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Women’s choice

President Barack Obama’s reelection team has tried to use Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s conservative stance on women’s issues to drive a wedge between him and female voters. Romney has responded by insisting his campaign is focusing on the economy and the financial issues that women care about most.

On this week’s episode of Need to Know, we hear from three different women about how so-called “women’s issues” may affect the outcome in one of the race’s pivotal swing states, Virginia.


  • Phoebe

    Republicans want to believe that women’s issues are different from economic issues and that women will be more focused on the economy than on reproductive rights. Republicans could not be more wrong. Women cannot have economic freedom unless they have reproductive freedom. Women’s issues ARE economic issues. And, by voting against all fair pay legislation, Republicans have shown that women’s issues are indeed economic issues !

  • annette

    A woman and her doctor should be the only ones to decide about an abortion and contraceptive issues. Not an insurance company, hospital policies, or politians.

  • Jim Turturro

    Strongly agree. Rev. JIM

  • Jim Turturro

    All Americans should be pro choice. Liberty of conscience. Americans
    can also be pro life. The two are not exclusive of each other.
    This has been an exploited issue for too long. Where Protestant and Catholic
    evangelicals are concerned there is only extemism. (Republican)
    Where Protestant and Catholic Ecumenist are concerned there is
    a balance between faith and reason. Rev. JIM

  • J Tu

    Thank you for bringing light to this issue. It was educational. It helped me to realize I am not alone in what I have seen and felt was a trend, especially in the past 5-7 years, back towards a “good ole boy” network. There is a pervasive, but slow infection spreading in reversing rights of women in Virginia back to before the 70′s. I am a 37 year resident of Virginia, and I don’t want to lose what we have gained in the past 40 years. I love Virginia, but we cannot go back to a time where Virginian women were seen, but not taken seriously.

  • Jean

    Wow – no opposing views in this program? not one? I am pro choice…..I am a republican….I am a woman. But this is a classic example of how the media is biased and works to influence elections.

    Abortion is a non-issue. It was decided by the Supreme Court almost 40 years ago. It would take a constitutional amendment (with state ratification) or the Supreme court to overturn Roe v Wade. That is not going to happen. Dare you to prove me wrong…I have 40 years of history on my side. And as for free contraception? Why should my sons subsidize (via their insurance premiums) the contraception costs for my daughter, their sister? Or stated another way: with the exception of rape or incest, sex is either for pro-creation or recreation. By definition, a woman isn’t using contraceptiion for pre-creation. So why should my sons subsidize woman’s recreation? 99% of woman have access to contraception now….even without insurance companies making it free.

    I am pro choice. And yet, estimates are they my childrens’ generation is 20 million people smaller as a result of abortion. That is 1/3 of their generation. Abortion is now simply a form of birth control. It was never intended to be this. Who? Who?? Who??? is concerned about the rights of the unborn child?

  • gene

    For a woman to be willing to kill an unborn baby for her own selfish desires shows how “me first” our society has become. Even in cases of incest and rape, she could carry the baby to birth and then give it up for adoption.
    Even though the Supreme Court made the foolish decision in Roe vs. Wade, allowing abortion to be legal, it is plain foolish to consider pregnancy a woman’s “health” issue. Pregnancy is NOT a disease .
    On top of these factors, to consider abortion a “right” and then expect me to payfor it with my tax dollars is very irritating too me. Our society is falling apart.

  • Marie

    The baby who didn’t ask to be conceived should decide – what about her rights? I need to know that Need To Know will provide balanced reporting. This episode hurt my neck I had to lean so far to the left to watch it!

  • Marie

    How many in-utero Americans are pro-choice? Oh, wait a minute, these Americans don’t get a choice.

