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American Voices: Gustavo Arellano on the 2012 Latino vote

My family and I should be the ideal voters for the Republican party. We don’t like big government, and stress personal responsibility over government handouts. I’m disillusioned with President Obama, and my parents don’t like the social liberalism of the Democrats. But best of all, we’re Latinos: christened last decade as the nation’s large minority, with muchos of us in swing states.

But guess what: No way will any of us vote for the Republicans in 2012. No way, no how. See, their current batch of presidential candidates obsess over Mexicans invading the United States. Intelligent minds can disagree on illegal immigration, but intelligent minds left the GOP on this issue long ago.

Instead, we get candidates who threaten to build an electric fence on the U.S.-Mexico border — the same border my dad snuck across in the trunk of a Chevy some 40 years ago. He’s an American citizen now who has never missed a vote or a payment on the house he and my mom bought 23 years ago with the salaries of a tomato canner and a truck driver. No bailouts for us.

Romney, Bachmann, Cain and the rest rail about us refusing to assimilate, but they obviously never spoke to my siblings or me. We only spoke Spanish upon entering kindergarten, yet here I am, speaking to ustedes in the King’s inglés. Masters degrees for me and my sister Elsa, with another one on the way for our hermana Alejandrina. And the youngest of us, our brother Gabriel, he doesn’t worship Mexico. He worships the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Immigration isn’t the only issue Latinos care about. I work in Santa Ana, California, the largest city in the United States with an all-Latino city council. It’s a place where quinceañera shops and street vendors that sell chicharrones dominate the downtown.

Here at my friend’s store and coffee shop, Calacas, owners Rudy and Jackie Córdoba want better schools for their sons, lower taxes for their business and better job opportunities for the city’s youth. Yet to politicians, the Córdobas and other Latino voters are at best a piñata, whacked every four years for our support. What does that mean? Outreach efforts that involve mariachis and tacos, tequila shots and mangled Spanish, and always coronations via sombreros. No es bueno.

Want us to vote Republican? Drop the culture argument. We Latinos assimilate and succeed just like previous immigrant groups, like the Irish and the Italians and the Poles of yesteryear. Don’t paint doomsday scenarios about the “browning of America.”

Almost all the Latinos I know, people with success stories, we vote Democrat by default, not because we have an affinity for burros, but because we won’t vote for a party that fundamentally fears us. Remember this, GOP, lest you guys go the way of the Whigs, because when we Latinos get offended, we get even at the ballot box.

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  • rrnordquest

    You want “…better job opportunities for the city’s
    youth.” Then why are you giving the few jobs that are available to the
    illegal aliens. We have to say no to something’s in life because,
    opportunities, and resources are not limitless. America has a bright light
    because, us Americans have a rich country, and exploited the sheeet out of it.
    Now, we are trying to just sustain, and survive in a world of dwindling
    resources and opportunities. Most of us American have nothing against Latino’s
    but, when Latino’s, et al, totally disregard our wishes, wants, immigration
    laws, and politics sovereignty; then why are you surprised that we don’t like
    to be taken advantage of without even asking for our permission. Is it because
    we are so relaxed on immigration that you think we do not care about our own
    country? We issue work visas, and most just stay after they are told they must
    go back by a certain time. Please don’t think that I am blind or stupid when I
    tell you the sheer number of illegal aliens are a tremendous drain on our
    country. You do know that less than 2% work picking fruit and vegetables, and
    that many get their women pregnant because, one, the hospital pays for the
    birth, two, it makes an anchor baby (instant citizenship status), and three,
    the child is instantly eligible for welfare. Are you aware of the illegal alien
    gangs, the overcrowding in our jails and prisons? I know your dad probably got
    citizenship under Ronald Reagan’s amnesty, and it worked out well for you, and
    your family but, we can’t just keep repeating that as the solution when the
    demand for us to do that gets bigger each time with not end to that cycle. The
    USA can’t be the employment, social services, education, and health care office
    for the whole world because, as rich as everybody in the world thinks we are,
    we have lots of homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and a maxed out government
    social programs. States are cutting back on everything, and still they come
    demanding to be taken care of by us like they have a legal right to be here.
    The only right illegal aliens have is to be deported.

