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Jennifer Granholm on the challenges for green jobs

As governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011, Jennifer Granholm was involved in a grand experiment for Greenville, Mich., to reinvent itself through green technology. During Granholm’s early years in office, Michigan’s auto industry faltered, and the state’s economic woes only deepened during the 2008 financial crisis. Michigan had the nation’s highest jobless rate for four straight years.

Governor Granholm is now a professor at the University of California at Berkeley.  She’s out with a new book, co-authored with her husband Dan Mulhern, entitled, “A Governor’s Story: the Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future.”  The book chronicles her time in office and her efforts to retool Michigan’s economy in the face of the financial crisis and globalization.


It’s not easy being green: Creating a green economy in Michigan

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  • Lgoeth

    Governor Granholm – what an incredibly smart woman. I was hoping this web-site had a link to purchase her book. Can’t find it so I will head to Amazon. Thank you for this interview.

  • Jim Young

      Very stimulating, I like her stressing the private portion (as Herbert Hoover seems to have done) and the implied “as needed and useful” nature of temporary government participation. I believe in private-pubic partnerships, like the CRADAs (Cooperative Research and Development Agreements), which had some earlier models that couldn’t be sustained for too long.   Herbert Hoover had a better idea about stimulating private economies with limited government participation in research and standards set by associations, but didn’t fathom the impact of what he called “anarchical” capitalists that turned them from symbiotic components into parasites that killed the host. 

      If she can solve the problem of such programs outliving their usefulness, I’ll be a fan.  Her comparison to countries like Singapore, and their better planning, raise my hopes that her ideas will better manage the public-private partnership model.

  • Rabartsc

    Here is an  ex-woman governor  who is smart and articulate. It’s too bad not all ex-woman governors are this  smart!

  • Anonymous

    I was a resident of Michigan until 2010 when I had to leave because of the horrible economic conditions there.  Granholm was an incredibly horrible governor and laid waste to Michigan’s economy during her time as governor.  Anyone that thinks she’s smart or capable has obviously never lived in Michigan during those years.  She continually chose politics over economic principles and watched Michigan’s economy wither and die as a result.  I’m still waiting to be “blown away” by her economic policies, which she stated a few years ago.  Actually, I was blown away- to another state looking for economic opportunity.  How anyone can overlook her abysmal record of failure is astonishing.  The only thing that she is an expert on is failure.

  • Slammfrazer

    You should have stuck around. It’s better now, thanks to Obama. Republican’s wanted to have throw American car companies to the dogs.

  • Anonymous

    I left shortly after our Communist President took control of the car companies and gave a multi-billion dollar kickback to the unions that supported his election bid.  I also recently heard that another $1.5 billion dollars of taxpayer money is being given to his socialist pet project.  I used to work for one of the car companies and realized that government control of them won’t lead to anything good.  Britain tried that a few decades ago and decimated their industry. 

  • AdamSmithr

    Stickk,  Check out the CNN list of  the 46 Chinese
    Fortune 500 Companies; 41 are State Owned Enterprises.  China, unlike us, knows WEALTH
    CREATION (see Adam Smith), especially anufacturing and mining, creates a
    middle class, and so wisely flaunts the unelected WTO to do it. Republicans in
    The U.S. expound glowingly the virtues of capitalism, ignorant,
    apparently, of GM’s involvement with F.A.W., S.A.I.C,(S.O.E’s) etc ,
    G.E’s partnership with China Aviation,(S.O.E.), and even Texas’ 
    purchase of Suntech-Huadian (S.O.E.) solar panels.

     Global companies LOVE
    government, just not democratic government.


  • AdamSmith

    “The economy of Singapore
    is dominated by government-linked corporations that produce as much
    as 60% of the country’s GDP.” Also, the huge and numerous Chinese state
    owned enterprises are actually consolidating and growing. This is “limited government”? How can The WTO allow this limitless government intervention to smother all foreign competition? (Germany? It has a sizable trade deficit with China, too)  A “Free trade” agreement should not be a suicide pact. Read your Adam Smith more thouroughly, Americans:  the “invisible hand” only works when we prefer “domesteik” goods.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t argue with history, ‘Adam Smith’, Granholm was a terrible governor. She left Detroit unemployment at 20%.  She’s nothing but talk and spin, have several friends and relatives in Michigan who say she ruined the economy,  wasn’t business friendly and had highest unemployment in the nation under her watch.  Wasn’t just the car companies.

  • Anonymous

    Wake up ‘Adam Smith’.   Ford took no bailout from Obama (taxpayers) and they have become profitable,  more than the ones that were bailed out.    No thanks to Obama. 

  • Anonymous

    Granholm is smart if you think driving the state’s economy and jobs into the ground is a smart thing to do.   She was incapable of governing,  clueless about business and jobs. Glad she’s gone.

  • Anonymous

    She is the poster child for stupidity when it comes to governing.  Need a link to purchase a book? You are as clueless as Granholm..