  • Becky

    I believe in abortion being safe and legal, however not to be used as a birth control. My abortion was in 1977 when I was 17 years old. Glad it was done, and I feel happy what the future held for me. Having a child at that time in my life would have ruined my schooling, or have the opportunity to enjoy life with the right man. This program was presented at a time that is utmost important. Thank you

  • Phoebe

    In 2011, there were over 1100 bills introduced by Republicans in state legislatures focused on preventing women from full access to all legal medical procedures. Women in Texas are already being forced to go to Mexico for unlicensed and unregulated healthcare procedures. Poor women in Mississippi have virtually no access to proper healthcare. Roe v Wade has been under attack since its passage and remains an issue for those who do not believe in freedom of religion, in personal privacy, in every person’s right to control their own body.
    Statistics do not show that ‘abortion is simply a form of birth control’. This assumption denegrates these women who face one of the most difficult decisions in their lives. Who are we to put ourselves in their shoes? in the shoes of a 12 year old impregnated by her father; in the shoes of a 45 year old who is told her fetus will not survive outside the womb. We cannot know or imagine the circumstances surrounding every decision to have or not have an abortion. These decisions are not ours nor should they be. That is why we are pro-choice.

  • What’s Right

    No person should tell a woman what to do with her body. 100 years from now when women dominate the planet, I can only imagine them telling or legislating to the men , that the problem lies with men and that they demand that men get clipped. As a man I would not like that. I also don’t understand the women who would want to vote against a basic fundamental right that they have. Don’t women have a right now to select who they want to make love to. Where they want to live. What faith they want to be a member of. The people they want to associate with. Should you not have the right to decide what is in the best interest for your life. What if a Rebublician or Democrat Congressman decided that they want to take it a little further, and tell the women , now we want to tell you who to make love to. Do you accept that.
    I FEEL SAD FOR WOMEN WHO ARE NOT PRO CHOICE, There have been numerious battles for womens equality, from equal pay, equal rights, every thing that gives you everything of equality, but on the most important one of all, you wimp out. It’s time for the women to over come the camouflage of money, fear, your husbands, your boy friend, your parents, your Church and it’s members and stand up to all rights that provide women and young girls with the opportunity to make decisions for themselves to have a good , productive , and long life. Women have been given a GREAT GIFT, the gift of giving life. Most smart women did not have a child if they felt like they were not ready, so why should society make a woman have one when the woman don’t want it, the man probably don’t want it, and society is not ready for it.
    For the Republician woman who thinks more of the economy than of her rights, she should do a life swap for 3 years, give up the glamour, be poor with no insurance, live in sub par housing, have no bank account, live in a poor school district, and be exposed to crime. By the way her dog lives and eats better than a lot of people in America and around the world.
    After that experience, or better yet, tomorrow, go back to her Republician friends and ask them… What did the Republicians do to help the economy and America from 2008 to 2012?
    Congress should be like a marriage, you work together, you compromise, you do what is best for the Family.

  • Vickie Calzada

    Your interview with the Mother who was expressing Her support of Obama kept referring to what She wants, how about all those unborn children who won’t have a choice if she gets what she wants.

  • Becky

    I believe that it is my choice wether or not I have an abortion. It certainly is not some mans choice. They, I mean the republicans, are very much too pushy for me. I believe in choice, my choice.

  • Susan

    I am pro choice. I am concerned that many in our country seem to want to move us backwards. Abortions have always existed and they always will. If a woman feels that abortion is her only option, that woman should be able to have a safe, legal abortion.

  • ann

    I believe I am a fetal advocate in that I don’t believe that any pain and suffering should be administered to an innocent being. Anyone who believes that a fetus as young as 20 weeks (and likely younger) cannot feel pain is in denial. When doctors perform in utero procedures, they have to sedate the fetus because they react to the instruments and being cut. A 23 week preemie in intensive care is given a morphine drip for pain when necessary because all physiological measurements, including grimacing and crying, indicate extreme distress due to pain.

    I hope that as a society, we have evolved to the point that we are humane to fetuses, because a society that abuses its weakest is a society destined to self-destruct.

  • Chris H.

