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Web extra: Collecting evidence

Scraps and fragments left behind by drone missile strikes serve as evidence for Pakistani lawyer Shahzad Akbar, who represents families who have lost loved ones to drone attacks. For the past year, he’s been collecting gnarled shards of metal and trying to link them back to their original manufacturers.



  • robin hensel

    on sept.21 at the front.gate camp.ripley little.falls mn at eleven a.m. there will be another drone protest. This one is in honor of international the first one was held on august 27,2012 in honor of the kellogg briand peace pact that was signed in paris france in 1927. for peace…little.falls occupy…brainerd area coalition for peace….alexandria peaceline….grand rapids…st cloud alternatives for war…st cloud pax christi….women against military madness mpls…wilpf mpls and veterans for peace mpls will be represented at this protest of drone attacks….the war in afghanistan…call for a peaceful.resolution to irans nuclear program and no more war in syria or anywhere else. There are good people.attempting to make a positive impact.opposing military aggression. Public is welcome and a potluck will.follow. coleen rowley…former FBI WHISTLEBLOWER AND TIMES MAGAZINE PERSON OF THE YEAR will.speak at this event. We are hopeful veterans who realize war is not the answer will join us. Call 320-360-3931 with questions.