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Interview: Major Garrett

Host Jeff Greenfield interviews Major Garrett about what will likely happen should Mitt Romney take office, or should President Obama be awarded a second term.

Ultimately, Garrett says that the key will be which party holds control of Congress. If Republicans become the majority and Mitt Romney wins the presidency, much of the significant legislation passed by Obama during his first term is likely to disappear.

Garrett is National Journal’s White House correspondent.



  • Mark Davis

    Major Garrett is a walking talking turd

  • Jjbowersj

    good show . I will watch for Garrett comments.

  • Frankiethepunk

    Certainly one of the most interesting and insightful analysis’s I have seen.  What is amazing is that it is totally unbiased.  American’s need to view this interview multiple times and understand its true implications.

  • David

    Major Garrett is a generator of ideas on this topic.  This is needful to our country.  His insights show a deepening of concern for our waviering enconomics, political instabilitys, liabilities in the future, and, most of all, an overall sense of responsibility to come together for change, not apart.