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Why is Florida always so competitive in national elections?

It’s widely assumed that New York and California will go Democratic in November, and that Texas will go Republican. But Florida? The fourth biggest state in America is almost always a toss-up. Why? And what might push it one way or the other? Need to Know host Jeff Greenfield spoke with Susan MacManus, professor of public administration and political science at the University of South Florida in Tampa. MacManus is co-author of the textbook “Politics in States and Communities.” Greenfield began by asking MacManus: Why is Florida always so competitive?



  • Anonymous

    HBO in 2006 ran a documentary on how voting machines could be easily “tampered” and hacked to favor one candidate over another. In other words, voting machines that allowed Fraud. With Florida having the reputation in the elections of Bush, both Kerry and Gore were decided either in the US Supreme Court or with allegations of Fraud.
    Dibold’s CEO, the maker of the Voting machines, assured Bush, he would win the election. I understand he is no longer CEO.
    With this interview, laying the presumption that “Florida is a “go either way” state, sets the stage that could, like in Bush’s first and second election, could open the door to Election Fraud.
    I certainly hope the Voting Machines in Florida has been “fixed” to properly correct the “hackability” of the voting machines.
    Of course, the election has to be close, in order for Election Fraud to be possible. The Fraudsters would not invoke fraud if the election was bigger, like the last one, at 53% for Obama.
    But I bet, like in Gore vs Bush, and Kerry vs Bush with a tight rade, Fraud would be easier.
    Perhaps, HBO should re-investigate the Florida Voting Machines as a follow up. Interesting that the “whistle blower” settled out of court.

  • william

    Here you go . Movie about voting election fraud . Talks about how time consuimg it would be to change 10′s of thousands of ballots by hand, or a few seconds if done by memory card. It also talks about how one machine effected can effect thousands of other machines wirelesly