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Family planning fight in Texas

In 2010, Republicans won a decisive majority in the US House of Representatives and in many state legislatures across the nation. Lawmakers in several of those states have cut funding to Planned Parenthood and other family planning organizations. That’s the case most dramatically in Texas, where the budget for family planning services has been slashed by tens of millions of dollars for 2012 and 2013. Need to Know’s Mona Iskander reports.

Update: March 15, 2013

The battle in Texas didn’t end with the budget cuts and clinic closings. In the months since, Planned Parenthood and women’s health advocates have been protesting and organizing. The Texas Tribune has followed developments in the state house. On December 7, 2012, Tribune editor Emily Ramshaw had a story in The New York Times entitled: “Likely Increase in Births Has Some Lawmakers Revisiting Cuts.” Indeed, it seems those fears were well-founded and the resultant numbers convincing:

The Health and Human Services Commissions has projected that, because of funding cuts, unplanned pregnancies in Texas will add $273 million in costs to taxpayers. The Texas Legislative Budget Board also estimated that the cuts would lead to 284,000 women losing family planning services, resulting in 20,000 additional unplanned births at a cost upward of $200 million. – Salon, “Texas may restore some family planning funds”

The Texas Tribune has stayed on top of the whole debate, recently hosting a live conversation about family planning and women’s health with state Reps. Donna Howard, D-Austin, and Sarah Davis, R-West University Place. As the situation stands, the lawmakers are only discussing restoring some of the women’s health funding. But that money would not be going to Planned Parenthood. Those clinics, which according to a George Washington University health policy study had serviced nearly 50% of Texas women seeking aid from the Women’s Health Program, are out of the picture in Texas.

View our Web Extra interview with Emily Ramshaw and check up on the status of state reproductive laws and family planning funding by visiting The Guttmacher Institute’s state by state information.

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  • Janice Hoeschler

    GOOD for TEXAS!!!! STOP funding ” Planned Parenthood.” P.P. is the BIGGEST ABORTION provider in the world!!!!!!! It is about TIME for the TRUTH to be TOLD!!!!!!

  • Josh Howell

    You do realize that abortions will still happen, except they won’t be done medically or soundly, women will go without education and protection from STD’s and other exams. There will also be an influx of unwanted children that can’t be paid for by the parent or parents further putting a drag on society. But hey if hating something you know nothing bout suits you, more power to ya as this is MERICA!!!~ isn’t it?

  • Emmy

    Why pick on the little people? So now your low-income residents have no services, while your wealthy oil people and others have access to all services, including abortion. It is an outrage.

  • Sarah Nunez

    Wow go Texas? You must be male and ignorant. Maybe if you read the lgeistlaion, I know they have big words, it is causing innocent people to suffer. There is other reasons to see a doctor besides an abortion. Do you not understand that concept? You want to stop or prevent abortion then teach young people about birth co trip or abstance. Education prevents unplanned pregnancies. That is a fact. If a woman wants an abortion so bad she will find away and in some cases it leads to death of both the mother and child. I don’t support abortion but I do believe in free agency and education. That is our God given right. I never went on tv to support Texas or what they are doing. I hope no one thinks that!