  • Fugley

    It is very very obvious that you have never been to Miami either at the airport or the port of Miami or
    S.W. 8 Street  & Told to your face  “” We do not serve anyone who Speak English Here only”"
    If the American Government wants to be totally inclusive then all 120 Language of the world must print in all city, county, state & federal documents  To Expensive to print in all. Then print in English Only.
    & as in your piece  They Learn English & adapted to America. HOORAY.

  • JKJ

    He is right on. I am not a Latino but I am with him 100%!

  • Fredzovah

    Dude it’s not just they dislike you…. They really hate you… And I feel alike discord with the Demarcates too cause most of them are there just for what they can get for them self’s. Not Republicans Dude Come On!!!! There very cord is pict us against ever other… And Alabama there still suck in per 1960′s

  • Marco

    This is for airing Gustavo’s Latino’s threat to the American public. Guess what I am a so called Latino (spic) that has been raised in this country. But guess what my dad also wanted a better life for him and his soon to be family. That’s right my dad was in this country and missed my birth because he got a visa. Soon after I was six months old my mom brought me over and in five years later after going back to our home land my parents decided that the sacrifice was worth it. So we then received our landed papers, years later we became citizens. I am also a hard working individual as is my two sister s and brothers. So what was your point again about culture, I really don’t think it is about culture or brown people, you made it sound like this is the eighties and said that you know some one that is gay… Culture has nothing to do with it, in case you haven’t realized culture is ever revolving. We don’t see too many men in grey curly wigs now do we. No the issue is about coming here illegally like your dad did. All you did is point out that Latino’s will vote together for Latino’s and not for what is best for this country! I have a so called Mexican, Guyanese, Vietnamese, Italian and Portuguese neighbors (LEGAL). You and your dad make my dads story of his sacrifice sound like and joke and this is why I dislike the actions of all illegals and their cheating ways. I hope they did not do this in school. Oh just to let you know it is illegal to be in a country with out proper documentation irrelevant of your birth place as such if deporting you destroys your family and friends then this is the sacrifice you have accepted by doing things illegally. So when a mommy gets deported for not having papers then this is the card she dealt… All your doing is bullying people to do what benefits your so call group of people which makes you a raciest. By the way I am Canadian and not American!!! I have been asked to marry for the purpose of papers as well twice…and said NO earn it nothing is free!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gee, Parents here illegally and educated thanks to the taxpayers and now wants everyone in the world to have an open door to the same.

    Just in case you might have not noticed, we have a problem in the last few years, the taxpayer dollars are drying up in this recession. We are driving down to the level of the Illegal who have entered our country but when we get there, most in poverty, then these people might leave as the country they illegally entered from might be in better shape.

    All Illegals along with their family members need to leave, deported, exit the United States Immediately.

  • EBEN

    It is refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is as did Gustavo.    Allow new immigrants to apply for 6 to 18 month sponsored work permits without their families. The work permits can be renewed.  If thngs work out they can apply for residency or citizenship which would include their families.  The immigrants who are already here can have a similar program that can lead to residency or citizenship.  It is really pretty simple.  Nearly all other counties have such programs.  Our elected represenatives are failing us.  Our press is also failing us.  I am writing to you because Gustavo told the truth about the way the GOP is behaving.  e.g., the US press is under reporting the size and importance of the “occupy” movement.  It has an interesting and rich origin and history. The press is under reporting many things.  PBS and particularly “Need to Know” does a better job.  Thanks  EBEN

  • Dr Edward Current

    Gee, I realize that we live in a redneck country but I didn’t realize that so many watch Need to Know!
    Just love how the discussion focuses on economics and how the ILLEGAL immigrants are somehow the main contribution to America’s economic woes, and, of course, every republican has accurate data showing that these ILLEGAL immigrants are our bane. How well this fits into the general republican and T-party philosophy of keeping the masses looking at those lower on the totem pole for the blame. The billionaires in our country are struggling and of course they all have made their money through hard work. Let’s deport all the Illegal aliens at the bottom of the ladder, then we will look for the next scapegoat. Now I personally know that my grandfather came over here from Norway by personal invitation from the american government, he weren’t no ILLEGAL immigrant! I’m sure Bachmann’s relative’s were invited over from Germany and there weren’t no anchor babies in her family! We are under the lens. Let’s see, after we deport all the ILLEGAL aliens then perhaps we can deport all the INDIANS to INDIA, after all look at  all the problems they cause.