    Some comments from viewers seem to believe that contraception is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Even when used consistently and correctly it isn’t. If the goal of our country is to cut down on abortions, why would there be any legislative restriction or obstruction to access for contraception? Today is World Contraception Day. Perhaps the real honest question to be discussed is how we can provide broad access to contraception for all women.
    Not one woman should be forced to carry an unintended pregnancy to term because another person deems it appropriate. It should be her choice to determine and hers alone. I am pro-choice and have been since before Roe v. Wade. We do no want our country to go back to those days.

  • TooLoose

    If men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

  • believer

    Pro Life ? Absolutely, my life, my body to do whatever I choose. This was a very informative show. No government, or religious group has the right to dictate what we as women do with our bodies. Thank you PBS

  • pickle

    Quite frankly it is insulting that individuals are still consumed with allowing the continuation of mass murder, murder funded by taxpayers & not the irresponsible woman.

    women & men, since no one wants to discuss male rights-( takes 2 remember)- now have access to: condoms, spermicide, birth control pills, birth control shots, the patch, several iuds, “morning after pill”, sterilization, & most of all abstinence!!

    I believe woman do have rights: the right to to decide to take the risk of pregnancy if they chose to engage in intercourse!
    I believe women have the right to a proper education since apparently most fail to realize that choosing to engage in intercourse often results in pregnancy!

    i also believe we have to preserve our future and to do so people need to face the consequences of their actions.
    we raise our children with that belief; yet we do not expect supposedly mature educated adults to adhere to those same principles.
    no wonder morality is almost non existent.

    as to woman having rights to good health care i say: there is insurance, clinics, state funded programs, organized mammogram mobiles, and many programs that one can discover if they ask or seek advice.

    you want to discuss medical care and medical rights how about you focus on how insurance companies deny customers doctor issued medicine!
    the financial burden that puts on individuals & the worsened medical condition that result from individuals not receiving the medicine they need because they can not afford it and insurance denied it.
    why is no one arguing these issues or is the murder of innocent babies and thus generations of people more important & all because someone failed to be responsible!!!!

    just one question for all those people arguing for womens rights:
    those people claim to fight and stand up for womens right to decide what is right for their physical and mental well being. that centers around the right to abort unwanted pregnancies, because it should be the women choice due to it being again her physical person thus no concerning matter of the government.
    so my question….
    should women then not under that same notion of her physical person thus her decision apply to the right to decide to sell her physical person for monitary profit? how can you be pro-choice to justify the “termination” of life but claim prositution illegal and a matter for government intervention?
    shouldnt women have the right to decide if that is best for their well being because it is their body?

    if people are truly concerned for womans rights should they not be fighting for all womans rights & not merely those of their chosing?

  • SowingLittleSeeds

    Why do you think abortion should not be used as birth control?

  • SowingLittleSeeds

    In 1973 the supreme court ruled that the unborn are not persons with rights; In 1857 the supreme court ruled that blacks are not persons with rights. They were wrong.

  • JGB

    It feels very odd that those who would limit the role of government would require it for the most personal of a condition of a woman: the need to terminate a pregnancy.

    If my mother had chosen and abortion, I would be in the great Eternal. I’m not clear that would be so terrible…

  • Maria S

    This is a very important issue for women. Sadly the responsibility of a pregnancy and a future child falls for the most part on women. It is the woman who gets pregnant. It is her body. I cannot understand why the people that so care about LIFE are mainly concerned about the life of the unborn.

  • Jtdn

    >> A woman and her doctor should be the only ones to decide about an abortion
    Really ? So a doctor and a woman is allowed to choose death instead of life, for a child who is innocent and have no say in the matter.
    Let’s see, it is life that is terminated, else it would not grow in the first place, right?
    I assume it’s human and not an alien, it may be a human girl in progress.
    2 wrongs does not make a right.

    Really .. 2 wrongs do not make a right
    Ending life, is not right

    People nowadays use excuses to justify whatever they want, and what helps them sleep at night.
    Even allowing people to choose death (it is ending life), is the same as allowing doctors to end peoples life when they get older, because they might be in pain.
    Someday that choice is not going to be in the patient’s hand, they are old, do not contribute, they may be senile, “let’s gracefully terminate their suffering”.

