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Fixing government: Elliot Ackerman on making 2012 a ‘three-horse race’

Most Americans expect the 2012 presidential election to offer the same binary choice between a Republican and a Democrat that voters have faced, with few exceptions, for decades. But Elliot Ackerman of Americans Elect says 2012 will be different. Americans Elect is a non-profit, non-partisan effort to use digital tools to nominate a candidate outside the two-party system — and to get that candidate listed on ballots in all 50 states. As Ackerman put it: “In 2012, it’s going to be a three-horse race. It’s going to be the Republicans, the Democrats and the American people, as represented through Americans Elect.”

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  • Absolutely


  • Ziga4866

    How are you going to agree on a platform?

  • J.V.Hodgson.

    Great idae if the primary reason is to present candiates who really can be believed to be the best to provide Of for and by the people policies and governnace. Ziga is right you need a platform.
    The checks and balance systenm where certain numbers of House and senate sseats come up makes it difficult for third parties to go after the presidency because even if that amazing possiblity were to happen chance are the incumbent woul be ineffective as the two parties would hold most seats. at some point you may be the critical voters at that time a presidential run might be viable
    Your concept is laudable, it will tke constant endeavour to make it Viable over 8-12 years. In America thats a lot of first “MONEY” then time and energy and a grass roots hard working base.
    Means limit your efforts to those seats that come up in each cycle
    But get you manifesto out there first.
    America need this non extreme balance by winning against extreme Left or extreme right policies. Not easy but achievable with disappointments along the way as most Americn like the adversarial style of politics unfortunately, much fuelled by media.

  • Travis0300

    If AE agrees on a platform before it chooses a candidate, won’t that candidate be on the same “narrow trajectory” that Ackerman says they are trying to avoid? I think the point is to let the voters determine the platform by choosing the candidate that most closely reflects their ideals. If they choose a platform they’ll be narrowing the field without allowing the voters to determine anything. 

  • Steve

    A good question. An important question. I believe the answer lies in the center. The Us vs Them scenario has been an abysmal failure. I am laying out a step by step alternative on Facebook which attempts to peel off voters who are marginally on the left and right. Those who recognize both sides have some good qualities and valid arguments, but are afraid to give ground for fear the the other side will dominate the agenda.