  • Truth Has No Agenda

    What a races program! And American Tax payers pay for this crap! Defund NPR. When Republicans take over the Senate & the White House in 2012 NPR is done.  You want to have hate the white man programs pay for it yourself. Since you claim all the Latinos are so well integrated into US society then give up your own money for this hate programs. It’s 2011 not 1911. Immigration today is much different then in 1911. No other country on earth has ever allow ILLEGAL immigrants of more than 40+ million into a country EVER. ALL THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE ANY LEGAL IMMIGRATION will be changed. If Latinos are so well integrated why do I need to PUSH 1 TO SPEAK ENGLISH in an ENGLISH speaking country!?!

  • Truth Has No Agenda

    If Latinos vote for the democrats you will be taken advantage of by them like the do the black vote. They haven’t don’t anything for blacks & security, education & jobs for decades buy they are stupid enough to keep voting for them while their unemployment is at 50% and their family has fallen apart, drugs are rampant in their neighborhoods. Crime & murder is outrages! But hey keep voting those democrats.

  • Laura

    “All my life, I had work, never a day without work…I worked my butt off and just never seemed to break even..I really began to get bitter. I did not know who to blame. I tried to find somebody. I began to blame it on black people. I had to hate somebody. Hatin’ America is hard because you cant see it to hate it. You gotta have somethin’ to look at to hate. The natural person for me to hate would be black people…” (Terkel)
    What about learning your history and get more informed… have you even heard of the bailout of the banks?

  • Truth Has No Agenda

    With the stupid logic of well they broke the law and illegally entered our country lied about themselves to get a job but now they are GOOD citizens. That flawed logic is as if someone broke into your home took it over and took care of it and 10 years later were found out they stole your house and turn around your say – OK YOU CAN KEEP IT SINCE YOU ARE DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB OF TAKING CARE OF THE HOUSE!  Once you say ILLEGAL NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.


