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Need to Know, August 27, 2010

This week on Need to Know: The price of gas. In collaboration with ProPublica, correspondent John Larson travels to Wyoming, where some say the controversial method of extracting natural gas known hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is polluting their water. Then we visit Harry Shearer, the comic writer and actor, in New Orleans, the subject of his documentary “The Big Uneasy.” On the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Shearer punctures some of the myths that have been told about the disaster.

Then: What do the Ground Zero mosque controversy and Glenn Beck’s “restoring honor” rally have in common? Glenn Back says nothing. But as Alison Stewart points out, there is, in fact, a connection. Plus: New York Times public health reporter Gardiner Harris discusses who is — and who isn’t — protecting our nation’s food supply. And resident satirist Andy Borowitz predicts the winners of this weekend’s Emmy Awards.

Watch the individual segments:
The Price of gas

In collaboration with ProPublica, Need to Know correspondent John Larson investigates the practice of fracking, which some Wyoming residents say is polluting their water.
Food safety and the egg recall

Need to Know talks to reporter Gardiner Harris about food safety and regulations that are highlighted by this latest case of tainted eggs.
Glenn Beck and the Ground Zero mosque

Glenn Beck has said his rally at the Lincoln Memorial this weekend has “nothing to do” with the Ground Zero mosque controversy. But as Alison Stewart points out, the two may in fact have something in common.
Unnatural disaster

Need to Know follows Harry Shearer, the writer and comic actor, through New Orleans, as he punctures the myths and misconceptions about Hurricane Katrina.
Next week’s news: Emmy edition

Andy Borowitz worries that people will start dressing up like characters from “Mad Men,” and offers some classic TV shows to emulate instead.


  • Michele Olson

    Amazing program tonight. Thank you.

  • Joe

    Excellent Show !! the Truth of the Dirty goverments !!

  • Claudia

    I’m APPALLED at how the Republicans have allowed the people to be harmed for the pure purpose of the oil companies making more profit. It is obvious that when the Republicans were in power they did more damage to our country than we ever realized. I am now certain that I will never again vote for any Republican who are only the puppets of Wall Street and the Oil corporations. While risking the lives of every citizen.

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  • J.V.Hodgson

    Wyoming ” fracking” and The Macondo well disaster in the gulf along with the Recent coal mine disaster and the Salmonella eggs simply indicate that any so called safety regulation has no effective teeth, meaning Regulators are allowed to deal only with effects not causes. In true US style thats up to good old corporate America. Unless of course its BP when they are just nasty foreigners who dont understand America.
    Glen Beck… first what ground zero Mosque? It’s 2 blocks away and no line of sight. He gets that wrong. He also knows what my views should be as well as President Obama in terms of “The gospel according to Jesus and ” most of us” ” believe. He knows ( how not sure he can possibly know) Obama’s deep and fundamental christian beliefs. A few Catholics, Protestants , Baptists Seventh Day Adventists, might,or may possibly just not share completely, therefore not most of us, Mr Becks interpretaion of the Gospel according to Jesus. Heaven forbid God himself may be the souce thru the prophets of my Religion, or I am Jew and not strictly in his sense a christian. Or worse still take my personal moral guidance from various religions.

  • royce conner

    Your segment on “fracking” indicated that you did not know what chemicals were used in the water in the fracking process. In the HBO documentary “Gasland”, Congressman Hinchey of New York held a hearing a year or so ago, and one of the witnesses had a list of the 500 plus chemicals used in the fracking process, and read some of them to the committee. That list should be made available to the public for their input to their congressional members about a process which will destroy water quality to millions of people in the New York area other locations all over the United States. Thanks for your efforts to keep us informed.