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‘The Corner,’ revisited: Have recent economic gains changed anything in inner city Baltimore?

In this presidential election year, Need to Know will continue to bring you stories on important issues that the candidates may not be talking about.

Unemployment in the inner city is that kind of story: urgent, and overlooked. Years ago, in his book “The Corner,” David Simon profiled an inner city neighborhood in Baltimore in which young African-American men were under-employed or un-employed — and more than a few dealt drugs to get by. David Simon took us to Baltimore’s inner city last September.

Since we were there, the national unemployment rate has declined significantly, and so has Maryland’s jobless rate. What, if anything, has that meant for Baltimore’s inner city? Has anything changed? That’s what we were hoping to find out when we returned to the same neighborhood in Baltimore three weeks ago.

On ‘The Corner’ with David Simon [Oct. 7, 2011]

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