      Here’s the deal.  Through the 60′s and 70′s we let them in, we told them “if your country will kill you for just trying to live, then come here, SCREW THEM!!”  They came, and they came in droves.  At first they tried to get everything for free (they heard about our “assistan programs” before they even came), and when that was proven to be a problem and blocked, they went to work.  They learned they had to work (and not just 1 day a week), so they did, but then they figured how they could scam the system while working, so they did.  California’s government came up with Green Cards for them, but once they got the g-cards the mexicans said ”we have them now, they can’t kick us out, we have Green Cards”, and from there they fought all day and night to get everything they could handed to them, so they wouldn’t have to do anything to live.  They even came up with this “Well, I’m helping other people by fixing their cars, people who can’t afford to pay a garage to have them fixed”.  This lasted for awhile, until the gov. found that that was a scam as well because the mexicans would get all of these cars from junk yards, fill their yards up with these cars and would them SIT THERE “FOR YEARS”, NEVER fixing ANY of them!!
      California has had to make law after law after law after law….. to try to keep them from scamming the system into the ground (a system that was orignally set for those that REALLY needed it, NOT ALL OF MEXICO!!!), and everytime Cal. came up with a new, law, the mexicans found a way around it, and when they couldn’t (like with the passing of Proposition 138), they pull their kids out of all of the schools (schools that ARE PAYING FOR THEIR KIDS EDUCATION- “FOR FREE!!”) AND MARCHED IN THE STREETS OF OF CALIFORNIA (all up and down, San Fran., L.A., San Diego- out in Victorville, EVERYWHERE), AND TOLD CALIFORNIA “IF YOU DON’T GIVE US FREE HEALTHCARE, WE’LL DESTROY YOUR STATE!” (hint-hint)
      I left L.A. in 93, and by that time they had bankrupted “13 HOSPITALS” (because each family had a family member go to each clinic/hospital and DEMAND they get this or that for free- AND WILL HOLD EVERYBODY ELSE UP UNTIL THEY GET IT!!!!- I’ve seen this MYSELF- then they take whatever they get AND GO SELL IT ON THE STREET!!!!!).  Now on top of this is the CRIME: rapes. robberies, muggings, break ins, vandalizing, drugs, GANGS, MURDERS….!!!!!  You see, THEY “ARE NOT” HERE TO JUST WORK AND HAVE A BETTER LIFE, BUT INSTEAD ARE HERE TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY LIKE THEY DID THEIR OWN!!!!  I have dealt with mexicans MY WHOLE LIFE, and what I have gotten from EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM is “We are here to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK, AND WHEN WE DESTROY IT LIKE HOW WE HAVE MEXICO, THEN WE’RE GOING TO FIND WHERE YOU WHITE PEOPLE ARE THEN, THEN GO THERE AND TAKE THAT TOO!”- I’ve heard this ENDLESS TIMES.  And when I try to bring up fixing mexico so they don’t have to come here, THEY “ALL” JUMP UP AND YELL “Don’t even think about it, if America went down there WE’D ALL STAND UP AND FIGHT TO THE DEATH TO GET THEM OUT!!!”  The reason?- THEY WANT TO KEEP IT JACKED UP SO THEY HAVE AN EXCUSE TO COME UP HERE AND TRASH THIS PLACE (for fun, and YES, THEY HAVE TOLD ME THIS, over and over and over….- for it’s funner for a rapist and/or killer to kill someone innocent rather than someone evil, THAT IS HOW EVIL IS!!!)
      Final:  I have worked with MANY mexicans, and what I’ve found there as well is that THEY ARE HERE TO JACK THAT UP AS WELL!  First they come in all nice, then after they get some time in, they start going to the boss (or who they can) and try jacking over anybody else that is there (I’ve worked at 3 companies where they did this).  First they tell the boss “Did you see what he/she did, that’s no good, you need to get rid of them”.  Over and over they do this, even lying constantly to get ANY “American” fired.  One reason is because THEY LOVE IT, second is because they want to get one of their buddies in there.  These mexicans will even come back after work, trash your work that you did that day, run to the boss the next morning saying “did you see what they did?”, lie to the boss to no end, etc., etc… (but of course they cover up any jack ups they make- TOTAL HYPOCRITES!!), you have no clue what’s going on when the boss calls you in and goes off on you because of what you did the day before, finally you see what the boss is talking about, and you KNOW, INSTANTLY who is behind it, but you can’t prove it because you weren’t there, videotaping them do it at “3 IN THE MORNING!!!!- Then when they get you fired (or completely screwed with your job) and get their buddy in there, then they start on the next, then the next…, until ALL of the Americans are gone and the company is full of nothing but mexicans- AND DON’T THINK THEY ARE THERE TO DO A GOOD JOB EITHER!!!…
      Don’t think that as soon as they cross that border that they INSTANTLY “become American”.   There is more to being an American than “just being here”.  I can’t even tell you how many jobs had to be “redone” because they framed a whole house with “1″ nail, or watered the paint down so much that they were practically spraying water on walls instead of paint, or did a tile job so bad that even the sub floor had to be ripped up! (they take all of these materials to…. “yes, SELL ON THE STREET!!”- rather than use it on the job like how it’s supposed to be!!!!)- And when they jack up a job they’ll even tell you “So what, if they fire me I’ll just sue them for racism” (I’ve heard this endless times as well).
      Just call ANY Sheriff’s Department in any town that there is a decent size mexican population and ask them about how many rapes, robberies, mugging, murders… there are each month there by them- or call ANY corrections facility and see how many are there, their crimes, their sentences, etc..  Just get a basic, like how many there, how many are in there for felonies, etc., etc…. AND YOU’LL SEE WHAT THEY COST US JUST IN MONEY ALONE TO DEAL WITH THEM!!!!  I felt sorry for them in the beginning, but now I “KNOW”, THEY “ALL” HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!!  They had their chance, AND THEY DESTROYED THAT TO “NO END!!!!”  There are SOOOO MANY things they have done to this country that I’d had to write a novel to cover it all (like MORE THAN ENOUGH GIRLS FROM L.A., SAN FRAN, DIEGO, etc., etc., HAVE DISSAPEARED FOR GOOD (because the mexicans take them off of the streets, EVEN LITTLE KIDS- AND SELL THEM INTO THE SEX TRADE IN ANY AND EVERY OTHER COUNTRY THAT WILL PAY!!!!!!  Get it YET????), but I hope this amont ALONE will do it.
      Yes, some of their kids will have to go back with them, but ask yourself, “Who’s kids matter more, YOURS OR THEIRS?”- Because sooner or later “IT WILL” BE YOUR DAUGHTER THAT GETS RAPED BY THEM, SON WHO GETS SHOT BY THEM, YOUR HOUSE THAT GETS BROKEN INTO BY THEM….., the more of them you let in here, THE HIGHER THE CHANCES ARE FOR THAT UNTIL “IT’S INEVITABLE!!!!!”  Wanna save yourself, this country, your Grandchildren, Greatgrandchildren…., or do you want the same to happen to them that is happening in mexico now?  It should be an easy choice.


