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The four-part television series ON OUR OWN TERMS is accompanied by a community action campaign designed to stimulate dialogue and community action on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues surrounding end-of-life care. Public television stations, health care professionals and institutions, civic organizations, community-based groups and individuals are connecting in neighborhoods across America to discuss and take action on end-of-life issues.

Discussion Guide ON OUR OWN TERMS Discussion Guide A rich digest of essays and articles on end-of-life care. Included are questions for discussion, ways to take action, and practical guides to caring for loved ones. (1.4 Mb. Adobe Acrobat 4 required.)

Spanish Version: En Nuestros Propios Terminos: Moyers habla de la muerte

If you would like a print copy of the Discussion Guide, please send a written request to:

Moyers Guide, P.O. Box 245
Little Falls, New Jersey 07424-0245

Leadership Guide ON OUR OWN TERMS Leadership Guide
This how-to manual describes the outreach plan and provides the tools and resources for getting involved in the On Our Own Terms outreach campaign. The guide's original list of National Outreach Associates and Resources have been incorporated into the current site. You can download the remaining guide sections as PDF documents. (Adobe Acrobat 4 required.)

SECTION I -- Project Overview, the Power of Outreach, and Planning Ahead (198K)
SECTION III -- Taking Action (171K)
SECTION IV -- Tools (153K)
SECTION VI -- Fact Sheet, Project Evaluation, and Contacts (220K)

If you have difficulties using any of the Community Action tools, please consult the Help Guide.