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Fixing government: Kurt Andersen on getting Republicans and Democrats to work together

Through one crisis after another, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have proven themselves incapable of working together. Why? Kurt Andersen, author and host of public radio’s “Studio 360,” says it’s because lawmakers from different parties have grown increasingly distant from one another. To fix that, Andersen proposes requiring members of Congress to spend a minimum number of days together in Washington, D.C. As Andersen put it: “Members of Congress who now fly in and out for their two or three nights every week or two just aren’t in the position to compromise with these strangers from the other party.”


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  • Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

    I am Iraqi and I am quite appalled by the “us verses them” way of thinking in the American politics,American leaders should understand that their actions are taken as “great example” by other countries but I am afraid to tell they are not great examples at all.

  • Ernest Spoon

    Simple and ineffective. The place is still crawling with lobbyists, with whom all the senators and representatives are good friends. Won’t work. But maybe worth the try.

  • Majn8r

    Faisal, the American people – the average, ordinary citizen – cares a great deal about peace at home and abroad, wants the opportunity to work hard and meet with success, and understands the absolute necessity of the well-being of family, neighborhood, community, country, and world. I hope with all my heart that those who look to America for great examples of leadership will remember that and understand that we are in a very difficult time here. We know we need to generate changes and fix what is broken. But our fundamental beliefs that people should have personal freedoms that respect the rights of others, and in the power of individual voices that are both exercised and heard is true and heartfelt. These very same citizens WILL eventually be able to accomplish what we, as a country, need to do to correct our political problems. “Us v. Them” is happening in Washington, but “We, the People” are finally beginning to wake up to the serious problems that exist in our divisive political machine – we are increasingly impacted by it and often that is what it takes to create energy and interest. Have faith in the people…. we are the ones who, if we mobilize through the democratic beliefs outlined in the Constitution that we live by, will return America to a place of prosperity, altruism, dignity, and respect in the international community.

  • Raymond Wallace

    Other countries look to our leaders as a great example?  How very silly of them.  Also the Us vs. Them is just a big fat ruse.  Both conservatives and liberals are bought by the same powerful interests.  The only difference is the type of lies the tell to get elected.  Conservatives appeal to small-minded self-interest.  Liberals appeal to progressive idealism.  It’s like Coke and Pepsi.  Ostensible rivals that are actually in cahoots.  A show put on to distract from the dismal reality that your vote doesn’t actually decide anything of importance.