    PS. We can’t afford to pay for their schooling either.  We pay for it, then they use that against this country.  The accounts are too many to name, but there was another one on tonight: A mexican girl who is a professor at NYU’s business college (who’s schooling was COMPLETELY PAID FOR “BY US, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!”- when I myself can’t get into school AT ALL, WHEN IT WAS MY FATHER, GRANDFATHER, GREATGRANDFATHER, etc., etc., etc…. THAT WERE A PART OF BUILDING THIS COUNTRY UP TO WHAT IT IS NOW!!!- where was her family when we fought in Vietnam, the Korean war, WWII, WWI….?- HERE HELPING OUT?— HELL NO!!!!!!), and all she could say was “You all have to let ALL mexicans in this country and let them do whatever they want” (in short).  No mention of all that they do against this country to hurt it, the people, etc., etc., or to even destroy it.  Instead EVERYTHING was “It’s wrong for you all to NOT let us all just come here and do what we want”, while SHE SURE AS HELL KNOWS WHAT MEXICO’S LAWS ARE FOR IMMIGRATION!!!!! (like I wrote before- TOTAL HYPOCRITES!!!!!)

  • CalNative

    The Propaganda Broadcasting Service strikes again. A fairy tale on immigration with not a single mention of (1) gangs specifically  (2) crime and lawlessness in general (the Latino males who drive drunk like they think it’s a sport) or (3) the total overrunning of our already-stressed health care system.

    I’m in a county in California with 22% unemployment. There are no jobs to be had and one of the last manufacturers just closed (they have a plant in Juarez). We have 40% unemployment to the south of us thanks to the enviros shutting off the water to restore the San Joaquin river. I’m all for restoration but they have left the former farmworkers with no jobs and there is no benefit program for them like there is for the workers from Obama’s failed ($500,000,000 loss) pet project of Solyndra.

    I teach in the same county where I went to high school in the 70′s; there were no gangs and the already-numerous Latino population was remarkably well-integrated into our already-diverse (but white majority) population. Now we have a Latino majority, there must be 3 separate high school “continuation” (kick-outs) campuses just to keep the Latino gangs separated, drive-by shootings all the time, drugs and “tagging” (Mexican art) splattered everywhere. You can’t wear red or blue for fear of being shot at, these are the gang “colors”. Recently we buried the first police officer killed in the history of the city going back to the 1800s (shot by an “anchor baby” gang member). The highest homicide rate in California isn’t LA like you might imagine, it’s beautiful Monterey country, because of the gang-infested Salinas. There have been killings there where they lay in wait at the school gate, where was that on the “news”? It won’t be long before we have mass killings and assassinations of law officials as in Mexico (also conspicuously edited out of the PBS/Cable “News”, even the Spanish-language channels play down the severity of the problem.)

    PBS gives a platform to  government subsidized race activists like the NYU professor on the show tonight to screech “anti-immigrant” with no distinction between legal and illegal, or even between undocumented and criminal. Don’t be deceived by the pose stuck by the Obama administration, they might well make a show of deporting cases like the laborer on the show tonight but every week thousands of felons are put right back on the street after release from jail or prison, and in cities or entire states with “sanctuary” (lawlessness) as an official policy, they are effectively free to operate with as many fake IDs/aliases as they like. Web-search for “Jamiel Shaw” and “Cheryl Green” combined with “Los Angeles”: you’ll see how cold-blooded the liberal Frankenstate is, the frenzied desire to take over by sheer weight of number is so extreme that racial terror against innocent black children by illegal alien convicted criminals is sanctioned–imagine the media response if  whites committed such crimes. The media  treat racially offensive speech by whites as worse than racially-motivated murder by illegal aliens.

