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ProPublica’s Abrahm Lustgarten on Congress’s fracking report

Abrahm Lustgarten is a reporter for the nonprofit investigative journalism organization ProPublica. He has been covering the story of fracking and raising concerns about its effects on human health since 2008. He joins Jon Meacham to talk about the recent congressional report alleging that fracking may violate the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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  • marie

    you might want to look into seeing the gasland movie. a review is here:

  • Mo RAge

    I saw this a few days ago. It is excellent, of course–well done and raises important questions of our federal government and the energy industry.

    It is also precisely why the energy industry, as but one example, would like to have their Republican friends shut down the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS and NPR, of course.

  • Masterbid

    We are showing the gasland movie in our community next weekend to raise awareness to the people that our land is being taken away from us. Although we don’t own the minerals, we only own the surface it is wrong what they are doing to us. We have spent over a year of our lives fighting the oil co. If you sign their “surface agreement” you are basically signing your rights away should they ever poison your water, air, way of life. If you take the money they offer, you give up your right to ever come back on them should they ruin your water etc. We are now trying to incorporate our community so as to set restrictions, rules, regulations such as how close to home or structure they can drill, etc. Time is not on our side so we are trying to educate the public as to how far they will go to get what they want. Water will soon be the next liquid gold. West Texas