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Right at home

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, people are living longer than ever before. But with boon of more time, is the question of how to handle the high costs of long-term care.

Many of our seniors end up in nursing homes, which is often a big bill for states to foot. But the small state of Rhode Island may have found an innovative way to save money while providing better care. They’re paying loved ones – like family members – to stay at home and take care of the elderly. Hannah Yi reports from Providence.

Find out more about long-term care and other pressing medical issues from the series Prescription America.


  • ChrisJPS

    Several times during the program it was stated that LTC insurance is expensive. However it does not have to be if these factors are applied.
    1. Don’t wait until you are only a few years from retirement – premiums are much lower starting when you are in your mid-fifties
    2. Not everybody will require LTC insurance and so it’s better to only buy some insurance
    3. Don’t expect the insurance to cover 100% of LTC costs – use it as a supplement to personal savings and other sources of support
    4. Select a plan that covers all 4 types of care – some only cover 2 or 3 types
    5. If you expect to retire outside the US select a plan that is not limited to the US

  • Patty Guerrero

    Rhode Island—the most civilized state in the union

  • Glenn R Hall

    We need this SO much where I live in California!

    And what better time… I often like to point out, it’s not that I don’t work, it’s that I work 16 hours a day, and am on call the other 8, and I’m doing it without pay.

    I find it so peculiar that the same people who say they want America to be a Christian nation seem to be the same ones who turn around and deny their neighbors, like my mother, the love and care she needs. Further, from a fiscally conservative standpoint, the report outlined not only the improvement in the patient’s quality of life, but the savings from having a willing family member or friend provide the service, as opposed to a nursing facility…

    It’s not that we don’t have enough jobs in this country. It’s that we have important work to do that we lack the political will and the compassion to pay for.

    Thank God Rhode Island is trying to right that wrong.

  • Maria Mooney

    Long Term Care planning is very important and can some times be confusing when comparing plans. Our specialists can help. Contact Maria Mooney at Personalized Planning Concepts, LLC. (800)278-6013.

  • Elaine

    I am an active senior, turned down for long term care insurance. I am watching our family’s wealth go down the long term care drain … and frankly I don’t think the care I am paying for for my mother is anywhere near the cost. Something needs to be done and soon or 98% of this country will be bankrupt.