as the TV show likes to say, “unsub,” is someone that likely knows the family of the victim, that is profiling, but that is NOT racial profiling.

    (2) IF YOU WOULD LIKE? ICE can be authorized by ANY new POTUS to search every person within the following zip codes for legal or authorized presence in the USA…
    Would you prefer that? This would not be racial profiling, because PewHispanic intelligence indicates at that link where most of the illegal aliens are…

    BTW, after ICE goes to all the zip codes listed at that PewHispanic link, do not complain later about the similarity to this map

    It is not racial profiling to go after illega aliens. BTW, Latin America, or Latino, is not a race. It is an ethinc construct, it is NOT even a nationality.

    (3) How about this? Next time illegal aliens in the USA protest on May 1st anywhere in the USA, ICE can do a dragnet and round up everyone? No racial profiling then…OK? Also, anyone that phones this hotline in Chicago ICE will listen to those phone calls, and do a dragnet and round up everyone that calls based on the information acquired from listening in on those phone calls. Happy now?

    BTW, look up what a “Terry Stop” is “a brief detention of a person by police on reasonable suspicion of involvement in criminal activity” THAT IS SETTLED CASE LAW. The Supreme Court is NOT going to rule against ICE, that ICE does not have reasonable suspicion regarding illegal aliens and involvment in illegal alien activity.

  • Anonymous

    Must be nice to grow up outside the USA and play a board game like “Monopoly.”
     ( If you do not like the rules to the game “Monopoly,” just break the rules and attempt to acquire wealth during the game illegally.

    This seems to be what those that are PRO “undocumented” or PRO “illegal alien” or PRO “open borders” or PRO “illegal immigrant” or PRO “unauthorized migrant” are saying, they don’t like USA rules or laws, so just break USA rules and attempt to acquire wealth illegally.

    Sorry illegal aliens, and foreign nationals abroad, the USA is a sovereign country, and not a board game like “Monopoly.” You do not just get to break the rules of the USA to acquire wealth. Enter the USA legally, or GET OUT.

  • Gnance2010

    Yes but, “The disappointing aspect of Gonzales is the statement that an alien’s “inability to produce documentation does not in itself provide probable cause (to arrest).” See Gonzales v. City of Peoria, supra, at 16. Pursuant to 8 U.S.C. § 1304(e), aliens are issued registration cards and must carry such cards with them at all times. Aliens who gain entry without the requisite inspection, and who therefore are not issued such cards, violate 8 U.S.C. § 1325. Consequently, a law enforcement officer confronting an alien who is unable to produce documentation arguably has probable cause to believe that a violation of 8 U.S.C. § 1304(e) (failure to possess documents or 8 U.S.C. § 1325(a) (entry without inspection) has occurred. (If the alien is undocumented and has been in the United States for longer than 30 days, he or she has also violated 8 U.S.C. § 1306(a)).”

  • Neekygirl03


  • R_eranio

    iI liked the line that he was in const. work before the new law , then got fired.  You know  , the job none of us citizen’s want. 

  • Marilyn Manson

    Boo fxxn hoo. Pedro should be shot. That truck of his looks pretty fancy. No license or insurance? Unbelievable. And he just “works hard to feed his fameeeleeee”. That fat pig doesn’t look too hungry. Just another 3rd world scum playing the system and PBS is just trying to make sob stories of these 3rd world scumbags destroying the country. PBS is committing treason with tax dollars to produce this crap.

  • leon

    I worked in the government and I was taught by a few how to save, but most stated don’t worry about it. The government has money.
    Now I here people say the illegals do the jobs American’s won’t. Construction pays well or use to depending on where you live. I know two individual’s that got out of construction, because it was take a lower wage or they’ll hire the illegal .  When I have work done, most of the time the laborers don’t speak english.  One contractor sent three. They show up at the door and handed me a cell phone. I asked if the contractor on the phone if any spoke english. He said he thinks so. I than asked if they were insured. He said he thought so and ask to speak to the person who handed me the phone. Next thing I know, they left and never came back.  People around here say what’s the big deal.  The truth is most of you would be upset if I could replace you with an illegal and would you really want to work in a field where you had to lower your wage to keep pace with illegals.  It seems people want the american dream but still want their cheap (slave) labor. 

  • Zaidshahwan

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    IT appears that there people expending an unimmaginary amount effort to get to a certain point. And I would commend that effort if I can fully relate to it. As for me, I would still like to know about how will this! “Settelment” affect me and how IA it rigged to my current ticket at the local sheriff dept but most importantly. Did I win Agamemnon and lost a love for that’s not winning