    Ending life is still murder, and remember, killing Jews were also legal in Hitlers point of view … whatever helps you sleep at night …
    What helps me sleep at night, is to tell the truth, whether people like it or not.

    Well, we know what is going to happen, we know things are getting worse, peoples perception, and the next generation’s, just change, and it becomes the norm, and soon, it’s not considered worse, just, the norm.

  • Anniem6749

    Because there is contraception and it can be used instead; an abortion is very traumatic on a body and should be used only in emergencies, not every month….just get yourself sterilized if you’re going to be that irresponsible!!

  • Gene Clarke

    All Americans should be Pro Life and Pro Quality of a Childs Life with all of the economic consequences that come attached to supporting these positions. This means taxpayer funded contraception for those who can’t afford them and free for those under 18. For unwanted pregnancies the fetus becomes a ward of the state and is automatically eligible for Medicaid benefits to ensure proper prenatal care including funding all adoption expenses. The mother would also qualify for health and social service benefits for as long as necessary. The state would continue to have responsibility for the child until a family court declares that the child has been placed in a supportive family environment. The estimated cost to taxpayers would be approximately $275,000 per unwanted child. This seems like a small price to pay to protect the rights of the unborn and position both mother and child for a better future. Under these difficult circumstances its the least we can do to ensure a measure of justice for all.
    Sorry Republicans, this would mean bigger government playing a directive role over the life of the fetus to support the Pro Life platform. I vote for taxpayer funded Pro Life / Pro Contraception / Pro Child in the USA.

  • Amanda

    This election is about the economy…if a woman wants an abortion or birth control that is their choice but the taxpayers should not have to pay for it. I am a woman too

  • Jams

    If my mother had chosen an abortion, not only would I not be here, but I wouldn’t know I wasn’t here. A body without a soul, is not yet a life. The soul enters with the first breath.

  • Jams

    I hope that as a society, we evolve to the point that we are humane to the millions of birthed souls who have no one to care for them. Republicans want to make sure there are many more unwanted births plus deprive them of food, shelter, and health care.
    Please keep this country out of the hands of Republicans.

  • Jams

    Yeah, let’s make an innocent child suffer the consequences of someone’s act of careless sex.

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    Here is a private link on how EXTREME Obama is on abortion:

    His stance should be UNACCEPTABLE to all women. It is a Crime against Humanity to allow a newborn infant to die-As Obama advocated for on 3 separate occasions. Contact me on FB Blesski SavingBabies if you want the actual, original source of this information!

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    Learn how much money Obama has given to Egypt, Planned Parenthood and Embryonic Stem cell research.

    How do you think these effect the economy?

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    There would be 53 million more people to help with all of these if we didn’t abort them all.
    Think about the consequences of terminating 1/3 of our population.

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    How can you possibly think that saving a tiny helpless life is “going backwards?” Seriously???
    Are you aware that a baby has a heart beat at 21 DAYS??? Our nation, our abortion rate is a Crime against Humanity!! It is cruel and inhumane. The US is barbaric right now with abortion being legal for all 9 months for ANY reason.

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    What about the baby’s choice? Where is her choice? Where are her women’s rights?

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    You wrote: “statistics do not show that ‘abortion is simply a form of birth control’. Oh YES, the do! Guttmacher institute the premier research arm of the abortion industry clearly states this is fact. Abortions are given for all sorts of personal reasons. It is being used a as a form of BC.

    “The reasons women give for having an abortion underscore their understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life. Three-fourths of women cite concern for or responsibility to other individuals; three-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner.”

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    Is this really what you want for yourself, your daughters?

    Obama does not value life at all. Do you think it is OK to allow a newborn infant to suffer and die while medical care is withheld? Can you really support that?

  • Jams

    Of course there is a heart beat! A body cannot develope without the circulatory system. A heart beat doesn’t make it a person. It will be a person when it can breath on its own.
    My son’s girlfriend was pregnant with a child that had spinal bifida. She carried it to full term despite the doctors recommendations. The heart was beating during labor but the baby never took a breathe as its lower torso was severely deformed.

