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American Voices: Dean Obeidallah

While the democratic and republican candidates do their best to charm a variety of demographics — from women to Latino voters — the Muslim-American bloc, at least publicly, is largely ignored.

The son of a Palestinian father and a Sicilian mother, lawyer-turned-comedian Dean Obeidallah talks to Need to Know about the uncourted vote.


  • ubcome = u become

    I saw this interview last night and I found it excellent and funny. It is probably bad for democracy to have voting blocks like “the Women’s vote” “the Black vote” “the Latino” ‘the Jewish vote” as this leads to pandering and generalizing. Having said that, it is saying something when large constituencies are ignored like “the Muslim vote”. Here are some other groups that should be pandered to: “the atheist vote” “the reasonable vote” “the vegans” “the Asians”, etc. When hurricanes have ethnic names like Dean jokes we will be a truly fair country. Let’s hear is for hurricane Abdul followed by hurricane Ben David.