    I have read “Ask a Mexican”; Gustavo’s toned-down blurb on the NTN episode is hardly representative of it’s derisive tone. It seems rooted in a pervasive sense of inferiority which  can only be remedied by  the destruction of the hated white majority culture. Good luck finding enough doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. (all areas massively lacking Latino representation) to take care of this declining state, perhaps you can still draw in enough from India. I am watching the Latino culture flush itself down the toilet of underachievement exactly like I saw the blacks do it. I’ve been here since the 60′s, I know what I’m talking about. I went to elementary school with Mexican kids and they were actually better-behaved than most of the others; now their teens idolize only sports and entertainment figures and actually seem to admire the Mexican cartels for their ruthless violence.

  • CalNative

    You should think about why some of those billionaires actually fund some of the most radical race nationalist organizations in their quest for open borders (and ultimately the complete erasure of national sovereignty). After the destruction of any sense of American national identity we can be turned into the submissive proles of the rest of the Third World.

  • CalNative

    Those Visa programs are already in place and severely abused, they simply stay after expiration and no one does anything about it. The Feds aren’t enforcing anything against tourist visa over-stayers, that’s how most of the illegals get in here in the first place. Canada has an ag worker program that works, it even includes health insurance; the difference is they enforce their laws and we don’t. Obama, Holder, Napolitano (like the Bushes and Clintons before) took false oaths of office, the constitution says enforce the borders and they simply will not do it. The states are within their rights to defend themselves if the Feds won’t do it. The Grand Design is to hustle millions more in as fast as they can so they can take over by sheer weight of numbers. Go look at LA.

  • CalNative

    It is extremely difficult to achieve legal immigration into Mexico, even if you marry a Mexican, and even then you can’t legally work. But they actually have a guest worker program for Guatemalans who will work cheaper than a Mexican! (you can web search for Professor Grayson from William & Mary for the only discussion of this little-known but significant fact I have seen).

  • CalNative

    Actually a bunch of Republicans voted against the first version of the bank bailout (the one supported by Obama with all the secrecy provisions) and then “somebody” took the stock market down 700 points in one day and they were terrorized into going along with it. Look at the recently-published “Throw Them All Out” for a good account of the outrageous self-dealing both sides of the aisle are engaged in; the “friend of the little guy” pose struck by the Democrats is a gigantic fraud. Did you miss how the AFL-CIO has campaigned for unlimited immigration and amnesty, all the while wailing about poverty and unemployment (and taking a total dive on the monstrous trade deals hustled through by traitor Clinton and now Obama too). The apparent arrangement is they are perfectly willing to sacrifice what’s left of our industrial base (except for rapidly-shrinking number of defense jobs) for the price of an endless expansion of the Social State (AFSCME/SEIU mafia) to take care of all the government-dependent people. As we are losing the tax base to support this, I can only assume what we’re in for is Soviet-style collectivism. Better get one of those gova-mint jobs and be a good Party Member! Because that is all there will be left of the middle class.

  • CalNative

    I appreciate your passion, it is similar to my own experience. It’s really much simpler, if you have a baby here you can collect AFDC “in lieu” of your born-citizen child. What we have gotten in return for the most incredibly generous policy in the world is basically what SF Giants fan Brian Stow got for going to a Dodgers game in LA–his brains beaten out by some Mexican gang-banging trash (whose immigration status remains unclear, perhaps due to the difficulty of ascertaining just who the hell they really are in the first place.)

  • Laura

    what is your point?

  • Billsey

    Mr. Arellano’s commentary inadvertently exposes a habitual problem with liberal assessments of this issue, and their habitual brown-washing of this issue is not going to win any hearts. I do not recall any monumentally successful empires of the past in which they particularly cared how individuals came in to the empire. They protected their borders against armies and criminals, not normal individuals. This, though, raises a question, a question that liberals absolutely refuse to face and answer: The empire that is the United States of America has laws governing how individuals are allowed to come in. Why do they have such a horrible, strident, intractable problem with the members of this empire expecting those who want to come in to do so while obeying the laws of the empire they want to come in to? Those who refuse to obey the laws of this empire are not just normal individuals, but make themselves into criminals, and this empire is right when it defends its borders against entry by criminals.

    William F. Maddock

  • Anonymous

    I will vote against any Latino running for political office, because Gustavo Arellano is making the issue of illegal aliens in the USA about race. Breaking USA law is not a race. Illegal is not a race. Actually, Latino is an ethnic construct, and not a race.

