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Faith in the system: Divisions among evangelicals in Iowa

After months and months of presidential debates, the voters, finally, are about to get their say. Iowa’s often-critical, first-in-the-nation caucuses are Tuesday, and they are our focus this week.

But despite all of the attention on the Hawkeye state, it is estimated that fewer than 150,000 Iowans will vote next week in the Republican caucus.  For Republicans, history suggests that winning the Iowa caucus may not actually help secure the presidential nomination.  See: Mike Huckabee in 2008. But Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and John McCain? All were defeated in Iowa but were nominated anyway.

Still, all of the candidates want to secure that first victory, so to Iowa they go,  especially to court the votes of conservative evangelicals who are estimated to make up one third of Republican caucus-goers on Tuesday. This year, Republican evangelicals in Iowa have several anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage candidates to choose from, which has kept Tuesday’s outcome uncertain. Need to Know’s Rick Karr reports.

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  • jan

    Watching that minister I am reminded that an area church, known for being both conservative and evangelical, recently announced they would be building a $14 million dollar addition and the local food banks announced they were running out of food for the poor within a day or two of each other.  Looking at it, I couldn’t help wondering if the church was getting money from the faith based funds.  Churches and faith or religion have pretty much been ruined since they became informal and indirect political organizations. 

  • cipher

    Tvedt is an excellent exemplification of the reason we’re screwed – as a country, a civilization and as a species.

    He’s also a thoroughgoing piece of garbage.