  • Jams

    If you knew of the horrific circumstances many babies are brought into, you would agree with King Solomon in Ecclesiates that a miscarriage is better than a life of suffering.
    It’s too bad Operation Rescue doesn’t spend its time, finances, and energy helping the babies that are already born.

  • Jams

    Shame on you for making erroneous statements about President Obama and encouraging people to watch a video of twisted info. He is saddened by the very thought of someone having to make an abortion decision. However, he is correct in supporting a woman’s right to choose.

  • Jams

    As it turns out, more than half of all pregnancies never make it to full term. Womens’ bodies naturally reject fertilized eggs so frequently that it’s impossible to count.
    The majority of miscarriages occur during the first trimester.
    Whether the miscarriage is deliberate or accidental, they all go to the same place. God is merciful; we can trust Him.

  • pickle

    just a few questions for all those people arguing for women’s rights…….
    those people claim to fight and stand up for womens right to decide what is right for their physical and mental well being. that centers around the right to abort unwanted pregnancies, because it should be the women choice due to it being her physical person thus no concerning matter of the government.
    so my questions
    should women then not under that same notion of her physical person thus her decision apply to the right to decide to sell her physical person for monitary profit? how can you be pro-choice to justify the “termination” of life but claim prositution illegal and a matter for government intervention?
    shouldnt women have the right to decide if that is best for their well being because it is their body?

    what of sterilization only being allowed if the woman is of 25 yrs of age or had at least 2 children? how can womens right fighters ignore that this too should not be enforced by the government!!
    should it not be the women’s choice due to it being her physical person thus no concerning matter of the government?

    what of murder….. if an individual kills a woman & then it is discovered that the victim was pregnant, WHY then all you pro-choicers, is the defendant allowed to be charged with 2 counts of murder, if abortions are legal and not defined as murder?
    this is a double standard!
    so which is it then—because if you believe life doesn’t start until after a first breath then a lot of individuals have been sentenced unjustly!!

    final thought of the hour: why should taxpayers be responsible if :
    #1 “jane doe” irresponsibly choses to engage in intercourse
    #2 “jane doe” fails to use even one of the forms contraceptive. (condoms, spermicide, birth control pills, birth control shots, the patch, the ring, diaphragms,or one of several iuds)
    #3 “jane doe” fails within 3 days after her “oops me no wanna be mommy” to go to her local pharmacy or one of the many planned parenthoods-though taxpayer funded thus wrong, to get “the morning after pill”.

    pro-choice individuals want to act like women are helpless victims. yet women chose to engage in intercourse.
    for decades women have forced “john doe” to be a father because he “knew” the risk he took when deciding to have intercourse, but this does not apply to women!

    you pro-choice want something to fight about…..
    fight for women’s rights to decide for sterilization!!
    Not after women are 25yrs + or after 2 children!

    For we dont need more irresponsible & ignorant murders procreating when they do decide to have “their REAL baby”!!

    if people are truly concerned for womans rights should they not be fighting for all womans rights & not merely those of their choosing?

  • Amelia

    The government’s role in limiting abortion is often opposed
    on the grounds that abortion is a woman’s private issue – a matter that relates
    to a mother’s personal preference, one that is beyond the reach of governmental
    interference. While I understand this
    position, abortion is different from what is considered “private” in important
    ways. Truly private matters – those remain
    an individual’s personal choice – are not expected to cross two key socially
    accepted and legally binding lines: 1) that the matters not interfere with
    another individual’s right to life; and 2) that if they involve a child’s
    relationship to an adult, it not cause physical harm to the child. Abortion undoubtedly crosses both of these lines. A woman’s choice to abort a child interferes
    with that unborn child’s right to life and that child’s right to be protected
    from physical harm. I am woman and am thankful for all of the social, political and economic advances women have achieved and will continue to forge, however
    the government does not only have the right, but also the responsibility to ban

  • EnoughLibralBS

    I am a woman. I am voting for Romney because of most of his policies and his great track record. I believe this issue is not about women’s rights. That is a selfish assumption. It’s abou the children and their rights as human beings and their persuit of life liberty and happiness.

