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Unearthing the ‘47 percent’ video

Remember the “47 percent” video that went viral and put the Mitt Romney presidential campaign into a mad scramble? How about the time Elizabeth Warren was called out for claiming she was Native American? Ever wonder how these revelations were unearthed? Perhaps it was a shrewd investigative reporter, or a paid employee from an opposing campaign.

The answer is amateur opposition researchers who are driven by their beliefs, even though they are neither officially part of a campaign, nor paid for their work. The now-infamous 47 percent video, for example, was unearthed by James Carter — grandson of the former President Jimmy Carter — who spends hours of his time doing online research on the Republican party and its candidates.

Carter is part of a powerful group operating on both sides that is harnessing the power of the internet to upend campaigns and reshape the political conversation. Need to Know Hannah Yi reports on this often hidden world of opposition research.

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    Can’t we determine that the claims of nationality (Ms. Warren’s native American lines)versus statements by the next possible leader of the free world (the 47% faux pas of Mr. Romney)is a matter of grasping lies versus ingrained beliefs? The immaturity of desperation of Mr. Romney to create a persona that has so little credibility is a situation where the country could have the wool pulled over their eyes. Like my own parents who were Americans that were placed in relocation camps, this becomes a matter of trust. Mr.Romney has a guilt by association with Bain, Ryan is one of the obstructionists who refused to try to help the country move forward. I can’t believe the racist comments by Sununu (sic?)about Colin Powell’s remark. Unfortunately, this is guilt by association as they are all from the Republican Party.Colin Powell, a respected Republican,who we looked to during a time when we were desperate to find a reason to be involved in a controversial war is so disrespected by a man who, I believe, is one of those in charge of Romney’s campaign. This is shameful. Leaders who flap their lips in order to secure their own position are the ones we need to be aware of. Unfortunately, it may be a matter of what is in it for them…We are supposed to be evolving and yet I see little of that movement by Mr. Romney and his Puppeteers-Newt, the Koch Brothers…Mr. Ryan was one of those obstructionists who now says that he can reach across the aisle to work with.Who stood in the President’s way? We can’t have such short term memories…this is a matter of trust, and Romney and Ryan can’t garner my trust from what they have done in the past.

  • Sheila Firmin

    Well, Ms. Warren’s Indian history makes character an issue, she has maybe a modicom of it. If this ancestry was true her kid would have repeated it at some time, there are no records. One also has to wonder why this carpetbagger, isn’t licensed to practice law in any state dispite her so called credentials as a law professor. Mr. Romney has been a high profile person for decades and yet nobody can find an ounce of dirt on him. His successful life in marriage, family, and business is untarnished. BAIN is a successful business, and many Government pension funds are invested in it. There is no guilt. BAIN is a good investment , not like A123, Abound, or Solyndra all of which was tax payer money not PRIVATE INVESTMENTS.. Sununu’s remark? The bitter truth stings doesn’t it.
    Socialist George Soro’s is Obama’s puppet master, and Obama OWES HIM big favors. What appened when the Democrats had full control of whole show? Exactly when did the Democrats accept ONE amendment to the boondogle ACA. And by the way did you like scum bag Bidens remark….asking the father of an AMERICAN HERO…if his son always had balls as big as cue balls. Obama is a serial liar and the entire Democrat party is guilty of covering his mistakes including BENGHAZI>Fast and Furious and his remark about being more flexable after his election to the RUSSIANS>

  • Jeanabella

    I live in MA & can tell you that Mitt Romney is a liar! If you can’t see that from his flip flops on everything, you may need help! Warren is like most people when it comes to their heritage. I was told my Dad was Sicilian & I believed what I was told all my life, but turns out he wasn’t but that doesn’t make me a liar or have character issues. Scott Brown voted against women & average people but voted for big oil & big banks. This is an election based on how these people will govern & vote not a popularity contest. Character should count & when Brown lies & Mitt lies, that is a character issue.

    btw, Mitt was gov in name only most of the time, he was “away” over 400 days while in office. He did not “cross the aisle” as he claims. He vetoed 800 times & was over ridden by the Dems. He raised fees (taxes) by double on everything!
    Wake up!

  • Proud Citizen

    Better stock up on Kleanex’s jeanabella because Romney is going to win and when your in front of your TV the morning of the seventh crying with NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the Yellow Stream media outlets I would hate to see you run out. lol,lol,lol Good Luck in having to sprt yourself from her on out . lol,lol seriously Good Luck!!!

  • Denise

    proud citizen..You will be the one crying…because Obama is already in the front with early voting. Romney has never had a lead in any of the swing states. Kleanex want be strong enough to wipe your tears away. You will need a bath size towel.