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Designing the city of the future

The mayor of Detroit is promoting a controversial new plan to “right-size” the city. He may offer cash incentives to residents to leave vacant neighborhoods. The goal is to make the city more efficient in delivering services to its citizens.

But Detroit’s “rightsizing” plan is also about imagining a new city — and the imagination isn’t limited to city government. In fact, some of the great new ideas are coming from citizens who aren’t old enough to vote. This story about some of Detroit’s youngest city planners comes from Detroit Public Television.

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    Main Street: Findlay, Ohio
    Need to Know travels to Ohio to assess how workers are faring after the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs over the past 35 years.
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    Following the money: Tax breaks
    New CBO report echoes the findings of Need to Know's "A tale or four tax returns."
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      Certifiably employable
    Rick Karr recently visited Seattle to look at a program designed to give the unemployed the skills they need to find jobs in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries.


  • Charris

    Congratulations Students! Congratulations to you too Desiree. Great story.

  • Ken Kranz

    As Alan Kay once said … “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Good Job!

  • Anonymous

    I loved everything about this story!

    Anybody who thinks public school teachers are overpaid whiners should see this.

    The kids did such a great job and were so smart, thoughtful and charming.

    Congratulations to all involved!

  • Bobby

    Congratulations to the students, to Mr. Sale, and the National Engineers’ Week Future City Competition organizers for putting together such a worthwhile academic competition. Sometimes, the best learning takes place outside of the traditional classroom and classroom times.

  • jan

    Congratulations to the kids. Keep trying.

  • J-man

    Absolutely wonderful! Fantastic job!

  • Lincer45

    I appreciated the piece on the student project.

    Please look into the annual student Shakespeare festival sponsored by Washington, DC’s Folger Shakespeare Library for 30 years. As with the students from Detroit, in preparing for Folger, students who may not be headed for the Ivy League or to college at all obtain hands on experience with a scene from Shakespeare. The more people who see students performing the 25 minute As You Like It which I brought from my tiny, rural independent school, or the spectacular film of Hamlet created by a special ed school, or the creepy Antony & Cleopatra done by an inner city high school, the more support for arts education there might then be in these fiscally odd times.