  • EnoughLibralBS

    Speaking of erroneous statements…. Are currently residing in obamas brain?

  • Mike Bourgeois

    When Jesus raised a person from the dead, two groups of Jews, the Pharisees and the disciples, viewing this same phenomenon, defined it in entirely opposite ways. The disciples said only God could do such a thing, so this Jesus must be the Messiah. We must listen to him. The Pharisees said this Jesus is only a man, a blasphemer and sorcerer for trying to make people think he is God. He must be killed. The only thing is, unless God died in the 1960s, as many liberals of the time contended, either the Pharisees were seriously wrong about what they thought about what they witnessed in this event or the disciples were. The other problem is that this situation whereby two people witness the same thing and view it in exactly the opposite way is evident in members of every generation. But the moral package in need of discernment by the members of each generation is wrapped differently in each generation. In this way, God gives people in each generation the free will to choose to view the differently wrapped moral package in any way they choose to. In one generation, the moral question is raising people from the dead. Was the person who did that a blasphemer or the Messiah? In another, it is slavery. Is slavery right or wrong? In another, it is racial inequality. In ours, it is abortion. The curious thing to me in all this is that intellectually honest people of one generation see clearly which group in a previous generation was on the wrong side of the moral issue that was so hotly debated by that generation, but since the moral question is wrapped differently in their own generation, the debate, like the beat, goes on, those on the wrong side of the debate often clueless to that fact til they die. For instance, while stationed with the US Army in Germany in 1969-70, I was amazed to learn that some Germans still thought the only thing Hitler did wrong was lose the war. So, let’s just analyze a few of the moral questions surrounding abortion and see how your view squares with fact, history or reality. Let’s take assertions like life doesn’t begin at conception, fetuses in the womb have no rights because they aren’t “legal persons,” life in the womb is only potential life, a woman’s right to privacy is a Constitutional right, fetuses aren’t viable until a certain stage of development, Christians don’t have any right to force their pro-life values on those who believe in abortion, etc. Let’s start with the Constitution. Not finding a right in the Constitution for a woman to legally abort a baby in privacy, the 1973 Roe v. Wade Court justified giving women this so-called “right” on the basis of a “penumbra” surrouding — not in — the Constitution that granted it. A penumbra is a corona-like haze surrounding a planet when viewed through a telescope. No such penumbral haze or any other type of haze existed around the Constitution then, it doesn’t now and it never will. This non-existent haze existed only the imaginations of the Roe v. Wade justices. Further, this imaginery haze was used to justify a ruling based on perjured testimony. “Jane Rowe” and her handlers lied to the Supreme Court when they claimed “Roe” was pregnant, when they knew she wasn’t. How would you like your fate to be determined on the basis of perjured testimony and justified and sealed on the basis of a non-existent haze around the Constitution? The fate of “enslaved Africans” was determined by a similarly bizarre US Supreme Court decision, the 1857 Dred Scott Decision, which ruled that such people in America then had no rights because, human as they might have been, they weren’t “legal persons.” In that President Obama’s former minister Jeremiah Wright called upon God to damn the U.S. for its denial of personhood during the last presidential campaign, this reviled and discredited US Supreme Court decision and its unjust legal personhood litmus test for total equality haunts our country to this day. However, that didn’t stop the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court from re-legalizing the discredited litmus test for equality when it ruled that humans in the womb don’t have any rights because they’re not “legal persons.” Justice Harry Blackmun, author of the majority 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, stating that since technology at the time was not sophisticated enough to prove when life begins, he would err on the side of legalizing Roe v. Wade, with the caveat that if technological proof did come into being, that “collapses” the basis for Roe v. Wade. On the other hand, the 1973 Endangered Species Act, without any need for any such proof regarding eagles, provided fines and prison terms for anyone who harmed an eagle egg, apparently because of the assumption there are eagles in those eggs from conception. However, proof did come with the advent of DNA profiling in 1984, some 11 years after Blackmun wrote his opinion. DNA profiling or fingerprinting proves that life for humans, eagles and all other earthly creatures begins at conception when the DNA in the sperm and the DNA in the egg instantly recombine, and a new life is begun, be it human, eagle or what have you, as INTRINSICALLY human, eagle or what have you as it will ever be and with its own, separate, unique and different DNA fingerprint for life. Still, there are those who contend that life in the human womb is only potential life, no more human than an acorn is an oak tree. Anyone who knows anything about gadening, farming or forestry can point out how invalid that assertion is. If an acorn, bean, etc. is opened, what will be visible at one end is the bud or begnning of the new plant the bean or acorn, etc. is part of, often with tiny leaf evidence visible. This new life, not potential life, began at fertilization, long before the acorn, bean, etc. actually sprouts roots. Potential life exists in the sperm and the egg. Once the DNA in the sperm and the egg recombine, their potential for a new life is realized in the rudimentary new life form that is begun. Sadly, thus far, DNA fingerprinting has been used to free the innocent from death sentences in every place of incarceration, except the womb. Abortion and infanticide were both legal in the pagan Roman Empire. When Christiantiy became the religion of Rome, these practices and others were banned. The first country, according to Wikipedia, to re-legalize abortion since that time was the former Soviet Union when Premiere Vladimir Lenin legalized all forms of it there in 1920. The United Kingdom did so in 1967, the U.S. in 1973. So, wouldn’t it be more accurate, historically and factually, for Christians to contend that pro-abortionists in the U.S. have forced their pagan and atheistic moral values upon them since 1973?! How it is possible that a 1973 US Supreme Court decision based on perjured testimony, justified by a non-existent haze surrounding the Constitution and regressing the majority Christian, modern-day U.S. back to a common practice of the pre-Christian, pagan Rome of antiquity and the atheistic USSR of 1920 can in any way be described as “progressive,” which is how it is described, is beyond me. Also when people say personally they don’t believe in abortion, but they believe in a woman’s right to choose to have one if they so desire, is that not akin to asserting something like, personally, I don’t believe in owning slaves, but I believe it should be woman’s right to choose to own one is she so desires? Maybe, there are rights and choices we just shouldn’t have — like drinking and driving, theft, speeding, abortion or slave owning. And the comparisons can go on and on. How do you stand on all these questions? It’s your choice.

