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Interview: Pam Belluck

How have cuts to family planning budgets impacted other states?

Need to Know anchor Scott Simon sits down with New York Times Health and Science writer Pam Belluck to determine whether the kinds of austere measures taken in Texas are happening in other parts of the country, including the Northeast.

“Texas is experiencing by far the most dramatic effects of this kind of change— partly because its so big, there’s so much money involved,” Belluck said. “And because it has such far flung rural areas where slashing the family planning budget by two-thirds can really mean, as your piece shows, the closure of clinics.”

Read Pam Belluck’s reporting in The New York Times.

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  • Anna

    What a shame that a writer for the New York Times can get her facts so wrong, and believe such lies! 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services go to providing abortions?? I don’t think so… It’s more like 75%!! That’s why they’re such a secretive organization, building huge clinics under different names. Oh how the people have been duped!!

  • Novus

    Isn’t it great we spend more for life versus less for death in the economics of planned parenthood cuts.

  • Leroy

    This lady is so full of BS it is hard to make a comment. Life has so much value and Planned Parenthood is the major killer of life through abortion. Who knows what that each of he 55 MILLION lifes would have contributed to our society. Shows like this make me want to quit watching PTV.