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Issue #1: An Invitation from Bill Moyers, 10/1/99

Dear Friend,

We want to invite you to participate in the nationwide outreach campaign for the forthcoming PBS series ON OUR OWN TERMS: MOYERS ON DYING, to air in the fall of 2000. We are launching this campaign to engage the public in dialogue and action around end-of-life issues and the health system that provides it.

Our goal is to promote discussions -- at the dinner table, in the family room, at school, at churches, temples and synagogues, in hospitals and medical settings, and at the water cooler at work -- on the many ethical, emotional, spiritual, and medical issues surrounding end-of-life care.

Television alone cannot change society, but with your help and involvement, this broadcast can become a community event. The series can be a catalyst in communities across the country to stimulate dialogue, debate, and action about end-of-life issues. It can foster greater awareness of the importance of planning, and support needed changes in the health care system.

To achieve success, the groundwork for the campaign needs to be laid in communities across America well before the series airs. We are fostering the development of local coalitions to stimulate dialogue and support improved care for the dying and their families. Local public television stations are an integral part of these coalitions as are local organizations with expertise in this field.

Many professional, service, religious, and advocacy organizations are participating in the outreach campaign, with an experienced team that includes Thirteen/WNET New York, the flagship public television station; Barksdale Ballard & Company, a public relations firm based in Washington, D.C.; and Stewart Communications Ltd, a public relations firm based in Chicago.

These organizations will be providing numerous tools to the local partners including a Leadership Guide with ideas for taking action in your community, a monthly newsletter keeping partners abreast of new developments, a Discussion Guide, a videoconference to train coalitions and an extensive web site geared to both citizens and outreach partners. Kelly & Salerno, a public relations firm based in New York will be handling the promotion and marketing and will be available to our partners for advice and support.

But the campaign needs your help. To join this effort, or to be kept abreast of campaign developments, please send e-mail to Be sure to mention your organizational affiliations and where you live.

The Moyers Outreach Team