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Need to Know, March 2, 2012: ‘Help Wanted’ in Ohio

This week's host Maria Hinojosa.

In an updated “Help Wanted” edition of Need to Know, correspondent John Larson reports from Ohio about whether recent economic gains have changed the fortunes of four people – with jobs — who suffered greatly during the great recession that began in 2008. Among those profiled are a factory supervisor who now works the overnight shift after being unemployed more than a year, a-full-time teacher who now earns half as much and no longer has benefits, and a husband-wife team of electricians who have had trouble getting work or securing loans, despite very high credit scores.

What’s on this week:

The state of Ohio

Need to Know profiles four struggling Ohioans and asks how recent improvements in the economy might affect their votes this year. Ohio is considered one of the few most important battleground states.

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