    I hope Gustavo makes the rounds all over the USA, because he will awaken many across the USA to vote against Latinos like Gustavo and those that advocate for amnesty, or amnesty by any other name, because Gustavo wants to polarize the USA public regarding USA law.

    The USA is a law and order society, that is entitled to have enforcement of immigration laws just like Frontex in Europe, and just like almost every country in Africa, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, and even India.

  • Anonymous

    To all the good people: Gracias for the kind words!
    To all the haters: Gracias for your inanity!

  • Extraordinarycitizen

    Mr. Arellano, it’s a mystery to me why you would vote Republican in the first place. You clearly don’t see that the success of immigrants in this country are the result of strong government policies (e.g., anti-discrimination laws, labor protections) and social programs (e.g., public education, assistance for the needy). Success is not the inevitable outcome of hard work. The Republicans are not (and have never been) very understanding of immigrants.

  • Dsprtt

    It amazes me why in the world you would vote for a party whose basic ideology  opposed  from your own simply on the basis of of one issue is beyond me. Ever hear of that American saying ” cutting off your nose to spite your face?” Because Conservatives want to enforce the law, that has always been the law , you would vote for a party that is for higher taxes, bigger government, and is generally known as the welfare party. I do not agree with everything the Republican party has done and is doing, but there is no way I would vote for obama just to make a statement. So if the GOP came out in favor of Amnesty this would change your vote? This viewpoint is incredibly shallow and defies common sense.


    That’s funny!  That even takes it farther than I knew.  One instance I know of is from a woman I know from Nicaragua.  She had to escape Nicaragua when the war there broke out (the Santanista’s and ….?).  She and her 2 sons almost got killed in mexico by the gangs there but got away.  1 of her sons decided to stay there because he met a girl and wanted to stay.  She couldn’t get him to leave, so she and her other son came to America.  About 3 years after she got to the states she contacted him down there.  He was married and had a business and assured her that everything was alright.  She had been telling him all along that he better get out of there because if they ever found out that he isn’t one of them that they (the mexicans) would kill him.  He insisted they wouldn’t and that everything was fine.  About a year later she tried contacting him again and could get ahold of him.  She tried everything, even contacting the girl he was married to.  In short, the mexicans did find that he wasn’t mexican, KILLED HIM, and took over his business, and the government there said “Cool, good luck”.  No arrests, no investigation, etc.. (just more info for you all)

  • Dsprtt

    I guess you have to discount the fact that it was a Republican that freed the slaves and also Republicans that pushed forward and passed the civil rights bills at a time when the KKK was inundated with democrats , and the KKK was started  by them.  If you ignore those two little items , you are right .


    Ever hear “The truth isn’t always fun?”  Or, “Doing that which is right isn’t always fun?” etc., etc…  Also, What is mexico’s immigration law?  Know that at all? 
    So…., To all the good people that stand up for that which is right: Gracias
    To all those that hate the truth, that which is right, and are “completely hypocritical” : No gracias, instead PULL YOUR HEAD OUT!!!


    It was the Republicans that opened the door for them in the 60′s and 70′s (Nixon was one of them).  The mexicans abused that to death, which is why we are where we are now.  Also, Columbia and another major university (can’t remember which now) did a study and how beneficial the hispanic population has been and is to this country, and they BOTH found that for every dollar they make for this country, THEY COST IT $3.  I’m sure you’ll find it if you look it up.

  • Anonymous

    All addressed in my column, son!

  • Dsprtt

    Who exactly are you getting even with , and how are you getting even by voting for a party that with the exception of this one thing is the exact opposite of what you believe in? In essence you are mad over one issue so you will vote for the party that will raise you taxes further, increase the size and scope of government and continue to enact policies that have in effect ruined California and driven it to the brink of bankruptcy. You must agree with the Obama policy that has added close to % trillion $ in debt  for your children to pay. if reelected he probably will increase this even more and by the end of his term we could be the proud owners of 20 trillion $ in debt.

     Is this like all the People in Ohio that just ” defeated” the attempt to rein in the public sector unions? The unions spent 30 million$ of these peoples money to convince them to in essence vote against themselves. The public are the ones who will end up paying in higher taxes and use fees. The public sector unions do not see themselves as part of the public. They see themselves as separate apparently since they never considered they also will be paying. Yea they really stuck it to “the man” on that one. i could even understand it if it dealt with private sector unions, in that case you could at least say they were sticking it to the corporation. Who exactly did they stick it to?

