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Issue #8: Workplace Outreach


1. Increasing Awareness, Everywhere

2. Why the Workplace is Important

3. Tools to Help Make it Work

4. Share Your Ideas on the Boards

5. Upcoming Events

6. A Model Steering Committee


The outreach effort is gaining momentum across the country. Dedicated people are working to make a difference in how people die in America. Churches, hospitals and hospices tend to be the first places we think of for outreach events, but it is important to focus also where Americans typically spend over half of their waking hours . . . their place of employment.


With nearly one out of three workers currently involved in caring for an aging parent or relative, and that number on a sharp incline, employers can expect to feel the effects in the workplace. Nevertheless, only 6% of employers offer a comprehensive program for workers struggling with elder care or grief after a death.

In a 1999 survey conducted by the Last Acts campaign, approximately two-thirds of employee-benefit managers at 170 small, medium, and large companies expressed interest in employee education concerning end-of-life issues, in preparing managers to cope with death and grieving, and in creating supportive corporate cultures for employees who may be terminally ill or caring for someone with a critical illness. View the results of this fascinating study online at: FNC=DisplayAPublication__Ala_newtsk _publication_home_html___181

3. Tools to Help Make it Work

Your steering committee can organize a one-day "summit" of business leaders in your community to brief them on end-of-life issues and their impact on the workplace and to solicit their thoughts on retaining their employees in a supportive environment all-the-while continuing to provide quality product or service to their customers. Give employers information about On Our Own Terms and ask them to post it where employees gather. The On Our Own Terms Leadership Guide is full of activity ideas for the workplace, as well as wonderful resources to help make your workplace event a success. Check it out online at: onourownterms/out/leader_guide/ taking4_7.html


If you already have a great idea for involving the workplace, or want to share your ideas or activities involving any aspect of this outreach campaign, share it with others on the general outreach discussion forum located at: onourownterms/forums.html


This is a new feature in our newsletter. Feel free to email any upcoming events you think our readership might be interested in to moyersoutreach@ Put "Upcoming Events" in the subject header.

P.O.V., public television's acclaimed independent non-fiction film series, presents a special Encore Presentation of THE VANISHING LINE by Maren Monsen, M.D., Thursday, June 15th at 10:00 pm (ET). Check local listings. This broadcast leads us on a quest to discover the "art of dying" in a world that teaches doctors to prolong life, but offer few prescriptions for treating death. Join in the TUNE-IN and TALK BACK segment of this broadcast by signing on to the P.O.V. website to engage in ongoing dialogue about the program and the issues that it raises at:


Please remember to assign a member of your steering committee to post your activities on the discussion boards! We would love to highlight your steering committee in an upcoming issue.

This month's model steering committee is based in central Virginia. They are very excited to get started, as you can see from the message posted below. They also used the discussion boards to learn what was happening elsewhere in their state and got in touch with the steering committee from Northern Virginia. (That one was highlighted in an earlier e-newsletter.) Now they are working to see if there are ways that these two coalitions can work together, not only before the series airs, but also to continue the work afterwards. Forum49/HTML/000008.html

The discussion forums are an excellent way to post what you are doing and also to look for networking opportunities. Check them out often, and remember to post so that we can highlight your steering committee too!