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    A heart beat does determine life. No heart beat- no life. Very simple. “Person” is not an argument to defend the killing of the unborn. He or she is a human being, alive and growing!

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    Would you like the evidence? Down right hard FACTS sir accessible via Illinois gov’t website. I dare you to look up “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” regarding Obama–he blatantly advocated for letting the DIE after birth, they were alive and breathing. He did it not once, not twice, but at least three times.

    I assure you–no error. FACT. See for yourself. IF that not enough–you tell me what his stance was on Partial Birth Abortion.

  • Blessing Palyo-Herman

    Your claims are so full of holes that they barely warrant a reply.
    1) Life is precious. Period. Adversity often makes us stronger. It is not our right to decide who shall live and die because they might have a “bad” life. Life is better than no life at all.

    2) Miscarriage is an act of nature. Abortion is the intentional destruction of a human life. Incomparable arguement.

    3) Operation Rescue has helped hundreds of women avoid unsanitary, and dangerous clinics.

    4) “Born Babies” this sentiment alone illuminates your ignorance on the subject. Most prolifers, PL groups, PL Crisis Pregnancy Centers help the woman with everything–up to and including independence to take care of her child. You are attempting to perpetuate a myth.

    5) Finally, Your post has NOTHING to do with the topic–AT ALL
    What about the baby’s choice? What about the baby’s girls feminine rights? You avoided the issue and changed the topic.
    What about those rights???????