    Yes by all means vote for the opposing party and the 90% of their policies you do not agree with simply because of the 1% of the Republican party  policy you perceive as racist. If you can do this then you are not a Republican or a conservative and never were one. I would never disavow my Christian beliefs simply because of one Christian denominations acceptance of of a policy , homosexuality . for instance , that I do not agree with or deem acceptable. To abandon my core values totally would be hypocritical.


    Hey dude (the IDIOT that did this broadcast).  You OBVIOUSLY HAVE “NO CLUE” HOW SERIOUS THIS IS!!!  The American people are about 1 HAIR from just doing it themselves!!!  You think it doesn’t matter?  How many women have dissapeared across that border, only to be sold as SEX SLAVES, “NEVER” TO BE SEEN AGAIN????  How many children have dissapeared across that border- FOR THE SAME REASON???  How many Americans have gone to that country, ONLY TO BE MUGGED IN THE STREETS BY ALL YOUR “PUNK ASSES???!!!!! (along with YOUR POLICE AS WELL!!!)  And now you want to say “You better let us all in here and live and do what we want”?  ARE YOU RETARDED????  We’re thinking “No, IT’S TIME TO SEND YOU ALL BACK!!!!”  We’ve seen enough.  We’ve seen how you all live, how you all INSIST on living, what you are going to do IF you EVER get a majority in this country….- TEAR THIS COUNTRY TO SHREDS LIKE HOW YOU HAVE YOUR OWN!!!!
      I could go on with all of the rapes, robberies, kidnappings, murders….., etc., etc., BUT I KNOW YOU ALREADY KNOW.  So keep pushing that line, just don’t be surprised if/when someone grabs you off of the street, takes you to that border and says “Get out, and NEVER stop walking THAT WAY (south), or we’ll do you here and just dump your body!”  Get it?  HOW MANY AMERICANS HAVE BEEN RAPED BY YOU PEOPLE, KIDNAPPED, ROBBED, MUGGED, MURDERED…..????  Think it’s a joke?  Well, go ahead and VOTE AGAINST THIS COUNTRY, that’ll just make us BOX “ALL” OF YOU UP AND SEND YOU BACK!!!! (instead of the 1 bad one here, 1 there- but then again you all are forcing that as well, when we send a bad one back but leave one that is good, you all cry “Why did you send that one back and not this other one?”…., therefore proving that YOU ALL want to destroy this country, BY DEMANDING THAT WE LEAVE ALL THOSE HERE THAT ARE HERE TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY!!!- anyways, you all doing that just puts us in the position of EITHER SENDING YOU “ALL” BACK, or none, so since you all keep fighting for “ALL”, then don’t complain when it happens!!!!!!)


    Then when we send them all back, YOU can go with! (100%!)


    Good man Marco!  If the rest were like you (as long as you didn’t do the gang thing, rape women, etc., earlier on- to “prove your MEXICANHOOD), then this issue wouldn’t even exist.  But since the proof is SOOOOOO MASSIVE that mexicans are here to take what they can, jack up everything they can, etc., etc., the American people HAVE TO ACT, “that” is why we are where we are now.  Late dude.

  • Extraordinarycitizen

    Good gracious, your ignorance of American history is astounding. It’s the philosophy, not the party label, my dear.

  • Extraordinarycitizen

    I’m saddened to say that my long held assumption that viewers of PBS were better informed and more intelligent than the average media consumer has at last been shattered. The stupidity here is mind-blowing…

  • Igot2brains

    These people have every right to come here.THEY JUST HAVE TO GET IN LINE WITH EVERYONE ELSE, FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK, AND DO IT THE RIGHT WAY! How dare they think they can break into someone else’s country and then think they should go to the front of the line. And, how dare they come here uninvited and then tell us how they should be treated. If they can’t get police protection while they’re here then that’s just tough. They have no rights here. Why should US citizens pay for their police protection?

    Many of their remarks make me seriously question their intelligence and wonder if we need people like that to join our society.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with Gustavo.  He illustrates the fabric of this nation, literally.  We as a nation have to get on with the reality that we are bilingual and bicultural.  The Latinos do make a significant contribution. If you ask me to vote your poll.  I vote in favor of Gustavo.  Gracias.