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Issue #4: Videoconference Alert


1. Videoconference: What, When and Where

2. Help Us Grow This Campaign

1. Videoconference: What, When and Where

SAVE THIS DATE: April 18 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. ET!

You are invited to participate in the Community Leadership Training Videoconference for the ON OUR OWN TERMS: MOYERS ON DYING outreach campaign.

The live call-in program will focus on deepening dialogue and creative ways to take action on end of life issues. It will feature video segments and panels of experts who can answer questions about the broad issues and how to effect change in a local community.

It is an opportunity for healthcare professionals, members of community-based groups, religious groups, and national organizations engaged in the movement to build on prior outreach efforts including the Leadership Training Conference in September 1999 and the national briefing in January.

It will present basic principles of community-coalition building and assessment and focus on the "Taking Action" component of the outreach.

The videoconference can be viewed through a satellite downlink at host sites including public television stations, hospitals, and county organizer seats.

The national videoconference will be followed by local discussions among the attendees. Participants will break into groups to discuss local outreach in their communities, share ideas, and strategize on next steps.

  • To attend the videoconference, check out our national list of host sites.

  • To register as a host site, go to our online registration form, or contact Mari Cossaboom (, Pat McGann ( at Thirteen/WNET New York. Or call (212) 560-2002.

    You can find a description of the videoconference and other details in the Leadership Guide.

    Get Involved Today!
    You can get involved in the Outreach Campaign NOW by downloading the Leadership Guide and beginning to put it into practice in your community.

    To learn more about the television series, scheduled to air on four nights in September, and details on the Outreach Campaign, go to the On Our Own Terms site.

    We'll send you more news soon about how the On Our Own Terms project is developing, but please start planning now to attend the videoconference!

    The On Our Own Terms Outreach Team


    Feel free to forward this message to friends and colleagues around the Internet and encourage them to get involved in the campaign. They can do so by sending e-mail to JOIN-MOYERSOUTREACH@LISTS.LYRIS.NET